Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Repatriation Of Omar Khadr - The Real Story...

And the rarest dangers are those in which failure brings little loss and success the greatest advantage. 
Thucydides, History of The Peloponnesian War, Book VII, 7.68-[3]

It was with the greatest surprise that the Oracle of Ottawa awoke to the totally surprising news of the return of  Omar Khadr to the land of his birth  - Canada. As the Oracle of Ottawa believes that the members of a nation - state are people of one family, the Oracle of Ottawa was truly happy at the news. In every family there is the one bad-ass, the one black sheep, but the bastard is still family, and that is all there is to it. We have many facilities to take care of our bad ass'd bastards here in Canada. Thank you very much....

Omar Khadr partying in Afganistan....

But it came as real shock to the Oracle of Ottawa that not every one was as elated as the Oracle of Ottawa at the blessed event. Why on the CTV news network you would have thought that Ducks Ass Alberta just got nuked! The right wing talking heads were just about in a catatonic fit! And they went on and on and on! What the hell were they so pissed about really? Well the Oracle of Ottawa had to pull a few threads, and soon enough the whole sordid tale was puked up...Let the Oracle of Ottawa explain the scenario....

As you know dear reader there is a Presidential election in the United States coming later this fall. President Obama is not one to let promises made go undone, is he? And he promised that he would close Gitmo, and the man will get it done, won't he? Well the story goes that Vic "The Dick" Toews was called in for a little meeting at the American Embassy in Ottawa, sort of social call, you know, the Ottawa routine... with the American Ambassador to Canada. It all started innocently enough until the issue of Omar came up, The Ambassador wondered aloud how it was that the Canadian government refused to repatriate one of their own citizens, and even worse went to the Supreme Court to not repatriate him! Americans, who are very big on their theme of leaving no one behind, were pretty appalled at the actions of the 'Harper Government'.

Vic "The Dick" was again  gently reminded of the urgency of the situation and was again asked what ever could the reason be that the 'Harper Government' was refusing to cooperate? At this point Vic "The Dick" got all cocky with the American Ambassador! Well, a button was pushed, in walked the CIA station chief! And he was carrying a very posh state of the art digital audio player. He let it play. It was most interesting indeed! There were recordings of calls from a leader of one certain micro state in the Middle East that was requesting that old Steve of the ' Harper Government' could possibly do a little favor for the said micro state, by not accepting the repatriation of Omar Khadr until after the election! As this would make it impossible for the said detention camp to be shut down before the election!  There were also several very uncalled for comments on the present American President and the utter urgency that under no circumstances could he be allowed another four years.

Well, the story goes, it was at this point that Vic "The Dick" puked all over his shoes and the Ambassadors nice posh carpet! He was then informed that the plane containing Omar would be landing by CIA flight at CFB Trenton Saturday coming, and if the plane was not allowed to land the said tapes in their entirety would be played on a very widely watched American public affairs show the Sunday following! Imagine the fallout Minister? Why the 'Harper Government' could fall by the following Wednesday! Well that did it folks! You just cant screw with the power of the NSA, can one? Indeed no. Patting off the remaining barf, Vic "The Dick" beat it to the bosses office, and related how the near future was going to evolve. Well! Steve had a total melt down of a shit fit! Not unlike Hitler in his bunker at the last days the Reich...Medical assistance for that "cold" was required yet again.  cough...cough...   

This also explains why the 'Harper Government' refused to show up at the United Nations shindig, and why he opted for that award from an allied organ of  that above mentioned Middle East micro state.....It is the Oracle of Ottawas greatest hope that this could all be confirmed in the House at the next Question Period.
And there you have the sordid tale dear reader.....

And the above contains the final results and other minor details....

