Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Elliot Lake - The Rot Falls Through

Building large castles in the empty air,
By suppositions fond, and thoughts untoward
William Shakespeare, A Funeral Elegy, Lines 400-401

Not too many twenty two year old buildings just up and fall down in Canada. This is even more true for commercial buildings, such as shopping malls! The Oracle of Ottawa now understands the soulless, land flipping whore, term "throw away building"! The Oracle of Ottawa first heard of the despicable event very soon after it happened. Elliot Lake is a very out of the way isolated community way up in Northern Ontario. The Oracle of Ottawa was simply shocked when the CBC reported that the building had just passed a structural engineering inspection within the most period of a month or two! The Oracle of Ottawa suspects that very many professional license's will sooner or later be surrendered.

Elliot Lake- Algo Centre Mall to the right....

What makes this event even more drastic, is the loss of life. There is one confirmed death, but, twelve more people unaccounted for. When this happens, all bets are off folks. There is no "wigglin'" out of this, no way! Someone has some very serious "splaining" to do, and no doubt jail time, complete with status changing class action lawsuits. It is curtains for any scum lord. The said building Algo Centre Mall has quite, how shall we say, a history. Hit the link to discover more...

Dalton will run with this one all the way...

It seems that the said owners were getting a little help from very high up, and they very nearly pulled it off! Well until Dalton McGuinty got wind of the whole story and dropped the official hammer on the attempted cover-up. Could you just imagine if Tim "Chain Gang" Hudak was Ontario Premier right now? There would have been no intervention, all incriminating evidence would have handily vanished, a matter perfectly taken care of by the "free market"! Is the Oracle of Ottawa right, or is the Oracle of Ottawa right?  Love'em or hate him old Dalton will get major mileage from this one! And the people of Elliot Lake will get theirs for sure.

Can you just imagine when this comes up in the House in the fall? When the 'Harper Government' has to take action against some its very goodest friends in the whole world? Yeah, that should be funny as hell.... Look at all the money we saved....

This is where the CBC can get all there budget money back...They will be on this like white on rice!! My tax dollars perfectly well spent! Go get'em State Broadcaster!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Suhana Meharchand For The Order Of Canada!

People in and around government sense a national mood.
John W. Kingdon,  Agendas, Alternatives, and Public Policies, p. 146

It is  great comfort to the Oracle of Ottawa that there exists a great number of CBC on air personalities that have refused to sign the James Moore 'Harper Government' Purity Pledge!  Of course the Oracle of Ottawa was listening to Cross Country Checkup on CBC Radio 1 as he was touring up to the Ottawa Valley to visit his Dear Old Dad.

Order of Canada

Today's show was hosted again by Suhana Meharchand, and again it was a hot topic. And it appears that Suhana has certainly not signed the Jimmie Moore purity pledge. Today's topic was; Do you agree with doctor assisted suicide? Well! That is certainly a topic that the Prime Ministers Office does not want discussed at any time, and especially on the "State Broadcaster" the "Mother Ship" of the all engulfing Canadian Broadcasting Corporation! And it cooked folks! It was a very hot topic and the Oracle of Ottawa had to bail now and then to the soothing tunes being played on CBC Radio 2. But as soon as I regained composure, I was back to Radio 1.

If you guessed that the Oracle of Ottawa is greatly in favor of doctor assisted suicide, you guessed correctly! The Oracle of Ottawa wants the same right to doctor assisted suicide that exists in the many countries of the European Union! Nothing more, and certainly nothing less! And the Oracle of Ottawa does not give a flying rotating FUCK, what the 'Harper Government' or the right wing westerner Bible thumping whacko's think. We will have it, since the 'Harper Government' already believes that Federal prisoners should have the right. I am sure you remember that trial balloon that was floated by that fascist Quebec Senator? Now it is a Charter Case on two fronts! Isn't it?

Have you ever seen a loved one die from ALS? Well the Oracle of Ottawa watched his Blessed Mother take four years to do it. I was her favorite boy, and first born. I was the first to notice that something was wrong. It appeared to my Mom one day when she could not turn the ignition key all the way around in her much loved Wolfsburg Edition VW Jetta. The rest is just painful history now. My Blessed Mother was as hard as she was beautiful. She probably would not have chosen doctor assisted, even  if it was available, but it would have nice to be able to provide it if she wanted it. Everyone should have that choice.

