Wednesday, April 17, 2013

'Harper Government' - Reels In Panic

Indeed without death men would scarcely philosophise.
Arthur Schopenhauer, The World As Will And Idea, Vol. III, p.249

It has only been three days since Justin Trudeau has been leader of the Liberal party of Canada. And already, as Justin predicted, the Conservatives have realized that the elite and truly gifted are back in town and coming for the 'Harper Government''s scalp and whole hide. The Oracle of Ottawa has never witnessed such outright hateful and lowlife ugliness. James Moore has shown his true colors and mark the Oracle of Ottawa, he will pay dearly in stature, now and for the rest of worthless life. What a pig. 

Justin Trudeau - Causing panic...

What the western lowlife does not realize is that the uglier the 'Harper Government' gets, the more check books come out and the more money is being sent to the Liberal Party of Canada. Not only that, the Liberals are preparing for their day, which will be along way before 2015, and will last a Kingly long time. The people of the Laurentian Consensus are not done yet. If you thought the Energy Plan of the father was terrible, just wait what the west will be in for when Justin Trudeau is Prime Minister! The only thing that will stalk Alberta is sheep and tumble weeds. The billion dollar tar sand frac towers will be as Roman ruins. And it will never rise up again. Due to technological breakthroughs by the newly revamped National Research Commission. The demand for western beef can be destroyed forever with "free trade" deals with Brazil and New Zealand.

The rightful elite will rule forever more. Canada will quickly regain its true place in the world. The fiasco of the underhanded Temporary Foreign Worker plan, that was the tool of the 'Harper Government' to destroy trade unions and the middle class will be abolished. It must be terrible for the Harper Bund to have to witness their own slaughter in slow motion, as one seat by one seat, the "majority" slides away into oblivion.

The low life conservatives are so outclassed it is funny and yet pathetic to watch. Ministers making up their own science, and yes, it was that "piece of shit" Peter Kent again. I wonder if he must be getting pretty sick of having girls thrash him every day. And then there is the demented Joe Oliver quoting Chinese Communist slogans! You soon understand who is really the boss of the 'Harper Government'. Watch Question Period for yourself, you just can't make this shit up!

Justin Trudeau will be graceful for a while, then, when this guy swings! Look the fuck out... It will be very ugly, and nothing that the 'Harper Government' has ever witnessed before. Just ask that Native Canadian Senator....

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