Sunday, December 30, 2012

Yes - All You Have Is Less...

I pass away. yet I complain, and no one hears my voice.
William Blake, The Book Of Thel, Part II,  line 4

Well dear reader, it is all in and all but done. And the great 'Harper Government' is not letting anyone down, is it? The great legacy of the 'Harper Government'; the legacy of less is well on its way. Now you have less unemployment insurance, less retirement time, less choices to sell your crop(s). Less opportunity to compete in the free market to sell your labour, the only thing that most Canadians have to offer. Canada has a less bright spot in the world. And the only thing that the young have to look forward to, that is certain, is less.

Welcome your new masters...

It was the year of the omnibus crime bill, the omnibus budgets and it should not be surprising that the newest and most popular word that was introduced into the Oxford English Dictionary  this year was "omnishambles"! The irony of it all is simply breathtaking isn't it? Then just before the high holiday of this Christian Nation the 'Harper Government' announced the sell-out of Canada to our new Chinese masters. The details of which are still a secret. Right on cue, the first horde of orthodontically  challenged Chinese peasants landed in British Columbia at a coal mine. The Oracle of Ottawa predicts that by 2015 TFW's (Temporary Foreign Workers) will be doing one in ten jobs in the Canadian economy. By 2020 it will be at least one in five jobs.

It was wondrous weird that as soon as the CNOOC deal was approved, Air Canada announced the opening of its new "budget" airline Rouge Air! The Oracle of Ottawa calls it Air Canada's Red Flag! It took a while to explain to my significant other that this was not an airline that she could travel on. With a busted union staff contract, and over 85 seats added from the Airbus, this is not something that your average Caucasian can board to take that cheap trip to Asia! With 85 seats added that means that the galley and the crew sleeping quarters is gone! Air Rouge or Rouge Air is simply a TFW air freight train. It was part of the China Canada foreign investment protection act! Since the details of this act are secret, prove the Oracle of Ottawa wrong!

It also appeared to the Oracle of Ottawa that the promise of a hands - off economy did not appeal very strongly to the people of Ottawa. The cheap Chinese shit was still piled high and unsold at the all the malls in Ottawa. Perhaps the "reinvented government" of the City of Ottawa had a lot to do with this also, in that there was no intense snow removal at all this year, no doubt due to the fact that the snow happened on statutory holidays that would have entailed time and a half and or double time and a half. You can't buy that Chinese shit if you can't get to the Malls can you? The Oracle of Ottawa is certain that the corporate over - whores will realize a mistake in their strategy, or not!  

As the Oracle of Ottawa has mentioned many times before in this humble blog, not even the basest animal in nature ever shits in it's own nest! Well this year proved that the present 'Harper Government' is certainly not your average animal! Ho! Ho! Bill C-377 will no doubt pass in the Senate. Then we will get the Right To Work legislation right after. At least the blue collar types will always be able to get at least minimum wage. The young and upcoming white collar types have nothing to look forward to but one unpaid internship after another. Paid for by their parents. House and home mortgaged to help junior get that starting job that will at least pay the interest on his or her student loans... Entrepren - whore - ship, great isn't it?

"The horrors (whores?) of your experience... LOL....

Sunday, December 23, 2012

City of Ottawa - LRT - Some Perspective

We must not measure nature by ourselves, but by itself.
Blaise Pascal, Pensees, No. 149

Well, it is all in, and done. (?) The Oracle of Ottawa was in transit doing the obligatory Christmas Shopping when he heard of the completion of the momentous event. Twenty four to zero. That was hard to believe. The Oracle of Ottawa can only marvel at the full court press results of the best spin doctors and fart catchers that the corporate over - whores could buy. Why they were so proud of the event that they made sure it happened at one of the busiest times of the year. No one would be looking, let alone paying any attention. Pure masterful. The City of Ottawa has signed on for a 12.5 kilometer trolley way  with four "trains" and a tunnel, that has now been modified to a Barrhaven tunnel, that is a ditch with a lid added later... For 2.1 BILLION DOLLARS ! That is not a lot of railroad is it?

CPR AC 4400CW  - What you are not going to get!
 Surely the utmost of value has been received by the bumbling burg(h)ers of Ottawa? Well the Oracle of Ottawa must surely agree, of course. I mean it is the most efficient way to get anything done isn't it, a foreign based sole sourced forever contract. You and yours can bet your last nickel there is a ton of very fine print included at no extra cost. Oh yes, your grandchildren will be still be scouring this monster long after you are gone dear taxpayer... But to be fair, what could you have bought, right now, with 2.1 billion through an efficient capital market where ownership of capital goods is bought and sold right out in the open? You know it as the Toronto Stock Exchange. It is all so much more efficient than soul sourced contracts that are done behind closed doors, yes indeed!  The Oracle of Ottawa has decided on two demonstration cases, the names of which you are all most familiar. What else could we have bought with 2.1 billion dollars?

Case I: Surely you have heard of RioCan REIT? It is the largest real estate investment trust in Canada. Why, it is one of the largest REITs in the Western World! It contains over 350 commercial properties all over North America. From Smithfalls, Ontario, to Texas! Yes; Texas United States. For even more perspective it all adds up to over 80 million square feet all in! How much would it cost to buy something like that?  Well that is easy to find out. You can simply go to Yahoo Financial and enter the stock symbol REI.UN and it will all come up. As of the close of Friday last trading, you could have bought all the outstanding shares for a mere 8.15 billion dollars! Why for the cost of an Ottawa trolley way, the City of Ottawa could have purchased a 25.77% interest in RioCan REIT! And that quarter interest would surely be a hands down controlling interest! And on top of that, all RioCan unit holders receive a monthly "rent check" and it amounts to much more than simple bank interest. It all surely puts a crummy 12.5 kilometre trolley way with four train sets to shame don't it? Why is it you can buy so much in the light of day compared to a closed darkened room. Weird ain't it?

Case II: You have no doubt heard of Canadian Pacific Railway, surely, dear reader? This is a legend monster of a company! It is a Class I rail carrier, operating over 14,000 miles (22,400 km) of track from Vancouver to Montreal! It also has around 1650 engines and all in around 50,000 pieces of rolling stock! Damn! Not to count all that endless real estate! And all the other juicy hidden assets that could be worth more than the mere railroad itself! Well, as of last Friday, you could buy the whole damn lot for a mere 17.51 billion dollars! A 2.1 billion dollar investment would secure you with a 11.99 % interest! This again would be way more than required for a controlling interest! This would happen because CP is most widely held. There are practically no large monster shareholders, and it has an enterprise value of over 21.5 billion. Yes dear reader, you could buy a monster railway at a fire sale price! One of the finest roads, with the finest, newest gear on Earth! So why  did the City of Ottawa pay 2.1 billion dollars for a mere stupid trolley way with a crummy set of four measly French train sets?

