Sunday, September 29, 2013

Justin Trudeau - The Honeymoon IS Over...

There are questions which we feel sure must be answered in a certain way.
John Rawls, A Theory Of Justice, p. 19

...But what the vulgar old style corporate media has failed to mention, beside the fact that the honeymoon of Justin Trudeau is over, is that simply the orgasmic orgy of a well financed march to power has just begun. For those who are in the know of Liberal party goings on, it is common knowledge that the first financing target was easily met and quickly exceeded. A much more aggressive target has been set, and at the time of this writing this target looks all but "in and done", as they say out in Western Canada cattle sale barns at the end of a sale. Or as the workers quipped in the first Obama  campaign; "Yes We Can".  

Justin Trudeau - The Next One...

The whole thing is starting to take on that electricity that only comes by once in a generation, or if your as old as the Oracle of Ottawa is, twice. The Oracle feels that he is very blessed indeed, and it has made living in the present "interesting times" more than worth the trouble. The young Justin Trudeau has put the snap of a young man back into the Oracle of Ottawa. With the many events and the uncontrolled examples of parapraxis that we have all witnessed from the Conservative party, from top to bottom of the 'Harper Government' it really and truly is only a matter of time before we get on to Part Two of the Just Society.

The Oracle of Ottawa still finds it all so weirdly fascinating, that intangible thing of the right candidate at the right time. As Lord Conrad Black of Crossharbour once said; " The Man does not seek the office, but rather the office seeks the Man". And it seems that the harder the brats in short pants at the Prime Ministers Office bail, the faster the waters of utter disaster continue to flow in.  It is all rather like the myth of Sisyphus in reverse.

The Oracle of Ottawa has included a little clip that he has scrounged from the world wide billboard of You Tube. Feel the electricity, feel the charge of Justin Trudeau just entering a room. It is truly bordering on the unexplainable realm of awesome. And keep in mind as you watch, that this "room" is the present heartland of the 'Harper Government'! There is no one in the 'Harper Government', past, present, or future, and not even Steve Harper himself, that has that incredible electric effect of the Next One. Like Hunter S. Thompson often said; "Buy the ticket, and take the ride." And keep those donations coming. Canada must be a Just Society...

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Big Ass Booty - Whats The Big Deal?

In the division of this "booty" an exceptionally large part goes to countries which do not always stand at the top of the list in the rapidity of the development of their productive forces.
Lenin, Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism, The Lenin Anthology, p.250

It has come as great shock, and all in, a bit of a downer, that one of the leading search words and phrases to my highly literate blog is that of Big Ass Booty. This was all accidentally caused by the creation of the blog post entitled Big Booty in Muskoka, which was about certain political goings on here in Canada. And due to that one stock image, it has become one of the Oracle of Ottawas top ten pieces. The Oracle of Ottawa had no idea that there was and exists such a world wide shortage of Big Ass Booty. Especially it seems in the Islamic World at the time of this writing. What is up with that?

Venus of Willendorf

One of the second close search phrases to this blog is Big Ass Chinese Booty. But the Oracle of Ottawa reflecting on his long past experience knows that there is no such thing. China is a no booty empire, every straight man in the Western World knows that, don't they? But as a public service, the Oracle of Ottawa has done some easy and elementary research into the origins of big ass booty. The results of course are most interesting and educational.

China -The no booty empire...

The Mother of all big ass booty is the Venus of Willendorf. It was found in the village of Willendorf around 1908, which is in Austria and now resides in a natural history museum in Austria. It is of no surprise to the Oracle of Ottawa that all German speaking peoples love their big ass booty. This preoccupation with big ass booty has been going on for the longest time. It is estimated that the age of the Venus of Willendorf is between 22,000 to 24,000 years old! Yes indeed, the white Aryan peoples have had a very long obsession with their booty. And it seems that in the modern world of today that all the other peoples are desperately attempting to catch up with us. No doubt having discovered via the internet of the satanic empires just what the hell they have been missing.

Of course the origin of this attraction is of course the psychoanalytic concept of the Mother Goddess which represents motherhood, fertility, creation (i.e. yours..) and the endless bounty of the earth, especially those peoples that live in the north and western parts of it. Ironically this was all discovered and was deeply researched and written up by another German speaking dude by the name of Carl Jung. He identified big ass booty as one of the most important archetypes known to all reasonable fun loving men. Das gut...