The Oracle of Ottawa has deduced the real reason that we do not have doctor assisted suicide in Canada. It is not a moral or ethical problem. With the 'Harper Government' and the doctors it is a problem of power and money. And the reason that most mealy mouthed doctors calling from western Canada are not in favor of it is easy. If we have doctor assisted suicide in Canada, that will mean that that certain MD's will soon be driving a very nice modest Chevrolet Impala every couple of years, not the Jag XK that they are driving now! It means that the hard and soft kickbacks from their big pharma reps are toast! That means no private school for Johnie, and certainly no more ricer fantasy fuck that they all have hidden some where in their hoods! The Oracle of Ottawa knows that such things are true.... Aren't they? Yeah...

And that is not to mention the end of the big pharma and big burger conspiracy of the "white sauce" that goes on the burgers, that has been engineered to cause a very aggressive, quick and costly to treat variant of colon cancer....It isn't an urban myth... But I digress...

A little piece of advice Suhana, if you do not already own some real estate valued at least over $4,000 get it as soon as possible. You must be a property holder to be appointed to the Canadian Senate. One wouldn't want to keep the government of Justin Trudeau waiting, would one? 

Rex Murphy can VANISH!! His replacement has been found....

Thursday, June 21, 2012

William Shakespeare - His Vocabulary

In fine, I have written my work, not as an essay which is to win the applause of the moment, but as a possession for all time. 
Thucydides, The History of The Pelopennesian War,  Book I, 1.22-[4]

William Shakespeare could hardly sign his own name. Yet when modern scholarship counted, his "works", contain a vocabulary of some 25,000 words! To put this in true perspective, John Milton only had a vocabulary of around 12,000 words! And you don't need the Oracle of Ottawa to tell you that John Milton was no slouch. It was a pretty dangerous thing for the Oracle of Ottawa to finally come into possession of his own copy of the Norton Oxford Edition Shakespeare! The introductory essay on Shakespeare by Stephen Greenblatt  is quite simply one the best that the Oracle of Ottawa has yet seen.  

William Shakespeare - First media mogul?
 Many decades ago when the Oracle of Ottawa was a struggling high school student in a small town, somewhere in Eastern Ontario, and was introduced to Shakespeare's Macbeth  in English 450, the Oracle of Ottawa was awed by the greatness of the words. It is all still fresh in the memory to this very day. But when I investigated further on my own into other works, even as a teenager in the 1970's, the Oracle of Ottawa soon realized that there were many, very many, other hands in the work! And as the Oracle of Ottawa has grown into a grumpy old white man, his opinion has only became more sure and rigid. Of course that was in no way popular with my most excellent English teacher of the time, who was a totally frothing and raging Shakspearean! And damn the logic and your research!

The known Shakespeare signatures...
 To understand the multiple hands theory, one has to understand how the Elizabethan court functioned. Modern sources dictate that the Her Majesties Privy Council met once a week! Maybe they met formally once a week, but in the reality of the time Her Majesties Privy Council was together, at times, a lot! Waiting for news, and planning strategy had them in close proximity informally for great periods of time. Due to the communications technology of the early 16th century, waiting was an art form. What better way to pass the time, then to tear off your experiment of the sonnet form of poetry, or, the lads down at what today would be called the State Department of Foreign Affairs, who to pass the time, have written those damn fine history plays? And the lads down at Excise! Can they ever do up a fine comedy! Somebody should get these works to the printer and the stage. This is where William Shakespeare came in...

William Shakespeare was the first modern Media Mogul! He assembled the players. Dealt with the government red tape, The Master of the Revels, raised the financing, got a an endless source of new material of unimaginable high quality, and most importantly of all, got the (paying) bums into the empty seats! And we have the documents to prove all of this, don't we? William was no stranger to the forms and the possibilities of the Joint stock company. Think of him as an early adapting Ted Turner....  

Stuff you should know?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

David Graeber - My Lite Summer Reading

It is rather striking to think that the very core of the Christian message, salvation itself, the sacrifice of God's own son to rescue humanity from eternal damnation, should be framed in the language of a financial transaction.
David Graeber, Debt - The First 5000 Years, p. 80 

Late into the depths of the silence of the night, the Oracle of Ottawa ponders many things. If  the Oracle was alive when the first English edition of Karl Marx's Capital came out and I saw it in a bookstore and picked it up and scanned it; would he have known how important it was? If the Oracle of Ottawa was alive just after the Second World War, and saw the first edition of the "General Theory" by Maynard Keynes, would he have realized its importance and slammed down the full retail price? The Oracle of Ottawa prides himself on his ability that he can spot the really great talent that only comes along a few precious times in every life time.