 Oh! But if only this was the worst of it dear reader! The Oracle of Ottawa sadly suspects that the shit will get deeper, so to speak. One of the phrases that was heard all through this "train wreck" of a project was: soul sourced foreign contract. That means that the contractor will run and maintain the 2.1 billion dollar trolley way through out it's entire operational life! When one hears soul sourced foreign contract, just say to your self TFW's or temporary foreign workers. How many third world temporary foreign workers does it take to run a 2.1 billion dollar trolley way? The Oracle of Ottawa could not find out the answer to that question. Can you?  

 What you could have got for 2.1 billion dollars. Railroads are cheap in the open market, aren't they?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Chatter Calamitous At Chapters

Fire cannot exist without air, so to understand the one we must understand the other.
Blaise Pascal, Pensees, No.43

The Oracle of Ottawa remembers well when Chapters first opened in Canada. It was a nice young lad that had a dream of raising the bar of Canadian book retailing. As far as the Oracle of Ottawa could discern he had no intention of destroying Canadian publishing for the sake of obtaining a mere monopoly. Then along come some housewife that had a burning ambition to play CEO, and had the rich husband to pay her bills. It has been all down hill from then on.

Bilderberg Group field office?
 Once upon a time in Canada a bookstore was a lot like a church. All you had to do was keep the racks full and the damn thing would run it self. Book selling is an ancient business in the Western world. And there are or rather were rules. The most important one being that modern marketing methods is best left to the likes of Canadian Tire and Walmart.  Books are not units or widgets. Good books in a proper place and setting will sell themselves. This is of course not the way it is at Chapters.

Walking into any Chapters in Ottawa one is greeted by a larger than life photo of one Heather Reisman, placed at the entrance to instill the cult of personality and to let the mere minions who is really the boss. To the Oracle of Ottawa it is a lot like walking into a Ministry of Information Service Center, right out of George Orwells 1984!  But as George Orwell warned us all just before he passed away that it was all up to us, the Oracle of Ottawa can't help but feel he has let the side down.

But this year it has gotten even worse. It was Sunday last when the Oracle of Ottawa was deep into the Literary Studies section at an undisclosed Chapters location when he heard a pager communication going off! "Beeep! Hey Barry, what part of the store are you in ? Beep! Beep!"  And bloody so on. To the utter shock and amazement of the Oracle of Ottawa Heather now has her minimum wage minions all equipped with two way mini  radio devices! There seemed to be some game plan afoot of marketing browsing customers for the Chapters thingy card. Which in the book business is something that is never, never done.

As the Oracle of Ottawa checked out with his cash purchase he did mention that the pager thing was pretty annoying and it really should stop, like now. Fast forward to today, at yet another undisclosed Chapters location, and even there the poor minimum wage thingies were all wired up, but now with a head phone and a wrist microphone! Christ! That was weird! The Oracle of Ottawa felt like he was in the Hotel lobby that was hosting the big Bilderberg Group meeting! But then upon further thought, it wasn't out of line at all as the Oracle of Ottawa remembered again that the CEO and personality of Chapters is a member of the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group!     

The "tween" section that had been recently enlarged at great expense was all but empty, the elaborate display of  E-readers various were ignored and shunned. Many of the favorite humanity sections have and are continuing to shrink in size, much to the chagrin of the customers with more than half a brain...How long can this go on?

Something all Canadians can be proud of.... (especially at 2:25)...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Big Canadian Labour And Bill C-377 - A Solution?

Let us then know our limits.
Blaise Pascal, Pensees, No. 43

One of the major topics of discussion in this break between Sessions will no doubt be about Bill C-377. This is a private members bill that was introduced by an obscure, right wing, bible thumping wacko by the name of RussHiebert . He went to one of the better bible thumping schools in the U.S.A, no doubt because he wasn't smart enough to get into Boston College! You really know when a Conservative MP is a thin skinned right wing wack job when he posts his clips from Parliament on You-Tube and disables the comments and the likes/dislikes counter! What a small town prairie piece of crap.

Lets bring Jimmy Hoffa(left) back from the dead!
 Bill C-377 is a bill that will require most labour unions in Canada to comply to near impossible reporting requirements. It is really just a warm up to "Right To Work " legislation. If the Oracle of Ottawa remembers correctly it got third reading in the House and is on its way to the Senate. But the biggest joke of it all, if you check out the text, is that this was a real private members bill. The legislation text no doubt came from the Prime Ministers Office and the hapless Russ drew the short straw to be the member that would raise it as a private members bill. Standard arms length practice.

Trade unions have been around for a very, very long time. They grew out of guilds, (or gilds...) and some are hundreds of years old in Europe, and are still going. There is a very extensive historical literature on the subject matter. There are three titles that come to the mind of the Oracle of Ottawa. A very early text is by Adam Smith, the father of modern economics! He spoke loud and long in the Wealth of Nations of the rights of workers to gather together to strike up the best deal they could get. After all, the employers were colluding amongst themselves all the time!  But old Russ Heibert probably never used his Parliamentary Library card, he could have no doubt checked out a first edition (in two volumes) of the landmark work. But everyone knows that western bible thumping hicks never read books...

The second title that is very illuminating of why labour unions had to come into existence is very well covered in Das Kapital Buch I by, of course, Karl Marx. Now we all know that there are no copies of Capital west of the province of Ontario, so Russ has probably never even heard of Karl Marx. To Russ Heibert, Karl Marx was a guy that worked with Mark Carney at Goldman Sachs, that never made partner..

The third title on labour union history that the Oracle of Ottawa would have to recommend is "History of Trade Unionism" by Sidney and Beatrice Webb, in the revised  1920 edition. It starts in great detail from the earliest days (1400's)  through to the early 20th century! Yes indeed dear reader, unions have been a tough thing to kill. And they are on the verge of a mighty comeback around the world, and it will all be due to Russ Heibert kicking a nest that he will greatly regret for the rest of his worthless life. Why he won't even be welcome at his church at the end of all this...

Ask yourself dear reader, what is a trade union really? Well first and foremost it is a lobbyist for the best interests of its members. It is also a communications and advertising company. Why a trade union is just three corporations rolled into one! Now the Oracle of Ottawa realized that he had the solution to Bill C-377. All the entities that are now at present known as trade unions have to do is incorporate! The shareholders will be what is known today as the "membership" and the "big fat union bosses" will be the board of directors! Now we all know the purpose of  a corporation don't we? To make as much money for its shareholders as possible! And we all know how much the 'Harper Government' loves corporations don't we? So there it is! All organized labour has to do is upgrade so to speak. And we all know how corporations tend to grow larger and larger in the relentless pursuit of profit and shareholder approval... Why the working man could rule the world and create a near perfect workers state, all nice and legal too!

