Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What Is Canada Without Its Institutions?

Everything we did was done in form and with propriety, and the result of our proceedings is the document [the Quebec Resolutions] that has been submitted to the imperial government as well as to this house and which we speak of here as a treaty. And that there may be no doubt about our position in regard to that document we say, question it you may, reject it you may, or accept it you may, but alter it you may not. (Hear, hear.)
Thomas D'Arcy McGee, Legislative Assembly, February 9, 1865

Well my fellow Canadians, we know what is up on the chopping block on the first ninety days. The per-vote subsidy, the Senate, the CBC. Tuning into the Conservative war room feed, moderated by Krista Erickson on Sun News TV, I also learned that other useless things such as the Business Development Bank and the Post Office are also in the soon to be dumped bag of kittens!

The McGee curse is upon ye...

Well, what is the sense of Canada even existing at all? Why don't we just call the place Walmart? That is the hidden agenda. Can you imagine traveling to strange places all over the world and not being able to listen to the CBC on short-wave radio? Can you imagine serving on a Canadian warship and not being able to tune into the CBC?! Hell another reason not to join! Yes Sir, Spend Less - Live Better.. Better than what?

I have said it before and I will say it again... It grieves the Oracle of Ottawa to no end that a bunch of arse sniffing alpha dog wanna be's have subverted the democratic system and are on a goat - fuck of a train wreck. As I write this, no doubt, the Premier of Quebec is cabling the French government and getting ready for Quebec's entry to the European Union. They will not tolerate this attack on the governmental infrastructure.  When the insects start to swarm in sight of Parliament Hill it is not a good omen at all.

Was it all for nought?....

Now at the end of the day it has leaked out that the Tory Bund is going to introduce Treason legislation!? The present treason code combined with the Official Secrets Act is all but leak proof! But that is just the cover story. Way in the back of this updated treason bill is a comprehensive bit about putting the nuts to bloggers and it will be looser then the private parts of the oldest working Byward Market ho! If there is one thing that fascists really hate is people really telling them what they really think. I can only hope that you people in the traditional print media and all you people watching out for our civil rights are paying very close attention.

This for some reason seems to fit...Enjoy while you still can.....

Monday, May 30, 2011

Letter to Rob - The Fraud - Anders

It is not very unreasonable that the rich should contribute to the public expence, not only in proportion to their revenue, but something more than in that proportion. 
Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations, Book V, Chapter II, Part II, Article I, p. 911

Sieg Heil Herr Anders!

How creepy is that? The moment you showed your face on Sun News TV a horde of wasps gathered in down town Ottawa, in the sight of Parliament Hill! They had to close the street and call in the unionized City workers to spray down the lot... Talk about a scary and ominous Omen for the next Parliament about to start very soon. I heard you were a bit nuts, but that is totally untrue, you are totally fucking out of your head nuts!

Heinrich Heine was a friend of...

How do people like you crawl upon this Earth? The first sign that tipped me off to your being a total fraud was the "I love Adam Smith" bit... Like most of all the right wing nutters like yourself, you have never read Adam Smith! Or if you did, the Manga picture version does not count! I included a quiet liberal quote from the Wealth of Nations to prove my point. You can check it out for your self... If you ever sit down and read the unabridged version of the Wealth of Nations, which I am sad to inform you, is over a thousand pages of small print, you will discover much to your horror that Adam Smith could be said to be the first Marxist! Opps!
Karl Marx, who published Heine in...

But the total confirmation that you are a total fraud was your reading of the poetry of Heinrich Heine! I expect that you will be reporting to the Prime Ministers Office to explain your lack of Conservative Purity... You see Rob, Heinrich Heine was a far left Liberal! So much so that he had to vacate Germany! He spent the last twenty five years of his life as an expatriate in Paris! But it all turned out pretty good. While in Paris he made many new friends.          

Karl Marx's paper, Vorwarts.....

One of those friends that Heinrich made was a fellow German exile that went by the name of Karl Marx! As a matter of fact Karl was so inspired by Heinrich Heine that he published Heinrich's most famous political poem
Die schlesischen Weber ("The Silesian Weavers") in his newspaper Vorwart's!  Now this occurred in 1844. Why a lot of scholars say that this poem inspired Karl Marx to write The Communist Manifesto! So what the hell were you doing reading this guys poetry on the greatest and most right - winged media organ in Canada!?  Perhaps you should have stuck to the talking points after all. They are made created to protect mindless morons such as your self....

And you thought you were a good heckler??

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Letter to Tim - Chain Gang - Hudak

Who is there, possessing aught of the increase of knowledge Discovery has brought, would willingly see the world return to its former ignorance?
William Lyon Mackenzie King, Industry and Humanity, p. 94

Dear Chain Gang Tim:

The Oracle of Ottawa on behalf of all Ontarians, especially those employed in tourism and hospitality, would like to take this brief moment to thank you for screwing our image to the rest of the whole wide world! You fucking little slimmey moron! How could someone who claims the education you have be so basely and incredibly stupid? You remind me, and you keep reminding me, of King Davids son Absalom. Being a right wing wack ball Conservative you are no doubt familiar with the story, since it occurs in the Old Testament!
It makes me wonder who your mentors are; the Bilderberg Group, Mike Huckabee or both?

We really need this in Ontario.... NOT!

