Sunday, October 30, 2011

Noam Chomsky Delivers Sermon On The Mount

To form a clear idea of any thing, is an undeniable argument for its possibility, and is alone a refutation of any pretended demonstration against it.
David Hume, A Treatise of Human Nature, Book I, p. 89

It was a great relief for the Oracle of Ottawa, as we live in the end days, that we got one last chance to see in public media, in Canada, the greatest living voice of left wing dissent. I am of course referring to the legendary Noam Chomsky. The occasion was a lecture that he gave at University of Toronto, Hart House, Great Hall on or about April 07, 2011. The Oracle of Ottawa got to see it on TV Ontario on October 29, Saturday last. I am in the habit of always watching this lecture series on Saturday. But to see the great Noam Chomsky was indeed a very special event. I am only in my fifties and already I hate traveling, it must be way worse when you are in your 80's!
Noam Chomsky

Now correct me if I am wrong. But there have been lessor people of the far left who have been refused entry visas to Canada lately, a certain British Labour MP comes to mind, it perhaps must be that Mr. Chomsky is an American citizen  that allowed this memorable event to even happen? How long do you think this will go on? The Oracle of Ottawa soaked it up. The way things are going in Canada today I couldn't help but think of that popular T-shirt design of the 1970's of the little mouse giving the diving eagle the "finger"! The last defiant act.
Are we living in the time of the death of
the Social Contract?

Noam Chomsky slowly and masterfully delivered the complete playbook and all foot note hidden agenda's of the New World Order, and the 'Harper Government', that are soon to come or have already taken place. At several points the Oracle of Ottawa must admit, that he felt that all was already lost. What gave this lowly word pecker great cheer was the rapt faces of the youngsters and the oldsters that were in attendance. Forgive me, but, the event of the Sermon On The Mount came to mind over and over! Perhaps all is not lost! It appears that not everyone has sold their immortal souls for an M.B.A. degree and a lifetime of corporate maze running possibly ending with possession of the "corner" cubicle.

There is just that one bit that won't get out of my head. The key to the whole neo-liberal globalizing algorithm. And that is, first, to underfund what you want to destroy, wait for the complaints, and then privatize it all! It is just like what is going on in Canada at this very moment! It seems that the ancient and great tradition of the Social Contract is slowly being broken down ever so slowly right before our very eyes. One can not but help to think of Jane Jacobs and The Dark Age Ahead.  

The "gold" starts at 45:00...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Save A Beaver - Ditch A Tory!

The greatest works of art speak to us without knowing of us.
Alain de Botton, The Consolations of Philosophy, p.200

Are even the Senators of the 'Harper Government' sock puppets? Lately you know its Friday in Canada when you can expect a another brain-wave press release from the Prime Ministers Office. They always sneak them out on the slow news days or when they think you and I aren't really focused in and listening. Even while I heard the pitch I came quickly to the conclusion that Senator Nicole Eaton probably didn't even write that stupid piece of insanity! It was a proposal by some American evangelical contractor to the PMO hoping for the finders fee of working the polar bear into some kind of public private partnership with Disneyland!

Save a beaver - Ditch a Tory!

The whole idea of ditching the beaver for the polar bear is totally insane. Many of us Canadians with more than half a brain, i.e., those of us that are not Tory's,  prefer not to have our National symbols dinked with in  any manner or fashion, at any time. This is the same crowd that utterly flinch's when we here steve stand up in public and start spouting about Canada becoming an American style "world power". Hegemony is a total pain in the ass! And it is real expensive and usually leaves only a legacy of ashes! Ask all the families that lost their flesh and blood in stinking Afganistan! 

The Canadian people don't need some pathetic socialite with nothing better to do then color coordinate our National Symbols! The poor thing is going to be the laughing stock of the Senate Chamber until she "retires" or becomes senile! Perhaps the poor dear is suffering from "early onset" dementia as it is! This ain't the Royal Ontario Museum sweet heart. 

Did you know dear readers what colour a polar bear is under that white fur? Seriously, if you shaved a polar bear you will find that he is jet black! From the tip of his nose to his tail end! Which makes the Oracle of Ottawa think that this might a conspiracy of several present cabinet ministers who get blinking bung hole at the thought of the national symbol being able to do them like a big black...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

No Budget Cuts At CBC This Year

And grace that won who saw to wish her stay. 
John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book VIII, Line 43

How many mouth breathing, knuckle dragging, social Darwinist Conservative voters sit around the table at the local Tim Horton's are asking each other, ever so hopefully, how gay there local candidate is?  Rick Mercer in one of his recent rants is certainly going to break the hearts of many Tory voters and disappoint  many old ladies, in countless rural church halls!

CBC - Fear not fans!

How will it go down in Ducks Ass Alberta when they find their glory boy minister, the self proclaimed paragon of "family values", is in reality a most aggressive, foaming at the mouth, hind grinder? It all so remains to be seen. But you can count on it, that none of them will come out voluntarily! And nothing is so powerful as a prominent gay type chipping at his peers.

This is a weakness of the 'Harper Government' that I did not expect to come under scrutiny so soon in this mandate. And Rick mercer in his suicide rant is not shooting the shit when he says he knows (of?) cabinet ministers, why the Oracle of Ottawa can name at least four front line cabinet ministers. But I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise for the local riding associations and next years Oil and Gas show.

You can be assured that all this is going to cause some very weird shit to go down, forgive the pun, in the days and the months ahead. There is no country in the G20 that reeks of puss oozing hypocrisy more than Canada. And to see the offending boil lanced and exploding in all directions is going to be very much enjoyed. Plus all of us fans of the "state broadcaster" will have nothing to fear in the far foreseeable future as regards to CBC funding. I am sure all the pieces are in the can and just ready and waiting to be aired....