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

City of Ottawa - State of The Burg(h)ers

I affect not reserves, which I do not feel. 
Federalist Papers, Alexander Hamilton, No. 1

The Oracle of Ottawa has recently become more and more befuddled at the actions of Gentleman Jim the mayor and his merry band of burg(h)ers. The vulgar media coverage of the great mans latest obsession to score Ottawa its very own gambling house just boggles the ordinary mind. And his obsession that it has to be "downtown" in Ottawa, which is the federal capital of Canada, is all rather appearing  to resemble salient behavior. Yet like a dog chasing a hubcap, he just pushes on. His first light bulb of an idea, to have said new casino in the old train station, which is now known as the Ottawa Conference Center was shot down in flames by the National Capital Commission, as was the brilliant idea to build it in the new disposable building recently completed at Rideau Center.

Gentleman Jim beckons to the Lead Nugget Casino....
 It has not crossed the little hay seeds mind that any Casino in downtown Ottawa would be less than two miles away from the very posh Casino already in operation in Gatineau Quebec! The befuddled mayor fails to realize that Ottawa has been beat to the gambling dollar punch by several years by the Frenchmen. And any Casino built in Ottawa, that will certainly look like a McDonalds burger joint,  certainly won't endear the spoiled rotten low rollers of Ottawa!

Let us put all these recent events into perspective dear reader. The mayor and council of the City of Ottawa want to build a new Casino, posher than the one in Quebec, very close by. The City of Ottawa is going to build an insane "light rail" system and subway for a mere 1.5 billion dollars, starting anytime soon. We are screwed into a public -private partnership in Landsdowne Park that is ready over budget... In the meantime people are driving their cars into massive "sink holes" that was actually the failure of a structure that hadn't been looked at in God Knows how long! The people of Ottawa cannot even afford to get their garbage picked up once a week! Those poor souls living the burbs are terrified at when the next overloaded garbage truck is going to collide with another garbage truck or just end up in the living room! All in an attempt by City HR to make all the Garbage truck drivers, better truck drivers and better garbage men, with two or more routes a day! You can do it if you TRY!!!  Well it appears not.... The small town cheap hypocrisy is simply astounding, and will prove soon enough to be utterly fatal.

Yes, we will get that shit hole casino, it won't be downtown though. The Oracle of Ottawa has realized just today where it will in the end, be situated. Due to the inability to attract retailers to the Landsdowne Live site, and the utterly laughable suggestion that any one will shell out fifty million dollars to get their name on a certain train wreck, which has as about as much of chance of happening as Gentleman Jim catching AIDS. Oh yeah.. About as much chance of being hit by lightning... Gentleman Jim's  Lead Nugget Casino will be the feature attraction!! The people of the Glebe will no doubt be thrilled!

The year is 2016. The site is Landsdowne Live, Gentleman Jim's Lead Nugget Casino beckons, can you feel the ambiance??

Monday, September 24, 2012

Minister John Baird Blows Up! - (Already...)

Whose game was empires, and whose stakes were thrones;
Whose table earth, whose dice were human bones. 

Lord Byron, The Age of Bronze, Stanza 3

Well, well, well, the Oracle of Ottawa hates to say "I told you so" but the Oracle of Ottawa told you so, many times in this blog that the pin headed skidmark from Barrhaven would bring great disgrace to Canada if he ever was allowed power and here we are! It all started or rather "broke" late Sunday night, when the Oracle of Ottawa caught it on the CBC news page upon flashing up the trusty notebook. The big surprise was leaked by the British. A very good starting stab in the back, that will no doubt continue and deepen as the "special relationship" continues...

John Baird with his Foreign Affairs Think Tank....

But this early reaction was nothing to the utter spectacle and flaming that the mentally  challenged "minister" had to endure in Mondays Question Period! It was just utter bliss. Dip shit John Baird got his ideological ass kicked around the chamber of the House, man he was trashed. The Opposition was just awesome. Well come an hour or so later, Baird did make his announcement with the greasy William Hague the only leader of the Conservative Party of Britain who did not become Prime Minister  since 1922. For the overly grasping and ambitious John Baird this all should have come as an omen, but he still thinks an omen is a steam bath full of hot guys... What are you going to do?

