Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Where O' Where is Pierre Poutine?

Elections are about fucking your enemies. Winning is about fucking your friends.
James Carville, 1992, Quoted by Hunter S. Thompson, Better Than Sex, p.189

As predicted in earlier posts the Oracle of Ottawa has got it right and early again. Robo-gate continues to unfold. It is the 'Harper Government' version of Nixon's Watergate! Unlike Nixon who just attempted to break into one isolated place, the 'Harper Government' or the minions thereof went very many degrees better than that. Through the alleged use of massive robot phone dialers, big, ugly, right wing government imposed themselves as officials of Elections Canada. Sending the gullible to polling stations hither and yawn that of course did not even exist. Many narrow races were decided in the 'Harper Government' favor.

Wanted: Pierre Poutine - off white complexion
and very greasy

One character has already reached for the top of the bucket of swill and will not go away. The name Pierre Poutine just keeps being mentioned. Watergate had Deep Throat and Robo-gate has Pierre Poutine! The lineup is already starting to gel. At least Richard Nixon had guys like E. Howard Hunt and John Dean. The 'Harper Government' has? Yeah... They are so fucked, aren't they?

Please Sir, can I have some more?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Meme - The New Government?

meme -  A meme is a cultural object like the mini skirt, the computer virus, or the belief in ghosts, that can  be replicated or passed on, and which in the process of transmission evolves and seems to have a life of its own.
Simon Blackburn, Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy, p. 237

What the hell is a meme? Well it is all pretty complicated and yet all pretty simple. For a detailed explanation the Oracle of Ottawa has provided a link to the article in Wikipedia, that just about covers the history and basic explanation of the beast. The reason I am going about this esoteric word and concept originates from watching the effect of a very powerful internet meme in the form of Anonymous. As per earlier posts the Oracle of Ottawa was just mesmerized at the effect that an internet meme could have on an elected democratic government!  It is all getting rather McLuhan-esk isn't it?

Anonymous - Government by meme?
 Then it hit me! Could all government in the future be by and through Anonymous memes? Ponder that dear reader! Think of it, sort of like an election that is never ending and continually evolving! I guess the evolution of this modern form of government will be somewhat slowed down in Canada as the Conservative Party of Canada has attempted to find the Anonymous meme in Contempt of the House! I couldn't make that up dear reader, so you can bank on it as truth.

Here is more information than you probably need. Ponder government of the future....

Monday, February 27, 2012

Anonymous Found In Contempt?

Buy the ticket, take the the ride. Some will march on a road of bones, and others will be nailed up on telephone poles. That is the way it works.
Hunter S. Thompson, Better Than Sex, p.230

The Oracle of Ottawa knew it was going to be hot. But the Oracle of Ottawa had no idea it would all be so bizarre! Yes, dear readers, it was Question Period in the House of Commons again today, after a one week break. There is Bill C-30 and the new and rapidly breaking scandal of the Robo calls which the Oracle of Ottawa has dubbed Robo-Gate! And which I predict will ultimately lead to the downfall of the Tory Bund of Darkness.

Thanks for the help Anonymous!!
 And as hoped, Question Period was just wild. It was revealed that it was the Liberals (!) that were behind the "vicki leaks" Twitter site! I have to admit I was very proud of Bob "The Builder" Rae. I did not think that the Liberals had it in them any more. Perhaps there is hope after all for the natural party of Leadership of Canada.
 But the real good bits came after Question Period! Usually that part after Question Period; "Points of Privilege" is a total bores nest. But not today. It was the most bizarre thing the Oracle of Ottawa has ever witnessed while watching the proceedings in the House.

It all went on for quite a while, and the language got all legally obtuse on the Oracle of Ottawa, but I believe that the nut of the thing was that some Tory back bencher actually got the Speaker of the House to find the online personality "Anonymous" in contempt of the House of Commons! Yes, I know, not even the Oracle of Ottawa could make this up! This online entity has got the 'Harper Government' Bund totally in a panic! They can not control this, and there are in near total panic. It was all a total jaw dropper! Thank you God for Anonymous.... The first internet meme that has been found in contempt of democratically elected Parliament! Every one take a bow!