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Is CFB Petawawa Toast?

Does this mean base closures: Yes or No?
David Christopherson, House of Commons, Question Period, October 26, 2011

What does the Mighty Dave know that Peter "The Helo" MacKay wishes he didn't know? The Oracle of Ottawa has been watching the Conservatives for years now, and he has there game plan down cold! There is much information contained in every word and movement. After a while you can piece it all together, watching today can tell you what will happen exactly weeks from now!

CFB Petawawa entrance...

First of all Peter MacKay better stay away from card games! He is simply not capable of projecting the inscrutable wall. He tells like a bird, without even opening his mouth! Mighty Dave does have it all partly right. Let the Oracle of Ottawa flesh it all out for the dear readers. And it is a grimey, greasy two parter!

Angola Prison

First have you noticed that Cheryl Gallant of Renfrew—Nipissing—Pembroke just doesn't seem to be angry anymore? She has nothing to be happy about on the surface, she is certified BBFL (Back Bencher For Life..), skipped over for any job of real responsibility and yet she is all serene in the last little while. Why do you think that is? Well in her riding lies Canadian Forces Base Petawawa. It is a small base compared to say CFB Halifax, but it is huge in area. Over 300 sq. km.! Roughly two thirds is bordered by the Ottawa River, the rest is mostly fenced...
Now, promise not to tell anybody, it is the real home of  JTF2. It is supposed to be a secret but everyone in Pembroke Ontario will tell you if you ask and wink cute... That base has been there for over 100 years now. The Liberals left it alone since the sight of Airborne and JTF2 should never be seen or heard of in a civil society. And quite right they were about all such things.

Angola Prison, 1/3 the size of Petawawa...
 So where is CFB Petawawa going to be moved to? Well let the Oracle of Ottawa inform all the lads at the base that Indian curry and Bollywood movies will no longer require a very long drive. You see the Torys unlike the Liberals of the past, love to have the heavy hitters close by for show and crush, if you get my drift...What will that empty 300 sq. km. base be used for? I thought you would never ask...

Don't it make you feel all warm and cosy? Right out of the Tory Family Value Playbook, no?

Have you ever heard of Angola Prison? Also known as Louisiana State Prison. It is also known as the farm. It is a huge hell hole of a maximum security prison that runs a big farm, the place makes money! If you cop a sentence greater than ten years, no matter where you come from in the state you go to Angola. No one visits, it is that far out of the way... Well guess what? In Canada if you catch a sentence greater than ten years, off you will go to the Cheryll Gallant Super Max! It will be the only one in Canada. All the rest will be closed. Tons of savings! And it will make money! All that free slave labor, brilliant or what?

Can't ya just hardly wait? It will be great for tourism in Renfrew County. Ya Hoo!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

John Milton Wasn't A Philosopher?

Yet from these flames
No light, but rather darkness visible.
John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book I, Lines 62 - 63

What better time to talk about John Milton? Evil has descended upon the land, especially  here in Canada! Why today, the social deconstruction continues apace. New legislation to destroy the long gun registry was tabled. Rob Ford was frightened and called 911 over a visit by Marg Delahunty at his residence in Toronto. Rex Murphy appeared on Strombo, in the biggest reverse Judas act ever seen. The Oracle of Ottawa is convinced that we are living in the end times! Nothing is going to get any better. The neo-con conservative rule will continue to tighten. They will win an even larger majority in the next election. The Senate Chamber by then will be converted into a temple. The Speech From the Throne will be replaced with burnt offerings...The curtain of Canada will be rent asunder for all time!

John Milton

What better time to get into Milton's Paradise Lost? But before we do we must prepare the ground. What was the importance of John Milton to philosophy? Good, evil, power, gnashing of teeth, pretty common foundational philosophical issues, no? The Oracle of Ottawa must refer to a higher power. Pulling my copy of The Oxford Companion To Philosophy down from the shelf, I was shocked, shocked! That John Milton did not get an article in what I thought up to this point was a most excellent reference work and all around help. And to add insult to injury, I have the latest "New Edition"!

"sulphur and perfidy"

But, fear not, dear reader, the Oracle of Ottawa is most well resourced for a retired blue collar worker! We will just go up to the bigger guns! Pulling volume five down of my most treasured copy of The Encyclopedia of Philosophy edited by Paul Edwards, the day was saved! It contains a most brilliant erudite article of John Miltons importance to philosophy. "Milton was essentially a religious and ethical thinker, and his views are a striking blend of Christian humanism and Puritanism." This is most reassuring in this present age of sulphur and perfidy!

Yes but, what was the point? Yes, this article gets right to the very heart of the matter, in answering the question most brilliantly. " Central to Milton's conception of Christian liberty is the distinction between the Mosaic law, a law of bondage which extorts servile obedience through fear, and the gospel, which offers a free, elective and spiritual service based on mans filial relation to God." Now you to can understand Question Period!

What is the ultimate point? Again, quoting form the text: "This strong emphasis on inner law led Milton to the antinomian view that Christ, by his life and death, abrogated the whole Mosiac law, the moral parts as well as the judicial and ceremonial parts." Perhaps there is hope for the future after all?

Who would have guessed that Paradise Lost would become modern and contemporary?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Tips For Tourists To Canada

Since truth and falsity are opposites, falsity is to be found where it is natural for truth to be. It occupies the space reserved for truth.
Alexander Broadie, The Oxford Companion To Philosophy, p. 47

It is the hope of every civilized man that he will have one good idea or perform one service that will live on after he is gone. Canada is quickly becoming another place. It will soon be no longer the peaceable kingdom that I have known all my life. This is a heads up for all the high dollar tourists from the European Union and countries of the British Commonwealth. People coming from South America, Asia, and all you Talliban lads coming home for leave will be right at home in the new Canada.
Pack this! Essential for travel in Canada!!