Here is a little more background in greater detail of the approaching problem. But remember it was the Oracle of Ottawa that came up with the solution, and you read it here first!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Canadian Twenty Dollar Bill - Five Major Errors

There is nothing like our ideas existing in the bodies themselves.
John Locke, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, p. 87

It was brought to the Oracle of Ottawa's attention today by a young lad cashier in a Chapters store somewhere in Ottawa. As I was paying cash for a gift for my significant other, I was reaching into my pocket for the required amount from a pile of new twenty dollar bills that I just retrieved from an automated cash machine, when I again noticed how much the new twenty's are a lot like the 'Harper Government' of the day, slimy and yet greasy at the same time! When relating my utter disgust and contempt for the new bills the youngster mentioned that the Arms of Canada were nowhere to found on the notes!

The Oracle of Ottawa was aghast! Surely it was worked in somewhere! And the youngster also mentioned that he line "This note is legal tender" was not visible! And for the life of the Oracle of Ottawa the little whipper snapper was correct! This would get more and proper investigation when the Oracle of Ottawa returned to his fortified compound, somewhere in Ottawa - South.

Well the Oracle of Ottawa found the "This Note is Legal Tender" printed in very small letters to the right of the Obverse (i.e. front) of the note in a very small group of letters printed in an elliptical curve. Upon closer inspection, with several different kinds of peepers, the Oracle of Ottawa found FIVE major errors in the bills design! I will innumerate each with an actual real life image. So here we go!

Arms of Canada - Missing...
Error I:  These new polymer banknotes are the first Canadian banknotes in 58 years that do not have the Arms of Canada visible on them!  The arms of Canada are the arms of the Sovereign and signify national sovereignty and ownership. They also act as an easy security feature. Is the 'Harper Government' trying to tell us something subliminally? Has Canada, entering into the China - Canada Foreign Investment Protection Act changed things that much, that Canada is no longer a nation - state in its own right any longer? I guess we will never know, since the details are secret! Now we know why they are secret?

Peace Tower aspect and details totally wrong...

Error II: Peace tower detail in security strip inaccurate and wrong! Get a peeper and if you are very young and of good eye sight you will be able to see the error(s). The observation windows under the clock face are distorted and not in the right place! The second deck of observation windows are missing! And under this is missing much stone work detail. (and the griffins and gargoyles don't match...) This image certainly was not done by Canada Banknote!

Poppy colour and leave shape wrong...

Error III:  The poppies (?) on the reverse (i.e. the back of) are not the correct colour! And the leaves that are displayed to the left of the banknote are not correct to the poppy of "Flanders Field" . Of which the correct scientific name is: Papaver rhoeas I have included a link so that it can be corrected at a later date? Or not...

Vimy Memorial  -  Aspect ratio's incorrect...

Error IV: Now we are getting into the real serious and bad stuff. On the reverse of the new twenty dollar bill is an image of the Vimy Memorial. Now we all know how the ' Harper Government' loves to milk the the war stuff. How it is the best friends of all war veterans, well, at least until you actually require the services you are entitled to! So the Oracle of Ottawa would think that the image of the Vimy Memorial would be the last thing that would have to be worried about! But the Oracle of Ottawa was wrong again! And you don't even need a peeper.  The image included is clickable and can be enlarged. Compare it with the image on your new twenty dollar note. The aspect ratio is wrong, i.e. it is distorted, isn't it?

Vimy Memorial - Nipples on females of wrong ethnic group...
Error V: The Oracle of Ottawa has also heard that the new twenty dollar bill is the first one that has naked breasts on it! Well, the Oracle of Ottawa must inform you that you would be wrong! Check all the Canadian Banknotes before 1954 very carefully. It seems clear to the Oracle of Ottawa that Canadian men prior to 1954 were big breast men through and through. But that is not the problem. And yes, the girls on the Vimy Memorial are naked and showing their "titties"! I mean how bold is that? But if you enlarge the picture and check out the nipples, you will find that the said features are very fine and dainty, perfectly characteristic of the sculptor using French models as was most certainly the case as the Memorial was fashioned in London, England. If you get a peeper and check out the nipples on the back of the new twenty, you see that the naked nymphs are sporting monster Latina Woman nipples! Now the Oracle of Ottawa has figured out how this mistake of proportion could have possibly happened. You see the contractor that did the image was located in Calgary or Edmonton, which is most deficient in fine featured French girls. So the little contractor went to his basement and woke up three pretty Columbia Latina's currently working at a Tim Horton's in Calgary as temporary foreign workers! Q.E.D.

Does this match what's in your wallet?

Saturday, December 15, 2012

'Harper Government' - The CNOOC Paradox

There is no idea which we receive more constantly from sensation than solidity.
John Locke, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, p. 76

Well dear reader, another session of Parliament is all in and done. And all those people that claimed right after the last election that we had nothing to fear from the 'Harper Government' must all be feeling pretty dirty, stupid and duped, you know, the likes of Rex Murphy for instance... The up side of course is the the august prime minister is all ready well on into building the 'Harper Government' legacy. The legacy of less.

CNOOC emperor Dr. Fu Chengyu; we own Canada now...

We are all familiar by now of the 'Harper Government' ethics. More commonly known in Ducks Ass, Alberta as Cowboy Ethics. The Oracle of Ottawa will go over the rules again for all those don't follow so close. (1) Never complain, (2) Never explain, (3) Never apologize, (4) Never open our mouth unless previously cleared by the Prime Ministers Office, And (5) Always ride for the brand.

Now we know what the 'Harper Government' stands for don't we? No government at all. Rip off and hide as much as possible, as the party could end any time. Reduce all regulation so that all true Conservatives can pursue their right to fail and to hell on the effects of it on other innocent people. Who ever did not happen to vote for the correct party is left to hang.  Just like the old Duplessis era. Yes sir, the good old days are back, tabernac!

And of course all that Hayek bullshit! You too can be rich! But no, you can never retire before you die! And anyone that is going to be rich certainly does not require blue collar Unemployment Insurance! Only socialists want U.I., not up and coming rich people. And all though the 'Harper Government' can a find a job for every failed flunky dip shit of the Conservative Party, these are all arms length corporations that we have no control over, unless it is doing something that is not becoming to a Conservative!  

And the most important mantra of the 'Harper Government' government does not belong in business! The free market must be allowed to work! And all things that the Canadian people have built up that acts in the world of business for the benefit of the Canadian people, such as the Canadian Wheat Board, that in hard years will make a profit, will be taken apart and ruined, because government does not belong in business!

But the Oracle of Ottawa had a recent revelation. If the 'Harper Government' does not believe that government does not, under any circumstances,  have a place in business, why does the 'Harper Government' allow state owned Chinese corporations, that do the express bidding of the communist politburo of Bejing, operate in Canada? If the 'Harper Government' believes that government should not be in any business, then why does it do business with "governments" that seemingly have no qualms at all about entering business, not only for profit, but for strategic geo-political political action? That question was not asked once in the last session. Someone should get on with it? 

