Monday, April 1, 2013

HMCS Toronto - Taxing Kim Jong-un's Dope?

I am too wasted to eat my bread.
Psalm, 102:4, NRSV

It was with great interest and wondrous amazement that the Oracle of Ottawa greeted the news of HMCS Toronto's huge Arabian Sea drug bust of over half a ton of pure heroin! They say on the CBC that the street value is somewhere in the vicinity of 100 million dollars. But where the hell would a half a ton of heroin originate from? The CBC news story hinted that it could be from Afghanistan. And this, to the Oracle of Ottawa, just doesn't sound right. Does it sound right to you?

HMCS Toronto
Now the only thing that is going to be wilder than this feat of high seas policing is the first day back in Halifax when the Mounties try and walk the drug sniffing dogs through the lower decks! The damn critters will be going totally nuts. Try and picture it. The dog(s) will be more confused then Herring Cove on Fathers Day! 

Could you imagine a shrewd Afghanistan tribal leader putting such a huge load all in one place? The Oracle of Ottawa doesn't see it either. From the Oracles sources, the warlords move their junk in small batches over land to Iran and then on through to Turkey.  And even more interesting than where the load came from, one should ask where the blazes it was going. After some thought the Oracle of Ottawa has come up with another plan.

Could it possibly be that the HMCS Toronto has intercepted a wholesale load from North Korea Could this huge load have once been the property of one Kim Jong-un? He tried this, (or was it his Dad?), with a much larger ship to Australia, and all was going well until the Aus cops seized a mere fifty bricks of heroin and then sank the ship! 

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