Many commentators of the sane left-wing media have mused how you could possibly get away with doing this. The civil liberties groups alone are going to eat you like lunch! Also, in the province of Ontario there exists minimum wage legislation! See you at the Supreme Court you idiot! And do you really think that any self-respecting prison guard and/or O.P.P. police officer is going to be seen riding shot-gun over a chain gang in the broad light of day? I think not. Jesus Tim, when you were down at the University of Washington, Seattle, why didn't you just apply for a Green Card and run for the Governor of Alabama? Why are you bringing this shit and all its fallout on us? Every time you spout this  shit of chain gangs, another high dollar tourist from the European Union cancels! Hell! Even the Chinese don't do this! And they are Communist! So does that make the Conservative Party of Ontario fascist or what? I mean, how low are you willing to go to be a Provincial Premier?  How morally bankrupt are you man?

Toronto Chain Gang at Carabana?

The province of Ontario has traditionally always had a British rehabilitative prison model. If spending some chump change on a prisoner's Yoga or creative writing class will make him a steady tax-payer for the rest of his life it all seems like a slam dunk to me...Spend the money....You do not have the right to demean or other wise mentally or physically torture prisoners! We leave that to people like the Americans.

We already got enough right wing idiots to deal with at the Federal level at the present time. And that scared the hell out of every union card carrying member in the Province of Ontario. And as you are well aware, Ontario is the greatest bastion left in Canada of Organized Labour.... My little penis-headed friend, come October your political career is going to be toast!

In closing, a little chain gang history... Charter cases to follow.....

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On The Elimination Of The Per-Vote Subsidy

When I speak of representation by population, the house will of course understand that universal suffrage is not in any way sanctioned, or admitted by these resolutions, as the basis on which the constitution of the popular branch should rest...
John A. Macdonald, Legislative Assembly, February 6, 1865 

The per-vote subsidy was the legacy of Prime Minister Jean Chretien. Of all the Prime Ministers of my lifetime Jean Chretien will always be my favorite. If memory serves, the per-vote subsidy was one of his last pieces that he got through just before his return to public life. It was widely hailed in Canada and around the world as a ground breaking and stellar example of what a country could be. Never in my wildest dreams, did I ever think I would see it struck down.

It was a great piece of Legacy Legislation, like the Canada Pension Plan, Medicare, and the Canadian Flag,
but at a very small fraction of the cost of the Pearson gifts. It acted as a safeguard to the people of Canada by ensuring that government stayed in the hands of the people, not the blue bloated whores of Mammon.
Can you name one piece of Conservative Legacy Legislation? Your right... The Canada-US Free Trade Agreement and of course the Meech Lake Accord... Oh! Right! Scratch that last one...The Conservative Legacy is a lot like that of the American C.I.A. A legacy of ashes...

Where it's all going...and damn fast!
 There is a lot about the elimination (Can't you just hear Preston Manning... e-l-i-m-i-n-a-t-e...) of the per-vote subsidy that has not been mentioned. Are we going back to the good old days? Is it all going to revert to the American system? Where the government of the people is regularly auctioned off to the highest bidder? Are the un restrictions  going to apply to big labour? Or just to the bloated whores of Mammon? I have not heard anything, have you?

When that budget goes down on June 6, there will be questions raised in the House and in the media scrums just outside the House. And no doubt on the National media outlets. I just want to hear one question asked until it is answered.

How does the elimination of the per-vote subsidy make Canada better?

A little look at what is next for Canada...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Letter To Bob - The Builder - Rae

A country, after all, is not something you build as the pharaohs built the pyramids, and then leave standing there to defy eternity. A country is something that is built every day out of certain basic shared values.
Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Memoirs, p. 366

Dear Bob:

It was with the greatest relief that I heard of the most excellent news that it will be you that will be the Liberal Party interim leader. In my humble opinion there was just no one else to call on at this critical time. The Oracle of Ottawa has been a fan forever. One of my fondest memories is you flaming the pompous William F. Buckley Jr. on his own TV show. That was a long time ago. You haven't changed a bit! Well, okay, your even better looking today. You seem to have very close connections to the Liberal Party hierarchy, and I hope you pull all the strings and anything else you can get a grip on, and flush the last remanens of the Paul Martin Seignorial elements out and down the drain of history. Give the Liberal Party back to its members!!

Bob Rae - Always Fab...
 And Bob, I truly hope that you aren't going  to try to pull a Machiavelli! Canada and the world, hopes to high hope, that you pull a Cardinal Richelieu ! Geez Bob you have already tasted power, and if I remember, in your biography, it damn near killed you. We don't need you as Prime Minister, Canada and the world needs you as Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs! Forever! Well okay, three terms minimum...(Then straight to the Senate with ya!) Leave the back slapping, baby kissing, and panty puckering to the youngsters! You and only you can be the power behind the throne. Take the Nobel Peace Prize Bob, not the pain in the ass keys to 24 Sussex Drive! Trust me on this one...

The years of rebuilding ahead do not have to be without mirth and joy. May I suggest a Truth Squad as per the days of Judy LaMarsh? It will be great press and it will keep the hands busy and the party faithful rolling in front of their TV sets in shock and laughter. Remember Bob, an eleven seat majority is not a majority, it is just the result of one very weird lucky day...

Well old friend it is getting late. And with John "Rusty" Baird as Foreign Affairs Minister the Oracle of Ottawa has been losing a lot of sleep as of late. Although I do predict that he will hit it off perfectly well with his oppo in Germany...(Nod, nod, Wink,wink...) By maintaining strong House discipline and a good working and cordial relationship with Vladamir Jack Layton I strongly feel that you can keep the damage level down to a minimum. Until the Leadership Convention I remain...

