Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Stephen Poloz - Just SHUT UP !

Civic education needs to be part of every child's learning process, from early school through to higher education and beyond.
David Held, Models Of Democracy, Third Edition, p. 251

It was Wednesday afternoon last. The time was 3:30 p.m., and the Oracle of Ottawa was quite enjoying watching the close of the trading day on the BNN network. It was a hell of a nice rally, well over seventy points, and there seemed to be "legs" for more before closing time at 4:00 p.m..Then out of the blue, BNN decided it would be nice to cut live to the Senate Banking Committee, where the head of the Bank of Canada, Stephen Poloz was giving the scheduled update to the august Senators and members of Parliament.

Bank of Canada

It was the young and ardent Nathan Cullen that was asking the questions, and the Oracle of Ottawa was quite impressed at how pointed they were, while Stephen Poloz was not so much impressed. As he started to struggle to give an answer that matched the intelligence of the question, the Oracle of Ottawa could see that the market had already decided for the depth of Stephen Poloz' answer. Much to the horror of the Oracle of Ottawa the market shed over twenty points of the rally as the august Governor struggled. What really killed was the anxious grandma hand ballet, as you could sense the hapless Governor's frustration. Yes Dear Reader, the Bank of Canada has it's very own version of Joe Oliver.

Now Stephen Poloz is no Mark Carney. And as we all know Mark Carney is one of the elite. There is no dispute about that anywhere in the world today. The man had (has?) charisma. While Stephen Poloz is just someones brat. For all those that know of such things, the main reason that Mr. Carney had to bail from the Bank of Canada gig was that he made the boss and minions of the 'Harper Government' look like what they truly are, a bunch of hay seed rubes from Ducks Ass, Alberta. And of course, you guessed it, the 'Harper Government' is much more comfortable with Stephen Poloz.

Now the Oracle of Ottawa will concede that a lot of this rally loss was really caused by Nathan Cullen, who never meet a briefing book that he didn't like and read from the first page to the last. The Oracle of Ottawa can find no fault. But the Oracle realized that he is paying the Governors salary as it is with his tax dollars, the Oracle sees no reason why his stock portfolio has to also chip in!

The Oracle of Ottawa knows perfectly well that it is all right to bitch, but the real thing is to propose a solution. And the solution is Dear Readers, that the present Bank of Canada Governor should not be allowed to give testimony or attempt to give testimony while the capital markets are actually open. The Bank of Canada Governor should only be questioned after the markets are closed, that is in the evenings. Just like a government bringing down a budget.

Soon there will be the next Trudeau government. There will be a new Governor of the Bank of Canada at the first opportunity. The Oracle of Ottawa can only suggest that the present Bank Governor book his mover now to avoid the rush of the soon to come exodus of conservatives from Ottawa.  

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Joe Oliver - Is It Elder Abuse?

The creation of a political community or government is the burden individuals have to bear to secure their ends.
David Held, Models Of Democracy, Third Edition, p. 64

The Oracle of Ottawa has been tardy as of late posting to the 'umble blog. But it is springtime in Canada and it has been a hell of a long winter. And to tell you the truth Dear Reader, the Oracle of Ottawa always gets depressed lately writing on the doomed 'Harper Government'. Events as of late have convinced the Oracle of Ottawa that we won't have the 'Harper Government' to kick around much longer.

old Joe - Past his Date?
  Especially with Joe Oliver as Finance Minister. You know that the 'Harper Government' has scrapped the bottom of the barrel. But there are so many bodies under the ideological bus, that poor old Joe Oliver was  all that was left. To put it plainly, it appears to the Oracle of Ottawa that old Joe should be in a home, or at the very least, in assisted living. It was during Question period today that the Oracle of Ottawa noticed that the ministers talking points were in extra large type! The Oracle could darn near read them himself off of the big screen Sony! Then that dementia/Parkinson's hand ballet started, when the young Nathan Cullen was very easily taking off another huge chunk of the Ministers hide, that the Oracle of Ottawa realized that this is very nearly elder abuse for someone of old Joe's advanced years.  

  The Oracle knows that politics is a blood sport, and that the youngsters of the NDP are just doing their jobs. But from where the Oracle of Ottawa sits it is all pretty sad. Notice in a recent video clip (March 29, 2014)  that directly behind old Joe sits the intense Alice Wong, Minister of State for Seniors, making sure that old Joe was giving a hundred and ten per cent, and proving the Oracles past call, that this is what is in store for all Canadian Seniors as far as the 'Harper Government' is concerned. Work like a teenager until you drop, just like in China. It appears that old Siu-Ping loves super-vising....

