Thursday, October 22, 2015

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau - The Darkness Lifts

Democracy is always on the move. It is not a finished performance, only a set of actions that are always in rehearsal.
John Keane, The Life And Death Of Democracy, p. 867

The Oracle of Ottawa had been looking forward to October 19th, 2015 for the last four years, most every day. The Voter Identification cards came in the mail early, and were hanging on the fridge door in the kitchen. Truth be told, the Oracle of Ottawa was just dying for the day to arrive, so that I could finally plant another stake through the heart of the dreaded 'Harper Government'.
Talk about false flag blow back!!
  The wife and I planned the whole day out. We would vote at 9:30 a.m., first in line as per usual. Then we would drive up to Arnprior, to a favorite eating spot for an excellent breakfast, and then slowly home to await the results.

When the day finally arrived it had something special about it. We were out the door at 9:15 a.m. and at the parking lot of our polling station of nearly 30 years when I realized that this day would be more than special. For the first time ever, in my memory, there was a line up at the door! There were every kind of Canadian. All the appliances of a life were in attendance. A double wide carriage containing twins, a motorized wheel chair and a over 90 year old gentleman pushing a walker! And unlike Joe Oliver this guy knew what day it was and where and why he was at.

The doors opened right on time, and I was in shock that there was some one standing in front of me and several people standing behind me at Poll 40. This is the first time that this has happened in nearly 30 years. Things were a little slower this time, not the usual 90 seconds of the past, but rather 32 minutes. There were 'old style' Canadians and much to my surprise recent and very very recent Canadians, with brand new shiny Landed Immigrant Cards of which the lamination hadn't had time to fully cure. And even more shocking, there was an Asian, and two women in Hajibs!! Damn, that Harper really pissed off a lot of people.

Later in the day the wife and I closed up in front of the flat screen to watch the results. After Atlantic Canada there were phone calls in utter amazement and shock coming and going from the secure bunker. The Oracle of Ottawa was in a daze. There are 32 seats in Atlantic Canada and the young Justin just won them all!! I never saw that in my life, and I could not have predicted it in my wildest dreams.

Then at 9:30 p.m. the whole world changed. The polls in Quebec and Ontario closed, and the results would be coming in fast. And they came in as a red Liberal wave. The Liberal numbers just kept going higher and higher. In no time at all the Young Justin was past 120 seats, leading and elected, which was the dreamed for minority goal, but they didn't stop... After about another thirty minutes the Liberal number was over 170 seats. A flat out majority!! It finally closed off at 184 of 338 seats, the most incredible campaign performance that the Oracle of Ottawa has ever witnessed.

And to top it all off, he did something that his famous father never did in a whole lifetime of public life, Justin won seats in every province and territory of Canada!! No one will ever be able say that he  isn't ready.....   

Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Syrian Crisis Silver Lining

Naked power wielding can be neither transactional nor transforming, only leadership can be.
James MacGregor Burns, Leadership, p.20

At the time of this writing, the European Union's population is over 500 million people, spread through 28 member states. There has been a lot of talk of late of how it is not going to survive. How there are just too many different ethnic groups to get past their differences, not to mention the task of getting past the past. The Oracle of Ottawa has never put too much weight on that kind of defeatist talk. Due to its radical make up and brilliant framework, the European Union is probably the strongest group of nation states in the world today since the Roman Empire.
The European Union proves its 'metal'...
 The Oracles early beliefs got an immeasurable lift this morning while watching his local cable news channel. The first reports that Germany had thrown open the doors to the influx of Syrian refugees greatly made the Oracles day. I even have a theory how it may have happened behind the scenes. Europe is a very old place. There exist within it many ancient and noble families of nearly unimaginable lineage. Many of them know that they have had many relatives that went on the N'th Crusade at some time in the Middle Ages, never to return. Then it dawned on someone, that the descendants of their long lost relatives were now at their very gates. Then the breaker tripped.

However it came to happen, the Oracle of Ottawa wishes to extend his most heartfelt congratulations to the parties involved. It is the middle of the Labour Day weekend here in Canada. We are in the middle of a very bitter and ugly Federal General Election. For the last ten years we have been suffering under a neo-con wack ball right wing revolution in the form of the 'Harper Government'. Since the opening of the gates in Europe this morning the polls and the opinion surveys have put the 'Harper Government' in deep third place from first place. The people are in the streets in Canada, from one end of it to another. And that is something that hardly ever happens.

Who ever made the decision to throw open the gates, must know that the decision will have far reaching positive consequences here in Canada and in turn, later on for the European Union. It is certainly going to help a nice young man by the name of Justin Trudeau become Prime Minister of Canada on October 19th, 2015. The EU will finally be able to deal with someone with more than half a brain when it comes to the weighty matters of Canada - EU affairs. Discourse and engagement will be returned, hopefully along with Canada's past reputation. And he promised to fast track the influx of Syrian refugees into Canada starting on day one, to the tune 25,000 in the first year, plus the fast tracking of the community private sponsorships which will probably add up to way more than 25,000.