Sensing the ensuing debacle that was rising faster than a hard-on a seventeen year old male, you could actually see the panic starting to come together in the folds of the ministers small brain. Why he was so proud of his actions and decisions that he just didn't have the guts to appear at an interview with his new buddy William for the state broadcaster, the good old CBC! Actually he was at a meeting, down the hall on the great white telephone, puking his guts out! All the sweat and backstabbing, all to be lost so early and forever.

The Opposition will run with this for months! Baird will be sitting so far in the back benches that they will have to bring him light with a shovel! One only has to work the angle of the 'Harper Governments' love affair of the military past of Canada as it won it's freedom from its Imperial overlord, only to be given away by a stupid skidmark pin head from Barfhaven!  Way to go 'Harper Government'!

It seems that the advice from all his good friends down from the Satmar is coming back to bite like a bastard! The 'Harper Government' is a lot like Richard Nixon, it never lets you down. A lot of this fiasco can be attributed to just hanging with the wrong people and not keeping the ministerial distance if you get my drift. Mark my words dear reader, it is the end of him....and the Oracle of Ottawa, truth to tell will love every day of it....

Lets watch the train wreck unfold....

Sunday, September 23, 2012

How Many Walter Smiths?

I am the danger!
Walter Smith, Breaking Bad, Season 4, Episode 6

How many Walter Smiths can a first world society absorb before it collapses into total anarchy? When a cable network drama series is in the top one thousand articles on Wikipedia, it would appear that it is not only the Oracle of Ottawa that is pondering such questions. The Oracle of Ottawa has caught the first few episodes over the summer recently passed. The first troubling impression is that the story takes place in the United States of America. One would expect such a story to emanate from Eastern Europe or the old Soviet Union.

Bryan Cranston

Other issues that were experienced was that I found myself getting as angry as Walter! Yes it is quiet true that most middle aged white men are angry today; they have every reason in the world to be so.  The whole plot, premise and story line of the series raises serious questions relating to philosophy and ethics.  If the social contract of a society is so eroded that is of no advantage to participate in that society, is Walter Smith indeed committing an evil act, in attacking it to preserve his family and all those that he loves?  If a society is quiet willing to sacrifice the core of its middle class to "under the bus" does the abandoned individual still have an obligation to attempt to be a part of this society? Does that society even have a right to exist into the future?

There is also the irony of Walter clinging successfully to his old values of purity and craftsmanship that were once treasured by the society that has eroded to the point of abandonment. There are no spin doctors and / or fart catchers in Walter Whites world. For some reason the Oracle of Ottawa found himself deriving great comfort from that.

One of the gentle shocks of catching those first few episodes was that Walter Smith looked really familiar. I was somewhat shocked to find that the character is portrayed by Bryan Cranston of Malcom in the Middle fame. How is it that this once gregarious and mild man could find it in himself, at his age and having experienced all his previous success, to so very accurately portray a man who is facing life and death situations on very many levels all at once? Perhaps the character of Walter Smith seeped into the persona of Mr. Cranston, and the ugly reality of its evil and the society that perpetuates it got to the core of this man.

The Oracle of Ottawa will keep a tab on the future events, but he has a very difficult time to actually sit through the episodes. To the Oracle of Ottawa the show is a perfect snapshot of present day Western society. And with the recent revelations of one Mitt "The Nit" Romney the Oracle can only think that a mere cable channel television series will have a very deciding effect on the upcoming Presidential election this fall.

The last point that the Oracle of Ottawa wants to address is the oft heard comment that it is just impossible for a mild mannered high school teacher to go so far from his core values, to utterly turn so away from the society that has left him under the bus... I will let Bryan Cranston handle that one....

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Why Does Google Suck?

Reality never corresponds perfectly to logic; neither, therefore, can our analysis.
Leslie Lipson, The Great Issues of Politics, (Seventh Edition), p. 15

You know when a large corporate over - whore changes something un - announced in the dog days of summer it can only  be seen as nefarious, that is, really not in your best interest. Such was the feeling of the Oracle of Ottawa as he opened his You-Tube page on that fateful day last summer recently passed. The Oracle of Ottawa has no idea what the Google organization is trying to prove by making all their products and platforms worse and less than they were the day before. Perhaps it is a misguided marketing strategy?