We now have a right wing conservative government that is more crazy than the two terms of George W. Bush! The omnibus crime bill is now in second reading and is all but a done deal. Six plants or six seeds, will get you over ten years. Mandatory sentence, no appeal. This week apparently, the long gone registry legislation is planned to be introduced. You will not have to register most long guns such as rifles and shotguns. The Federal Conservatives have let it be known in the House of Commons that the present registry databases will not be turned over to Provinces that want to start a provincial gun registry! You can watch the actual footage of the senile Vic Toews say so to the members, live on CPAC. We are suffering the beginnings of a total social breakdown.

Rent the LAV III instead of an ordinary car...

Early in the new year, anyone will be able to go into any hardware store or big name box store produce cash and walk out with a fire arm. It is all as simple as that. Of course when this starts there will be no safe place. I feel that is my responsibility to warn you  to pack a very good quality bullet proof vest. If possible avoid renting an ordinary car. I strongly recommend the LAV III which will provide decent armour protection up to the .50 calibre size.... Better yet, I would strongly suggest that you make other arrangements if at all possible. This will be certainly be no place to honeymoon or to bring a family to.

Pack one of these - we can't take care of you....

The Oracle of Ottawa has lived a good life and has many pleasant memories of his trips to what is today the European Union. I had a wonderful time, and I really feel obligated to warn you guys away. This is not the worst of it I am afraid to tell you dear reader. There is still the Baby-Port legislation to be introduced. Probably early in the new year. If you want a detailed understanding of this upcoming legislation just get a copy of The Hand Maid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. you will pretty well have the whole picture after reading the book. Then, after that, it is rumoured that the Sharia Law Family Values Bill will be tabled, another omnibus piece of legislation designed to wring any remaining vestiges of liberality from Canadian society...

Soon every mouth breathing, knuckle dragging, social darwinist will be armed to the teeth! You have been warned..

Sunday, October 23, 2011

'Harper Government' - Showing Early Onset Wheel Wobble ?

Not everyone is worth listening to.
Alain de Botton, The Consolations of Philosophy, p. 33

If only the present members of the Conservative Party of Canada spent as much time in the Library of Parliament as they do at the members cafeteria and other assorted deep troughs that Ottawa has to offer, Canada would be experiencing a golden age not seen since Classical Greece! The Oracle of Ottawa can only go on what he has observed this week from the daily Question Period tapes and from the media releases. And it is such early days, and already the wheels are starting to wobble on several shaky wagons. It has all come as a real shock to the Oracle of Ottawa.

Mr. Creosote does dinner....

Most of the cracks are beginning to appear in the front row of the cabinet ministers! One of the most glaring is that of poor James Moore,  the ever enlarging, of late, Minister of Canadian Heritage. Is it just me, or is the brightest bulb in the wallmart cabinet transforming into Mr. Creosote before our very eyes? As far as I can tell it all seemed to start at the big victory convention held in Ottawa last summer. The mouth breathing hicks from out west started on him about being too liberal. And dissing Miss Krista on that Sun News TV interview. What of course they were really telling Jimmy was that he was getting way too popular! Poor James is in reality a hell of great guy. The Oracle of Ottawa can tell. A grand Liberal born into a backbiting, grasping, backstabbing Tory world. I figure when the heat gets turned up good and high he will cross or sit as an independent. The Opposition I am sure are keeping a list and they are checking it more than twice.

All queer art - back to the darkest vaults!

Then there is the horizontally challenged Minister of Labour. With her face becoming more ashen and fuller by the day, along with the desperate need for a fashion coach not to mention a personal trainer! Who would have thought the being at the top was ten times worse than the ride up? Welcome to Ottawa Minister! And the press! They are worse than a blood hound after an escaped convict!

Now we come to the Health Minister, who already has that glazed "deer in the headlights" look. What is this poor thing going to do when it gets real hot? Ottawa is no place for the challenged of cerebral density! It is not near a hundred days and already you can detect the jumpiness at Question Period. Not a good sign!

As the Bach recording is coming to an end so must this missive. And I have saved the worst till the last. Of course I am referring to our vertically challenged leprechaun of finance. When a Minister of the Crown is breaking into tears at a press meeting, the wheels are soon to come right off! (Ottawa Sun, Saturday, October, 22 2011, p. 18)  But all this was brought on by the said Minister himself. Those damn Europeans don't appreciate little bogy's from the colony's telling them in public how to run their business! He just can't understand it! He always shows up with the smartest central bank governor in tow, like a Fisher-Price pull toy on a real short string! Why doesn't any one love me? The best advice which I am sure I am not the first to offer is : SHUT THE FUCK UP JIMMY!!!! It is always much better to let people assume you are a git fool, without opening your mouth and constantly confirming it! It is no secret that the Minister hates unions, especially members of that god damned European Union!!

In closing, the Oracle of Ottawa must comment on the front page story on today's Ottawa Citizen, concerning the return of art works to the Art Bank of Canada now in various government offices throughout Ottawa. It seems that the "homo-erotic" works of one Evergon are being called in as if their present locations are going to serve as the Canadian Papal Nuncio in the near future! Nothing is further from the truth! All the said "home-erotic" works are being fought over fiercely by three secretly gay Ministers of the Crown, which of course must go un-named.....

A little plug and reality check of the vengeful Gods truth-tellers!!