                                                                                               The Oracle of Ottawa
Every project needs a theme song....

Monday, May 23, 2011

Metternich? - Hell... Not Even A Kissinger!

A feeble executive implies a feeble execution of the government. 
The Federalist, Alexander Hamilton , No. 70

After being a Canadian for over half a century, it is not until now that I am truly worried about the future of Canada. Even during the darkest days of the October Crisis, when I could look out of the window of my grade seven class room in Arnprior and see a fully armed soldier in full battle dress standing guard at the front of Senator Greenes house, I knew this would only be a minor bump in the road of my countries history. Every one had every confidence in the government of the day.

It wasn't until now, that I realized, that you will not always have a ruling government in Canada that will not consist of the " best and the brightest" ! The ruling government of the Harper majority is proof of that... There is no one with multiple doctorates, damn lucky if some of the "ministers" finished high school! The one posting that has me very nervous, is John Baird as Minister of Foreign Affairs! This is not the Trudeau years!

To understand the point I am trying nicely to make, ponder the competition that Minister Baird will have to deal with! Check out the bio's of the other foreign ministers of say, China, France, Russia, England, United States...These countries know the world is a dangerous place, and must be handled with the greatest prudence, and therefore have sent up there best and brightest...John Baird is going to look like a teaspoon following a pack of steam shovels! Talk about in over your head! What is it that makes second rate men act like this?

I am glad I am retired. I am grateful that I am not at Foreign Affairs... And I fondly hope that the spinning in the graves of all those Great Canadians of the august past does not keep you up too late into the night! God Help Us All!!

Minister Baird demonstrates early and often, that he is totally on top of the situation. Can you imagine the long term effects on Canada's reputation in the world ? Come on world! Bend him in half like a paper clip, and do him till he pops like a potato chip! The dimmest bulb in the Walmart Cabinet...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Holy Fuck! A Bright Bulb In The Walmart Cabinet

Canada must organize itself so that we stop assassinating our Mozarts - that all Canadians should have the opportunity to fulfil themselves to the best of their ability.
Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Memoirs, p. 84

 The fine people of  Port Moody - Westwood - Port Coquitlam  should be very content with their federal member. Perhaps the local Conservative Party Candidate Selection Committee should read some books on Political Science 101. They did a fine job of sending a fine young Liberal to represent them in Ottawa!!Mr. James Moore is the brightest bulb in Steve Harpers new Walmart cabinet... Spend less... Live Better!!

James Moore- A future Great Canadian?

This young promising gentleman came upon the Oracle of Ottawas radar screen last Friday, when he accepted the call of Sun News TV for an interview with the small but vital Krista Erickson. The young Minister of the Crown immediately proved his worth when he outed Ms. Erickson as a recent and former employee of the great C.B.C.! The Oracle of Ottawas ears immediately perked up! How much of a screw-up do you have to be, to be young, attractive, talking and breathing and yet still somehow be no longer an employee of the C.B.C.?? Or rather sadly, one has to ask, how crazy?

Holy Fuck - wows them in Toronto...

Prior to the interview, Ms Erickson continued her vile low attack on Margie Gillis - A Great Canadian - with all the bona fides.... much to the Oracle of Ottawas chagrin...She also added a new element to the mix, by attacking a fine group out of Toronto, called Holly Fuck. They are in reality quite awesome! And I am over fifty years of age! You could quite easily compare them to Kraftwerk from Germany..and those guys were and still are huge! Well apparently, Ms Erickson, started going on and on about the cover of one of Holy Fuck's album covers as being the same shade of brown as human excrement!? And that somewhere along the line some of my Tax Dollars were used to get this groups music to market! (Thank God from this tax-payer!!)

Kraftwerk, circa 1976...
Well after the rant, it seemed that Ms. Erickson fully expected the young Conservative Minister of the Crown to fully support her argument. Well! Much to my utter amazement and joy, Mr. Moore proceeded to "Art Slap" Ms. Erickson up, down, and sideways! I was truly hoping to see the interview posted on You-Tube but alas dear reader I don't think it will ever see the light... He was all over her like shit in long grass! At the end of the thrashing, Ms. Erickson was physically reeling! Face flushed and having trouble to maintain her upright standing position! It made my day and week so far. (I swear to God I thought I saw the ghost of Judy LaMarsh, but alas, it was probably an acid flashback from the 1970's...sigh...) The strongest point that "resonated" with the Oracle of Ottawa was the stated fact that a tax dollar spent on the Arts in Canada will always bring back more dollars in tax revenue! Sadly, most Conservatives lack the mental faculty to comprehend this known fact! Of course there will be some acts you won't be able to get your head around, i.e. Ukranine Round Dancing, but no one is forcing you to watch it or buy it! Discover something you like and enjoy!

As much as I enjoyed James Moore thrashing of Ms. Erickson, I soon realized that this young man had committed several high crimes in the eyes of all Conservatives. (1) He demonstrated that he had his own world view. (2) That he was truly soft on the Arts. (3) He truly came across as personable! (4)He is way better looking then Steve Harper. (5) He is much better spoken then Steve Harper!

Holy shit! This guy is doomed! I can only hope that the NDP and / or the Liberals are tracking those Conservative members most likely to be consumed and spit out by their own party. We all know how the Conservative Party of Canada consumes and rejects its best and brightest! Soon Mr. Moore will be summoned into the Prime Ministers Office and asked to prove his blue purity by attending the New York Auction of the Canada Council Musical Instrument Bank and all those Old Master paintings at the Canadian National Gallery that no one sees anyway...by being part of the auction staff that holds up each item as it is hammered down to the highest Chinese and / or Arab bidder, to pay off our miniscule "deficit"....