 Every little bit helps!! Keep the pressure on! Never give up....

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Richard Milhous Harper?

And in all of my years of public life, I have never obstructed justice. And I think, too, that I can say that in my years of public life, that I welcome this kind of examination because people have got to know whether or not their President is a crook. Well, I'm not a crook. I've earned everything I've got.
Richard Milhous Nixon, Press conference, Walt Disney World,  November 17, 1973

As the Oracle of Ottawa has repeatedly stated in this humble blog, a twelve member majority in the House of Commons, is hardly a major majority. And the Oracle of Ottawa has told his dear readers many times that it could and most probably will vaporize in a mere flash of a moment in time. Imagine the scenario! Elections Canada and the RCMP, guided by the Communications Research Establishment and no doubt CSIS, slowly get the goods on the various dirty tricks onslaughts, and one by one the by(e)-elections are ordered. And, one by one, the strong, stable Conservative majority government dissolves away like a really bad dream.

When the going gets weird....

We all know that in the light of a really bright day, there is no honor among thieves and conservatives. The ensuing "circle jerk" of give ups will result in some very high profile mandatory sentences of your favorite family values candidate and present member of parliament! Why the Oracle of Ottawa fore see's one particular young angelic choir boy heading up for a stretch in Federal penitentiary, where he will  finally be able to get some real praying in. They really love them young and pretty in Kingston! Barhaven will be lonely without him... 

In one respect we can all sleep well and easy tonight. Canada is not going to the "Right" after all! There was no way that the right wing wack-balls of the 'Harper Government' could have possibly won a majority government fair and square! The election for the members of the 41st Parliament was a fraud after all! But not even the Oracle of Ottawa in his most fowl and cynical mood, could have for-scene the utter sleaze of it all!
Old Steve will say he had no knowledge of the alleged dirty trick campaigns, but it will be all for nought (knot?). It happened on his watch and he will be ultimately held responsible. Sounds like a great place in Canadian history!

Is this the way it will look in Ottawa shortly? (Is that Hunter S. Thompson at 2:35, just like he wrote about it?)

More Than A Thousand Clicks

Sorry. We almost had our hands on it - but they double-crossed us once again. Politicians. Shit on them. Good luck Bubba. It's every man for himself now.
Hunter S. Thompson, Better Than Sex, p. 83

The Oracle of Ottawa tracks his readership. Yes he does. Writing this blog has been, at times, a lot like being married to a French girl, just like talking to yourself! The hog is in the tunnel and both ends are closed up. No ribs on the table any time soon. But lately, and becoming more often, several readers are flattering the hell out of the Oracle of Ottawa by searching for this blog with the search words "Oracle of Ottawa  and Hunter S. Thompson"! At first I thought it was my young niece, one of the few of my personal circle who knows the author of this gibberish. But she does not live in the United States or Australia! If you were hoping that this will keep the Oracle of Ottawa going, well you bastards, you got it!

Hunter S. Thompson - The Great Doctor....

With the coming of Bill-C30 in Canada, the Oracle of Ottawa contemplated, but only for a moment, shutting down this blog, before the cops and or CSIS come to my secure bunker and kick down the door. But, fuck it, I am going to pound this gibberish out until they carry me away! If I can't gonzo the creeps that I am paying for to take this country apart, what kind of society am I living in?

Gonzo! I'm bringing it back....

Who would have thought after the 1970's were in and done that it would all pop up again? And who in their wildest dreams thought that it would all pop up in of all places Canada? But hey Bubba! It is all coming down here in Canada. The Oracle of Ottawa finds it difficult to believe that no one at the Prime Ministers Office of the 'Harper Government' ever read the works of the great Doctor! You would think that the lessons were learned and all the jail time was served. But you would be wrong on all counts. We have a scandal that is going to blow in the next weeks, that will give Watergate a total run for its money.   

