Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Krista Erickson - Sun News TV Finishing School

The power of Good and Evil in whatever pertains to human relations cannot be too clearly recognized; neither can the truth that such control as may be exercised concerning them dwells, not in things, but in human beings.
W.L. Mackenzie King, Industry And Humanity, p. 9

Well dear readers, the Oracle of Ottawa is determined to get to the bottom of the recent attack upon the Canadian Arts by the right wing fringe media at Sun News TV. I have even done some research (!) and I believe I have got to the bottom (?) of the situation. The non entity, in the person of, one Krista Erickson and one Theo Caldwell were sent by Sun News to cover the 2011 Governer Generals Arts Awards at the National Gallery  in Ottawa, sometime last weekend.

Margie Gillis- A Great Canadian...
At this award gala, one Margie Gillis, received the 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award for her life's work and contribution to Canadian creative dance. Ms. Gillis is a member of the Order of Canada and the National Order of Quebec!  While Krista Erickson is a soul less heathen skank! It seems that Ms. Erickson suffered massive cultural shock at the said event. She was also stunned that there are very many women in Ottawa and its immediate environs that are much hotter then Ms. Erickson will ever be! It was all too much! And especially galling to Ms. Erickson is that even a woman of Margie Gillis's advancing years radiated still so much more womanly heat than the present young prime of Ms. Erickson.... Well...shit happens. (Or not!)

Chalice - Margie Gillis

It seems every thing got all out of hand when Ms. Erickson witnessed the great artist perform. It totally blew the head off of Ms. Erickson. Just couldn't handle the massive amount of information and its portends... the Oracle of Ottawa has included a clip of the offending work d'art....It seems that Ms. Erickson has found that Ms. Gillis has received Canadian Council Grant money at some point in her career.  It has proved beyond the limited sensibilities of the said "media personality" why the people of Canada would approve of such a thing!

The Canada Council owns many Strad violins...

The base and heathen attacks upon the funding of Canadian Arts has continued on air again today. Note the picture that I have included of a very rare and valuable Strad violin. I wonder if Ms. Erickson knows that one of the greatest collections of said instruments in the world today are owned by the Canadian People? Yes indeed Dear reader, the Canada Council Instrument Bank has one of the finest and most valuable collections of rare musical instruments that exists today! And it was all paid for by you and I! And guess what? These instruments are loaned out to un economically viable students! Oh my God! And for FREE!!! I fear that when Ms. Erickson learns of this she will physically explode in right wing belligerent rage! (Some one please post the clip of this event to You-Tube. PLEASE!)

Art is a Right among civilized people...
What can we do to make Ms. Erickson understand the crucial function of government sponsorship of the Arts? The Oracle of Ottawa has devised a solution... James Ehnes is the greatest violinist alive today. Ask anybody that knows about such things. Mr. Ehnes is a Canadian. Mr. Ehnes comes from Brandon, Manitoba!
It is not only Ontario and Quebec that have great artists! Perhaps Ms. Erickson could invite Mr. Ehnes to appear on Sun News TV to explain government funding of the arts! Perhaps if Ms. Erickson is polite, Mr. Ehnes could bring his Marsick Stradivarius and his Order of Canada and play for Ms. Erickson! I would enjoy that indeed! Why Mr. Ehnes could regal the philistine Krista the tale of how he won the use of a fine Stradivarius, free, for a whole year, when he was not yet an economically viable performer! That violin was the property of the people of Canada! 

The funding of the arts in Canada has never resulted in any measurable benefit....

( Note: It was not the intention of the Oracle of Ottawa to create a very attractive multi-media work of art with no apparent effort. No Canada Council Funding was used to create this work of art. But if the Oracle of Ottawa was deemed worthy to recieve it, he would humbly accept...)


  1. I was appalled by Ms. Erickson's interview. I plan to contact Sun Media to demand an apology. She is a disrespectful person and a HUGE disgrace to Canadians.

  2. Ms Erickson is a self described "cultural philistine" Couldn't have described her more accurately myself. It is actually sad that she engages in this "I wanna be Bill O'Reilly" endeavour as she is just coming off as a nattering nabob! She doesn't understand that without funding either from government or patrons of the arts that they would cease to exist and we would be an even more barbaric society than we already are. She doesn't understand that we would not know the name Mozart without this funding. It's the way it is and always has been. is getting worse and we as a culture are going backward. In the end I think she would be far happier in the US. I lived there for 34 years and we have a much higher understanding of the value brought by the arts to our society here in Canada. Yearly there is some uptight Republican who would like to see the National Endowment for the Arts extinguished. She would be right at home there. Come on folks..if it can't make a buck..what good is it? Right? Wow!!! Intelligence isn't her long suit. Ms. Erickson could use some ballet classes. She might absorb some grace.

  3. Krista Erickson does not represent beauty or brains. I have only seen her on tv a few times and she appears to be vacant, uneducated, simple minded, disrespectful and does very little research on her subjects. She is unable to adapt when the dialogue takes a turn she doesn't expect and she is clearly trying to mimic the reporting style of MSNBC and Fox News.
    Put her back in the cesspool she was found in.

  4. Krista is great - Gillis is the skank.