HOLY FUCK! Plays Red Lights! At over 1.3 million views, Holy Fuck seems to be more "Economically Viable" then Sun News TV !!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Krista Erickson - Sun News TV Finishing School

The power of Good and Evil in whatever pertains to human relations cannot be too clearly recognized; neither can the truth that such control as may be exercised concerning them dwells, not in things, but in human beings.
W.L. Mackenzie King, Industry And Humanity, p. 9

Well dear readers, the Oracle of Ottawa is determined to get to the bottom of the recent attack upon the Canadian Arts by the right wing fringe media at Sun News TV. I have even done some research (!) and I believe I have got to the bottom (?) of the situation. The non entity, in the person of, one Krista Erickson and one Theo Caldwell were sent by Sun News to cover the 2011 Governer Generals Arts Awards at the National Gallery  in Ottawa, sometime last weekend.

Margie Gillis- A Great Canadian...
At this award gala, one Margie Gillis, received the 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award for her life's work and contribution to Canadian creative dance. Ms. Gillis is a member of the Order of Canada and the National Order of Quebec!  While Krista Erickson is a soul less heathen skank! It seems that Ms. Erickson suffered massive cultural shock at the said event. She was also stunned that there are very many women in Ottawa and its immediate environs that are much hotter then Ms. Erickson will ever be! It was all too much! And especially galling to Ms. Erickson is that even a woman of Margie Gillis's advancing years radiated still so much more womanly heat than the present young prime of Ms. Erickson.... Well...shit happens. (Or not!)

Chalice - Margie Gillis

It seems every thing got all out of hand when Ms. Erickson witnessed the great artist perform. It totally blew the head off of Ms. Erickson. Just couldn't handle the massive amount of information and its portends... the Oracle of Ottawa has included a clip of the offending work d'art....It seems that Ms. Erickson has found that Ms. Gillis has received Canadian Council Grant money at some point in her career.  It has proved beyond the limited sensibilities of the said "media personality" why the people of Canada would approve of such a thing!

The Canada Council owns many Strad violins...

The base and heathen attacks upon the funding of Canadian Arts has continued on air again today. Note the picture that I have included of a very rare and valuable Strad violin. I wonder if Ms. Erickson knows that one of the greatest collections of said instruments in the world today are owned by the Canadian People? Yes indeed Dear reader, the Canada Council Instrument Bank has one of the finest and most valuable collections of rare musical instruments that exists today! And it was all paid for by you and I! And guess what? These instruments are loaned out to un economically viable students! Oh my God! And for FREE!!! I fear that when Ms. Erickson learns of this she will physically explode in right wing belligerent rage! (Some one please post the clip of this event to You-Tube. PLEASE!)

Art is a Right among civilized people...
What can we do to make Ms. Erickson understand the crucial function of government sponsorship of the Arts? The Oracle of Ottawa has devised a solution... James Ehnes is the greatest violinist alive today. Ask anybody that knows about such things. Mr. Ehnes is a Canadian. Mr. Ehnes comes from Brandon, Manitoba!
It is not only Ontario and Quebec that have great artists! Perhaps Ms. Erickson could invite Mr. Ehnes to appear on Sun News TV to explain government funding of the arts! Perhaps if Ms. Erickson is polite, Mr. Ehnes could bring his Marsick Stradivarius and his Order of Canada and play for Ms. Erickson! I would enjoy that indeed! Why Mr. Ehnes could regal the philistine Krista the tale of how he won the use of a fine Stradivarius, free, for a whole year, when he was not yet an economically viable performer! That violin was the property of the people of Canada! 

The funding of the arts in Canada has never resulted in any measurable benefit....

( Note: It was not the intention of the Oracle of Ottawa to create a very attractive multi-media work of art with no apparent effort. No Canada Council Funding was used to create this work of art. But if the Oracle of Ottawa was deemed worthy to recieve it, he would humbly accept...)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sun News TV - Krista Erickson Has No Soul

Instinct and study; love and hate;
Audacity — reverence. These must mate,
And fuse with Jacob's mystic heart,
To wrestle with the angel — Art. 

Herman Melville, Timoleon,

The Oracle of Ottawa would give anything to find out what really went down at the Governer Generals Awards last weekend! It seems that the august Sun News TV personalities sent to cover the said sacred event, were rudely and most handily "snubbed". The small but vital Krista Erickson has been acting like a drenched cat in heat after losing her prime dragging location on the "hood" fence! It started on Monday at the after noon slot.
Tom Thomson-Forest Undergrowth-I
I have seen it all happen so many times before. A said reporter comes to Ottawa from out West, where they were big high profile cheese! But soon to discover that they are now just a small "hick" fish in a very posh pond of beautiful and highly intelligent people. And to add insult to injury, they are quickly reminded that they really have no understanding of what Canada is. The horror of the experience deepens when the said "newbie" finds a culture and heritage that only months before they couldn't even possibly conceive, let alone ever hope to grasp! And being of high ego, the crash is damn near impossible to recover from.

A.Y. Jackson, House of Ypres - Krista says you shouldn't see this....