Watergate was just a freak'in break in. Robogate, that recently discovered scandal in Canada, is way worse, if you can even conceive of that! On the last Federal Election day in Canada the 'Harper Government' and / or its minions, had robo dialers located in Alberta, owned by some company called Rack9, calling thousands of people all over Ontario, posing as an official of Elections Canada, telling voters that their polling stations had been changed and / or moved! There were over fifty seats decided in Ontario by less than five percent of the popular vote! The 'Harper Government' stole the last election! We presently have a totally illegitimate "majority" government in power! Richard Nixon is roaring with laughter from the deepest circle of Hell.

Gods speed you poor fools!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Alain Mercier - Compensation Package?

There are countries where a man is worth nothing; there are others where he is worth less than nothing.
Baron Montesquieu, The Spirit of the Laws, Volume II, Book XXIII, Section 17

Well, we all now know how to leave a job large. Just screw up early and often! The only thing that shocked the Oracle of Ottawa about this matter more than why the City just didn't leave it's former manager "under the bus" with nothing, is why Diane Deans appeared to be all choked up about it! Gee whiz! The City of Walmart regularly discharges union hands, often with over twenty years of good service, with nothing! No one seems to get very choked up about that. But the Oracle of Ottawa supposes it is that ethereal bond of the managing class that arises when one of the class invariably has to offered up to the great mass of the unwashed skidmarks in the symbol of sacrifice so that that the remaining weakness of the class can continue to subsist. Well at least until the next election.

Relief has finally arrived at OC Transpo....

Meanwhile down at the union office, the posh French bubbly flowed like the Ottawa River past Hull in springtime! The very rotund Gary Q. had the look of a very satisfied man. There will be, no doubt, very many more media opportunities for the rotund Gary to grab onto the Mayors podium with both hands to reassure the good stakeholders of the Great City of Ottawa that someone indeed has a full package, and is wearing the pants! It just isn't the guy that you voted for in the last municipal election....

John "The Don" Manconi is the newly annointed chief of the OC Transpo crew. Here is a guy that has gotten deeply in touch with his inner godfather. It is all simply a matter of being a stand up guy, and making sure that everyone knows "what it is"...

Good Riddance!! Everything, and I mean everything this actor touched transformed itself into a screw-up...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Does Everything Come In Threes?

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.
Matthew 18:20, King James Version

As per program, the Oracle of Ottawa has kept motoring on with his little "Thinking About Thinking" project. And as fate and accident would have it, the Oracle of Ottawa thinks he has found a very important pattern of all things real and temporal. It seems that every process reduces to essentially three steps. And when these are acted on by a whole bunch of "agents" you end with some thing called a "complex adaptive system". Which on the surface appears to be immensely complicated, but in reality is something that indeed can be gamed? I will list a few examples.

Complex adaptive system....
 Labor - Capitalist - Consumer

Father - Son - Holy Ghost

Up - Down - Sideways

Buy - Sell - Hold

Rock - Paper - Scissors

Win -  Lose - Tie

Long - Short - Straddle

Capitalism - Socialism - Fascism

Well those are a few of the basic systems, I am sure there are more.  The Oracle of Ottawa will continue to ponder the subject...

Some stuff to ponder...Now I am back to think about thinking....

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bill C-30 - Canadian Tourism Report

The old civilizations claimed that they were founded on love or justice. Ours is founded upon hatred. In our world there will be no emotions except fear, rage, triumph, and self-abasement. Everything else we shall destroy — everything.
George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty Four, Part III, Chapter 3

If the Oracle of Ottawa was a high end European Union or British Commonwealth tourist contemplating a trip to Canada in the near future, I would honestly have to advise you to give it a pass. You see, well, how can I explain this? Canada is under social deconstruction at the present time. It has been a slow and gradual process starting in 2006. But the progress was not very quick at that time, due to the Harper Government only holding a minority in the House of Commons. Of course, as you no doubt know, in 2011, they finally achieved through an utter fluke of democracy and the knotty bits of the first past the post electoral system, their long dreamed of stable majority Conservative government.

Welcome to Canada!

The process of social deconstruction has really gathered steam. The long-gun registry and all the files that went with it are history. Many long lived and very socially equitable institutions such as the Canadian Wheat Board have already been dismantled. All of our most cherished social programs are now in the line for future dis-assembly. Old Age Security has been designated as the next big thing to be gone. Along with our treasured one tier, no exceptions, health care system is no doubt next.