Another Netscape?

Well after a ton of tinkering and resetting of bookmarks the Oracle of Ottawa, managed to get some semblance of a usable home page for his you-tube fix. Now the Oracle of Ottawa  was once a real Google fan, and a very early adaptor. But now, recently, he has really been tested. Grave doubts are entering his mind. So much so, that he removed Google News as his home page, and replaced it with the CBC news page. The Google business can only survive if you loan it your eyeballs. No eyeballs, there will be no Google, and it can happen very, very fast. Remember Netscape?   

Google shitter connected to the internet...

Anyone would think that it couldn't get any worse. But you will always be wrong. Last night all Blogger users were forced to use the new and improved blogger interface. Now the Oracle of Ottawa sent "feedback" several times complaining that the new blogger interface is no improvement for bloggers! Of course none of this ever gets read. It is just corporate over - whore standard action to make you think that YOU actually matter. Well, sucker, you don't! You would think that Google could let people just choose between what type of interface they want. That seemed to be the pattern in the past, and the Oracle of Ottawa just can't understand why Google would change that.

The major problem I have with the new interface is that the dashboard is squished. The stats graph is all distorted due to that useless left hand side tool bar. That tool bar should be placed across the top, out of the way. What I think the overall problem is, is that the new "interface" is designed for those stupid new screens that are all but standard today.  The ones that are like movie screens. The Oracle of Ottawa thinks that really sucks and clings to his old T-41 with that nice traditional square screen that is now considered so uncool. Also, it has crossed the Oracle of Ottawa's mind that the redesign also has a lot to do with marketing, that is to help harvest your poor ragged ass with useless money gobbling products that you don't need. The Oracle of Ottawa ponders how many bloggers will be lost in the near future, as the people in the third world can not just run out and get a new computer? But the guy at Google Headquarters, that shits in the high tech toilet, that massages his ring piece and nuts after he has a granola dump, would not even be thinking of that! Now would he?

Not a joke anymore, is it?

Monday, September 17, 2012

'Harper Government' - Still Hates You!

The classic vice of all dictatorial systems is their assumption of the superiority and infallibility of those in power.
Leslie Lipson, The Great Issues Of Politics, (Seventh Edition), p. 201

Well folks, IT'S ON, again! The Oracle of Ottawa feels so much younger, so much more alive, as he gets to take part in the reasoned and mannerly discourse of the nations business. Yeah right! The Oracle of Ottawa was not in the least bit upset when the usual verbal shit kicking and bitch slapping started with the clock!

It's On!!!

The Harper Bund didn't look one bit different from the last day we saw them way back when. Actually the Oracle of Ottawa was alarmed (in a good way), at the incredible amount of disgusting grooming and the general level of overall sloth of the Harper Bund. Why the Oracle of Ottawa is convinced that an August "floater" in general would present a better first impression!

And they came prepared too! A brand new BIG LIE has been spun out by the spin doctors, juryed by the fart catchers of the Prime Ministers Office. It was the brand new Carbon Tax lie. But, alas, it seemed to founder right out of the gate. The NDP were in incredible form in the first Question Period. The Harper Bund seemed to be very much taken aback at the ruthless sharpness of it all. If the great man is believing the pollsters, well methinks he is in for a very large shock indeed.  

All the usual continuing fuck-ups were freshly updated by the Opposition, with numerous new examples. It seems Diane "The Fly" Finley has finally completed her program updates of several Canadian Government departments.  And from all indications, according to the Conservative Party of Canada, they are so far a total success! The systems are so fucked up you can get no service of any kind at all!! The only question is how long will it be, and will the Harper Bund have a enough guns and cops to put down the eruption when it finally and without warning takes off?

And then it was over, time flies when you are having so much fun. The Oracle of Ottawa was invigorated and went out for a brisk "born again" walk, and to make the day perfect, as I was returning to the secured bunker that little plane with the banner that asks Steve Harper, Why do you hate us? Was welcoming the Harper Bund  and the Oracle of Ottawa back to work... You can't make this stuff up....