Note to all Western Hicks! A Governer Generals social function is not a high end version of a tail gate party outside of a Calgary football stadium! Please avail your limited psyches to this fact of Upper Canada life. Two thirds of all Westerners alive today cannot track their family tree before or even near the date of Canadian Confederation (i.e. 1867)...But there most certainly are people in Ottawa serving drinks and food at the National Art Gallery that have provable lineages that go all the way back to New France in the 1600's! Theses people are known as "Pure Wool". These people are descendant from the first white people to live in Continental North America. They have in inner peace and confident arrogance of those who made and will always run this country. They are part of the great wonder that is Canada, they are of the water, soil, rocks and trees. Krista, you ignorant hick, learn your place. 

Emily Carr - Odds and Ends..

Being used to such undemanding audiences out west, Ottawa must indeed be a tough dollar. But if you keep that right wing rant up about the arts I can guaranty your near future doom. The Canadian people actually love their government sponsored art. The Canadian people expect the Canadian Government to buy the art for all to enjoy. If you research all the past government purchases you will soon discover that Canada bought works under the artsy Liberal administrations that have all gone through the roof in price! The works that the great Judy LaMarsh bought are no longer available on the market for love, power or any amount of money! Don't take my word for it, check it out yourself! But then, she was a truly great Canadian, with a long heritage to France. You didn't know that?

This is for Krista and Theo... Do you think you will ever reach this level???

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tony Clement Harrases The Wrong Industry

NORFOLK:     Be advised,
Heat not a furnace for your foe so hot
That it do singe yourself.
William Shakespeare, The Life of King Henry the Eighth, Act1.1, line 139-141, The Complete Pelican Shakespeare, p. 1174

Tony Clement the Minister of Industry has threatened to call in certain and unknown oil industry executives for a public(?) Parliamentary Committee  hearing concerning the present market derived price of gasoline. I just don't get it at all. The people of Canada have just given the Tory government a majority in the last Federal Election. They have voted for small government, no interference in the market place, and that free and open markets will always come to the right solution.

You can buy all the gas you want...
 The Conservatives cheered when the Canadian Government sold their shares in Petro Canada for a huge profit, stating that government has no business in business.When they achieved office, barely, it was slash and burn...The best government in the true Shit For Brains western manner is no government at all. Screw you and screw the future... But the thing is you can buy gasoline, if you pay the price, you can have all you want! We are all out of 90 cent a litre gas at present, but you can have all the $1.40 a litre gas you can pay for!

Chemo Drugs not available at any price..

If only all the items in our economy were like gasoline... you can buy all the gas you want! But, just hope you or the wife or the kids don't come a "downer" with cancer! It seems that a whole wack of the range of the Chemotherapy drugs that are very widely used and most of them generic are unavailable at any price! What is up with that Mr. Two Tier? Why don't you haul in some of the pigs from Big Pharma? Why won't you allow Health Canada to source these everyday drugs from the European Union? Now that would be television!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Increasing Baseness Of the Canadian Electorate

Every nation gets the government it deserves.
Joseph de Maistre, Letter 76, on the topic of Russia's new constitutional laws (27 August 1811); published in ''Lettres et Opuscules

How far gone is a society that will elect a single unwed mother that allows herself to stand in a Canadian Federal Election while presently employed as a serving wench at a University pub in Ottawa, that lives in the Province of Quebec? (And can't even speak French....) And even worse, does not even show her face in the riding she signed up to run in? And even worse, goes to skanky Las Vegas for a holiday during the campaign? And even worse, actually freak'in wins the seat!! Well check out Ruth Ellen "Vegas" Brosseau....

First we take Ottawa...

Do we even deserve to be a sovereign nation?  Do you realize the the Americans could take over this "country" in less than 90 minutes? It would only require three operations carried out at the same time... An Airborne drop on the City of Ottawa, 101st Airborne Division natch...with a Seal Team 6  pop out from the United States Embassy to secure the head(s) on Sussex Drive and various locations in Rockliffe Park... (i.e. the central bank governor....) A heavy armor attack across the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, with another Airborne drop at the Tar Sands Up-graders somewhere around Edmonton Alberta. All over, all gone, forever. We will be like Peurto-Rico. Who would stop them? Who would blame them? We have demonstrated we are not up for it....

101st Airborne -Major's Hill Park, after the invasion...

What sort of political party would allow such a fiasco to happen? What sort of people are so brainless and dick-less to fall for a scam such as this? I have it down to the screwed-up social safety net. With universal health-care every one can get all the pills they want. Especially the welfare skidmarks and the rag ass whining seniors that can no longer afford to eat properly, so they eat pills and stay high 24/7! Oxyconton, prozac, and Kraft Dinner! This in no way will affect your judgement!!

Jack Layton should do the right thing and damn quick! Within twenty four hours he should appear on the CBC with a statement that he has accepted the resignation of Ms. Vegas effective yesterday! There will be a by-election in the riding of Berthier-Maskinonge as soon as possible as per the regulations of Elections Canada. And an apology to the Canadian people would be a touch of class and gravely in order. (MORON!!)

This is the commercial that got the NDP 103 seats... How low do you have to go?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Majority? What Majority!?

 If on the other hand I tell you that to let no day pass without discussing goodness and all the other subjects about which you hear me talking and examining both myself and others is really the very best thing that a man can do, and that life without this sort of examination is not worth living.
Plato, Apology, Section 38

The Canadian House of Commons contains 308 seats, to rule by majority requires 155 seats. On Monday May 02, 2011 the Conservatives won a "majority " by winning 167 seats. That is only a 12 seat "majority". Steve Harper is no   John G. Deifenbaker ! And hardly a Laurier, or a Pierre Elliot Trudeau, or a Jean Chreitin! The next  Canadian Federal Election is October 19, 2015. How many seats over 155 do you think the great majority will be then?