But the worst thing so far, and it is really scary, has been the introduction of Bill C-30. This is essentially  a reintroduction of the ancient English Star Chamber. Its main purpose is given as something else, but its real purpose is to crush any and all dissent concerning the wonderful and new improvements of the 'Harper Government'. The main piece that is causing an incredible uproar in Canada is the possibility of warrant less searches by the police at the behest of the 'Harper Government' and / or any of its minions, at any time, for no particular reason. The Oracle of Ottawa has tried to find the exemption for foreign nationals on vacation in Canada in the proposed bill, but as of yet, I have yet to locate the clause that states the exception. It therefore falls upon the Oracle of Ottawa to warn any and all tourists that any and all of your communications could be monitored and offered back to your home government as a favor and / or leverage.Just thought you should keep that in mind.

Once I lived in an equitable, benevolent, Just Society... Now? I have no idea where this is all going to end up....

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Please XXX - Don't Write That Blog...

How can despotism abide with honor?
Baron Montesquieu, The Spirit of the Laws, Book III, Section 8

It is not often that Canada gets like this. There are those handful of occasions in the Oracle of Ottawa's lifetime when you can just feel in Ottawa the whole country writhing in utter rage and agony. Those times when you wonder if the Canada that you have known and loved will even survive. The FLQ Crisis, Meech Lake, and all the Quebec Referendums come vividly to mind. But the days of late with the introduction of Bill C-30, Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act , and the insane pronouncements of the Minister of Public Safety; Vic "The Dic" Toews, this is one of those occasions. Possibly the worst one ever, so far, in our lifetimes.

Vic Toews - Minister of  Panic

Earlier this evening, as the Oracle of Ottawa was reposing deep in his secure bunker, somewhere in Ottawa-South, awaiting the beginning of the National from the dearly beloved "state broadcaster" the CBC, the Oracle of Ottawa's secure land line to the outside world rang. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX








Enough said?






Geez! You know it's bad when even Sun News starts sounding like Liberals!  Brian Lilleys journalistic balls finally drop! I really hate to admit it, but a hell of a good piece. Listen carefully...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Is It Time To Nationalize CPAC?

My business is not to make people read, but to make them think.
Baron Montesquieu, The Spirit of the Laws, Book XI, Section 20

A you know dear reader, the Oracle of Ottawa truly believes that there are some things that are too important to be left to a mere business to run. And I am quickly coming to the realization that one of these things is CPAC, the Canadian Public Affairs Channel. Is it the Oracle of Ottawa that is the only observer to notice that whenever there is a really hot Question Period on any given day that there seems to be a lag of posting that certain day to the video play list right away as per usual of all the boring non-eventful days?

Give it back to the CBC?

This also seems to be the case of really hot committee hearings. Do you remember that crazy Quebec media lord and his lawyer? I believe it was the freedom to access of information committee, whereby the said media lord and his awesome attorney crashed and burned, to such an extent that even Sun News cut off the live coverage! It seemed to be weeks before that particular committee segment, in its entirety, finally got on the rotation. The Oracle of Ottawa must come to the conclusion that a little social engineering is in order.

A public affairs radio station? Perfect!!

A little research will prove that the original plan for CPAC was the correct one. And the original plan was that CPAC was run and the sole franchise of the eminent and awesome "state broadcaster" the good old mother CBC! It appears to the Oracle of Ottawa that the CBC should be given a large budget increase, and the return of the CPAC channel. It is quite probable that the present Minister of Canadian Heritage James Moore, could do this at the same time as poking Sun News TV in both eyes! And to help pay the bills, the CBC could be granted the sole and exclusive right to advertise, but only for the CBC and its various entities. The Oracle of Ottawa is quiet sure that all the right wing media outlets will find this perfectly fair and equitable.

Some more Vic "The Dic" Toews,  What!?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Is Vic Toews After The Bloggers?