Insane but all true!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

'Harper Government' - Some 'splaining to do...

Stripped of the veneer and camouflage, dictatorship is essentially a regime of privilege. As such, since it cannot evoke consent from the underprivileged, it must hold sway by force and fraud. The dominant group coheres for fear of losing its special advantages.
Leslie Lipson, The Great Issues Of Politics, Seventh Edition, p. 201

Well folks, it all cranks up again tomorrow? The long summer break is all but over. And there are a ton of questions that many Canadians, that, the 'Harper Government' was hoping that no Canadians cared about, are going to want to be asked and answered. The Oracle of Ottawa wonders if the long break of rest and endless basking under their favorite rocks could possibly make your average Conservative any more intelligent  But we all know the answer to that one...NO!

Here we go again...

With all the fiscal ball breaking going on and down at an ever continuously accelerating rate, one wonders how the wee mentally challenged finance minister can explain why the economy refuses to really respond and lift us all up like the parables of the high tides and boats?

How can the Harper brain trust expect GDP to increase bringing with it all that hoped for tax revenue, if you keep destroying the middle class tax base? How do you expect money to keep moving if households are refusing to spend, just for the pleasure of screwing up the wee mental nickel midgets?

Will someone ask the question again about the "rolls"? And if the Conservatives have finally understood that money and toilet paper are very similar in many ways, the most important being that both are printed on rolls, and to get the maximum enjoyment from both one must just let it roll? Perhaps it would be best to give them a couple of weeks to "spin up" before dropping that hard one....

Will some one ask again what evil maniacal power the state of Israel has over the 'Harper Government' and is it as powerful as the hold that the Peoples Republic of China seems to have? Does the Minister of Foreign Affairs expect to take any more phone orders from Tel Aviv any time soon? I mean we are just asking....

Perhaps some youngster could see if any of the cabinet has yet grasped the concept of "church and state", I mean, really, it is never too late, or is it?

And the last burning question that all Canadians and members of the House are dying to know; Will that useless Rob Anders be able to stay awake in this session?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Where O Where Is My Greg Zaun?

The product on the field is the players, it's the game,  it's not the ownership, it's the players and the game, and there the ones that deserved to get paid, and that's whats going to happen in this case.
Greg Zaun, Sportsnet Connected segment, commenting on NHLPA talks,  on or about September 09, 2012.

The Oracle of Ottawa knows it can only be bad news in Canada when you go to tune in for your favorite on-air personality and he or she is not there anymore. And you can be pretty sure it is final when the new on-air personality(s) act like that person that you tuned in for was never even here, ever. The Oracle of Ottawa wishes that the corporate over-whores would explain the absence of an on-air personality. The Oracle of Ottawa can take it! If you fired the person for cause, let us know! We are the viewers. We own your five something or other ragged media asses! You really shouldn't ever forget that. Ever.

Jamie Campbell(left) basks in Greg Zaun's immaculate light...
 It has been a great summer for the Oracle of Ottawa. Free from all the old bullshit. I had time to watch the most baseball that I have ever watched in years. And, the Oracle of Ottawa really liked the frank and edgy commentary of Greg Zaun! No Blue Jay game is really complete unless it starts with Greg Zaun's "Three Ways To Win" segment in the pregame show! And the Oracle of Ottawa could really tell that no corporate whore fart catcher/communications type, could get Greg to go to a "How to Dress for TV" course! Only an old school dude such as Greg Zaun could wear what he wore, and actually get away with it, and not look stupid like Don Cherry! I will bet he even had on the two-tone water buffalo brogues!!  Ya, it was a hell of a good summer, until earlier this week, and no more Greg! And to be replaced by somebodies sweet Latino boyfriend, (Jose somebody....) ever so accommodating, that I swear I could feel little Jamie Campbells love-hole winking.....  Shudder.....

