Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kathleen 'Hurricane' Wynne Shames The 'Harper Government'

Force, not opinion, is queen of the world.
Blaise Pascal, Pensees, No. 421

Could it be? Could it really be true? Could the Province of Ontario actually have their own 'Hurricane Hazel' in Kathleen Wynne? The Oracle of Ottawa was hoping for the best, and so far the Oracle has been mightily impressed. Politically, Kathleen Wynne, is as slippery as a Calgary wildcatter soaked under his own gusher.

Kathleen 'Hurricane' Wynne

There have been a lot of days since the commencement of the 'Harper Government' train wreck, that the Oracle of Ottawa was so depressed with the direction that Canada was being taken that he simply couldn't write this blog or do much of anything else. But as the Oracle of Ottawa  has related recently, the 'Harper Government' has reached and passed the critical 'puke point' with the Canadian public. That is the point where all the standard hateful right wing shit would start to back up. The point where the 'Harper Government' would rudely discover, that after all, many Canadians do care.

For the 'Harper Government' it is all downhill from here on in. Just like that other wack ball conservative from back in the 1950's. Conservatives chasing political power is like a dog chasing a hub cap. The only way to break them of their insane habit is to stop the car. The dog is then infinitely confused. Just like the Conservatives in power. But the Oracle of Ottawa digresses...

The awesome good news of the day was heard on the CBC radio in the car this afternoon. It seems that the critical and world famous Experimental Lakes Area research station is going to be saved after all. It was slated for closure by the idiots of the 'Harper Government' to save a paltry two million dollars! The international condemnation has and will reduce the Canadian GNP by a more than a couple of beeps. Which if we had a finance minister that could understand it, is going to cost way more than two million dollars.

It seems that the Ontario Premier has rounded up some friends of the same mind, and has pulled the rug out from under the 'Harper Government'. The 'Harper Government' never suspected that any one would step up  for a stupid science lab way the hell out in the middle of nowhere. You could see the shock of Tony 'Two Tier' Clement in the media scrums. But the word on the Hill is that he is quiet glad it is all over, now his evenings are free again to catch up on the complete Flintstones cartoons that he recently acquired in DVD. For poor Tony, the Flintstones are the kind of scientific documentaries that he can really get his head around!

Of course, just as Kathleen Wynne was making the announcement, Tim 'Chain Gang' Hudak was on the media with how terrible an idea it is, to embarrass the 'Harper Government'. And really, where is Ontario going to get all of a crummy two million dollars!? It is great that poor Tim has a job now. He seems to make Kathleen Wynne look good at every turn, unfortunately for him though, the process seems to be totally one of the the reversible kind! But he will of course survive, conservatives love looking like idiots...

Of course there is a rumor going around Ottawa how the Ontario Premier is going to raise this chump change and a mountain more. It goes like this: So, you want to become a Private, Public Partner of the Ontario people,.....      

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