The progress of humanity is like climbing an endless ladder; it is impossible to climb higher without first taking the lower steps.
Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Volume I, p. 295

And the coming darkness continues to descend. The Wellington Street putsch continues anon! The demented outbursts by Vic "The Dick" Toews continue in the House of Commons. The next day he forgets that he said this or that. The Oracle of Ottawa truly believes what the great man says. I am firmly convinced that he hasn't the foggiest idea what he said yesterday.

Star Chamber in session under Henry VII...

Bill C-30, consisting of all 109 pages, is known by its short title Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act. It seems to be pretty draconian in tone and utterly slippery in its wording. Now we all know that there already a ton of provisions in the Criminal Code of Canada to catch the "kiddie diddlers". Why in a really good year in Canada the feds might bust a whole two dozen perverts! Out of a population of 35 million people it appears to be a virtual crime-a-geddon!

Star Chamber at Ordsall Hall
 Funny thing is though, when you read the proposed act, this blogger has yet to find the first reference to child and / or pornography! Very strange that, don't you think? It appears to the Oracle of Ottawa to be a very severe star chamber type of cover-all legislation that has very little do with pornography of any kind. It quickly appears to be a bill to quash any and all dissent of the 'Harper Government'. How soon will it be, do you think, dear reader, before the Mounties are at my door? And why haven't we even heard a peep from Google, Rogers, Shaw, and Bell? Have they already cut their deal? Could this be ordered by our new friends, the Peoples Republic of China? Many questions, pay attention folks....

 See! The Oracle of Ottawa is not the only one who thinks that Vic "The Dick" Toews is crazy!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

'Harper Government' - Dodging The Russian Wrench?

There's is no kill switch on awesome.
Dilbert, Daily Strip, February 11, 2012

The Oracle of Ottawa watch's Question Period everyday. And on a Friday you don't expect the Opposition to lob a "live one" on to the government just before the week end. Why, that is simply not sporting at all, is it? It seems to the Oracle of Ottawa that the NDP is finally getting the knack. It was all totally unexpected. Don Davies stood to his seat and asked a question of the Lackey of the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the person of one Deepak Obhrai, the sanest South East Asian of the Tory Bund, about the presently leaking truth, tearing around Ottawa about the real story of the great Canadian navy spy caper. You know, that matter of the forty year old navy subby, that has been recently arrested for something, concerning something secret.

'Harper Government' - State Security

The Oracle of Ottawa told you his dear readers, that the whole case just didn't smell right at all. And it turns out that the Oracle of Ottawa has hit it out of the park again! The whole case just didn't have the Russian finger prints on it at all! Again, ask yourself, why would the Russians risk an international incident for such low level fry? It just didn't add up, and it was confirmed on Friday last.

The truth of the seedy matter is that the Russians had nothing at all to do with it. It seems that in the panic, someone in someones office knew that the Russians were swapping out four members to be home in time for Russian Orthodox Christmas. Someone went to the Russian Ambassador to Canada and ask him to play along! With all the aplomb and protocol of very seasoned diplomatic hands, what could the Russian Ambassador do? But as time progressed and no real solution came up, the 'Harper Government' started to write the Russians off as a bunch of chumps! Big, stupid mistake! The Russian Ambassador, feeling his honor somewhat imposed upon is now discreetly allowing the truth of the matter out to the local vulgar media.

You know that is was all true with the answer that the 'Harper Government' supplied through old Deepak; "This matter relates to national security, I have no further comment, thank you..." ! That is the same as saying "Mr. Speaker, I have been totally exposed, and I am fuck'in dead in the water (D.I.W.), thank you Mr. Speaker..". So if it isn't the Russians, who the hell is it? Well, the Oracle of Ottawa has his coin on the Peoples Republic of China. What? Did I guess too good? 

Wall-E goes to work....

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vic Toews To Harvest Torture?

In view of the granite stupidity of our humanity, we have no need to be surprised at the outcome.
Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Volume II, p. 375

It all just seemed to slip out in Question Period on Tuesday last. The Oracle of Ottawa is only writing about now since it has taken that long for the full import of the Minister of Public Safety's latest directive to sink into this far lefty's mind. In yet another breathtaking demonstration of what truly appears to be early onset senility, the great man in the person of Vic Toews, has again set off another grenade, but as per usual he threw the pin but held onto the grenade! There is no doubt that the monthly allotment of Advil at the Prime Ministers Office has all but vanished in the last twenty four hours.

