Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where O 'Where Is Ann Marie Sweeney?

In short, the rules of behaviour in capitalist society systematically produce irrational consequences.
David NcNally, Another World Is Possible, p. 86

I was eagerly awaiting Labour Day in the hope that AMS would be back on the night shift at the Weather Network. I figured she was on vacation for the summer since she was the senior and the best looking gal that the Weather Channel had since Lila Feng! Well Labour Day came and went and no AMS. A search of Google will get you to her Facebook page and it is all there between the lines. But if they think that the "replacement" is going to pass her ratings and following they are going to be sorely disappointed. The last time I saw a babe with booty like that it was hauling toxic sludge up the Hudson River!!

Since AMS left a big LOW has entered...

The Oracle of Ottawa went through a similar grieving process when the awesome Lila Feng bailed for much greener pastures in Atlanta with CNN. But that is life folks. Every time there was a heat wave, Lila would wear those posh silk blouses with nothing on underneath. I know this is true since just the right lighting reacts very weird with real silk, and well it was like Lila was wearing nothing at all! All the real dedicated weather dogs out there know I am not making this up. But seriously folks...

When ever you watched AMS, you could tell that Ann could take care of Ann. This woman was a dedicated media professional. But the thing that most people and employers don't get is that the real quality has limits that "HR" totally underestimates... What the Oracle of Ottawa figures is that the "employer" proposed changes that the great personality of AMS simply could not and would not consider. The young HR thingy went "all in" and AMS told them to shove it and walked. Her bags fully packed apparently.

Now a lot of people out there will just not understand this. But you get to mid life and you have planned, and the real sharp people can see it coming years ahead, and your values change. Especially if with the loss of friends and relations that can seem to happen all at once. HR doesn't give a flying-fuck about your problems... You do the math and realize that it is cheaper and more fun to just stay at home and let it all go by...and this is what I think AMS came to. All the best to her and every thing that that she touch's!

Even if I was 95 in a day room in a wheel chair... AMS could still make me "think things...."

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