Monday, April 29, 2013

'Harper Government' - Tremors At Barf Mountain

A picture is a fact.
Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus, 2.141

For all the Dear Readers that caught the Oracle of Ottawa's earlier recent piece on the 'Harper Government' reaching the "puke point" you would have realized that if you had been a regular reader, you would have read about today's news several days ago! The Oracle of Ottawa totally nailed it. But where the puke would start seeping at the base of the volcano, this has even shocked the Oracle of Ottawa.

The Brand New Edmonton Remand House of Horrors
 It certainly does not look good for a government of family values and law and order that stole a majority from coast to coast to coast, to have civil insurrection erupt in the center of the Western strong hold! But you can be sure that the first comment to any question in the House of Commons will be it is a provincial matter. But of course, the problem is at the next election. The voters in Alberta will surely place the blame where it belongs, on the 'Harper Government'.

The Oracle of Ottawa surely knew that trouble was in the offing of the near future when he saw the several pieces on the new Edmonton Remand Detention Center that seemed to get way too much weight on the CBC National News. (No doubt to the orders of wee Jimmy Moore...) It was the first of the new wall - mart American style super size prisons to be built in Canada. The part in the news documentary that mentioned that bit about about all visits being conducted with video - conferencing, the Oracle of Ottawa knew that the thing at some point soon would erupt in a mushroom cloud.
Wall Mart Penn from the air...
 Even before it opened the lawyers were bitching, not to mention the warnings of the prison guard union. And sure enough the lid all but blew off way before even the Oracle of Ottawa expected. Strange, that today in Question Period here in Ottawa Rob "The Knob" Nicholson and Vic "The Dick" Toews seemed to be damn near invisible if they were even there at all.

It all blew wide open just before the weekend last. Two guards were suspended for rising health and safety issues. This in turn led to a wild cat walk off. Over the weekend, the Alberta Labor Board ruled it an illegal strike. The effect of this was to get all the sheriffs and all the other legal unions to also walk off the job! As the Oracle of Ottawa predicted, once the "puke point" is passed, what are you going to do? Call the cops?

The word in Ottawa is that the strike captains are somewhat relieved that the Alberta government started and served legal proceedings on a small number of hand picked union members, the paper was immediately put to good and efficient use since someone forget to bring the toilet paper for the strike line go huts. There is also much discussion on the other uses of light standards and utility poles... 

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