Vic Toews moves Canada up to the big time...

The nut of the matter seems to be that the great minister has released a directive to CSIS employees that they are to use information that has been extracted by the use of torture! The matter was brought to the attention of the House by Jack Harris of the NDP. You would think that the Minister would "clarify" the matter, but old Vic "brain dead" Toews would have none of that and proceeded into the swamp with his response. "To protect Canadian life and property!"  There seemed to the Oracle of Ottawa to be way to much emphasis on the property. But that is just probably me.

Welcome to the New World Order!

It was in a very short time that more alert minds of the House, picked up on the dreadful import of the Ministers gibberish. In a moment Bob"the builder" Rae was trying to get a feel for the extent of the damage that this would cause. It appeared that the Minister of Public Safety was amazed that we are signatories to certain treaties and conventions, that sort of somewhat limit our ability to allow such directives and other slipshod missives of the Minister to be even taken seriously. One can only guess at the speed and extent of the great mans memory loss, or the even more frightening fact that he didn't have a clue in the first instance!  

Soon Question period was over, and then it was back to the business of the House. The matter being discussed was bill Bill C-19. The Act to Abolish the Long Gun Registry. The Opposition is fighting tooth and nail to ensure that the existing data banks of all the registered firearms is not destroyed by the "Harper Government"! Then I felt that chill and the hair on my back stood straight up. It seems that the "Harper Government" prefers the solidity of information extracted from torture over that that has been truthfully compiled and paid for by the Canadian people, for their own protection and well being... Ponder that dear reader...

Bob "the builder" Rae tries to bring some sanity and decorum to comfort the appalled Canadian people.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

City Of Ottawa - Free Market Fail?

The most violent, mean and malignant passions of the human breast, the Furies of private interest. 
Karl Marx, Das Kapital, Buch I, Author's prefaces to the First Edition

When the Oracle of Ottawa first heard of the story on the local vulgar media about the City of Ottawa all but contracting out parking ticket placement on private lots to some company, the Oracle of Ottawa was appalled. The first picture that went through my mind was that often covered story of Ottawa's biggest slumlord, you know the one, that has the appalling third world conditions right here in Ottawa, that not even a City work order can get repaired...I somehow immediately pictured those guys with a City of Ottawa parking ticket hand held! While their tenants were living in water soaked squalor, with the roaches fighting for the kids dinner, there would be a minimum wage minion of a real estate scum lord out ticketing their cars! Who ever in their wildest dreams thought it would all come to this?

The City of whored out souls?

This is all the result of "reinventing government". For all of us taxpayers of a certain age, that are now referred as "old school", traffic tickets and parking tickets were deterrents, now they are part of an ever increasing tax base! One of the end results of this is that all future "developments" are going to be designed on purpose as parking lot hells just to keep the revenue flowing, not to the City, but to the "contractor"! Who ever thought that the Next Big Thing in Ottawa was going to be owning a Bill Collection agency! I am just thinking about that bit that was in the Sun about Ken Hughes and the young lad with the dozen traffic tickets that added up to $117,000. (See earlier postings) Wouldn't it be most prudent and ethical for an entity as large as the City of Ottawa to collect its own bills? You know like it was in the old days, before "amalgamation"?

There is only one thing to call this present situation; market failure! Rest assured dear reader, you will start to hear of ever increasing horror stories in the days ahead. As sure as market failure is inefficient, once the concept of "countervailing power" is ditched it is all third world from now on. It is all but bad enough to have a Mayor with the nickname "Gentleman Jim", the only worse nickname is "One Termer Jim."

Of course it cost the City "nothing" of 2.5 million dollars? We have many public housing units that could use serious renovation. And that rub of a corporate entity, that can park itself right on the doorstep of the Municipal Government power, leaves me feeling very uneasy indeed. But I guess, that is the subliminal message of the present "burgers" of Ottawa to the world, we have our price, and it is not very high....

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What Is Wrong With Wee Jimmy's Bottom?