The 'Harper Government' Chews Its Nuts

With deregulation, one sector of the economy after another is "liberated" to capital's unmonitored authority. The very notion that there is a public interest is contested. 
Herbert Schiller, Living In The Number One Country,  p. 92

It was Wednesday, October 19, 2011 that I first heard news of the "bizarre" exchange in the House Of Commons daily Question Period. The word was out about a statement that Pat Martin of the NDP made. Something about a beaver chewing its own nuts off...Of course, whenever Question Period is REAL good the lads at CPAC seem to be about a day or two late posting the stream. Why is that do you think?

Pat Martin - Winnipeg-Centre

It all left the Oracle of Ottawa feeling vaguely uneasy. This gradual selling out to the Yanks, I heard a story like this a few years ago, but I just can't exactly place it... Any way here for verbatim is the statement by the awesome and ballsy Pat Martin:

Mr Speaker; Folklore has it that the Canadian Beaver will bite off its own testicles when it is threatened and offer them up to its tormentors, but I think Mr. Speaker, that is a fitting metaphor for the way our Canadian Government reacts to bullying by trade issues by carving off pieces of our nation and offering it over to the Americans.....

This whole nightmare as it is now unfolding was used in something I had seen or read somewhere... Then tonight it came to me...I even lucked out and found a clip of the said scenario on You-Tube and I have placed it at the end of this post to jog the collective Canadian memory. who ever thought that the day would actually come....

Now tell me that this has not come to pass or is now in the process of coming to pass, the actual game plan is a little different, wheat instead of the water... I told you so.... Sounds just like the modern present Harper, Bilderberg Group, New World Order play book don't it?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thieving Tory Bastards - Leave The Board Alone!

There are so many ways in which language can be used to manipulate an audience. One obvious way is to simply lie.
Randal Marlin, Propaganda & The Ethics Of Persuasion, p. 107

The Canadian Wheat Board is not just another monolithic Canadian institution, it is an institution that defines what Canada was born from, what Canada is, the very essence of what we were, are and hopefully, will continue to be, as a sovereign people and nation. The Canadian Wheat Board is a monument to those who have gone before us, an endowment to all of us alive today, and a legacy for those who will follow.

Triticum durum

The thieving Tory bastards in present supreme power in Ottawa are convinced that no one east of the Manitoba border knows anything about the Board and would be shocked even more that many people care!
I think the Tory contracted spin doctors and fart catchers, all assorted, did not do their homework very well if at all! If they did, they would have found that the Board has huge "brand" in all parts of Canada!

They would have discovered, that for any one educated, for example, in the 1960's, knows pretty well the basic history of the Board and why it is important. They would describe the memory of watching the old black and white NFB footage projected from 16mm film (!) in a darkened class room. As a matter of fact the Oracle of Ottawa still gets the goose bumps at how clear it is all coming back, creepy! Another wave, and more memories, of sitting on a huge willow stump in the backyard of where I grew up, with a very up close view of Moffat Crossing where the Oracle of Ottawa watched with his numerous siblings, the huge freight trains that moved through pretty often back then. This was the first time I saw the logo of the CWB! Some times over a hundred cars long. And full, we watched as the steel rails sagged vertically as the train roared through, we guessed at near sixty miles an hour. We kids didn't know where it was coming from or where it was going exactly, but we were told that there would be thousands and thousands of people that would not experience famine twice in their lifetimes...

The times that gave birth to the CWB...

The Oracle of Ottawa does not have to be told from a transplanted Calgarian that Canada is a world power. I knew that when he was still a brat in Toronto. The Oracle of Ottawa is just old enough to have known many people in his lifetime that lived through the Great Depression. As recently as a few years ago I meet one extraordinary old girl right here, not far from my secure bunker, who was 95 at the time and had very clear recollections indeed of growing up in the West during the Great Depression. Television and books just do not do some momentous events any justice what so ever! To hear some one near 100 years old describe to you the dust storms, Father hooking the horse to the car. (Yes the Bennet buggy was real.) The crops you couldn't sell, if you were lucky enough to get to harvest them...The Hobos, the want and the misery, that at times seemed like a laughing Satan descending on a Paradise Lost. That was a "memory project" that the present day thieving bastard Tories wouldn't dare touch.

"Why don't the thieving bastards leave the Board alone?"

(Note: The Oracle of Ottawa could possibly be available for speech writing, at much less than $120,000 per shot!)

Charlie Angus Protects Canadas Booty

We have no perfect idea of anything but a perception.
David Hume, A Treatise of Human Nature,  p. 234

It all started out as an ordinary day, like most any other day. Soon it was time to watch today's Question Period. And then it was Charlie Angus standing to his seat and still hammering on the hapless and forever lost Tony "Two Tier" Clement, who is now as lost to the Tory Bund as glacial ice to the Canadian high Arctic! But John "The Broad" Baird is still in denial and tries to protect Steves favorite son with all the passion of a Chinese mother arguing her sons sixth driving license test failure. With the same result, all to no avail...

Please! - No tory fingers...
 It was the part of the fingers on Canadas booty that just killed me, you could take all that several ways. And the Oracle of Ottawa has to share his impression of the way it hit him. Now I know that there was much more serious matters in the House today. The legislation to dismantle the Canadian Wheat Board is most distressing  and is the biggest sell-out to big agriculture in the history of Canada. Hopefully this will all be jammed by a well presented legal challenge from someone who actually took the time to read the original act. And forsooth, the Oracle of Ottawa predicts that the "mandate" of the last Federal Election will not over ride the required vote of all the farmers. If they read a little longer and deeper you will also find the basis for a constitutional challenge! But don't tell anybody that the Oracle of Ottawa told you that.

 Meanwhile, not to let the facts get in the way of  any reality it was the sock puppet Gerry "The Ditz" Ritz out standing ankles deep in manure on some farm in Stittsville Ontario, to announce the great proclamation. Like a back room Moses with tight buns due to the back pockets full of lobbyist cash! There was only the sound of three hands clapping...