 Hell, one hundred thousand Syrians spread across Canada wouldn't even be noticed. Along with the infinite water, snow, rocks and trees, we have tons of open room. Then I figure that the British Commonwealth nation members will all get on the band wagon, in five ten years we will be wondering what all the fuss was originally about... As the Oracle of Ottawa wraps up this small missive he is listening to Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 on You-Tube, the Karajan recording of course, and he knows with complete certainty that their is nothing that Western Civilization cannot 'sort'.  

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The 'Harper Government' Campaign Reaches 'Hudak' Fission

One of the most universal cravings of our time is a hunger for compelling and creative leadership.
James MacGregor Burns, Leadership, p.1, (opening line...)

Who would have thought that it would be all over before Labour Day? The Oracle of Ottawa recently predicted that it would all get even much worse for the 'Harper Government', the Senator Duffy trial was just going to be the warm up. When the picture of that three year old toddler started circulating at light speed around the planet Earth, the shit storm began to form over Harper Land.

Harper Land washes ashore...
 It just so happens that the youngster head relatives in Canada that have been trying desperately to sponsor their family members. The woman even had her local MP carry a personal letter to the Minister of Immigration, one Chris Alexander which was totally ignored. When that got into the Canadian news cycle the Katrina like shit storm unleashed. And it has been one hell of a spectacle.

Canadian Minister of Immigration...

You just can't make this stuff up Dear Reader. This is the biggest most severe sign of the finger of God that the Oracle of Ottawa has ever seen delivered onto any political party in the history of Canada. And once a campaign goes south or 'Hudak', you just can't get it back. And we are we past the point of no return. And yes it will all get even much worse in the days ahead.

But Chris Alexander, Minister of Immigration, seemed to quickly decide that it would be stupid to put a tragedy to waste, and on national television in Canada quickly tried to lie his way out as per the 'Harper Government' playbook. It didn't go off too well at all. I have included the video as proof above. 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Stephen Harper And The Curse Of Thomas D'Arcy McGee

Everything we did was done in form and with propriety, and the result of our proceedings is the document [the Quebec Resolutions] that has been submitted to the imperial government as well as to this house and which we speak of here as a treaty. And that there may be no doubt about our position in regard to that document we say, question it you may, reject it you may, or accept it you may, but alter it you may not.
Thomas D'Arcy McGee, Legislative Assembly, February 9, 1865

Ever since the start of the 2015 Canadian General Election there has been noticed by many in the vicinity of Parliament Hill in Ottawa, deep in the night, the persistent sound of a wolf howling. The tourist guide trots claim that is a lone example of Canis Lycaon that has drifted down from Algonquin Park to the edge of the city limits of the City of Ottawa.
Thomas D'Arcy McGee
 Of course the old hands of Ottawa and the Hill are having none of it. They know their Canadian history. They know that the sound of the persistent mournful howling is from no wolf of this earth. It is the ghost of Thomas D'Arcy McGee. And he has come from the other side to enforce his all powerful curse to destroy and render to waste any and all who dare to change the Canadian Constitution.

Considered by many of the youngsters in the present Canadian Press Gallery to be merely a legend to scare back benchers, women and children, the older more seasoned hands keep a respectful silence, and are getting very prepared to cover one of the biggest up coming political blowouts in Canadian history. They remember all too well the Charlottetown Accord and the ensuing political meltdown. 

 You can really feel the presence of Thomas D'Arcy McGee as you walk down Sparks Street deep into the night of all times when the very existence and safety of Canada is in any question. You might want to stop in front of the location of Thomas's old rooming house. It is marked with a Heritage Canada bronze marker. It is located just outside the doors that now lead to the Ontario Superior Court. That alone is pretty creepy isn't it?

 It is not even past Labour Day yet, but anyone with half a brain can see that the 'Harper Government' is circling the toilet bowl of rack and ruin. The Trudeau campaign continues to gain energy with each passing day. The long forgotten rakes with long handles that were left in the grass of recent Canadian political history are being discovered daily by the Harper campaign as the handles plant themselves firmly in the face of the 'Boss' at the press scrums. Kory The Tory appears to hardly able to stem the tide...

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Harper Campaign Gone Hudak

But we should not despair. Time is on our side. The incompetence of late twentieth century capitalism works for us. 
C. B. Macpherson, The Rise And Fall Of Economic Justice And Other Essays, p. 54

It is only Day Seventeen of the 2015 Canadian Federal Election. And what happened today, the Oracle of Ottawa did not expect to start happening until after Labour Day at the earliest. But you just cant make this stuff up. The Oracle of Ottawa first saw the insane clip of a Tory supporter going mental this morning, just as it happened, on CTV Newsworld, and the Oracle of Ottawa could only conclude that the Harper Campaign has gone Hudak.  It is official folks...
Stephen Harper with more captive supporters...
 The Tory War Room claims that all guests at Harper Events and photo ops are vetted. But it continues to appear to the Oracle of Ottawa that they are either prisoners or poor hapless captive employees of some rich Conservative donor. The optics are as terrible as they are actually truthful. One more term of Harper in power and we will all be slaves of the corporate whores.