Financial operations succeed more easily than battles.
Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Volume I, p. 235

The Oracle of Ottawa has told his many readers many times that there is much information to be gleaned just from watching Question Period closely. On Tuesday last the Oracle of Ottawa has noticed the very slow and gingerly motions of the Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty as he gingerly placed his fat bottom back into his seat after rising to answer questions. Whatever could be the cause of this recent malady?

Wee Jimmy...

All of us that know of such things have the answer of course. Wee Jimmy and his oppo John Baird have recently completed a "trip" to the Middle East. Upon  arrival, Wee Jimmy discovered much to his dismay that there were no Super 8 motels in said geographical location. The whole trip consisted of listening to John discuss the location of the button box for World War III, and how awesome it was to be alive in the "End Times", and the incredible beauty of the local Arab boys...Yes, indeed much work is to be done bringing peace ( a piece?) to the West Bank.

As the groggy Wee Jimmy sat to his seat in the House of Commons, he contemplated the paradox of peace in the Middle East. If only peace could flow through the Middle East as quickly as middle eastern food went through poor Wee Jimmy, why, they could disband the United nations in New York! And that damn jet lag! How in heavens name thought the Wee Jimmy, did that Henry Kissinger guy nearly live on a jet aircraft tearing all over the planet, for all those years during the mighty Nixon administration? Another wave of dizziness sweeps over the Wee Jimmy,  and he decides to contemplate this deep thought at perhaps another time.

Does this clip contain information, which may enlighten us to Wee Jimmies present malady?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Canada - A Fascist State?

"Elements include nationalism; hostility to ideals of equality; hatred of minorities, degenerates, and deviants; elitism; hostility towards the ideals of liberalism, and in particular towards freedom of expression; the cult of the charismatic leader or Ubermensch; belief in the destiny of the race; and a love of political symbolism such as uniforms and other emblems of militarism. The whole cocktail is animated by a belief in regeneration through energy and struggle."
Simon Blackburn, The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy, Entry: Fascism, p. 136 

The Oracle of Ottawa often hears the Tory Bund, or, better known as the Conservative Party of Canada, commonly referred to as fascist. But what is fascism? In accordance with the present and ever ongoing "Thinking About Thinking" project, the Oracle of Ottawa decided to some research and think on this on his  own. Consulting many reference works that are permanently on hand in the secure bunker, the Oracle of Ottawa has discovered the best definition of fascism in Simon Blackburn's self compiled Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy. I have included it as the entry quote to this pensive missive. Let us compare this definition piece by piece and see if there is any observational truth to this malicious rumor that the 'Harper Government' is in reality fascist.


Elements include nationalism; I don't know about you dear reader, but every time "Steve" stands up in public and calls Canada a "superpower" I just cringe! And there always seems to be mixed in a sort of a manifest destiny thing. I quite expect to hear that Canada needs breathing room in the next sentence, but that I suspect is being kept for later... 

hostility to ideals of equality; The 'Harper Government' is all for equality as long as it is not supported in any way with any form of tax revenue. Ideals of any kind are only successful if they pass the test of the crucible of the "free market".

hatred of minorities, degenerates, and deviants; This includes any one who is NOT a card carrying conservative, and is / or  a subject or ward under the Canadian Indian Act. 

elitism; this includes all institutions and pursuits that are posher than anything that could be created by the minions of the Sun News TV media outlet. Canada is indeed a very elitist based country! Who knew?

hostility towards the ideals of liberalism, (see hatred of minorities...)

 and in particular towards freedom of expression;  See text of the Safe Streets and Communities Act...And future legislation concerning most forms of modern communication.

the cult of the charismatic leader or Ubermensch; The Government of Canada is now referred to as the 'Harper Government', 'nuff said?

a love of political symbolism such as uniforms and other emblems of militarism. You have no doubt noted the intense pre-occupation with all things concerned with "power projection" and the shift of the Canadian image to the American imperialist image...Also includes the endless rehashing of past glories especially those of such that will not even be possible to duplicate under the present 'Harper Government'.

The whole cocktail is animated by a belief in regeneration through energy and struggle. See any of the footage posted on You-Tube of any 'Harper Government' cabinet minister... Well ok, the ones that are allowed to talk...