What ever could the reason for the sudden absence be? The Oracle searched and searched, and discovered a very frank segment on the recent NHLPA talks, that looks like from here, the beginning of a long cold grey winter. Could it be that Greg Zaun was a little too pro labour for the corporate over-whores at Rogers Communications, that also just so happen to also own the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team? The part where Greg states with full confidence that Donald Fehr did not come out of retirement to lose damn near  busted my gut!

Well whatever the outcome is, whatever happens, the Oracle of Ottawa can be certain that when Greg Zaun draws his last breath, his last words certainly won't be "I wish I had said that....". In the Oracle of Ottawa's book Greg Zaun is a stand up guy.

Could this be the reason why Greg Zaun is no longer on Sportsnet?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Israel Closes Canadian Embassies?

And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.
Revelation 16:16 (KJV)

Israel is JAC! Israel is Just Another Country. What does Israel have on the 'Harper Government'? Let the Oracle of Ottawa put all this in some rational perspective. Canada is a G7 country of over 35 million people. Israel is a shit hole in the Middle East that has the unerring ability to piss off everyone around them, of just over 7 million people, and of those only 75% are Jewish. Canada does no significant business with Israel. Israel is not a major trading partner with Canada. You can check that here. At the List of the largest trading partners of Canada. Over 90% of our business is conducted with 12 other countries. Israel is nowhere on the list!

Will this be our reward?

Perhaps it is deep cultural ties? Well, no, that isn't true either! You can check that at Wikipedia article entitled Demographics of Canada. There are about 315,00 Jews in Canada, making up a mere 1.01% of the Canadian population. So what is in it for Canada to do the bidding of the Israel State?  And the witless actions of Canada's hapless Minister Of Foreign Affairs, John Baird, appear to have no basis in rational thought or reason! I mean ask yourself, what is in this for Canada to get  face deep in the Israel "baconator"??

This recent action of John Baird of the Zionist 'Harper Government' has done irreparable  damage to Canada's image as the fair balanced broker of the world. We have picked sides outside of our normal procedures. We have departed from our tried and true processes that have kept us safe and at arms length from affairs that have nothing in it for us as a nation state. The insane actions of the 'Harper Government' could kill us all.

The conceptually challenged John Baird stated that one of the reasons for his "decision" is that Iran is sticking its hand in the affairs of Syria. But when the United Nations sat down to this matter in New York who were the two parties that vetoed any action? Russia and China, correct? After the brilliant ministers announcement the 'Harper Government' cut its deal with the Peoples Republic Of China! This Canadian damn near puked...

What is in it for Canada?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ottawa "Sinkhole" - The Real Story...

There is a point at which a transformation has to take place.
Peter Drucker, Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices, p. 640

Well it was another day that the Oracle of Ottawa was gratefully thanking his Maker that he was retired! There will be no two and a half hour commute for the Oracle of Ottawa, for endless weeks on end. Hasn't amalgamation been wonderful? Why look at the money you are saving! How could something like this even happen? Well, we will get into that...

Mohr's Circle - Too much information?

First of all let us clear up one large detail. What actually happened when that car drove into that large hole in the middle of Highway 174 was not a sinkhole! What actually happened was a structural failure. Big difference. The Oracle of Ottawa has provided a reference so that you can make an intelligent decision. Old school civil engineers would also remind you that a structural failure is also known as a "whole lot of law suites"!! But not to worry, the City of Ottawa doesn't have any of those pesky old school engineers left. They have all since been dismissed since amalgamation. Although they were always right, no one "liked them".

And who was that pathetic "pepsi" that was calling himself director of infrastructure? Was Jean-Guy a real engineer? I mean one that is presently in good standing with the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario? Did his story sound true to you dear tax payer? No? Sure sounded thin and made up off the cuff at the last moment to the Oracle of Ottawa.  Why don't you, dear taxpayer, call 311 and find out for yourself? Maybe the Mayors office could tell you all the required information...or not. And what about that pathetic Counsellor Bob "Low Rent" Monette? I am sure at the next municipal election those murderous feelings of frustration that you experienced today will come back very accordingly.

