Tuesday, April 16, 2013

'Harper Government' - Reaches The 'Puke Point'

The heart has its own reasons which Reason does not know; a thousand things declare it.
Blaise Pascal, The Pensees, No. 626

Like a cheap unreinforced engine that has been getting by running on Nitrous Oxide the 'Harper Government' has finally seized at bottom dead center. As Canada has been withdrawn from the world stage by the scum of the 'Harper Government' to be transformed into the hermit kingdom of the Western World, the western conservative ideological inbred children are coming back to puke on the shoes of its creator. It is being painfully discovered that you cannot run an advanced G8 country on platitudes of fifty words or less by the likes of Adam Smith and Milton Friedman. Just ask the wee banty Finance Minister, who as of late is being less and less likely to be found to answer for his train wreck policies.

Justin Trudeau - conservative facial...
 As a right wing wack ball government you know you are in trouble when the back bench is in open revolt, and the latest attack ads against the new upstart Justin Trudeau actually backfire, in a wail of public recrimination, you are all but in and forever fucked. It has been an utter joy to the Oracle of Ottawa to watch the utter panic of the 'Harper Government' scum cabinet react in not very well concealed panic at the reception of the new Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau! And you really know that Steve Harper is toast in the eyes of the Canadian public when the leader of the third party has way more hits per month on his wickapedia article then you do as (acting?) Prime Minister!

You also know you are in trouble when the old propaganda fails to work. Such was the case of the expected  PR blip that never showed up in the numbers, with the usual WWI anniversary crap, that fart catchers and spin doctors from the PMO wheel out every year at the usual times. The wailing of the utter revulsion of the lie regarding the Canada Inaction plan is starting to get louder and louder. When all else fails it is time and the sworn duty of the spin doctors and fart catchers assorted of the PMO to come up with something different...

So an American style press opportunity was created for the dirt bag of the person of steve harper to speak to. It was on the Parsons case out in Nova Scotia. Surely this would eclipse Justin Trudeau! As the grey domed eminence spoke about the tragic case in his best faked sincerity, the Oracle of Ottawa just about puked! Crimes such as this are new to Canada, and they reflect the new values and social norms that are becoming Canada. These new values and norms are the fruits of the 'Harper Government', and to see the creator of this low hateful new Canada act shocked, made the Oracle of Ottawa just about puke! 

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