For all those that have no time to be engaged and / or read all the big words, the Oracle of Ottawa has included the secret 'Harper Government' playbook for your perusal....

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Best Karl Marx Documentary

The process is so complicated that it offers ever so many occasions for running abnormally.
Karl Marx, Das Kapital, Buch II, p. 500

It is a great comfort to the Oracle of Ottawa that there are still in existence some organizations that have the greater good at the top of mind. One of those organizations is the great BBC of the United Kingdom, and another is the Open University. Recently they have collaborated to produce a series of documentaries of the worlds greatest economists. The first episode covered the legacy of John Maynard Keynes, The second episode was on Hayek, and the third and greatest episode was on the subject and modern rising influence and seeming rebirth of Karl Marx.

Karl Marx - 1870
 The series was hosted by a most beguiling young lissome lass by the name of Stephanie Flanders. The host and the series reminded the Oracle of Ottawa of John Kenneth Galbraith and the series The Age of Uncertainty. It was eerie how Ms. Flanders has the same ability to captivate as did the great John Kenneth! The Oracle of Ottawa loved the lavish production in HD. And the stops at all the major way-points of the life of Karl Marx. It was just entrancingly fascinating. You could really tell that Stephanie Flanders totally "gets" Karl Marx, and it truly did shine through and is most worthy and without fault.

Stephanie Flanders
 What the Oracle of Ottawa enjoyed the most, and found most impressive, was the quality of guests that made themselves available for very frank and candid interviews for the Karl Marx segment! The Oracle of Ottawa won't give them away, save for one, Sir Mervyn King, yes that Mervyn! Governor of The Bank of England! Damn! That Stephanie Flanders sure has some kind' a pull. The Oracle of Ottawa damn near fell of his chair! And dear reader, it was all awesome, and perfectly and seamlessly edited. And Sir Mervyn really knows his stuff, you could tell that he actually read a lot of the texts of Karl Marx.

Could it be? This documentary was very recent. Could it have played a role in present day events? Could this appearance and rather forthright honest opinions have cost Sir Mervyn his reappointment? Is this the real reason that Mark Carney, the Judas head of the Bank of Canada and the International Stability Board has been named the next Bank of England Governor? The Oracle of Ottawa is of the opinion that the only thing that Mark Carney knows about Karl Marx is that he never made partner at Goldman Sachs...

But be that as it may. The Oracle of Ottawa digresses. There were two small omissions that were missed that would have really rubbed salt into all the right wingers watching the aforesaid segment, that the Oracle of Ottawa must really point out. The first being the lack of mention of Karl Marx's neighbor in Highgate Cemetery. And that is the fact that Herbert Spencer  , who coined the term "survival of the fittest" has a forever face fronting view to the great monument erected in the honour of the now great and again up and coming friend and contemporary Karl Marx! In one of the most ironic grave placements in the history of economics and science, they are forever "grave buddies"! And as you watch the whole episode you can readily see who has won the prize for fame for all time! The second slight omission  was at the last of the episode when the question was bandied about what change could be possibly made or what could replace capitalism as it now exists. 

Well the Oracle of Ottawa has the answer for this! It is the greatest economic concept that you have probably never heard of. And it was coined by the aforementioned John Kenneth Galbraith. And that concept was called "countervailing power". Perhaps you should look into it.

The fastest and most brilliant hour of television of 2012... They can't make this go away, it will always pop up somewhere... (But as of January 2015, it has been made to completely vanish...)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

City of Ottawa - Chop Stick Lackeys?

Something that is merely negative creates nothing.
Karl Marx, Grundrisse, p. 532

Well we can all check off another one the secret agreements that the 'Harper Government' made with the Peoples Republic of China concerning the CNOOC - NEXEN deal, can't we? That entails all the harvesting of all our finest tech talent to the buck toothed Chinese peasants. Why I saw it on the vulgar media with my own eyes no less!

Which way to the tech incubator?

There it was on the six o'clock CBC supper news, the pretty show boy from the central casting of the Bejing Politburo announcing a crummy ten million dollars to be invested in Kanata, now only a mere shadow of itself, due to its successful rape of the corporate over - whores, for a mind robbing high tech "incubator", which in the United States would be called a intellectual property theft and spy center! Many Ottawa burg(h)ers were on hand, some of them all smiles, only that they are too ignorant to know any better, or else too well greased in their 15 random digit accounts in some offshore shit hole, that of course will never materialize at the end of the day.

But the Oracle of Ottawa was shocked, simply shocked, at how subdued the august mayor Gentleman Jim looked throughout the whole process that the CBC crew captured for my supper viewing enjoyment. He in no way looked at all in charge. And the Oracle of Ottawa wondered just how low would the City of Ottawa go for some buck toothed Asian peasant that could claim to wave a few paltry million dollars under their respective noses?

Why would any one with a truly good idea give up on iota of ownership to a buck toothed peasant from China? Why would any one in their right mind that was truly informed even want to do business in China, which is essentially a social ticking time bomb waiting to unfold? Then it dawned on the Oracle of Ottawa, it was not a decision that was made in Ottawa, well certainly not at Ottawa city hall anyway. It was a decision that was made in Bejing, from a deal cut by the 'Harper Government' somewhere in the wilds of Russia, that was greatly sped up when the buck toothed peasants flashed the pictures and the tapes. There will be many more such "investments". And you better be able to speak mandiran if you are hoping for a piss cleaning job at the new down town Ottawa casino! Yes of course you stupid rube! There will be no jobs for locals. With a foreign soul sourced contract, everything from the piss wipers to the whores will be imported, indentured slave labour from China, just like the first wave of "coal miners" out at Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia!    

If all this wasn't bad enough, we stakeholders, were informed and treated to another gift of some stupid sound stage that is being proposed for the City of Ottawa! Who in the hell wants that shit here? Oy vey...If you want to go into media; piss off to Hollywood! That is not a business that is suitable for the fine up standing people of Ottawa! We are meant for higher things of a more cerebral nature. Members of the Civil Service that runs Canada in all fact and reality. That is our traditional role, and will be again...In the mean time keep your ideas dry and most importantly to yourself!

Find the chatter of your new masters irritating? You voted for it and now you got it! So pucker that bung hole and bend over you stupid gajin skidmark! Welcome in the New World Order!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Jason Kenney - Minister Of Indentured Scab Labour

Things in print must stand and fall by their own worth, or the readers fancy.
John Locke, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, p. xi

Well dear reader, the Oracle of Ottawa now knows what one of the secret agreements is that the Prime Minister would not discuss in the House of Commons today concerning the CNOOC deal takeover of NEXEN Oil. And that seems to be that the Peoples Republic of China can now and forever send in whole armies of orthodonticaly challenged Chinese coolie peasants, who just happen to be working for another Chinese state owned corporation!  The case that the CBC ran with on tonight's National concerned HD Coal sending their hordes to Canada as temporary foreign workers! Why these guys might make minimum wage when they finally pay off all hands that have be greased! (a couple of years from now?, never?)

