Friday, April 19, 2013

Canada - 340,000 Temporary Foreign Workers

They're casting their problem on society. And, you know, there is no such thing as society.
Margaret Thatcher Woman's Own, 31 October 1987, pp. 8–10.

Contrary to public opinion, and certainly contrary to the old style vulgar media in Canada, there is no shortage of skilled or unskilled labour. There is just a shortage of decent employers willing to pay what that labour is truly worth. It has been discovered by the Oracle of Ottawa while listening to Question Period this week that there are presently 340,000 temporary foreign workers presently in Canada.

A new load of TFW's...scape goat optional...
 At the time of this writing there are presently 1,400,000 people unemployed in Canada. If we could rid ourselves of the enemy within, we would see the present unemployment rate drop about 25%! And we could also avoid the soon upcoming social upheaval, which will certainly come, just when nobody expects it, in other words, the usual good old fashioned way.

What incentive is there for a youngster to go out and get an education and run up to a six figure tab only to have to compete with an indentured slave from India? As Buckwheat used to say; "Whats the percentage in that"? What really fries the Oracle of Ottawa's chicken is that the big Canadian corporate over whores are using are own money to destroy us! With the full approval and help from the 'Harper Government'.

What truly amazes the Oracle of Ottawa is that there is so little reaction to it amongst the demographic that this is going to crush the most. The Oracle of Ottawa is convinced that "inertia" is a word that was coined in Canada. The minions of the 'Harper Government' claim hapless screw up, and that it all got away from them. Don't believe that for a second dear reader, the 'Harper Government' knows exactly what it is doing. Their only regret is that they got caught out so soon.

 It is all such a perfect way to implement the secret fascist hidden agenda, while causing depopulation of whole areas of Canada, just like the old land clearances in Scotland and Ireland that Karl Marx talked about in volume I of Capital. But the minions of the 'Harper Government' really care about you and this travesty. Where was the Prime Minister? In London, England, tearing up at Maggy Thatchers funeral! Not even the Oracle of Ottawa could make this shit up...

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