Saturday, April 19, 2014

'Harper Government' - Department Of State Regime Change?

Ignorance is held in contempt; but a dangerous scepticism has succeeded it. 
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, A Discourse On The Arts And Sciences.

It has been a very busy week for the Oracle of Ottawa, and he was hoping to take the wonderful long Easter weekend off. But of course, due to the inane stupidity of the 'Harper Government', weekends off are few and far between. It all blew up on the Oracle's Sony big screen sometime on Friday, and the Oracle of Ottawa just loved the symbology of the United States Department of State announcement of the next forever delay of the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. 

Says NO..(again...)

It was great to see the United States Department of State us the same slimy tactics that the 'Harper Government' always uses to slip in the bad news. Do it on a Friday or a holiday when you think no one is paying attention. It was in a moment that the Oracle of Ottawa got the analogy. He immediately pictured Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government' freshly crucified on a cross covered in dilbit. The Oracle of Ottawa eagerly awaited the expected announcement by Joe Oliver that the staff of the United States Department of State are nothing but a bunch of foreign terrorists that have something against shitting in their own nest for fun and profit. But alas, the message never came. Perhaps old Joe lost his speaking points, and/or he simply forgot who he was again.

But upon pondering the announcement, the Oracle of Ottawa got the real message that the Department of State was really sending. And that message is; you are going to take NO for an answer, and we are also going to see you out of office as soon as possible! Yes indeed Dear Readers, the United States Department of State is now going with regime change against the pathetic 'Harper Government'. The lads deep in the Department of State know that the male types of the Harper line die around fifty something, and Hilary is soon going to be President of the United States. They just don't want Jason Kenny showing up at Hilary's inaugural ball with his mother as his date.  

The United States Department of State simply want the stylish and oh so hot Justin Trudeau as Prime Minster of Canada, and what the yanks want, the yanks get. And they certainly will love Justin and his hot wife Sophie in Washington, in or outside of the beltway, if you get the Oracle of Ottawa's drift. It is only a matter of time now Dear Readers. The tombstone of the 'Harper Government' will soon be rolled away, and the true Savior shall appear, first to all the ladies of course, because they can vote and they are so many more of them just men. Jason Kenney's Mom is off the hook.... 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Vladimir Putin - Snuffing Out The Blue Flame?

Rumors are only valuable when they are denied.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Bed Of Procrustes, p.33

At the time of this writing, the Russian stock market is only down about twenty percent so far this year. The Russian ruble (rubble?) is at all time lows. No doubt with the latest antics in Crimea, Russia's international credit rating will be harshly downgraded. Being a self proclaimed 'energy superpower' requires a constant ton of incoming international capital. It seems to the Oracle of Ottawa that it is all a pretty high price to pay for a sand spit salt water parking lot.

Putin - Dealing from a full deck?
 Although the Putin spin and image department run full out to make the boss a he man to every man, he certainly needs at least a seminar on real estate appraisal. When you are on the outside looking in, all you can do a is shake your head and wonder if a good government driven mental health strategy for Russia's top leading lights would not be a better use of the tax payers funds.

The Oracle of Ottawa really hates to bring it up, but the whole situation is really starting to look like the "Guns of August" all over again. And it is the 100th anniversary this year. What goes around comes around. And how do you think this will all end at the end of the day Dear Reader? One wonders if the Russians will take kindly to their new diet of Chinese take out?

Once the big bad bear was really bad ass. Now all he wants to do it seems is shop at Wall Mart. The Oracle of Ottawa cant say for sure where this is all going, but he is saying this could all go nuclear on a bad day. And of course the world will still turn, and the environment will make a hell of a quick comeback, just with a lot less problems. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

'Sleepy' Rob Anders Gets The Pillow

The challenges facing democratic thinking are both numerous and substantial.
David Held, Models Of Democracy, Third Edition, p. xi

At the time of this writing Dear Readers the lights are burning brightly and late into the night at both then Prime Ministers Office in Ottawa  and the Manning Center for Democracy out in Calgary. It seems that Preston Manning's road to a new right wing Canada has developed a few potholes. But alas, upon closer inspection, what looked like the mirage of a pothole has indeed been identified as an ever widening sinkhole that is presently swallowing up everything of the Tory Bund of the 'Harper Government'.

