Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Does Kevin O'Leary Add Up?

From thir own mouths; all is not theirs it seems;
John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book IV,  Line 513

One true fact about Kevin O'Leary is that he is a good little employee. He never misses a chance for even more and further media exposure. He has become so good at it that the Oracle of Ottawa has given up watching business news on CBC altogether! The main show that the great Mr. O'Leary does is called The Lang O'Leary Report. Now the Oracle of Ottawa holds Amanda Lang in the highest regard. She is truly Canadian Establishment royalty. She is very well educated and you don't have to read her (true) Wikipedia bio to find this out, all you have to do his listen when she talks. But when I see her on television with the likes of Kevin O'Leary it reminds me of a dangerous violent personal relationship that some good women will find themselves in, that I am sure dear reader, you have seen in your lifetime at least one time before. You know, the good hearted high class woman stuck with a skidmark wanta'be who in his darkest heart of hearts truly resents and hates her guts. If  I was Amanda Lang's husband I would put my foot down on this and hard. Mark my words dear readers! The Oracle of Ottawa always feels she is in mortal danger around this "actor."

Kevin O'Leary - Really?

Now it just so happened that I heard of Mr. O'Learys new upcoming show "Redemption" which is based on the most bullshit premise that I have heard of to date! The greasy Kevin O'Leary is going to front an ex-con in some small business and be the poor suckers "mentor"! Then, let me guess, he will arrange for the ex-con to appear on the Dragon's Den to steel his business from him for chump "venture capital"! Like Mr. O'Leary always says; "It's all about the money..."  But I digress. I just wanted to find out the true dirt on this greasy little shit. And of course, there is the article about him on Wikipedia.

Imagine my surprise, at the time of this writing, that Mr O'Leary is claiming a net worth of 6 billion dollars! And that is US Dollars, thank you very much! Why that would mean that he is one of the richest people in Canada! But alas, this is something that is all very carefully tracked. All you have to do to confirm this is check out the Wikipedia article entitled List of Canadians by net worth. This article, is properly sourced, and can be considered very reliable. It seems that Mr. O'Leary is absent at the 6 billion dollar level (Canadian) and well, much to my surprise,  he is absent from the list altogether! Now the wording, like the actor, is all rather greasy. And of course it could all be an accident, an overzealous fan. But go down to the bottom of the article and hit the link O'Leary Funds Inc. Now when you get to the page hit the About Us tab and click on the Company link.

"Prior to his work in media, Kevin O’Leary built SoftKey into The Learning Company and a valuation of $4.2 billion".  
It "implies" that there is a link between Kevin O'Leary and $4.2 billion. Now we have two mistakes, of course...  The only conclusion one can come to is more than clear. And it is grounds for dismissal with cause from the CBC.

Nuff said?


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  2. At the time of writing this article, the US dollar was worth less than the loony. Thank you very much.

  3. your a fucking idiot, it doesn't really matter how much he is worth, I believe that your envious of his success, and not taking into account how had he has worked for his money. I feel that you should take your idea and view that nobody cares about and ram it up your shitter. Wikipedia is not a reliable source... its not peer reviewed and any person can edit it. You saying wikipedia is credible you are just being incredibly stupid.

  4. i love the guys sense of humor but don't really like that he's canadian. Yep thats a small c, Nothing new, a disfunctional guy thats got a learning disability, and a great chip on his shoulder. Thanks For Helping the kids read, awfully cool and obviously the right brain makes up for the lack of left brain function.

  5. Hey Milton,
    If you are going to publish an article and state your backup is Wikipedia than I think you should be cleaning toliets! I know what a fraud O'Leary is and you now have categorically arrived in his stratosphere as well. Congratulations for stealing my time reading your rubbish