Sunday, April 7, 2013

In Canada We Are Not Saved

Hyenas will cry in its towers, and jackals in the pleasant palaces; its time is close at hand.
Isaiah, 13:22, NRSV 

Many of the frequent flyers of this awesome blog, probably thought many times, when the Oracle of Ottawa prophesied of the future, that the Oracle of Ottawa had slipped his clutch plates. Like the time that he foretold the Conservative Party of Canada's game plan in reducing Canada and its workers to third world status. There were also probably many smiles when the Oracle of Ottawa foretold how in the very near future, how the use of Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW's) were going to be used to destroy all labour unions and all the middle class of Canada. Well the Oracle of Ottawa gets the most important last laugh. The future is here.

Short the Royal Bank!!

The Royal Bank of Canada is the largest Schedule I bank in Canada. Last year, at the time of this writing, it made over seven billion dollars in profit. (2012) It was on the way home today from the usual tour to the Ottawa Valley that the Oracle of Ottawa first heard of the breaking iGate scandal on the car radio from the CBC. The Oracle of Ottawa was incensed at the news. It seems from the news report that the scum upper level minions of the Royal Bank have fired 45 Canadian IT workers that were probably pretty expensive, and are planning to replace them with TFW's from India! But the 45 Canadian lads still have a little bit of time left, you see, they have to train the third world TFW's that are stealing their jobs! You can't make this shit up.

Once the Royal Bank of Canada was one of the best employers and the safest place in Canada to park your money. Then if number one wasn't high enough in Canada and being the 53rd largest corporation on earth, they have gone wal-mart on us who have made them what they are today. The Oracle of Ottawa has put this down to the management shitting in its own nest, by letting cheaper "outsiders" into the most inner sanctum of the tent.
Jason 'The Fuck Up' Kenny visa's what visa's
 The Oracle of Ottawa, needless to say, was not very impressed. The Oracle of Ottawa has a lot of "assets" at the Royal Bank of Canada at present. How safe is my money going to be when all the digital information that it is now stored in, going to be safe in the hands of insect third world TFW's? Any one that has ever had anything to do with these near useless hypocrite people soon find out that the biggest fuck-ups in the world, essentially originates from East Asia, or as the Oracle of Ottawa call it; TFW central. Thank you very much indeed! If the Royal Bank of Canada will betray its own employees, with their own money, (think about it...), how the fuck are they going to treat you dear valued customer??

But alas, there may be deliverance. It seems that the news had the same effect on many Canadians as it had on the Oracle of Ottawa. Why it was in the next news slot on CBC radio, that that skank useless skank Kellie whats her name, of the 'Harper Government', was panting that there was surely a mistake that had been made. Then you knew the thing was really gaining traction, when on the National CBC TV broadcast, you had that fat greasy biped, whats his name; Jason The Fuck Up - That Nobody Likes, the present immigration minister, was all but shitting himself in his best grovelling begging position. (The makings for a great attack ad in the next election...) It seems that the bottom of the spiral has been reached, and more than a few Canadians actually DO care.

By the way, let the Oracle of Ottawa warn you all, the stock of Royal Bank of Canada could be a teenager very shortly. (i.e. a stock worthless than twenty dollars...) And for all the Oracles friends in the European Union and the United States, avoid taking any of your new business to the Royal Bank of Canada. And if you have funds and / or securities there now, monitor closely, and start a plan B, if you follow the Oracles drift. Have a nice day...and if you can, buy a ton of put options down the scale, you will probably really really well in the near future.... I mean really, this could be just the tip of the iceberg, like those recently defunct investment banks that cratered in 2008...               

Royal Bank of Canada - The Grand Finale?? Turn it up and enjoy...

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