Well in the days of the Regional Municipality of Ottawa - Carleton something like this would have never happened. Back in the olden days before amalgamation the lads from RMOC actually checked over all and  every one of these structures more than once a year! Do you think that is being done today? Are you sure? Why don't you call 311 and ask... And especially this huge storm drain culvert that opened up on Highway 174... You could actually walk upright in this mother! You know it is huge when the car has actually, at the time of this writing, not yet been found! That is one Mother of a culvert!! Do ya think??

The top of the culvert was 2.5 metres under the roadway. If you look at the video below you will see that there is no bedding at all. They just literally  paved over the dirt in 1975. But back in 1975 Orleans was all but and still a rural community. The Ottawa Citizen has all the details, just Google it and read carefully, all very interesting. Now in 2012, it is a major part of Ottawa. The traffic on this roadway has increased exponentially since 1975, and you don't need the Oracle of Ottawa to describe the heavy truck traffic do you?  Didn't think so...

For all of you stakeholders, that actually have the required professional qualifications for your job, you know what a Mohr Circle is. And you of course will have no problem visualizing all those heavy truck tires as a bunch of rolling Mohr Circles... transmitting very high jolts of load that just hammered the top of  that, all but unprotected, culvert. Along with all those years of steady but sure salt seepage, the sucker finally packed in and failed. When you think about it, it is amazing it lasted this long... What!? Too much information?

If you thought today was bad dear stakeholder, you ain't seen nothing yet! You will be living in your crawling car for many weeks to come. And since you are nothing but a part of the New World Orders obedient and frightened workforce you will bitch but you won't dare make a peep that anyone else will hear, will you? You wouldn't dare start and or join a class action law suite would you? Didn't think so. God's Speed skid....         

This will be awesome for tourism, wont it? Look at all the money the City saved....

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

'Harper Government' Meets The Grandmothers...

What a pretty thing it would be if a philosophy by which nobody could live were to gain for itself light and air, not to speak of the general ear!
Arthur Schopenhauer, The World As Will And Idea, Volume I, p. xxx

Who would have thought that a few skanky university students in Quebec could bring down a whole freaking government!!?? Why it was only a few weeks ago that the King of Quebec, one John Charest, taking his lead off the best and brightest spin doctors and assorted fart catchers of the PMO, oh yes, he cut his deal...Nothing could go wrong, our data tells us that it is all a lock! Canadians just don't care! What a total, unmitigated, crash and burn total fail! If you just start getting rid of all that socialism in Quebec everything will always go your way...

What could possibly go wrong?

Well it is just after the last talking heads are wrapping it up on the "state broadcaster" the good old CBC, and it seems that the King of Quebec, the top feudal lord, is now a mere civilian! So that of course means that he has lost the immunity of his past office and will no doubt be called forthwith to the corruption hearings to held into many things of which we can not say... starting this fall. Now that will be television!! That will be entertainment! That arrogant perfidious cocksucker, may you burn and knash your teeth in the ninth circle of hell forever!!  

Bonjour! Grandmere Marois!!!
 Pauline Marois will be the first female Premier of the Province of Quebec!! Damn!! The Oracle of Ottawa knew he would see many strange and wonderful things in his lifetime, but, I never thought I would actually be alive to see this!! Double good God damn! Everyone thinks that she is a small timer of no consequence. A trouble maker, not fit to rule... But take it from the Oracle of Ottawa, she is at the front of the bus now! And I will predict that she will become one of the greatest leaders that Quebec has ever had since Champlain himself!!  

Canada needs it grandmothers, especially now!! Strange thing this. We now have four Canadian provinces that are headed by women! One can only wonder at how the Harper Bund is going to deal with this! It should be a real hoot!! And can you just imagine what Parliament is going to be like on September 17th? Oh yea! The 'Harper Government' - the end of the beginning, what a train wreck it will turn out to be!! Hold on to your seats folks, this is going to be freaking, just, orgassssticaly WILD!!!

Students can't bring down a government, can they??