 Meanwhile at the Elgin Street Court House in Ottawa there are more explosions of revelation going off at the Senator Mike Duffy trial than explosions in a mine field being crossed by a herd of sheep. The media news cycle can hardly keep up with it all. And more and more names just keep coming up over and over. It is rumored that the Conservative War Room had to order another hundred square yards of black curtains to hide all the soon to guilty as charged while they attend the Bosses events!

The day got even more fun and enjoyable when CBC's Power And Politics came on at 5:00 p.m. You know that the Conservatives have all but thrown in the towel when all they can send is Rick 'The Mummy' Anderson  to represent the 'Harper Government'. And he was mocked and laughed at such that the Oracle of Ottawa has never before witnessed. Michelle Rempel also made an appearance - sort of - she appeared so "tranqed" that she was barely recognizable. All this and we have only just started. Oy!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Harper Campaign - Not Exactly On Fire

That which cannot be conceived through anything else must be conceived through itself.
Spinoza Ethics, Part I, Axiom II.

One thing that the Oracle of Ottawa has learned over his many seasoned years of existence is that you should under no circumstances play ugly power games with people that you think are much less powerful then yourself. Sooner or later you are sure to run into someone with a bit more depth and reserve than you could have ever possibly conceived.

A bubbly Stephen Harper with enthused supporters...

We all remember very well that very nasty set up of Minister Peter what his name, when one of Harper's minions forced him to catch a commandeered Canadian Forces search and rescue helicopter to be a at a certain government event on time, and then reported it secretly to the press to watch the Minister twist in the wind. No doubt from and under the orders of the 'Boss'.

A Nigel Wright check...

Then along came Nigel S. Wright. Ray and the 'Boss' thought that the Senator Mike Duffy appointment/ set up, would surely smear up the young boy wonder Nigel... Talk about a fatal error! Everyone knew that Nigel was loaded. No old lady, and going to church a lot, is very conducive to a very high income retention rate. He just cut the check out of pocket, mere chump change used to silence the chumps, but at the same time it was all very much like planting a claymore mine  as you retreat, to have it go off by remote control long after you are gone. Again the Oracle of Ottawa marvels at the cold calculating steel cleverness of the Nigel. Damn that was good and it looks intentional.

 Meanwhile on Day Fifteen of the 2015 Canadian Federal Election Campaign the Oracle of Ottawa can help but notice how the 'Harper Government' campaign is truly starting to resemble the last and very last Tim Hudak campaign. The Oracle has included a picture of the 'Boss' and all his enthused prisoners, or rather supporters.  The press questions are also getting pretty awkward also, especially the one that asks the 'Boss' why he did not fire Ray? What a hoot! Did J. Edgar ever fire Clyde Tolson? Maybe they should ask Mrs. Harper what she thinks?

Saturday, August 15, 2015

'Harper Government' - Fading Fast?

Whatsoever is, is in God
Spinoza, Ethics, Part 1, Proposition XXIX, Proof.

It is Day Fourteen of the Canadian 2015 Federal General Election campaign. The Oracle of Ottawa was hoping to post day by day, but the revelations down at the Elgin Street Courthouse of the Senator Mike Duffy trial provided by Nigel S. Wright under the gentle supportive coaxing of Donald Bayne provided so much overwhelming information that the Oracle of Ottawa had to take a twenty four hour sabbatical.

no caption required...
 As the Oracle of Ottawa conjectured right at the time of the breaking of the Senate Scandal, Senator Mike Duffy was used, abused and discarded. This was all done on purpose to create a constitutional scandal or 'crisis' whereby Steve Harper would try to get through the expulsion of the Senate and be one more step closer to the dreamed of Bild, if you follow the Oracles drift.

It has all gone so horribly wrong, hasn't it? Although we are only getting started into the revelations, Fridays testimony has unearthed some rather earth shaking implications that go so far to explaining the perverse S&M patterns of the 'Harper Government' over the last ten years. The most creepy was the repeated mentioning of the name Ray Novak. And the story early Saturday morning on CTV News World of Ray's apartment over the garage at 24 Sussex Drive, so he could be close to the 'Boss', had my significant other completely grossed out. And it seems that this has been going on for ever so long. There will no doubt be more to follow Monday coming. The Oracle of Ottawa certainly hopes that his literary constitution can stand the strain.

The included video for this post contains another interesting snack for thought, and that is that the whole right wing wrecking crew machine of the 'Harper Government' have long ago lost the ability to employ the standard concepts of ethics at any level, the whole lot is totally amoral. They can't even tell right from wrong anymore, and they couldn't care less who knows it or their opinion of it. And it seems that the old Jimmy Moore purity pledge is no longer in force at the CBC. Rex Murphy is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile on the campaign trail, the Harper events look like a media roundup in a Soviet gulag. Even the spawn has been trotted out like dead Kennedy's in a near last ditch hope to stop the free fall. You can tell the blue collar props of the Harper media events are not very enthused to say the very least. Especially when you compare them to the very lively and electric events of Justin Trudeau. The Conservative War Room is considering already to go to Defcon 3, or as they say on Nato communication circuits, level yellow....