Coming soon to a town near you?
 What other deals, that must remain secret, have been struck by the Peoples Republic of China and the 'Harper Government'? When ever there is a strike at the post office or an airline in Ontario are we to be buried under by cheap coolie labour provided by the Chinese governments extensive prisoner inventory? The questions are being asked by Canadian Labour Leaders as the Oracle of Ottawa writes and no doubt will continue for a very long time.

And the eternally unloved and greasy Jason Kenney will remain forever unloved after the fiasco that he has unleashed today. And will no doubt necessitate very much investigation of all the worlds off shore money laundry spots, which will surely commence and never cease once the NDP take power easily when the 'Harper Government' falls any time soon.

As the Oracle of Ottawa has stated before in this blog, on more than one occasion, there is no labour shortage of any kind in Canada. There is only a shortage of decent employers that are willing to pay the correct and decent wage. But there is no shortage of skilled trades. The Oracle of Ottawa will readily admit that there is a shortage of skilled trades that will work for minimum wage. This is mostly due to skilled trades men being more intelligent than your average Conservative Party Minister! But it is a free market, isn't it? Isn't it?

Awhile back when the 'Harper Government' achieved power by fraud, many people told the Oracle of Ottawa that I was out of my little mind, and that I was fear mongering! Well the Oracle of Ottawa got it all correct! And he had it all correct from day one to now. The only thing the Oracle of Ottawa missed was the severity. This is all becoming much worse then even what the Oracle of Ottawa dreamed in some of his worst nightmares.

If memory serves the Oracle of Ottawa correctly, the last time we had slave coolie Chinese labour in Canada was back in the days of MacDonald, when he was having the Canadian Pacific Railway built! But when you look back on it all with an objective eye, it was the only way that Van Horn could get the work done And pay the graft to Sir John and the Conservative Party of the day!  Isn't it amazing how history keeps repeating itself ?

It is amazing what a back door hotel room ricer fantasy can cost you, isn't it?

'Harper Government' - Like A Monkey At Ikea

We find rhetorical situations everywhere in life, and only our imaginations can get us out of them.
Northrop Frye , The Educated Imagination, p. 58

""T'was a few nights before Christmas, and all through the House, not a creature was stirring, not even a starving Wheat Board mouse. The stockings are all ready hanging by the Speakers Chair, hung with great care, all in the hope that the bag man from CNOOC would soon be there!""

'Harper Government' Minister awaits limo...

Ho! Ho! Ho! Some days it is really good to get up and chase the 'Harper Government' like rats across the frozen tundra. Today's Question Period was a real barn burner. One of the best of the year, so far. And it looks like Chris Charlton of the NDP is going to win the analogy of the year, when she compared the actions of the 'Harper Government' to a monkey lost at Ikea. The place went nuts! And the Oracle of Ottawa noticed that the Chrome Domed Gris himself showed signs of sweat breaking through his do-me make-up, and his pity-fuck gray lipstick actually started to smudge! Oh yes, dear reader, the wave of shit is starting to break over the 'Harper Government', as the Oracle of Ottawa predicted.

The main hot points were the secret conditions of the CNOOC deal that was approved on Friday last. Well it seems they are a secret! But the Oracle of Ottawa has figured some of them out. The first rule is that there will be no more competition. So that is why the rules are changed as announced  at the press conference Friday last. 

It also seems that the fighter planes that we had a signed deal for, was not real, and although all the bullshit has run up a cost of millions of dollars, the 'Harper Government' still hasn't spent one cent on any airplanes! Yes dear reader, the 'Harper Government' looks like a monkey lost at Ikea.... 

What are the secret agreements? The Chinese can send all the indentured coolies they can find?

Saturday, December 8, 2012

London Nurse Death - Maximum Weirdness

The ways to enrich are many, and most of them foul.
Sir Francis Bacon, Essays, XXXIV - Of Riches

Of all the stories that have floored the Oracle of Ottawa in 2012, nothing touches the news of the untimely death of  Jacintha Saldanha, after a rather innocent prank call by two media types of Australian radio. Now the Oracle of Ottawa was not surprised that Kate checked into the Sister Agnes Hospital for morning sickness. Gee, twins, or maybe more.

William and Kate do Canada...

Even the so called prank didn't faze me in the least. What did floor the Oracle of Ottawa was that as a private hospital for essentially high profile clients, that the security was so non-existent! And the lack of this security protocols surely is not the fault of the nursing staff, is it? The Oracle of Ottawa is of the thought that surely in a place like this that all calls would be screened by a professional receptionist staff. Surely they have number ID in the phone system in the U.K., don't they? Or even a simple inquiry of the number of the person calling and a Google check would catch over 85% of such attempts. This is not very hard to prevent is it?

This is all very strange. This is not a failure of staff but rather of management and the security details. And with Kate being the top ten in line to the Throne, you would think that she would get the standard max routine. After a moments pondering it all seems like a management cover-up from where the Oracle of Ottawa is observing.

This incident again reminded the Oracle of Ottawa the difference of legal rights in Canada and the United Kingdom. When the Oracle of Ottawa was fab, he spent a lot of time in the U.K.. And it was a real task to get used to the fact that a police officer can tell you to "move on" in the U.K. and you had better move on. In Canada a cop does not dare tell any citizen to move on. It all has to with "just cause" and the task of having to "show cause". The Oracle of Ottawa was astounded as a young man in the U.K. that people there don't have that right and quiet a few others come to think of it.

When the ordinary person does not have written down constitutional rights, things that often happen in the U.K. take on a sinister tone, due to the fact that individual rights and liberties are not essentially guaranteed. The best advice, or the moral of this story is that it is perhaps much safer to your career and general overall well-being to be a nurse in the NHS, with the union card, and avoid the royals like the plague!  

Of course people in the U.K. take this all in rather a different cautious light...

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Denis 'Blinky' Lebel CP Rail And Barriers To Entry

A person who knows nothing about literature may be an ignoramus, but many people don't mind being that.
Northrop Frye, The Educated Imagination, p. 2

It is very gratifying to see that the spin doctors and fart catchers of the Prime Ministers Office have finally found the solution (drug?) to Denis 'Blinky' Lebel's very telling and hilarious eye twitch. Now that they got that solved, perhaps they can start schooling the pathetic Minister of Transport and Infrastructure (!) on the basics of economics and the role of government, especially as it applies to avoiding instances of market failure and the problem of barriers to entry.

CP Rail is not a lemonade stand...