Plato; Back to the basics...

The most green and novice student of contemporary Canadian politics knows how hard the great Conservative party can be on selected members of its own family. Why some of the finest Liberals have walked across the floor of the house to escape the blue fog. Homework question; since Steve Harper has been the Fuhrer how many people have bailed from the Conservative party to sit as Liberals or Independents? How many? Ya that is a lot. My favorite was Chuck Cadman!
Conservatus-Neanderthalus (Back Bench)

Over the years this amateur politco has noticed a very troubling, or if your a Liberal, a very positive pattern and constant trend. It is always the Conservative beautiful people that get hounded out of the Tory Bund! It seems that all the members with fine features and with no problem attracting money and other attention are soon out of favor, soon to be exiled from the Bund to find great second and long lived careers as Liberals! Very strange that... I have no doubt the Liberals are at this very moment casting up the next parliaments list of most likely  for welcome. And of course the Conservatives will not disappoint, will they?

Skeleton-Liberal (left), Skeleton-Conservative (right)

This leaves us to come to some very interesting conclusions...What are the qualities of the true long lived Conservative? Well, firstly they are as a rule lard arsed fat. Which complements their unusually heavy bone structure...The facial features are coarse, with hardened large lips, a product of the years of mouth breathing. Their favorite haberdasher is Wal-Mart. Post high school education consists of all the second and third tier foreign and western Canadian schools. The backs of their hands are are very thick skinned, this is due to the years of dragging their knuckles on the ground. Note; only the cabinet members finish high school as a rule. Anything more than that is considered with great suspicion....

It seems to me....

Letter to David McGuinty (II) Re: Leadership Run

Anger be now your song, immortal one,
Akhilleus' anger, doomed and ruinous,
that caused the Akhaians loss on bitter loss
and crowded brave souls into the undergloom,
leaving so many dead men--carrion
for dogs and birds; and the will of Zeus was done.
Homer, The Iliad, Book I, Quarrel, Oath, and Promise, Lines 1-6, Robert Fitzgerald Translation

Dear David:

Having survived this last fiasco, with all your usual aplomb and grace, Dawg, you can be my Prime Minister! How about this for a campaign Tag line? David McGuinty; Mackenzie King without the weirdness! We gotta do something! I can't let Canada and Ottawa South turn into freakin' Texas! It's all settled here. The wife is on board. We are going to order up are Liberal Party cards forthwith! If the leadership convention is in Ottawa we will be there! And why do I figure you will take it all in the first ballot? I got a few bushes to beat and I think I can get a few more people on board, no problem. With you at the helm Dave I see a four termer with no theatrics. I hate this change crap. I want a dynasty!!I want the Conservatives so far in the wilderness that they start herding sheep in Alberta! I want Steve Harpers nickname in the history books to be "Dief."

Prime Minister Mackenzie King

I just want the Canada that I remember so fondly as a child. The toleration, the boundless and unlimited future, a member of a nation of a people above... (you can use that in your acceptance speech...) I just want the Canada I have always known. And when you are at that next caucus meeting, get on about that stupid Party interference! The party structure should ensure the process of allowing the members and the voters to select their own candidates and riding members! If some riding picks a candidate with two heads and seven supernumerary nipples, that riding has a candidate with two heads and seven nipples! Dona and done! The last remanent's of the feudal system died out in the early 20th century. Not that long ago. Your job Dave is to eradicate the last remaining bits in the Liberal Party structure. No more drop in candidates.. No more it is his time... That will be decided by the party delegates.

Prime Minister David McGuinty?

The mighty Liberal Party has been in this situation before. I looked it up! It was the stomping of 1958. When you figure in that there were then only three parties and not five, and there was less than 300 seats up for grabs, not 308 as per today.. The situation of today is roughly proportional to the situation of 1958. And out of that wreckage we got some of the finest Prime Ministers in all of Canadian history. History has come full circle. It is our time, our greatness, our creation!

Some light briefing notes...All in, a hell of an act to follow... But your up for it Dave.....

                                                                                              Yours Truly:
                                                                                        The Oracle of Ottawa

Sunday, May 8, 2011

President Obama Caps bin Laden ...and the Bilderberg Group?

I shall ever repeat it, that mankind are governed not by extremes, but by the principles of moderation.
Baron De Montesquieu, The Spirit of the Laws, Volume I, Book XXII, Section 22,  p. 402 

RE: Memo From The Craps Table

Right from the beginning of this literary experiment the Oracle of Ottawa had made a point of not commenting on American matters. But while I was tapping my little fingers down to the second set of knuckles during the recent Canadian Federal election I was much chagrined and very flattered that more Americans read my humble blog than my fellow Canadians! Perhaps these people like real writing! Who am I to deny them? The good Lord sends mysterious messengers on his errands. Having learned everything that I know, so far, from the greatest Doctor of Journalism of my life time, the ghostly hand of the doctor has squeezed my shoulder and informed me to go for the Big Time...

Hillary Clinton stares into the pit...with both eyes open.

Barack Obama is a very intelligent man. I figure he has an I.Q. of anywhere from 150-165 minimum. You would think that all of America would get behind him. From the outside looking in, he is one of the greatest Presidents of all time. I couldn't believe that the Republicans didn't know that Hawaii was an American State! The birth certificate garbage would have been discovered before the first primary, no doubt by a Republican, and if true, we would have never heard of Mr. Obama, let alone see him become President. As I watched it all unfold up in Canada I couldn't comprehend the pathological insanity of it all.
This right wing insanity was threatening the President's whole Administration.  