In closing the Oracle of Ottawa must admit that after a long and most fun search there is no such thing as big ass Chinese booty. In Asia if you want big ass booty you must go to Japan (ironic isn't it?) or the Philippines.
And that footage is easy as hell to find. The Oracle of Ottawa has included a clip that he somewhat enjoyed in passing. And when you finally get it out of your system for a little while you might want to explore my other blog posts. But be careful, you might learn something....

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Al - Shabaab - New World Order Blowback?

There is no such thing as abstract truth. Truth is always concrete. 
Lenin, Two Tactics Of Social Democracy, Lenin Anthology, p. 135

Well Dear Reader, no matter where you were in this world recently, you have no doubt watched the insane footage out of Kenya. That Al-Shabaab group sure kicked ass didn't they? There is not a western company on earth at the time of this writing that could have afforded to buy the air time that Al-Shabaab got for nothing in that shopping center operation. There is really only one way to describe it all, damned efficient.

Al-Shabaab Jihad Flag

Just when the agents of the New World Order finally thought they finally have all the workers in the western world "disciplined", along comes the news that in Islamic World terror operations such as we have just witnessed in Kenya, there abounds reports that the savage crew consisted of people from the United States of America, Canada and the United Kingdom!  The Oracle of Ottawa was very interested in the White Widow woman operative that is rumored to be from England!

Many people in the Islamic world are probably very perplexed at why anyone in the confines of the Babylon of Satan, otherwise known as America and Europe would leave all that wealth and their Mickey Mouse hat with their very own name sewn on, to come to the stinking hot hell hole of the Islamic World. The Oracle of Ottawa will be very happy to explain it all to his Readership as a public service of course.

All these foreign operatives that are from the West are all young and strangely enough, very well educated. But in the West, now, after the New World Order conditioning as carried out by the Conservative Parties that exist only to do the New World Orders bidding, all youngsters just starting out are expected to work for nothing, in things called unpaid internships. Or if they really want to work for money, all they have to look forward to is minimum wage at some American box store, with no hope or union card for a well paid fat and happy future.

Many of them soon reach their limit and decide that it would be much better to make something out of their lives, and if it means becoming a Martyr against the back room minions of the New World Order, so be it. The Oracle of Ottawa figures that if the worker discipline continues unabated, Al-Shabaab can soon count on even the Christians to start showing up at the training camps...  

But surely it is all a one way trip, isn't it? The Oracle of Ottawa can only console you Dear Reader that it is quiet certainly probable that all the operatives in that shopping center operation got out with the last of the trapped shoppers! They just changed clothes and faded away with the "victims". Those that were the last men standing simply paid the nearest soldier and / or cop the requisite bribe. It was Kenya after all! And did you see that Interior Minister? You could buy that guys Mom for five bucks...

Like the kids say: Pay me now, or pay me later...

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Unpaid Internships In Canada

My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness.
2 Corinthians, 12:9, The New Oxford Annotated Bible

The Oracle of Ottawa has done many things in his long life so far, but one thing he has never done and never will do, is work for nothing. Even in the times of the basest and most unrestricted capitalism as it existed in the England of Dickens, Marx and Engels, even Scrooge paid Bob Cratchit  the minimum sustainable wage. It appears to the Oracle of Ottawa that we have even sunk beneath that bench mark in present day Canada at the time of this writing.
Soon, Comrade, soon...

The issue of unpaid internships is one that the Oracle of Ottawa has been meaning to address for some time, but even thinking about it makes the Oracle so hot, that he is in fear of popping a blood vessel or slipping his clutch plates. But it welled to the surface again today as the Oracle was in transit up to the Ottawa Valley to see a great wise man. And as per usual the Oracle was listening to Cross Country Check Up on the CBC radio.

The lick spittle lackey of the Prime Ministers Office, Rex Murphy, was on the job again with today's assignment; What do you think of unpaid internships in Canada? You could tell right away, that today's mission was to sell working for nothing as a really good idea that will somehow benefit you and your way in the world! Oh, it was of course very subtle, every twist and turn of good and expert communications technique was employed. And the Oracle swears that the first several calls were placed shills. Someone should investigate this someday. The Oracle of Ottawa just cannot see any one that is in their right mind agreeing to this insane practice.