I will now leave you, dear reader, to ponder your own conclusions....

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Charles Adler - Gone A Leftie?

A few strong arguments are better than many week ones.
David Hume, A Treatise of Human Nature, Book II, p. 443

We all knew that the prisoner advocate lobby is very strong in Canada. But who knew that they were strong enough to get to Charles Adler? There is the John Howard Society, the Elizabeth Fry Society, and the Canadian Bar Association. To only name a very few. Why, the present Minister of Public Safety, Vic Toews would be very upset to find out that Charles Adler has fallen in with the "criminal lovers"!

Socrates had the right to die...

But that is what appears to have happened folks. Why the Oracle of Ottawa saw it on Sun News TV, so it has to be true! That segment where Charles argues for the right to die for Canadian prisoners serving very long sentences. Isn't it weird that as soon as Charles got to the big lights of media, he has converted into a leftie? As the Oracle of Ottawa as always said, Canada just happens to you eventually! And it seems to be no different with Charles Adler.

Who knew that one of the most requested human rights, the right to die at the time of our choosing, would be provided by the gap toothed, mouth breathing, knuckle dragging Social Darwinists of the 'Harper Government' of Steve Harper? Why with there strong majority Conservative government, they could ram through the right to die for Canadian prisoners serving long and / or life sentences. Then it would only be a matter of a very short time before a Constitutional challenge was launched by the Right To Die lobby and before you know it, ipso facto, it will be a done deal. As far as the far right Christians, fuck them, they can get there own lobby!

Perhaps the 'Harper Government' has accidentally found its legacy project after all! I mean after all, for crying out loud, Socrates himself, when condemned to death for violating piety and corrupting the youth of Athens was given the choice of drinking the hemlock or suffering the traditional death penalty! Gee! Who knew that Charles Adler ever read Plato? Well the Oracle of Ottawa has got to bring this little missive to a close. I have to get one of my people over to the office of James Moore so that he can get in Charles Adlers recommendation for the Order of Canada in to the PMO, before he is forced to sit as the first Independent Liberal, which by all accounts is going to happen very soon.

Basically every killer should have the right to commit suicide...and therefore so should all other Canadians! Thanks to the 'Harper Government' and Sun News TV, Canadians may soon have the right of legalized euthanasia

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pierre Hugues Boisvenu - Not An Accident

In a free nation it is very often a matter of indifference whether individuals reason well or ill; it is sufficient that they do reason: hence springs that liberty which is a security from the effects of these reasonings.
Baron De Montesquieu, The Spirit of the Laws, Book XIX, Section 27

Whenever a trial balloon by the 'Harper Government' goes wrong, the first statement made by the spin doctors and fart catchers is that even the other Conservatives are shocked. But make no mistake about it dear reader, this was no mistake. This was a carefully crafted and practised  trial balloon. Just to see what the reaction of the Canadian people would be. It is the thin edge of the future wedge under the door. The focus groups in Duck's Ass, Alberta just loved it!

'Harper Government' is bringing it back!
yes it is real..that was a human...

The Oracle of Ottawa finds it ironic that the 'Harper Government' would be willing to allow the right to die to murderers, but not to you and I! I mean, really, what is so special about murderers that they will get a major piece of social legislation before you and I and all the terminally ill across Canada? Gee-whiz! Those murderers get all the breaks. The rest of us have to keep going to the Supreme Court for the permission for the right to die! Perhaps the terminally ill ALS patient should just run someone over with there electric scooter?

The Oracle of Ottawa had no idea that the prisoners had such a powerful lobby! You see dear reader, the only thing that keeps you and I from having the legal right to the end of life is two very powerful lobbies. The first one is the huge retirement home real-estate investment trusts, and the second is the mega lobby of Big Pharma! I mean, really, how will the sales of retirement home shelter and the even more important sale of drugs to the people so incarcerated go if there are no such compliant raisins left to "harvest"? That would certainly be deemed a threat to the economy I should think...

What we really, really need in Ottawa right now is lots and lots of free Scotch and sleeping pills in the Conservative section of the Senate cafeteria!