P(l)easant dreams, Sweet Prince...
 The Earth itself has not stopped shaking with serious tremors various since Thursday last. You just knew that there was very much more to the sudden demise of the wee finance minister when the media reports were changing every thirty minutes in the ongoing Ottawa news cycle, which is a red flag for those that know of such things, it is of course a sure sign that the sanitation process is continuing and very ongoing, shall we say. 

But it all got so much weirder on Friday morning when it appeared to the Oracle of Ottawa that the wee Kelly Leitch had commandeered the wee finance ministers other budget suit. You could turn down the volume on the Sony X series big screen and still hear the wheels coming off the 'Harper Government'. Not to mention the concurrent news of the continuing proceedings of a certain Conservative Senator that did a recent sleepover at the Gatineau lockup, pending his bail hearing, and travel reservations to Club Rehab.

It wasn't until Sunday morning that the Oracle of Ottawa saw the news of the demise of 'Sleepy' Rob Anders nomination bid, as it scrolled slowly buy(?) on the CBC Newsworld news ticker at the bottom of the screen. The Oracle of Ottawa would be telling a barefaced lie if he didn't admit that the news made the Oracle of Ottawa's day. The said back bencher now has the rest of his life to sleep on the public dime, as he will no doubt be collecting his pension at the end of this session. Word in Ottawa is that his blackberry is no longer vibrating, signalling the death of his long public life. Now he will have time finally to read the promising personal member extension pitches that he never had the time to read before.    

The nut of the whole series of events Dear Reader, is that it seems quiet clear to the Oracle of Ottawa that the adherents of the liberal left wing communist Laurentian Consensus seem to be far more evenly distributed in Canada then has been previously thought. It is now quite clear to the Oracle of Ottawa that to be a member of the a fore mentioned consensus does not require the residence at the foot of the said Laurentian Mountains after all. There seem to be a very great many at present deep inside the strongest 'Harper Government' strongholds than had been previously thought.  

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Justin Trudeau - The Budget WILL Take Care Of Itself

Little else is requisite to carry a state to the highest degree of opulence from the lowest barbarism, but peace, easy taxes, and a tolerable administration of justice; all the rest being brought about by the natural course of things.
Adam Smith, Lecture, 1775, quoted by Dugald Stewart,  Account of the Life and Writings of Adam Smith, Section IV, 25  

It was a short time ago now, when the Oracle of Ottawa heard the young Justin Trudeau take a lot of heat by the members of the 'Harper Government', when he said right out loud that the budget will take care of itself. Now the Oracle of Ottawa knows that the young Justin is most certainly the 'Next One', and that what he just said was utter and proven truth. The Oracle of Ottawa had heard that line of thought before. It was mentioned by one of the great classical economists. The problem was that the Oracle could not remember which one it was. 

Justin Trudeau is right. The budget Will take care of itself...
 The answer came to the Oracle of Ottawa totally by accident and perhaps by Divine intervention, when by chance he was reading the 2005 edition of David N. Weill's most excellent book Economic Growth. The quote and author that the Oracle was seeking occurs on page 332, at the head of Chapter 12, the chapter on government. It was then a very easy step to source the quote perfectly at the Adam Smith Institute page that popped up with an elementary Google search. 

What the young Justin took so much heat over, was indeed the same attitude of Adam Smith himself! The Hallowed father of capitalism and modern economics. It must be very embarrassing to conservatives of the 'Harper Government' that the leader of the Third party (at present), knows his Adam Smith better then the lacky conservatives that claim to be his soul and authentic voice. 

Again this proves rather strongly, that Adam Smith was anything but a right wing neo-con wacko. To any one who has carefully read The Wealth of Nations in its unabridged massive whole, one soon see's that Adam Smith would be right at home as Finance Minister in the next Trudeau government! If you carefully read Adam Smith's greatest work and then read Capital by Karl Marx, Book I, you will soon come to the incredible realization that not only was Adam Smith the father of economics, he was the first Marxian, way before Karl Marx! 

                                           Soon - The 2015 Liberal Campaign Theme Song?