It seems to the Oracle of Ottawa that some investigation of students today would go a long way to stopping this insane practice. Much of the anguish could be prevented by good planning while still in high school. The Oracle of Ottawa wonders why any youngster would go into a profession or line of work that required any form of unpaid internship at the end of the program. There is information in the fact that after getting an honors commerce degree you will be expected to work for nothing contains the signal that perhaps working for a large financial institution is really not in your interest! Perhaps it would be better for the youngster to get into a journeyman trade.

All this insanity has started in the period of the 'Harper Government' time in power. Combined with the bullshit volunteer wave, the corporate whores will soon only have to pay themselves, and we all know how good they are at that, don't we? Why even to get out of high school now, a student has to rack up a certain amount of unpaid work to graduate! The Oracle of Ottawa only sees this as a ploy to precondition your little bastards to get used to working for nothing. And you gutless lackey play along - go along parents eat it up!  

As the Oracle continued upon his way up the Valley he was struck with an epiphany. If this is the future for our youth what is the point of living in a capitalist society at all? What is in it for our youth to put up with this? If the worker is never going to see the fruit of his labour, what is the point of continuing with this capitalist lie? What is the point of continuing to support this dying society? If all the wealth of a nation is going to be only enjoyed by the 1% perhaps it is time to try something new, what the 'Harper Government' calls a reckless social experiment. 

The Oracle of Ottawa hates to face the realization that perhaps it is time to again introduce the dictatorship of the proletariat. As time goes on we seem to have less and less to lose and certainly nothing to look forward to, do we? Perhaps we should bring down the whole stinking marketed mess and start over again, it is not like it has never been done before, right?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Andrew Feinstein - The Shadow World

The arms industry and its powerful political friends have forged a parallel political universe that largely insulates itself against the influence or judgement of others by invoking national security. This is the shadow world.
Andrew Feinstein, The Shadow World, p. xxvii

The Oracle of Ottawa has some good news and some bad news. First, the good news; the world that we now live in is not so bad, the bad news is that it is all so much worse than you could possibly imagine. Andrew Feinstein was once an elected MP in the new South Africa, until he ran into the full force of  the shadow world. The Oracle of Ottawa was very fortunate to capture a hard cover first American edition out of a remainder bin for a very good price at his local Chapters store in Ottawa.

The currency of the Shadow World...
The book is very attractively designed, and printed to the highest standards, as is to be expected by Farrar, Straus And Giroux out of New York. It is of a very comfortable octavo size, with the posh, bright clay paper, that gives it that comforting weight in hand . The typographic design is the highest contemporary example of what remains of American craftsmanship.

What immediately engaged the Oracle of Ottawa was not so much all the details of the arms deals, but rather all the dirt and detail on how it is all brought off. How everyone in the decision chain is tracked, filed, cataloged and ultimately corrupted. The Oracle of Ottawa found this very interesting indeed. The Shadow World is a lot like a bag of Frito Lay potato chips, bet you can't read just one page! And that fact that Andrew Feinstein can write like Tom Clancy, and yet relate an even better story that is all true, cited and referenced is to the Oracle of Ottawa one hell of a feat.

Once the Oracle of Ottawa got right into it, a cold realization came upon him. This is not just a book about the shadow world arms trade, it is really an unofficial New World Order playbook! The Oracle of Ottawa was shocked and very appalled  at all the names of the great and good that popped up over and over in the text. Not to give anything away the Oracle will relate a few things that were found most interesting.

page xxviii - how the bank of American Presidents in Washington D.C. was used to send the 9/11 bombers their monthly allowance from a princess in the Royal Saudi family. (9/11 truthers will love this book...)

page 53 - how the Roman Catholic Church through the auspices of the Vatican Bank, accepted cash money, hand delivered by a Saudi Prince to throw an election in Italy.

page 205 - the name of a once very important Canadian MP and figure skater who is up to his neck in the shadow world.

page 223 - why Olaf Palme was really murdered.

page 264 - a most interesting story about Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands otherwise known as the co-founder of the Bilderberg Group! Yes Dear Reader, the shadow world is a strange house of many twisted rooms.

page 283 - the very weird and scary fingerprints of the Carlyle Group in and around the shadow world.

page 505 - how Pat Robertson was a good buddy of a certain third world dictator who lobbied for his interests in America in a hoped for return of a gold mine concession in Liberia! Praise the Lord and pass the ammo!