It was all brought to light today in Question Period. The very sharp Olivia Chow drew the short straw again and was tasked to put the Minister to task about what was going to be done about the recent 4,500 jobs being cut at Canadian Pacific Railway and how the effects of service and cost to its customers were going to mitigated by the 'Harper Government'? Well up stands 'Blinky' and does the free market capitalist bullshit shuffle how government has no right to interfere with the managers and stockholders of a private business! The Oracle of Ottawa was aghast at the level of ignorance that this "Minister" displays.

A transcontinental railroad is not a lemonade stand! In free market capitalism if 'Blinky' starts a lemonade stand in Ducks Ass, Alberta and he is not making a very competent go of it, the Oracle of Ottawa can open up another lemonade stand across the street or down the road close by and with better service, product and a cheaper price per unit, the Oracle of Ottawa could drive 'Blinky' out of business. All fine and good. Except you cant do that when you are up against a monster transcontinental railroad, that has a market cap of  6.5 billion dollars! That is a demonstration of a rather small barrier to entry.

Also out West, the heartland of the 'Harper Government', CPR has virtually a monopoly in many areas. Not all areas are served by both CPR and CN. Therefore when a railroad is in trouble or trying to make trouble it god damned well is the business of the government of the day to get involved! And if the said line and road is trading for a fire sale price on the stock markets of North America it is the responsible governments job to consider getting into the railroad business (again). Fix the sucker up and then offer the shares back at huge profit, just like the Liberals did with Canadian National! And Canadian National is a hell of a lot bigger than Canadian Pacific! Doesn't 'Blinky' know such things?

In closing, it has come to the attention of the Oracle of Ottawa that the Minister 'Blinky' was a member of the sovereigntist Bloc Quebecois! (July 23, 1993 - April 28, 2001) Tabernac! Why isn't some one from the Royal Opposition asking 'Blinky' if he is really a Federalist? Get him on his feet and ask him to say if he loves Canada! And this summer, on the break, get him enrolled at University du Quebec in an introduction to economics course! Whats that? Your kidding me, right? All right then, get him enrolled in high scholl this summer....

You can't just start up another Canadian Pacific, like you can a lemonade stand.... Back Olivia Chows bill!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wee Jimmy Flaherty Meets The Multiplier

Economics is a very dangerous science.
John Maynard Keynes, Essays In Biography, p. 128

The wee banty leprechaun is riding high in the House (and only in the House) as he implements his stacks and stacks of financial crap that will soon wash back on him like a shower of shit. There is a nervousness becoming apparent to the 'Harper Government'. The invisible hand of free market capitalism seems to be on sabbatical. All the theoretical parts are in place and yet the economy refuses to gush forth. The budget projections with each additional month seem to fall further and further behind. When the wee banty sack of crap starts spouting his bullshit when the stock market is open, it starts to go down as soon as he opens his ambulance chasing mouth. What ever could be wrong?

Soon to rain a shower of shit?

Before the wee Jimmy became the Minister of Finance he was certain that the multiplier was some new Asian sports car! It couldn't possibly be important, since Ayn Rand never mentioned it once. But is very important, well more than that, it is critical. For every dollar a government spends correctly, it could quite possibly return a dollar or much more in tax revenue. It soon becomes clear that if a government is really cagey with where it spends, it could be very handsomely rewarded with a wave of increasing tax revenue. History has proved that a benevolent, generous government that supported its citizens would be rewarded with ever increasing tax revenues. A positive optimistic outlook is essential, where by everyone is intended to benefit. This would be known as a positive multiplier.

The greatest gift of the 'Harper Government' to economics is that they are going to prove that the theory of the multiplier can also run backwards! For example if you spend tax revenue in the wrong places, such as gifts to corporate whores, and the rich who don't really need it anyway, you could have a situation whereby every dollar so spent could cause a dollar or more in the economy to be driven to ground. For every good middle class job that is destroyed, with the hope that the same people will do the same job for a minimum wage contractor, the amount that you thought you would "save" is held back by the workers that you originally fucked with! With each person you fuck over, the rest become more frightened, until the economy literally tanks. Or, the multiplier goes into reverse! i.e. a negative multiplier. Only fascists and conservatives can pull this off, and the present 'Harper Government' is certainly not letting down economics.

But perhaps when they appoint the new Bank of Canada Governor, Preston Manning, then the wee Jimmy will finally have someone at his level that he could understand. EEEEEllllllimmmmmanatttte the Defffffiiiicccccettttt.  

The fiscal multiplier in reverse. Only a conservative can do this.....

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

'Harper Government' - Maritime Union - The Second Land Clearance

And that there may be no doubt about our position in regard to that document we say, question it you may, reject it you may, or accept it you may, but alter it you may not. (Hear, hear.)
Thomas D'Arcy McGee, Legislative Assembly, February 9, 1865 

It was Sunday night last that the Oracle of Ottawa first learned of the 'Harper Government' proposal to the Maritime Provinces of Canada to "unite". It was a wondrous thing that the Oracle of Ottawa was seated at the time! The first thought that was registered in the great mind of the Oracle was; Jesus how bad is it in the 'Harper Government' really? When you start floating such insanity as this it is really just a very desperate attempt to "change the channel" as the spin doctors and fart catchers would say. For the likes of this scum, it is all in a days work.

The "other" Charlotte Town Conference?

Old style Canadians, i.e Liberals and left of that, realize right away that such a move is all but impossible. Perhaps the three burnt out old senile Senators probably didn't get that far in the book of Canadian Constitutional Law. Most Conservatives really hate to read and think, especially if the words are too big. But they should know that they are treading into the dangerous territory of the Curse of D'Arcy McGee. The curse goes that who ever would be insane enough to tinker with what the founding fathers had wrought, they  would all suffer to a man (and woman) very great weirdness. Untimely death and demise co-mingled with catastrophic political losses and irreparable setbacks. In Ottawa, among those who know of such things, it is taken very seriously. Ponder that with all your attentive powers if you will, or can...

Beware the Curse of D'Arcy McGee!!

Nova Scotia is Latin for New Scotland. New Scotland was populated by persons that were victims of the cruel and barbarous Highland Clearances. These are the people that today still are resident in Cape Breton and most all of the parts of present day Nova Scotia. The Oracle of Ottawa has provided a link so that you can update your information on this seemingly forgotten history. Another book that gives a most excellent account of the Highland Clearances in both Scotland and Ireland can be read in Volume I of Das Kapital by Karl Marx! But alas only a high end Liberal or a blue collar NDP type would know that today.

