Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kim Jong-un Death Wish - Some Thoughts

The teachers function is to help create the structure of the subject in the student's mind.
Northrop Frye, On Education, p.13

Well, here we are, Ole Kim Jong-un the head hermit of the hermit kingdom, has moved a missile south and is now in the process of fueling it. So what is the big deal? If he fires it, it won't even get to stage two. With the presence of a hulking Ticonderoga  cruiser, with the latest  RIM 161-SM-3's on board, nothing will get past. The Yanks use these missiles to shoot down satellites in space! And again at Mach 8.0!! it will not take long to catch a hulking multistage missile at launch. Then there is that ever present carrier group and that is on station, and that lurking Ohio Class boomer boat. Our little friend Kim Jong-un is whooped before he even starts.

RIM - 161 - Can you hear me now Kim?

What is really bugging the Oracle of Ottawa is all the misinformation that has surrounded the recent antics of the hermit kingdom of late. The Oracle of Ottawa simply does not believe that the hermits of the hermit kingdom even have a nuclear weapon. The so called first detonation only measured a crummy 5 kilotons in yield, and was an underground detonation. Any one who knows anything about nuclear weapons knows that it is much harder to make a small atomic weapon then it is to make a large one. The idea and basic theory is easy, but it takes a super power to actually do it, or to make some one appear to have done it. If you catch the Oracles drift.

Ohio Class SSBN - Wait for it...

What the Oracle of Ottawa strongly suspects is that the hermits of the hermit kingdom simply filled an old underground bunker with all their past date ordinance and threw in some old nuclear medical waste, along with some ammonia fertilizer and old diesel fuel, and lit the sucker off. Look we did a A-bomb! Well the Oracle of Ottawa didn't buy it from second one. This was the greatest spin jerk of the century so far..You and I dear reader are closer to getting an atomic weapon the the hermits of the hermit kingdom.

And what does this present situation say about the peasant Chinese of the Peasants Republic of China? Think it out people, they are putting up with this nutter threatening nuclear war right on their own doorstep! Does this all add up to you? The Oracle of Ottawa firmly believes that the Chinese are getting all Sun Tzu with the situation, thinking that us gajuns in the West are buying their crap. Yes sir Bubba, the Chines have a dog or two in this piss up. And they better watch out in case we the stupid gajuns start figuring it out...

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