 All in, the Oracle of Ottawa couldn't put this book down. And it is a keeper at arms length for future reference. It has also occurred to the Oracle of Ottawa that Andrew Feinstein might not only have one hell of a good book, but rather, he may have given birth to a whole new juicy franchise! Could it be that Andrew Feinstein is the founder of the Jane's of New World Order dirt and filth? The Oracle of Ottawa can hardly wait for the next updated installment!  

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Milos Raonic Loves Canada?

The most painful moments are not those we spend with uninteresting people; rather, they are those spent with uninteresting people trying hard to be interesting. 
Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Bed Of Procrustes, p. 11

It was a Friday night in the August just passed that the Oracle of Ottawa was really looking forward to watching the Oakland Athletics at the Toronto Blue Jays in Rogers Centre. It would no doubt be very nearly sold out, that is over 40,000 people were going to be there to see the awesome low dollar team of Money Ball. (Not to mention the millions of Canadians from coast to coast that would be watching on television...) Immortalized by the great writer Micheal Lewis. The Montreal Cup tennis crap was also happening at the same time, but the Oracle of Ottawa was confident that with his cable package from Rogers Communications which has 5 Sportsnet channels, that surely they would step down and allow the baseball to be shown. Especially since Rogers Communications owns the Toronto Blue Jays!

Milos Raonic - Canadian or tax dodging fraud?
 But Dear Reader it was not to be. It was tennis on every channel, the same crap on all five channels at the same time. The Oracle of Ottawa was livid. A call was placed to Rogers and after about 15 minutes, the Oracle of Ottawa was told by something with a thick East Indian accent that "Sir, you cannot complain"!! I then asked for a number at head office with someone in programming and / or content and again the Oracle of Ottawa was told; "I am so sorry Sir, you can't complain". You can't make crap like this up. And for anyone reading this from Canada, that has Rogers for cable knows the Oracle is telling the truth.

 Canada has never been, is not now, and will never be in the future a tennis superpower. Tennis is for the 1% of the New World Order. As a rule of thumb, any sport that can be watched from a "verandah" is pretty much a wipe out in Canada. That also explains why we suck as a nation at golf, cricket and tennis. But why would Rogers cut the nose off their face and lose all that advertising revenue from MLB? Tennis is not a spectator sport. If it was, the Center Court at Wimbleton would have more than 11,000 seats wouldn't it?
And that endless flogging of this character Milos Raonic, that claims to be a Canadian, but speaks English like a country club gigolo. What is up with this insanity? The Oracle of Ottawa has decided to investigate.    

Brett Lawrie - A real Canadian sports Star!!
  The Oracle of Ottawa was just floored at all the neat stuff that he has found out. The Oracle of Ottawa has provided a link to the information. First, Milos Roanic is not a native born Canadian. (He is the spawn of economic migrants.) He was not even born in Canada, he was born in Titograd, Montenegro, formally Yugoslavia! Of which you can be sure he has a passport to. Yet Rogers sells him to us as a "real Canadian". To the Oracle of Ottawa, a real Canadian sports star at present is Brett Lawrie, who was actually born in Canada and lives in Canada as much as he can, no matter how much money he makes. 

 Second: Milos Roanic seems only to live in Canada when Rogers ponys up the money for him to pass himself off as a "Real Canadian". Otherwise he stays at his present home in Monaco! Which is a pimple of a tax haven on the arse of France.  Can you believe this avarice? How come Rogers does not tell that to the Canadian people in the endless Raonic ads? Why doesn't Rogers tell the truth and admit that Milos Raonic is simply a Canadian of convenience?

Third: Milos Roanic's siblings really do believe in Canada. That is why they have left it to return to their "home" country. 

Fourth: Mols Roanic has a hard serve! That is like a young baseball pitcher that can throw a one hundred mile an hour fast ball. Both are essentially useless, if you cannot control them.

I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, .....

Fifth: Milos Raonic has earned $3,006,227 in prize money since turning pro in 2008. The Oracle of Ottawa can only say that it all has hardly been worth all the trouble, perhaps Milos should have tried baseball as a kid...

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rogers Communications - Twilight Of A Titan?

