Sunday, July 17, 2011

Air Canada - First World Carrier? -

Since there is no telling in advance where it may lead, reflection can be seen as dangerous.
Simon Blackburn, Think, p. 11

You know your getting old when you can remember the days when Air Canada was a posh airline! You know, back in the days of unopened sky's? When there was still first class. When the Canadian Government owned it. And all the repair work was done by the actual airline! When you could get on your flight like boarding a city commuter bus. The happy, contented and well paid employees. All just fond memories now.

Air Canada DC-8 - The good old days....

Today I would just rather stay at home then to fly anywhere. As I watch my television and listen to the stories of grossed out and forever offended travelers, I scratch my head in utter amazement. Mostly amazed that I still have hair and that I am well enough off that I don't have to fly anywhere. Just when you think it couldn't get any worse, it couldn't sink lower, up step the mindless corporate idiots digging a new lower level of hell for the never to end spiral to the bottom. Dante himself would be amazed...

I am of course referring to the Michel Thibodeau court victory of a crummy $12,000 for not being served in French on a flight between Ottawa and Montreal! Geez! You would think that you wouldn't be able to be served in English on that route! Screw the Canadian Constitution! That is all just dead Liberal stuff now! Air Canada is pursuing the new paradigm; Walmart of the skies! Have a nice day! Everything will be fine as long as you speak "white" partner!

dog pound of the sky!
 What amazes me the most is the insane value that Air Canada places on $12,000 and yet is ready to risk the loss of 12 to 120 million in future revenue! Does this make any sense at all? Do you really think the high dollar European Union traveler is going to risk flying Air Canada? Hardly! I wonder how many languages are spoken on any Air France flight to any where? I am pretty sure it is way more than just French! But of course I am confusing today with yesterday again. The days when an international airline was considered a posh cosmopolitan business. My bad! The days back when you could  rest assured that on any flight leaving the confines of an English speaking province anywhere in Canada you could be pretty confident of being served at the minimum of the Big Four languages. English, French, German and Spanish.

But all the multi-lingual types that used to be standard at Air Canada have moved on to better and greener pastures, like driving a cab...

What!? Not satisfied?

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