It should not take your average Maritimer too long to see through this "proposal" as the starting point of the Second Land Clearance. That is the depopulating or exile of the Maritimes to the tar ponds of Alberta. Whenever a Conservative comes forward with a "proposal", that is just a semaphore signal, so to speak, that you are well and truly fucked. If it hasn't dawned on you yet, the Legacy of the 'Harper Government' is Less. Most Maritimers don't have to reflect on this fact for very long. That friend, relation brother in law that can't seem to access Employment Insurance, or get a problem with getting your first old age pension check that will soon be many years off into a future you won't probably live to see. This is not an accident, this is on purpose! One can go back into the Hansard and the Question Period tapes where the bug-eyed Minister was actually caught out bragging to a bunch of hicks out side of the tar ponds in Alberta that the required bodies that they so desperately require will be right along, or they will starve to death! Geez, the Conservatives really like the Maritimes don't they? And who could ever forget the "culture of defeat" crack by the head chrome dome of the 'Harper Government' - the Legacy of Less....

But the real reason of this proposal, the Oracle of Ottawa cannot speak. It concerns Prince Edward Island. The Oracle of Ottawa must warn the Islanders to be on their greatest guard at this time. It is your Island Home that is the hidden agenda of this Maritime proposal. The Oracle of Ottawa has found out that you may have been dealt out to make room for a new home of a certain middle east ethnic group that one dare not name... that could in the very near future be in great and desperate need for a new Promised Land...      

Beware of the Second Land Clearance!!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

'Harper Government' - Labour Union Transparency Act

I'll be back.
Jimmy Hoffa, Hoffa The Real Story, p. 218

For all of my fellow Canadians that follow the 'Harper Government' somewhat closely, you are probably worried about the noises of the back bench minions of the contents of the proposed Labour Union Transparency and Accountability Act. The Act of course will be damn near impossible to interpret, and therefore every required submission will be found to be illegally submitted! And then there will be all those nasty surprises that will surely come out, and in turn will be used by the 'Harper Government' to play off the Unions to the public and maybe even be the base for outlawing unions, of any kind altogether!

Jimmy Hoffa (left) attending Labour Union School...

Well, the Oracle of Ottawa says bring it on! Surprised? Well the Oracle of Ottawa can explain his logic. This is the point where the hubris will in the end kill the beast of the 'Harper Government'. This will be the self inflicted Trojan horse, with all of its unintended consequences, that will play a very large part in bringing down the 'Harper Government'. Let us explore this line of reasoning further, shall we?

We all know that organized labour in Canada needs a good shot up the side of the head, don't we? The Oracle of Ottawa will readily admit that the leadership of some unions has ossified greatly over the decades. And if there was a financial reporting requirement, there will be some mighty shocks. Both good and bad. The Oracle of Ottawa is almost certain that several of the biggest unions by membership got all but wiped out financially in the 2008 bust up. Brace yourselves. But, conversely, there will be many of the smaller and much older unions and brotherhoods that will have financial results that will simply stun the 'Harper Government' not to mention the general public.

This will be the long sought for catalyst that will create a very powerful and deep reaction in organized labour in Canada. Why it could all but get out of control, and very quickly. It will most certainly bring forth the patiently waiting "next generation". And who knows, maybe the Oracle of Ottawas dream of a another Jimmy Hoffa will be fulfilled! And the Canadian worker could certainly use another golden age. Another age where the only knees that knock will be those of the management side of the table. It has been a long time and we are really, really due... 

 He is still out there...The Oracle of Ottawa can feel it. The next one is soon to be coming along... and we will get it all back and more.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

City of Ottawa - Referendum Questions?

Sadly, our society is so contaminated with the notion that acting for greed and self-interest is "normal" that we have weakened the essential fibre of society. 
Elizabeth May, Losing Confidence - Power, Politics, And The Crisis Of Democracy, p. 179

If, back in the 1970's, had you  have asked the Oracle of Ottawa if in Ottawa, cleaning up the piss between the Super Slots and the grannies washroom would be a career choice, the Oracle of Ottawa would probably have "clocked" you cold. But, alas, the future has not been kind to Ottawa or the youngsters of today. Since even being a piss wiper in a casino is all but out of the cards, due to the fact that the contract will no doubt be open to foreign gaming contractors. And will no doubt be won by some buck toothed Chinese peasant from Macau! Who will in turn, due to it being forever and sole sourced, bring his or its own guest workers! This of course was flown by the lads at CUPE 503 and all that was recorded was a vacant glassy far away stare.

Why don't we get a meth lab instead of a casino?

It all boggles the mind of the Oracle of Ottawa, that we can't get our garbage picked up once a week because we can't afford it, and yet we will be able to piss the rent money away at a foreign run gambling house! (24/7) The knuckle dragging burg(h)ers and the local police chief just freak at the idea of a safe injection site, yet see no problem with a casino within walking distance of the Parliament of Canada! Me thinks the prescription career aiding drugs of our swivel servants is starting to affect their judgement?

Macau - Ottawa Division?

The major point of all this that really irks the Oracle of Ottawa is that the City of Ottawa is ready to sell it's soul for a mere 5.0 to 7.0% cut of the gross! If you check into it yourself dear reader, you will soon discover that, all in, it is a real rip off of a deal. Just ask anyone from Windsor Ontario! Now if Gentleman Jim the mayor was really clever he would negotiate something less damaging from the Government of Ontario, like an industrial meth lab! We could hide it in the deepest part of the trunk sewers and keep all the money and send the product to China! Now, that's a plan? The money would be way better, and it would all be out of site, and undetectable deep underground. And once the money starts rolling in and no one in Ottawa would have to pay property taxes ever again, and our property values would go up! Seriously, what is the difference? Well?

No doubt these poor exploited honey's will be provided by the soul source contractor also....

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Symbolism of Kellie 'Sparky' Leitch

We take cunning for a sinister or crooked wisdom. 
Sir Francis Bacon, Essays, Essay XXII, Of Cunning

The Oracle of Ottawa can say with much certainty that if you live in one of the great government towns of the world like Ottawa, Washington, London, Paris or even Moscow, you soon learn that human beings at a certain level can come with an unbelievable amount of twists, kinks and other many other "issues" various.

 The Oracle of Ottawa has been watching the antics of one Kellie 'Sparky' Leitch for the duration of this Parliament and the same question still pops into the Oracle's head: What the fuck is this woman(?) trying to prove? And for the life of me, knowing what a member of parliament earns, why is she wearing the clothes of all her old boyfriends? I mean really, what is up with that? And when the bona fides about this little actor in the link provided, you soon become even more mystified. i.e. Why isn't she the Health Minister?

At the time of this writing, there are over 850,000 Canadians without a job. But as you have discovered, old 'Sparky' not only has just one job, but three jobs! She is  member of Parliament, an Orthopaedic paediatric surgeon and for good measure an assistant Professor. Which reminds the Oracle of Ottawa of a joke going around Ottawa at the present; What is the difference between a member of Parliament and an Orthopaedic paediatric surgeon? Answer: About $250,000 a year...   

