Monday, April 8, 2013

Margaret Thatcher - The Other Eulogy

Why does the way of the guilty prosper? Why do all who are treacherous thrive?
Jeremiah, 12:1, NRSV

The Oracle of Ottawa first heard of Margaret Thatchers passing while still in bed this morning on the CBC Radio News. The first impression that crossed the Oracles mind was there goes the old style vulgar media's TV schedule for about the next two weeks. She had a nice long retirement didn't she? And as a Baroness, she also sat in the House of Lords. And, much to the amazement to the Oracle of Ottawa, she was on the speaking tour until quiet recently! So lets see, one government pension, one pay check from the House of Lords, and those wacking speaking fees! Talk about triple dipping! Isn't it ironic that as the warrior for unrestricted capitalism, she sure got to feed deep at the trough of the public tit. And to add insult too injury, she seems to have had the utter luxury that she didn't deserve, of dying in her sleep, no doubt with her face to the wall. 

Margaret Thatcher - Ronald Reagan
 Maggy Thatcher was born a no count shop girl. She made full use of all the socialist tools of the time to better her life. And then she spent the rest of her life making damn sure that your kids will never have the same opportunities! No doubt many a tear will be shed all over the United Kingdom tonight, after enjoying a good horse and kidney pie and over the best adulterated scotch. No doubt there will be many people at her funeral, mostly old trade unionists, that want to make sure that she really is dead. Did you hear that she passed away at suite of rooms at the Ritz Hotel in London! Where is your grandmother dying? How utterly evil and criminal is that? The ninth circle of hell is certainly going to be receiving a monster upgrade shortly.

The real legacy of Maggy Thatcher is that she was the sharp tip of the spear point of the New World Order, that we all suffer under today, and will continue to suffer under, until we finally get wise and take our world and lives back. She was instrumental in the "downfall" of the Eastern Block. Now we have gangster states, that makes the old days of grey Marxist - Leninism look some what idyllic! Is your life as a working person better now or was it your parents and grandparents that really enjoyed life more than you as you are sweating through it now? I know it is embarrassing, you don't have to give an answer.

But there was the Falklands, wasn't there? Well after thirty years it has all finally dawned on the Oracle of Ottawa that Maggy didn't really give a sheeps shit about a bunch of sheep herders far and away. It appears now to the Oracle of Ottawa that it was all about who was going to dominate the huge export weapons business. And it sure as hell was not going to be the French! A little MI-5 and a dash of MI-6 and you can make anything happen. All for the good of the GNP! And the friends that you are dancing with at the time. Mark the Oracles words folks, it will all come out about 50 to 75 years from now, the history of the future will not match the history of today, of that you can be most certain.  

 In closing, the Oracle of Ottawa has to agree wholeheartedly and with out any reservation with the statement of Gerry Adams:  "the great hurt done to the Irish and British people during her time as British prime minister. Here in Ireland her espousal of old draconian militaristic policies prolonged the war and caused great suffering." And that war in all its flavors still goes on. And it will continue until we finally rise up and end it, once and for all...

 The above represents the Oracle of Ottawas sentiments exactly...

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