A man of parts would often be at loss without the company of fools.
Francois duc de La Rocheffoucauld, Maxims, No. 140

It is hard to believe that once upon a time in Canada Rogers Communications was one of the most loved companies in Canada. If memory serves, it always made the top 100 Canadian Employers List. If you had a tech or billing problem there was no long aggravating voice mail tree, someone actually answered the damn phone and took care of you right away. And back in the days when Ted Rogers ran it all, you hardly ever had to call.   

Ted Rogers - Spinning in his grave?

Now all telecom companies in Canada are totally despised and dreaded. Rogers doesn't seem to have any real employees any more, but rather an army of minimum wage contractors and temporary foreign workers, that know nothing about your problem and couldn't care less. But you can be sure the marketing never stops. As the price keeps creeping up on your cable package the quality of the content seems to slipping the other way in rather perfect proportion. A thousand channels and nothing on.

It was just before the last Labour Day weekend that the Oracle of Ottawa noticed that his Cisco cable box had been re-programed with what appears to be software for the new Rogers PVR, version 3.0, that can tape 8 shows at once! (Who wants that??) The Oracle of Ottawa was not amused, but there was no way you could do anything about it. There was a two hour wait time to talk to a tech rep that weekend. Which makes perfect sense. Force crap on the customer and then send all the tech reps home for the long weekend so you won't have to pay for overtime. Meanwhile, we are stuck with cable boxes that are as slow as a fat pig in thick shit.   

Meanwhile there is no baseball on due to faggot tennis, again! There is no one to call on this either. The Oracle of Ottawa tried one night recently, and was told by a thick East Indian accent, that; "Sir, you cannot complain"!! You can't make this stuff up. When my cable box was re-programed, the Oracle waited a very long time again to find out that I couldn't complain, but while I was waiting the Oracle heard that stupid PVR pitched endlessly. 

Rogers Communications has a lot of serious problems. The first and largest, is poor management. The second is that they are in too many business's that they don't know anything about, such as production and content creation. This goes equally for all the giant telco's in Canada at the time of this writing. Have you ever tried to watch the Discovery Channel lately? And where did all the baseball games go that the Oracle always used to enjoy? Note to executive suite: Yachting is not a sport!

But the lads at Rogers have a monopoly. Where else are the proles going to go? Well, would you be surprised if the Oracle of Ottawa told you Dear Reader that it is quiet possible that the whole business model of the Rogers monopoly could be shortly just a bad memory? The Oracle of Ottawa has noticed the marketing of the first HD TV wireless TV boxes by Bell at his local mall. Hmmm... a wide area network otherwise known as a WAN. No infrastructure to maintain. No large barriers to entry. How long will it be before someone simply sets up a dish and just re-brodcasts what is in the clear on the aether? The Oracle of Ottawa can see very much inexpensive choice on the very near horizon. Think about it...

The Oracle of Ottawa certainly does not own Rogers stock. And if you happen to be an owner or a manager of a very large holding in a portfolio, the Oracle of Ottawa strongly recommends that you start getting rid of it all in the very near future. With the advent of the wireless HDTV box and very many providers Rogers, Shaw, Telus, and Bell are shortly going to be Titans without a business.... Like video rentals, remember that?

Could it soon all be gone, like it never existed? Good riddance!!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pauline Marois Kicks Ass!

Those who think religion is about "belief" don't understand religion, and don't understand belief.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Bed Of Procrustes, p. 6

Pauline Marois is the present and thirtieth Premier of the Province of Quebec. Although, at the time of this writing, she is walking the knife edge of a minority government, and as of yet does not have the strength to bend the bars, she sure as hell is strong enough to rattle the cage! Much to the Oracle of Ottawa's pleasure and endless delight, Pauline Marois has had the backbone to finally draw the line in the sand. By proposing and implementing the Quebec Charter of Values. The main and visible part of this proposed act is to ban the wearing of all religious clothing by provincial public servants. And much to the Oracles delight she didn't miss anybody. She got them all including the sickening Jean Guy type with the oddly large Jesus cross. The Oracle of Ottawa finds this character as sickening as a walking tent woman in a burqa.

Premier Pauline Marois - A Great Canadian!