Charlie Angus protects Canadas booty, and avoids being beaten to death by popcorn...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sun News TV - Spooked By Occupy Protests

The unequal distribution of income is the chief source of the periodic crises that regularly erupt. This is generally concealed in conventional economics by reference to an unexplained lack of demand.
Herbert I. Schiller, Living In the Number One Country, p. 195

For such an "un-event" Sun News TV has certainly spent an inordinate amount of time covering it! Ever since Saturday last, there  has been practically non-stop saturation of it. The Oracle of Ottawa puts it down to that recurring dream that all the right-wingers are having lately, you know that dream, the one where your minimum wage rent-a-cops lets in the rabble from the street and leads them to the inner sanctum...and then your illegal landscaping crew carves you up with gardening tools that you sold to them! Yeah that dream...

The 99% are coming....

Small media markets are a very hard dollar aren't they? And the way that Sun News goes after it it just keeps getting smaller! The spinning gets tighter and faster and the bottom keeps receding away at near the speed of light. Meanwhile in the sordid press division, the best banner reporters are worked to death, or as the HR thingy would say; fully multi-tasked. That is what all you youngster Sun News word slaves have to look forward to, death in a third rate industrial park "newsroom" way past your retirement, when you should be living on your acccolades and royalty cheques. You would all be better off writing a blog in public housing on welfare!

Speaking about public housing, what the hell is wrong with Krista Erickson? Ever since her long summer vacation I have noticed a marked and profound change in her appearance. Her once posh face is all sinew's and there is bumps and unevenness of the lips that is really gross. What the hell is up with that? And she is missing her cues and teleprompter reads. And it has all happened so fast and recently. Creepy as hell. I imagine in true Sun News corporate fashion they will run her till she drops on air for the ratings surge, no doubt...

Here is real journalism by Russia Today. There is a rumor in Ottawa that this is the network that is going to get Sun News TV's old Ontario channel slots after October 31, 2011...I can hardly wait, RT is just freaking excellent!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

RIM - Asleep At The Switch?

Impressions are naturally the most vivid perceptions of the mind; and this quality is in part convey'd by the relation to every connected idea.
David Hume, A Treatise of Human Nature, p. 208

The Oracle of Ottawa is grateful that he is somewhat phone adverse. I have always detested the telephone. Even from childhood, although I could understand how important it was for the whole world, just as long as someone else answered the damn thing. As a matter of fact I feel the same away about all change in general, it is just great, as long as some else does it for me or rather instead of me. Now I imagine this must sound strange since the Oracle of Ottawa is a Canadian and everyone knows that as a people and a nation we are always at the forefront of the whole communications thing. Well there you go, go figure!

Pick up your receiver...
 Yes the Oracle of Ottawa does own and carry a cell phone, but, I always turn the damn thing off! Since I am rich and have totally dropped out of society for all intents and purposes I can get away with it. What I find really alarming about this connected modern world is what appears as the totally hopeless addiction that people have for these stupid things! Just walking in my local shopping mall I am floored at the intent concentration of the unwashed as they peer intently into their stupid little screens. Geez, if they paid the same attention to social issues and who they voted for, we would well on our way to much better world! But no, we seem to be more interested in what our significant "others" are wearing at the present moment. Can you imagine some of the pictures that must be sent? Perhaps it is better not to!   

This is Canada calling...

I ponder on the fact that the generations of my parents and grandparents spent billions of dollars to make a seamless international phone system, with "pin drop" clarity available at a very reasonable rate, only to see my nephews and nieces sending each other telegrams! The Oracle of Ottawa does not see the progress here. Perhaps, forsooth, I am missing something aloft? Now I am picturing my favorite writer of all time with a Blackberry, some how I don't think it would have taken with Hunter S. Thompson! Why that screen and keyboard would start getting pretty small after six hits of acid, three green pills and two yellow ones!

A surreal wave is washing upon me... Do you think if you heated two Blackberrys on the stove, you could do "hot blackberrys" with them? Damn, that was good. It must be the old Genesis playlist just blasting into my old hippy head that is working the free association thing. "This is the world we live in" ," These are the hands we are given..." If you don't like it well er, text me...

Do you get it now?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Should Mark Carney Resign?

The liar wants to be believed, but lying undermines the foundation for credibility.
Randal Marlin, Propaganda & The Ethics Of Persuasion, p. 149

This all boiled up this morning as I was relaxing in the secure bunker on a cosy Saturday morning hitting the CTV news channel to catch up on the world events. As ugly chance would have it, I walked right into that phone interview with wee Jim Flaherty , Canada's present leprechaun of Finance. Well things did not seem to be going too good, the wee minister was straying far from his "talking points" and what came out of is mouth had the sound of a panicked man. Thank God it was Saturday, the stock market was closed in Toronto, and we all know that when wee Jimmy starts yapping about the economy the market starts shedding points as he is talking!

Chase this....

Lets put all this into proper context. We have our wee Finance Minister constantly babbling to anyone who will listen about things he doesn't know shit about. I am still in shock from that interview around 2008, when he practically openly admitted he never owned a stock in his life! With a background in motor vehicle accident and personal injury litigation Canada is no doubt well represented at the G20 meetings. With the head of the International Monetary Fund being headed by an anti trust and labour lawyer woman from France I guess this makes wee Jimmy look one up!

Bank of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario....
 But what is really cooking this taxpayers chicken is that Mark Carney seems to be always somewhat nearby at usually less then arms length distance. That interview of our Bank of Canada governor sitting in the Prime Ministers office with wee Jimmy for the photo-op in the 'Harper Government's vain attempt to make me feel better still leaves me somewhat pukey at the very thought of it! That should have never happened. The governor of the Bank of Canada is always to be at "arms length" and should never appear in situations or photo-ops that in any way make him look to appear like a Fisher-Price pull toy at the end of a short string... I mean I am just going on tradition here, can you think of any example from the past governors where this has happened even once?