I will readily admit that I was totally blown away last Sunday night when I first heard the news. And then after a few minutes I shuddered at how bad this all could have gone. And then after a few days it dawned on me what the real game plan was. Osama bin Laden was the false flag! Mere gravy at best. The real treasure for the Obama Administration was the multiple laptops, hard drives, and memory sticks.. BOO YA! The Mother Lode....The far right secret societies damn near brought this Administration down. The inter-connectedness of the worlds elites.. it was all starting to build, and if left unchecked would have been, sooner than later, completely successful. The trails and data on those drives and devices is totally devastating! I can tell you with great confidence that many CIA chiefs of station all over the developed free world are rocking and rolling... May I even be so bold to predict a warming wave of reconciliation with the hard right and a warming glow of future cooperation?  May I also be the first to predict heavy duty evidence of treason and treachery, the likes you haven't seen since Benedict Arnold? Yes, I think plainly, that we can draw the conclusion that there will be many additions to your wife's retinal face cream....

There will be silence among the California redwoods this summer, and for years to come. Tap Day on all American campus's will be met with unanswered doors and the fleeing of plebes. The Bilderberg Groups next annual meeting will be very short in attendance. As will those of the future, again,  for many years to come... President Obama will sail in and through his second term. Hillary Clinton will also have a very smooth ride to her two terms also. Peace will rule over all the lands.....

And the second term is a lock...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Where O' Where Has My Pat Bolland Gone?

The woman said to the serpent, "We may eat fruit from from the trees in the garden, but God did say, 'You must not eat fruit from the tree that is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it, or you will die.' "
Genesis, 3:2, New International Version, Study Bible, p. 10

Usually, in Canadian media, when the lead anchor of a show is not present, a reason is given right away. Such as; "Pat Bolland is on assignment..." or "Pat Bolland is under the weather, and we expect him back shortly..."
But as you may have noticed, Pat Bolland of Sun News TV has been missing in action for two days now (in a row) with no explanation whatsoever! Could it be that not only Bell Media has given Sun News TV the dump? Could it be that the highly respected (until lately) Mr. Bolland has had that recurring nightmare of Moses selling his soul on E-Bay? And has wisely bailed from the great Sun News TV? With his soul still intact. Apparently the ratings are a disaster. In last place behind CNN! And have you watched CNN lately? A silent test pattern could get higher ratings than CNN today, well, except Sun News TV...

Sitting in for Pat Bolland this morning was none other than Michael Coren! My he is moving up the right wing food chain at an amazing rate! Alex Pierson was not amused. I did not, until this morning, think it was possible to see some ones skin crawl on television. But I saw it this morning. She was sitting with her legs crossed, and at the maximum distance away from Mr Coren as possible. "On with the show, this is it!" said the Rabbit....

Sun News TV Training Camp....

Wait for it... I was amazed at the overnight transformation of the appearance of Jacqui Delaney! This is usually a sign of the war within reaching its last stages... Deep inside, the make over is a defense of an internal struggle, if I look different, no one will associate this dreadful mistake of a train wreck with the old once valuable me....Poor thing, I hope she can hang on long enough for Unemployment Insurance.

Meanwhile the The Sun Brain Trust is in a panic. We need an "event"! There was even talk of hooking Krista up with Ezra, and even footing the complete bill for an arranged marriage! But, alas, the blood test was a double fail....the human resources manual (Lord of the Flies) was again consulted... Study continues....

A tribute to the next Conservative Disaster.....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Welcome to Canadaxas

Every now and then you run up on one of those days when everything's in vain... a stone bummer from start to finish; and if you know whats good for you, on days like these you sort of hunker down in a safe corner and watch.
Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Chapter 13, End of the road..., p. 199

Do you remember the Canada you have always known and loved? Good, because that all died yesterday. The Canada that you and I have always known is gone forever. And we will never get it back. If you want more information on what the hulk of Canada is going to turn into, read Susan Musgrave's "The Charcoal Burners", especially all you young women, this is now the Great Canadian Novel. This is the future you have to look forward to. You will deeply regret not voting, when you are dying in a flop house motel, because you can't afford to go to a "for profit" American owned hospital. Then in your last dying breaths you will remember the country you let slide away... as you worked on your Facebook page and text messaged all your good friends instead of getting off your ass to vote...

Here are few good things that are going to happen very shortly:

An Elected Senate; This of course will be easy since Vladamir Jack Layton totally agrees with the Tory's on this one. But of course this will entail the 24 month U.S. political cycle. You know, attack adds all the time...

Repeal of the Long Gun Registry; This I am sure will be done as soon as possible. The "opposition" will huff and puff and in the end the whole thing will get screwed up and the process will be left with a ton of loop holes that neither side intended. Get ready for the gun cabinet and  racks of guns for sale at Giant Tiger thru to Canadian Tire.. and that includes in large Canadian cities.....If you are a Peace Officer over fifty years old with the mortgage paid off- RETIRE NOW!!

Repeal of Canadian Health Care Act; The large American health insurers and hospital providers are at this very moment on route to Canada to register as lobbyists. The selling point will be lower taxes and rugged frontier independence.....You know the drill....

Practice reaching out to this first Mr. Layton.....

Schedule I Bank Mergers; The big five Canadian banks will be allowed to merge. Wee Jimmy will stand by this as "letting the market work". The fact that it will not work very well for you and me is totally unimportant....