Proof of this is the creation of the concept of the idea of Surplus Labour, asking any right winger who the father of that idea was, will always lead to the answer that it was Karl Marx, which would be totally wrong. It was an idea, and a very true and important one, that Karl Marx borrowed from Adam Smith! Yes that young Justin Trudeau is indeed very well informed, indeed...

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pauline Marois - Just A Rube After All?

All bribery and injustice will be blotted out, but good faith will last forever.
Sirach 40:12, The New Oxford Annotated Bible, Augmented Third Edition

Somewhere on the Marois campaign bus, a worker has picked the second shortest straw and is now composing the Leaders resignation speech. The worker that has picked the shortest straw, will start practicing reading the afore mentioned speech in the bus washroom mirror, in both official languages, of course. There have been some insane train wrecks in Quebec lately, but the utter crushing of the Bloc Quebecois that it is going to receive tomorrow will put even Lac Megantic way back onto page eight of the history books.

And the winner is...

At first even the Oracle of Ottawa was sure that the mighty Pauline had it all wrapped up in a bright blue and white ribbon. The secular charter was just the thing to reach out through the virtual information smoke in rural Quebec where essentially all political decisions get made. It was all so perfect that the Oracle was sure the election would lead to a huge majority, and a lot less strange garb and headgear assorted all around. Where and how did it all go so wrong? How did Pit Bull Pauline snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory?

As a public service to his world wide Dear Readership, the Oracle of Ottawa feels compelled to provide the much needed public service of a detailed explanation of the rapidly approaching ideological train wreck. In plain "H'english" the thing all went kaboom the day that Pauline Marios announced the star candidate Pierre Karl Peladeau! Otherwise known throughout the rest of Canada as PKP, which is not a sign of respect, but allows us to identify him without having to risk puking by saying his name out loud. To put the event in context, imagine Jesus Christ appointing King Herod as head orphanage inspector. The Oracle is sure that everybody gets it now...

                                                               The Fatal Turning Point...

The Oracle of Ottawa realized right then and there that it was all over. Not only would it be over this time, but for all time. As the great American novelist Harold Robbins often said; Dreams Die First.  She was prepared to sell her soul and all those souls of Quebec forever, to feed one more time at the trough undisturbed. All backed up and sanctioned by the minions of the New World Order. Not even the most diehard seperatist in Quebec would sell his soul to the likes of PKP, for an all expense paid return to medieval feudalism.

It is all about the last wild flings of a generation. A generation that was very much like your average Chinese peasant, one that has had it's head up it's ass since birth. The law of genetic drift works everywhere as surely as the economic law of one price.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Chinese Peasants Hear Ping? Ya Right...

All that destroys social unity is worthless; all institutions that set man in contradiction to himself are worthless.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, The Social Contract

The Oracle of Ottawa is really trying to give this blogging thing a break. But stuff keeps popping up on my Sony flat screen X series television that really pisses the Oracle of Ottawa totally off. The most recent occasion of such an affront happened right this very morning on CTV News Net. There was a breaking news report that a Chinese ship Haixun 1  has detected a black box ping nearly thirty days after the vanishing of flight MH 370. The Oracle of Ottawa says: total bullshit.

The paper tiger sweats it out...

There is also a British nuclear submarine in the search area along with a British Royal Navy surface ship also deploying the weird manta ray towed submersible device. Of course the Chinese Peasant technology is way better then imperialist gaijin technology. That of course is why there still is no confirmation at the time of this writing. If the report was true, the Brits would have most certainly picked it up also. If they had picked it up it would all be a simple matter of crossing the bearing lines, and the mystery of MH 370 would have been solved by now.

But alas, another report that crossed the Oracles TV screen later in the day contained the revelation that the owners of said flight MH 370 were very behind in their planned maintenance of such unimportant things as black box underwater sea pingers. Therefore there is simply no way that box is or was even pinging at such a late time after the vanish without a fresh recently installed battery. The Oracle of Ottawa is certain that he can explain all the false and recent news announcements of the said Chinese Peasants Republic.

The Oracle of Ottawa strongly suspects that by now the peasants survivors that have been ruthlessly expended by a very botched false flag operation are in quite an unpredictable state, that is spreading all over the China mainland. It is only with the greatest difficulty that the head Chinese Peasants are keeping the lid on. It is now appearing to the head Chinese Peasants that the old rule of thumb of 'there is more were they came' from is no longer working....