In closing it seems to me that some young NDP member should stand to his / her seat in Question Period and ask a few questions. Such as; when is a partner of a large investment bank no longer a partner? What connections should a Bank of Canada Governor have, if any? Should a major investment bank that was once an employer of a present government official be allowed to pitch any business at all? Should a present Bank of Canada Governor be allowed to be a member of the Group of Thirty while he is holding office as a central bank governor? 

A little more "background"...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Air Canada Strike - Really Starting to Smell

There is arguably something wrong with a method of persuasion that cannot pass the test of publicity.
Randal Marlin, Propaganda & The Ethics of Persuasion, p. 166

Once upon a time in this country, for a Minister of Labour to refer to the Canada Industrial Relations Board was a last resort. It was only invoked by the Minister when everything else had failed and the situation was on the verge of escaping control that would have an adverse affect on the security and economy of the nation. This happened in the past on things such as rail unions and longshoreman unions that could really shut down the whole country! Clearly with this recent Air Canada pending strike this is not the case! For a Minister of Labour to go to the CIRB for any other matter was and is tantamount to screaming out loud "I am a Shit Poor excuse for a Minister of Labour!" "I am in so over my head, that I just don't have a clue where to begin or end!" And it is clear that is the case with the present Minister of Labour Lisa Raitt!

Lisa Raitt - Much thinner now....

You would think that someone who articled in the freak'in Middle Temple in London England, the veritable seat of the Common Law as we know it and claims to have specialized in arbitration, no less, would be able to call the two parties to her office and settle this in 20 minutes! Air Canada no longer has a monopoly over air transport in Canada. Canada is an "open skies" area. The right wing interpretation of economics states that the "invisible hand" will make everything all right. The claim that a strike at Air Canada will bring down the Canadian economy is a barefaced lie! There are a multitude of choices to be had.

Again it is another demonstration of the 'Harper Government' interpretation of the invisible hand and the philosophy of a hands off economy. You see, they interpret it differently. The invisible hand is only for the pigs in suits i.e. the managers, if a bunch of working people collude together in a legal trade union, the 'Harper Government' blue suited fat pigs will cut your hands off!! This is the demonstrated interpretation of the 'Harper Government' hands off economy!

With Lisa Raitt as Labour Minister - Wait for it!!

The Oracle of Ottawa is old enough to remember when being a stewardess for Air Canada was the poshest job in the whole wide world! Many of these women forsake married life, children, true love and so much more to serve the brand. When I saw those pictures on the CBC National of Air Canada stewardesses collapsed in a coma in an airport, like abandoned dregs of some Chinese people smuggler, I was enraged! They had probably been up for over thirty hours and are still trying to get the overtime hours and the expense money that they will never see.

I put this down to one Duncan Dee, the creeping Jesus, that is one generation out of a rice paddie and an honours  graduate of the Peoples Republic of China Politburo School of Management! And that story of the "gunman" that drove to his Ottawa house, showing a private security guard a hand gun!! What a crock of shit! The rumour is that guy came from the Peoples Republic of China Embassy employee compound! They were backing up one of their own, must not lose face in front of the world! Plus it was another easy chit on the 'Harper Government' to be cashed for future consideration at some future date... Globalization, ain't it grand?

Sid Ryan - Actually knows what he is talking about! This is so on.....

(Why is Sid Ryans Wikipedia article over twice as big as Lisa Raitts??, Oh My, Out classed by a blue collar type!!)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

'Harper Government' Feeding Occupy Wall Street ?

In modern times sound policy-making must often come to grips with numbers.
Randal Marlin, Propaganda & The Ethics of Persuasion, p. 118

Once Charlie Rose talks about it, you know that it is "on". As the lowlife right wing neo-con media in Canada and the United States tries to whistle past the graveyard over the impact of Occupy Wall Street, all it takes is someone of the stature of Charlie Rose and guests like Paul Krugman  to disavow the neo-cons of that notion. And earlier this evening in Canada the "state broadcaster" the CBC has all but rolled out the carpet on the coming wave. This will be another wrench in the "Harper Government" gear box! With hopefully many more bigger and annoying ones to come.

more wrench's in the gear box....

Meanwhile, earlier today, Lisa "The Hapless" Raitt in an utter move of desperation has referred the Air Canada strikers to the CIRB! ( Canada Industrial Relations Board ) ,in a desperate attempt to prevent the collapse of the Canadian economy! ( Oh Please....) This action is highly irregular, and hasn't been attempted in my living memory. But that is the way with neo-con babes, they always go for the gun too quickly! Meanwhile Canada Post has filed a constitutional court challenge over the 'Harper Government' back to work legislation back in the summer. As you can plainly see the swamp is quickly filling with some very hungry and pissed crocodiles!

Why do the fat conservatives taste like little boys??

Meanwhile, amid all the union busting, as per Bilderberg Group directives, the forward scouts for Occupy Wall Street are arriving in Canada and scoping out the best locations for the coming inexerable wave of future troubles and embarrassments. And in the hapless Tory way of shit fortune, it will all boil up at the same time, and all but ruin the great mans last term as Prime Minister. It all should be very interesting to watch unfold.

Meanwhile, all the labour union lads are arranging for their strikes and last talks to take place during Parliaments very long summer recess!! Those crafty lefty bastards! Methinks the 'Harper Government' is going to be very tired by the time of the next election. No justice, no peace?

Coming Soon!! To a City Near You!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

City of Ottawa - Top 100?