Knowing all these facts, it is just great entertainment when 'Sparky's' little helper, one Pierre 'Little Polly' Poilievre starts going on about the "big union bosses", while just about beside him sits 'Sparky', who of course, as the irony of life would have it, is a member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada! Now folks if there is one Cadillac union in Canada, the RCPSC is it! And if you are ever in Ottawa, you simply just have to see the "union hall"! It has to be the poshest one in Canada. Why 'Sparky's' union is so powerful it will probably get a bye when the union transparency act is passed. Wanna' bet?   

Here is a bit of another member of the healing profession; Hedy Fry quizzing 'Sparky' about the recent tainted meat fiasco, the answer provided should make all doctors in Canada proud. This would be a howler clip to run at the next RCPSC dinner, no?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Symbolism of Christian "Yvette" Paradis

It is a miserable state of mind to have few things to desire and many things to fear...
Sir Francis Bacon, Essays, Essay XIX, Of Empire

As a politician,  you know the future does not bode well when the "corruption allegations" part of your Wikipedia article takes up over 60% of the whole article! Such is the case of the 'Harper Government's present Minister of Industry,  otherwise known as Christian "Yvette" Paradis. For a guy of a mere 38 years and a very good education you really got to wonder where this is all going to end up. I am sure the Universities of Sherbrooke and Laval are very proud of that Wikipedia article of one of their most illustrious alumni. Perhaps that ethics thing is not such an English thing after all...

"The Front Row" - Left to Right: Baird, Clement, Paradis, Harper

And the fact that this little Maurice Duplessis clone sits at the right hand of Steve of the 'Harper Government' certainly sends information to this humble blogger! Why the little greasy shit even looks like Duplessis! Check it out, it is freaking eerie! And he has a very thin skin also. If you watch Question Period of November 28th, 2012, you will soon learn what the Oracle of Ottawa means. I believe it was Charlie Angus that really flustered him when he worked into a question that the Prime Minister lets him play minister while he designates some youngster from Calgary in the PMO to make the real decisions! The Oracle of Ottawa caught that! "Yvette" was livid in little pepsi rage. Go NDP!

This little Jean - Guy is in so far over his head it is utterly painful, but not un-enjoyable, to watch. When he stands to his seat to answer a question he assumes the hand posture that he learned in 'Harper Government' boot camp media training. He looks like a house wife peddling cheap Chinese cookware in a mall in Gaspe!
And then there is that Corruption Commission going on in Montreal right now that is really digging in, in the Province of Quebec at this present time. Names are coming up, that one would have never suspected, and they are being arrested and detained. Hold on my fellow Leftie Canadians, anything could happen, and no doubt probably will.   

"Yvette" can't seem to keep his hands out of the cookie jar...Note; the Minister also has his own sleeping bag, food and pop gun if you would like to invite him to your place to a talk "business"...

Monday, November 26, 2012

Bank Of England - Thanks For The Warning!

Seek the good of other men, but be not in bondage to their faces or fancies; for that is but facility or softness; which taketh an honest mind prisoner.
Sir Francis Bacon, Essays, Essay XIII, Of Goodness, And Goodness Of Nature.

The one good thing about blogging is that you can't run out of paper! The Oracle of Ottawa first heard the news just before lunchtime his time. The Oracle, was to say the least, totally agog. The Oracle of Ottawa did not not have to refer to Wikipedia or any other reference source to know  that Mark Carney would be the first  foreigner in the Bank of England's history. Now, the Oracle of Ottawa had no idea how bad things must be in England, that they had to recruit an obscure colonial from the deepest back woods of Canada, ten times more remote than Duck's Ass, Alberta! But all those rumors of the Bilderberg Group, the Illuminatti and/or the New World Order are and have been surely incorrect? Haven't they?

Mark Carney - Relax! It ain't gonna' happen...

Now the Oracle of Ottawa will not be unhappy in the least to see the back of Mark Carney receding away from the presence of the Oracle of Ottawa and Canada. What ever he is, he is not a Central Banker. Central Bankers are seldom seen and never, never, heard. Yes he is smart and he is pretty. He is the idiot savant of noughts and ciphers. The ethics thing I am afraid to report, is still a work in progress, so to speak. For those that know of such things, Mark Carney climbed very high, very fast, in the employ of Goldman Sachs  the monster predator bank of the world. Why it was once rumored and reported that he was one of the last to make "partner" in the bank just before the Initial Public Offering, when the bank reverted from the old partnership ownership structure, to its present corporate structure. Mark Carney must be worth g'zillions!
Yet when he was appointed as Governor of The Bank of Canada, there was no report that the Oracle of Ottawa could find about how much those shares and options were cashed out for. And the reason that there was no report was that the shares and ownership in said bank are still being retained and in fact the said individual is ipso-facto, still an owner and employee(?) of afore mentioned bank. This to the Oracle of Ottawa was and is and will always be totally unacceptable! And the taxpayers of the United Kingdom certainly, under no circumstances, should accept it either. 

Lord Black - Totally knows the ropes...

This was all bad enough, but a ways in to his term as Bank of Canada Governor, he just decides to accept another job as head of the International Financial Stability Board! The Oracle of Ottawa strongly made many noises that this move was in direct contravention of the Bank of Canada Act! And the other fact that the Oracle of Ottawa's tax dollars are to pay for his central banker, not to have his central banker taking care of all the other central banks (for Goldman Sachs?). The Oracle of Ottawa is more than glad to see the back of this so called "rock star". Mark Carney is certainly no John Maynard Keynes

The greatest tragedy and irony of this situation is the facts. England was the birth place of capitalism and economics as we know it. Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Karl Marx(!), William Stanley Jevons, Alfred Marshall and John Maynard Keynes were all from or life time residents of England! How is that that the birthplace of capitalism and economics can not today have one candidate for the position of the Central Banker of the Bank of England! How bad are things in England really? How poor is the present right wing wacko government, and how bankrupt is it that they cannot find an Englishman to run their own Central Bank, the second oldest one in the world, and the eighth oldest bank in existence today? And the Oracle of Ottawa thought Canada had problems, but nothing in the league of the present British distress apparently.  

Now the Oracle of Ottawa will not just bitch and whine. The Oracle of Ottawa will provide the old home country with a candidate perfect for the seamy greasy world of today. And yes he is a British citizen, and as luck would just so have it, a present member of the House of Lords! Now this suggestion is in the long tradition of putting a fox in charge of the hen house so to speak. There are great examples from the past. Joe Kennedy, and  Timothy Geitner to name but a few. And my candidate knows how it all works, the dirty seamy underside, and has even been abandoned by these nefarious elements of once such good friends. My candidate? Why none other than the The Lord Black of Crossharbour...He is quite free at the present time, someone should ring him.

The Oracle of Ottawa can certainly feel for this gentleman. He has it all figured out and the rest of the United Kingdom should sit back and think it out, and you will at some point come to the same conclusion! Again how can the land that gave birth to capitalism as we know it and the art and science of economics not find a suitable candidate of and in the fair green Isles?