The Oracle of Ottawa can certainly understand the shock of his opinion of some of his Dear Readers. But allow the Oracle to explain. You see the Oracle of Ottawa is what would be called in Quebec "Pure Wool". The Oracles lineage goes all the back to the young wife of Samuel de Champlain! Helene Boulle, who married the notable Father of New France at the age of twelve years old. Although the official story goes that they consummated their marriage two years later, all the surviving members of her family that are alive today, and there are very many of us, know the real story. Helene Boulle was a real French girl, taber - nack! She was doing old Sam balls deep before the ink dried on the marriage contract! All of her descendants today, and there are very many of them, are very proud of her, colle - in! If you want it done, get a French girl from Quebec to do it! 

Jason Kenny confers with PMO staffer...

As the Oracle of Ottawa was contorted in laughter in front of his Sony X series flat screen at the breaking news it got even more hysterical as the coverage switched to Ottawa as the major federal parties in Ottawa reacted to the Great Woman's breakthrough. The first to speak of course was the ever hated and past immigration minister Jason Kenny, who was totally blindsided and in somewhat of a deep shock. You could tell that his boxers were in a very large knot, as he could barley repeat the line that his handler had drilled into him all but 90 seconds before. The handler tried to make it as easy as possible for the hapless minister, but all was lost when the minister had to admit to the spin doctor from the PMO, that he didn't know what was meant by the concept of Church and State. But it didn't matter, every one across Canada was laughing so hard it all didn't really matter any way.

Justin Trudeau ponders his future...
Next up of course was the Next One, Justin Trudeau, and he, to the Oracle of Ottawa, looked even more shocked then the preceding Conservatives, you could really tell that the young Justin's thong was starting to ride up, so to speak, as he mouthed through a statement that was very similar to the Conservatives. And the Oracle of Ottawa has to note that Justin can sweat just like all the rest of us after all. How about that?

Then, of course, came the hapless NDP leader, Tom Mulcair. He was as hot and brash as a young teenage girl that was going commando for the first time. Yes, indeed, he was letting his balls dangle in the free air of the breeze. And he was making as about as much sense as the three others that just preceded him. It was not a fine moment, especially as the polling numbers were discussed immediately after he spoke that confirmed that the majority of Canadians were very much behind Pauline Marois. Perhaps their fart catchers should take note... 
But seriously Dear Reader, something had to be done. Even walking around Ottawa on any given day now, you would swear you were in some medieval third world country. It has all gotten out of hand. And there is nothing more disconcerting than seeing what looks like a walking tent advance on you at the local shopping mall. Canada is an OECD country. It is a secular state. The concept of the separation of church and state has a long and hard fought history that peaked in Quebec and the rest of Canada  in the 1960's during the Quiet Revolution. This is course the first time that we had to fight the power of our own "rag heads" in the Roman Catholic Church! The Oracle of Ottawa is quite surprised that no one seems to remember that today....

Sunday, September 8, 2013

TV Ontario - The Death Of Big Ideas

An idea starts to be interesting when you get scared of taking it to its logical conclusion.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Bed Of Procrustes, p. 3

It has been the Saturday routine of the Oracle of Ottawa for over a decade to tune into TV Ontario at 5:00p.m. on a Saturday evening and watch Big Ideas. It was all pretty dangerous stuff, as the truly greatest minds alive in the world today discussed very dangerous social ideas and proposed radical social experiments to actually realize them. There was Chris Hedges, Northrop Frye, and Noam Chomsky to mention only a few.

Big Ideas - Dead in Ontario...

Then out of the blue sometime last winter, it was announced that the low budget format show was being cancelled due to government funding cutbacks, which would in turn allow the provincial public broadcaster to save a paltry two million dollars. The show was to end at the end of last March. But there must have been serious blow back, since the last episode ran last Saturday, not on the last Saturday of March 2013. Ah, the power of social media!

What was even more depressing was that Saturday last was also the last Saturday Night At The Movies which has been a TVO institution since back in the 1970's. But surely Big Ideas would be replaced by something of equal value? Well, not exactly, in the place of Big ideas there was another rerun of the ever sickening Battle Field Mysteries. Whereby some pathetic wanna be goes and retraces the path of Canadian Forces in the battle fields of Europe to remind us all that Canada was just sooo close to being an imperial power just like the United States is today. It made the Oracle of Ottawa want to puke. But it was right in keeping with the Prime Ministers Office directives from the internal department of the Ministry Of Truth.