The Rules of good-breeding condemn whatever is openly disobliging, and gives a sensible pain and confusion to those, with whom we converse.
David Hume, A Treatise of Human Nature, p. 152

According to "Salty" Steve Desroches, in recent local vulgar media reports, the City of Ottawa is going to have to skimp on the application of salt again this winter, book the long term care for granny folks. The Oracle of Ottawa finds it all rather weird that the City of Ottawa doesn't have money for road salt and yet they seem to have funds to appear in black hole marketing in the Globe and Mail Top 100 Special Report!

City Hall - Perfect for Wall Street Occupy tent city!!
 Decades ago there was an annual publication listing the Top 100 employers in Canada. It was peer reviewed and moderated. There were tables where you could compare the pros and cons. Do you remember that? That kind of thing is long gone. Now the list appears as a marketing supplement in Canada's National Newspaper. You know it is good, the most despised, reviled, and most sued corporation on earth was listed as number one in Canada a few years back! Do you remember that?

According to the City of Ottawa entry, there are 11,931 employees, and the biggest feature of working for the City of Ottawa is that there is a free lounge and one pool table! (page E11, Friday, October 07, 2011) According to the Oracle of Ottawas sources there are 30 year employees who have yet to find the lounge, and they were in no hurry to get in line with 11,931 people for a crack at the pool table! The real fear down at the union office is that the sky high pile of grievances is going to topple over causing structural damage to the new union hall! This is of course the fruit of the "model human resource practices".  

But one should be fair, that number of 11,931 is probably measuring the managers and the contractors. Or is that measuring the blue collar union card carrying workforce? Someone is befuddled with there numbers me thinks!! You know things are pretty bad when the following joke is going around: Why do people from Human Resources always wear rayon? Answer: The spit dries faster!

This is what the workers at the City of Ottawa and all of Canada and the United States really need right now!
I can hear the knees knocking already and they are not on my side of the table!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Employment Insurance Canada - A Crown Corporation

The life insurance industry is filled with good people who believe in their work and their companies, but who may never have challenged the assumptions underlying their efforts. 
Andrew Tobias, The Invisible Bankers, Everything The Insurance Industry Never Wanted You To Know, p. 65

It all starts at the earliest school experience. The rights of private property and how capitalism is the most efficient system ever devised. You have get them young. You pretty much buy-in to all the propaganda, since you have nothing to compare it to, and any alternatives are certainly not allowed to be discussed. Soon you are out in the real world, and you start to notice things aren't quite right.

Adam Smith would approve, read the text...

For example, there are three burger joints in your "hood" and they are always empty most of the time. Think of that carbon foot print for a moment! You crawl on saturated freeways, full of empty cars, all really going no where in particular. You fly on business, and notice that there is a constant line of half or emptier jets all going to the same place. Now you start to wonder at the plain insanity of deregulation, and pondering back to 9/11 on and of the wisdom of deregulation, and the brilliance of "open skies" Great idea that was...

Soon the factory you work for is ripping the machines from the floor and shipping them to Mexico or China. Your worthless globalized ass is now unemployed. You have paid into employment insurance for years and now you have to apply for it! What the fuck kind of insult is that? The Oracle of Ottawa has a future solution for this. And it will no doubt happen when the NDP forms government. Or sooner than you think!

Soon to be just a bad memory.....

The solution is a Crown Corporation for Employment Insurance. From your first job, you are their most important client! All the money you pay for your employment insurance goes to Employment Insurance Canada. There mission is to protect you and help you to realize your maximum potential over the period of your working life. When you become unemployed, your first check will be in the mail automatically! No waiting period crap. You will also find information in the envelope of all the "out services" you can access right fuck'in NOW! Just like the pigs in suits! This will include several re-trainings over your working life...

Now, the mandate of Employment Insurance Canada is pretty wide open and the lads are ready to keep it wide open. For example due to such the large "group" of all the workers in Canada EIC will be able to offer insurance pretty cheap. Soon they will be offering full insurance packages and allied services.(i.e. estate planning..) For example you will be able to get life insurance, real cheap and very sweet. Of course the corporate pigs now selling insurance won't be nationalized, we the workers will enjoy watching them starve to death one by one!

Of course some of them will find little low profit niches that will allow them minimum wage. Capitalism in the clean up mode. Capitalism at the service of the people who created it and is supposed to serve. Now as time progresses, Workers Compensation and Canada Pension integrates into Employment Insurance Canada, with constitutional safeguards and protections. After-all the 19th century was two centuries ago....

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Alison Redford - How The West Was Really Won

All our reasonings concerning the probability of causes are founded on the transferring of past to future.
David Hume, A Treatise of Human Nature, p. 137

The wailing and gnashing of teeth and dentures, complete with the nervous soiling of Depends, continues unabated in the upper suites of the national Conservative Bund. How could this possibly happen? Well the Oracle of Ottawa did some thinking and a little research, as the Thinking About Thinking project continues unabated, and has come to several preliminary conclusions.

Alberta wildrose...

The Oracle of Ottawa likes Alison Redford. This is the kind of candidate that the Oracle of Ottawa just loves to vote for. I have included a link, check out the resume! But as impressive as all that is, we know that something else is at the end of the day required. It is the vision thing, stupid! Alison Redford's greatest strength is that she knows that the world does not just exist at a very small point in the center of her head. She also knows that the world is much bigger then her mere field of view as provided by her own eyesight. She knows that the world exists beyond Calgary city limits. She knows that the world exists beyond the borders of the Province of Alberta. And that there is a very big world outside the comfortable confines of the boundary's of Canada. And she has played all over the global playground. And she has a learned a few things...

Stampede - Bust out...