Further Repeal of Canadian Labour Law; The process, that has been going on for the last couple of years, will continue, until being in a Trade union presents no difference from working for a Cadillac employer such as Wal-Mart and McDonalds..... Can't you just feel the NEW OPPORTUNITY?

Two Party Republican Style Political System; The Liberal Party of Canada is dead. It is the Arthur Andersen of political parties. It is bloated, floating, August, brain dead, and morally bankrupt...(Thank-You Paul Martin...) That is the cold hard truth...Join up with NDP. Cut a deal... Call the combined party The Canadian Democratic Party... The CDP.....or just the Democrats... we will be the fifty first state soon any way....

Repeal of all Multi-Cultural Legislation; This will and has died with the Liberal Party. The attitude will be "Fuck Off Frog!" It will be strongly suggested that you learn Mandarin, Hindii, and / or whatever language people from the Phillipines speak.....

The First ADMAX Prisons; The "Cheryl Gallant Super Max" will be built outside Pembroke, Ontario. It will be built over the old AECL sites. This will be a security feature that will ensure all the prisoners "glow in the dark"....This one will be a pilot model, with room for only 2,500 prisoners....

Cheryl Gallant Super Max, Pembroke Ontario...

Immigration Flood: Again to adjust to the "new Canada" learn Mandarin, Hindii or any other tribal patriarchial language...... Thank You Very Much......

Raising Retirement Age To 72; and change the pension and estate law that ensures all your uncollected pension benefits goes to Canada Revenue Agency at the time of your miserable death.....

Repeal The Unemployment Insurance Act; Scrap this to save money and put the unemployed worker on the welfare rolls. Down load to the Municipality's. Fuckin' brilliant or what? Will be very popular in Drum-scummer Alberta.....

Repeal The National Broadcast Act; The CBC reporting the truth will no longer be allowed to interfere with the spinning of the Big Lies... This will come in the early days. If you want news watch PBS or TV Ontario....

Third Strike Law; This will be introduced to help fill the new Super Max prisons that will be built all over Canada in deserving Conservative ridings... The Tory's have lots of useless brother in laws also!!!

Repeal of The Election Funding Act(s); The Canadian people are not smart enough to make a rational democratic decision, the 2011 election was more than enough proof of this, no? Will be done to save money... Will probably cause the first riots in the streets and various ethnic pogroms.. Only large Corporations will be allowed to contribute, no Trade Union contributions will be allowed...but by this time there will be no Trade Unions left any way....

We once lived in Eden and we totally blew it.....and we will never get it back.... NEVER!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

On The Eve Of A New Tomorrow

When one is deprived of ones liberty, one is right in blaming not so much the man who puts the shackles on as the one who had the power to prevent him, but did not use it. 
Thucydides, History of the Peloponnesian War, Book I, 69

There is nothing the Oracle of Ottawa loves to do more on any given Sunday than take a nice long drive up the valley to his home stomp'in grounds of his mis-spent youth in Arnprior and while on the way, listen to Rex Murphy's Cross Country Checkup on the CBC Radio One. The calls that Rex fielded today were some of the best I have heard on any call in talk radio show in recent memory. There is some thing real going on here. This has been the weirdest Federal Election campaign that I can remember. It has been chock full of incredibly eerie "omens" right from the start. And as the campaign progressed they started getting more ominous. Last Thursday's wind storm put the Fear into me of the winds of change that are blowing through Canadian political landscape. You can just feel the momentousness of it all hanging in the very air.

Something in the Canadian psyche just clicked (or snapped) and you could feel that a very large decision on this countries future had been subconsciously and irrevocably made en-masse. You could compare it to a paradigm shift in a major science... This is truly reflected in two momentis and unforeseen events. The first is the engagement of the youth and first time voters. The second was the realization that Jack Layton would make a pretty great improvement as Prime Minister! I did not see this rise in the NDP in the least. But if I wake up Tuesday morning and either Jack Layton or Micheal Iggnatief is Prime Minister of Canada, I will be a very happy camper indeed.

All of these blog posts are written "off the cuff". I first start with a title, than the quote, and finally the moving media at the end. Then I write the text. Just enough to seperate the ads! I learned this from my very first employer in Pembroke Ontario, when I had my paper route with the Pembroke Observer. Just when Lord Thompson of Fleet had just taken over....Yes, that was a long time ago....

Well tonight just as I pounded in the name of the post, there was a breaking news flash on CBC News World... Pretty weird I thought, late Sunday night, and the President of the United States? I thought for a second that Barrack had found another birth certificate or something! And the ratings of clipping the Trumpsters Nuts was so high, I can understand how these things can escalate... But when I heard that bin Laden had cashed his cheque ! Great God Thundering Jesus Bolts!! This President knows who to send out on errands!

All I want to do now is to get to my polling station first thing tomorrow morning and do the dirty for my man David McGuinty, beat it home to the fortified bunker, pull the blinds, and try to quell the tremors! And wonder, what the hell do you do with bin Laden's body? The first suggestion was to wrap it in pig skin deposit it a large glass tube of vinegar and display it at the Smithsonian... But I am sure the present administration will over rule the Republicans on this one... I strongly suspect that his remains will be cremated and his ashes spread out in several well documented, but undisclosed locations. The same procedure that the State of Israel employed with the remains of Adolph Eichmann... And then I hope around Wednesday things start to settle down....

A fitting tune for the events of the last few days..... works don't it??