TV Ontario - A Dangerous Social Experiment...

Now we all know that a show like Big Ideas was certainly not a very expensive show to fund. They were simply tapes of left leaning lectures that were already paid for by other institutions such as the University of Toronto. And the people that spoke on Big Ideas were not the kind to demand a huge price to let their ideas be heard. As a matter of fact most of the speakers spoke for travel fees and living expenses! There was no dealing with Canadian production companies that run on a profit basis such as the provider of Battle Field Mysteries. So why would TV Ontario cut it's two most popular and cheapest format shows? Has TV Ontario been lying to us when they report how successful the recent fund raising has been?

 If TV Ontario is cutting it's most popular and cheapest format shows due to the shortage of a paltry two million dollars, how is that the likes of the ever sickening, scrotum licking likes of Steve Paikin able to get a brand new elaborate set, that resembles the studios of Americas Fox News? How is it that there is money for that? How is it that the sickening likes of Allan Gregg ,  the erstwhile conservative fart catcher and father of the negative political campaign in Canada always has a set that is posher than anything that the CBC can produce? Well? How is that?

Well, let the Oracle of Ottawa explain to you Dear Reader. It all has to do with the corporate dismantling of Canada. Shows like Big Ideas do not instill the core values of the New World Order, as implemented by the Illuminati, upon the directives of the Bilderberg Group as carried out by the Prime Ministers Office. The core values of a citizen of the New World Order are: Consume, Conform, and Obey. Any radical talk or thought is and will be suppressed at all costs with extreme prejudice. Do you understand now?

It was last winter that the Oracle of Ottawa called his lawyer and had his will changed, that big bequest to TV Ontario has vanished like it was never even their. Since the writing or the lack of same is on the wall, the Oracle of Ottawa ponders why his left leaning tax dollars should have to subsidize the likes of the new TV Ontario? The Oracle has even gone to the very rare extreme of dropping the channel from his remote's favorites. The greatest thing that Kathleen Wynne could do is pull the plug on all Ontario Provincial funding to TV Ontario and let it seek funding elsewhere, like Sun News....

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Rammstein - Waiting For The Opera

Even if my pencil doesn't do justice to the model, my intention always does.
Ludwig Wittgenstein, Philosophical Grammar, IV, 58

It would probably come as a great shock to most of my Dear Readers that if you asked the Oracle of Ottawa who was the greatest rock band in the world today at the time of this writing, the Oracle would have to reply instantly; Rammstein! Even though the Oracle of Ottawa is six years older than Till Lindemann, and has seen very many of the most awesome rock bands of all time in his misspent youth, including the first seven tours of Canada's greatest rock band Rush, the Oracle stands by his choice.

Till Lindemann
Rammstein was in Canada in the recent past, out on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City. The Oracle of Ottawa seriously considered attending, one last big blowout in honour of his misspent youth. But alas, age and the serious misgivings of my significant other forced me to change my plans. It was a good thing too. The weather of the night of the concert was still over 85 degrees. When the Oracle saw the clips on You Tube and on the CBC of the actual blow out event he was relieved that he wasn't there. It was insanely hot and the Oracle at his advanced age would have surely wilted as a delicate flower.

The Oracle always tells anyone who will listen that Rammstein is much, much more than just a flashy rock band. Many of their works are going to be standards of German classical Leid in the centuries to come. You should see the strange looks the Oracle gets when he lets that one off in public! Although you can't even easily buy a Rammstein CD and it is impossible to get the concert DVD's in North America the Oracle strongly believes that we haven't seen nothing yet. 

What impresses the Oracle the most is the utter commitment of the members of Rammstein to their art. They will undergo any discomfort and social moral restraint to get the desired effect across. All of the members at some point have suffered personal injury in their performances that would put many of today's Rock and Roll Hall of Famers out of commission for ever. But again the Oracle of Ottawa strongly believes that there is much greater stuff to come. Like a full and serious Wagnerian style opera. The Oracle strongly believes it is in Till to bring us a stunning modern German opera in the greatest classical German tradition. The Oracle feels that the subject matter will pretain to ancient German archetype with the effects of the New World Order on the fate of the world....

Postscript: Could you imagine Geddy Lee or Mick Jagger going this far out on a limb for their art? Till can make the baddest Academy Award winning Joker look like a harmless cub scout! Now that is true art...