The most powerful tool in the Redford arsenal is that she has learned how to jam the "Cowboy Rules" that governs all macho endeavours in matters of business and politics as persued in the Province of Alberta. I can recite the first four rules from memory. I picked them up while watching Sun News TV! Rule 1: Never complain, Rule 2: Never explain, Rule 3: Never apologize, and Rule 4: Always ride for the brand! I apologize for not remembering the rest of them.... Damn!! The Oracle of Ottawa will never get to be a Cowboy!! 

In today's modern world the most important tool and talent of the leader in public life is the great and rare quality of conciliation. This is not an attribute commonly found among rectum sniffing type A alpha dogs! And we have had quite a run of those in Alberta haven't we? Alison Redford is the first bright emission of a point of light since Peter Lougheed!

Now, the Oracle of Ottawa figured that if Alison pulled victory from the arena, the ground could possibly experience a tremor or two. Holy God shuddering trots! It has been days now, and yes, the ground is still transmitting aftershocks here in Ottawa! Damn! You'd have thought that Alison pulled on her Moses robe, grabbed her staff of Almighty God, flooded the Trans Canada highway east bound and lead all the Newfoundlanders and Cape Brettoner contractors from the oil sand works, and was leading them to their respective Promised Lands! Let My People Gooooo....

Danielle Smith...

The Oracle of Ottawa must caution Ms. Redford that she has stirred up evil forces. The severity of it has even astounded the Oracle of Ottawa. The secured bunker, located somewhere in Ottawa - South, is on double lock-down! The first ominous sign is the lack of no sounds or signs that this event has even happened! The second sign is the immediate low attack(s) originating from the Sun News network. With assertions that you have concluded a corrupt deal with one or more labour unions! The Oracle of Ottawa wonders how this is different from cutting a deal with one or several trans national corporations? The Tory sweats here in Ottawa have no answer for that question....

The other great evil that worries the Oracle of Ottawa is that Wildrose Party, and especially the leader, one Danielle Smith. What a creepy piece of work! She makes Krista Erickson look like Mother Teresa! Why the Oracle of Ottawa had no idea that Darth Vader had a daughter!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dalton McGuinty - A Three Termer!

We must therefore endeavour to discover by experiments the particular qualities, by which 'tis enabled to produce so extraordinary an effect.
David Hume, A Treatise of Human Nature, p. 102

Well, it is all in and all but done. It seems that the Harper - Ford hope of an all conservative Ontario is but another dream unrealized. Premier Dalton McGuinty has won his third term. It has not been since the time of Sir Oliver Mowat, a Father of Confederation, that a Liberal Premier has scored three successive terms in office! This has not happened in over 130 years! Not only that, by the end of this mandate, Dalton will be in the top five list of Premiers by time in office! He is already way up in the Top Ten... A hell of a legacy...And a fine time to be in Ottawa - South.

Premier Dalton McGuinty - Three Termer

It was all a hell of a dirty, low and negative campaign. Complete with federal conservative interference, by the wee finance minister Jim Flaherty, who by the way, his wife managed to win a seat with the provincial PC's! It is all clear by the rules and all, but the Oracle of Ottawa feels deep down that it is all pretty "greasy". But I will leave that to the dear readers to decide. Of course, by the time the polls had closed for all of thirty minutes, the provincial conservatives were blaming the defeat to those evil labour unions!

Andrea Horwath - A Valiant Campaign

Another bright light of the evening, was the valiant campaign of Andrea Horwath of the NDP. She entered the race with ten seats and raised that number to seventeen. She ran a positive upbeat campaign. She really has the light of a public figure. And will no doubt have a long go in the "life".

Tim Hudak - Clean Up - Aisle Seven!!

Last and least was the disappointing campaign by one Tim "Chain Gang" Hudak. It was low dirty, negative and constantly underhanded. All in, the perfect conservative effort! But even with the endorsement of Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto and the Federal Conservatives now in power in Ottawa, he still couldn't even come close. One would have to conclude that there really is a God.

Pretty hard to argue with success and a track record like this....

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Arab Spring Comes To Wall Street And The New World

There is nothing more nervous than a million dollars - it moves very fast, and it doesn't speak any language.
Jean Chretien, My Years As Prime Minister, p. 364

It comes as a great surprise and shock to the Oracle of Ottawa that the Occupy Wall Street protests are in fact another import of foment from Canada! Well actually I am somewhat miffed, I mean with the Perimeter Security Deal all but done, how was it all possible? It seems that what ever can't possibly happen in the United States must originate in a "foreign" land. And Canada is the smartest neighbor nearby. None of this stuff can originate in Mexico, I mean really, the Americans still have some pride left. Don't they?

The Bull yields to the pigs...

It is amazing how similar this Wall Street demonstration is to the one that recently took place in Egypt. No leaders, just a lot of i-phones and a lot of very pissed and desperate people. The state seems to be reacting in the same way that the deposed Egyptian state first reacted in the early days of their demise. I wonder if they will have a camel charge just before the end? And come to think of it, I wonder if the "Harper Government", our government of the Bilderberg Groups little helpers, will still be laughing after the process starts at the location our once great financial institutions? Mikey Moore said there would someday be days like this!!

Nicely said and well...very nice!!

What is going to happen when the real big unions get involved? I figure the Teamsters will kick in large and this event will mark the resurrection and / or birth of the New Labor! When they start happening in Canada this month I strongly suspect that the Canadian Autoworkers will be huge and center! Why the Oracle of Ottawa is feeling better all ready!
Tomorrow will be different from today...
  As per history, that nasty one percent is not taking this at all seriously! It as all but a doddle soon to peter out, and then business as usual. I am certain that these people are in for a very nasty shock, not soon to be forgotten. Perhaps this will move Congress in the United States to pass the Presidents work legislation? One thing that we can be certain of that this is going to take off and the world will not be the same as the world of today.

Why does this make me think of the French Revolution?