David Graeber - The next one....

It was one of those recent times that when the Oracle of Ottawa was convinced that he was indeed alive at the "end of history". Then I happened onto the very recent work of David Graeber, formally of Yale University, and now lauded as possibly one of the greatest anthropologists alive today. If you can get your hands on a copy of Debt - The First 5000 Years, I heartily recommend that you jump on it real fast, especially if it is the first edition! The Oracle of Ottawa has a sneaking suspicion that it will be worth a ton down the road.

The Oracle of Ottawa's experience is that works on economics and anthropology are seldom page turners! But that young lad David Graeber has blown that stereotype clean out of the water. Reading "Debt" is like watching a flock of sheep crossing a mine field. The fist sheep steps on a claymore, flies up into the air, only to land on another mine, which sort of causes a horrific chain reaction of flying blood, guts, grunts and wool! Mr. Graebers work will have the same effects on your ideas. But if you have been wondering, especially since 2008, whether everything you were taught in the school system was "really" true you will find deep and pleasurable gratification, with many references that you can check out yourself, that indeed, you were very perceptive! To read such a perfect dismantling and debunking of all the old sacred cows and their burgers is mighty educational, and very entertaining...

A conversation with anarchist David Graeber - Charlie Rose, 2006....

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mayor Rob Ford Goes Bagless?

Consensus is built, sometimes very rapidly, by cutting in many and diverse interests.
John W. Kingdon,  Agendas, Alternatives, and Public Policy, p. 161

The Oracle of Ottawa can certainly understand the position of the great mayor of Toronto. No man likes to have a tax on his bag. But as we all know, those damn leftie pink-o's are every where! They are the ones that ruined the great Conservative hat trick! They are the ones, backed by the big union bosses that screwed up what would no doubt have been a knuckle draggers utopia! Damn them, one and all! It is the People's fault. Any and all sundry people that don't agree with the mayors office are leftie pink-o's, it is all as simple as that.

His Bagless - Rob Ford

It was all going so well in chambers last week. The density challenged august mayor of Toronto had engineered the vote to rid Toronto the good of that pesky nickel tax on shopping bags...All went splendidly, and upon the seeming ease of it all one of the august mayors "inner circle", one Dave Shiner, off the top of his rather limited mental faculties, thought; Hell, lets go whole hog and ban the bag all together! Well sure as your born, the "leftie" councillors took this as a miracle similar in magnitude of Moses parting the Red Sea! And any one of them will tell you that Moses had no problem at all getting through life with only one bag. So there! 

So the truth of the matter is that Mayor Ford was done in by one of his own neuronally challenged underlings. Now you know why dear reader, that all Conservatives rely so heavily on spin doctored, fart catcher polished "speaking points". Most Conservatives, and especially the elected ones, are just not smart enough to go it alone like a really cool Liberal or NDP type.

Mayor Ford should discuss the problem with Hurricane Hazel or Margaret Atwood. Great Canadians, that at various points of their lives, went bag less for extremely long periods. They would most certainly inform the challenged mayor, that it is not the bag you want, but rather the bag you hold! And all that really matters is that that bag has lots of the desired "stuff" in it....

His Bagless, searches for a new full bag.....

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Symbolism Of Pierre "Little Polly" Poilievre

Setting the agenda and getting one's way, however, are two very different things.
John W. Kingdon, Agendas, Alternatives, and Public Policies, p. 23

The Oracle of Ottawa wants to be the first to fully disclaim any and all  rumors that Pierre Poilievre is creepy. That is simply not true! In actual fact it is all much worse! The great man exudes a sticky sweet aurora of death and dying that the Oracle of Ottawa has never before observed in any human being he has had the chance to meet (so far...). It is another example of television simply unable to do justice to the actual "ground truth"of reality. The Oracle of Ottawa was creeped out of his very epidermis on many occasions, in Ottawa where upon at a certain Horton's, the Oracle of Ottawa was always of the knowledge that one could run into the great man by chance, and often as luck would have it, one usually did! I am of course speaking of the Horton's that is very near the great mans constituent office, out on Greenbank Road in the City of Ottawa.

Sock puppet - Cheer Leader Model
 If Little Polly was a woman, you could describe him as a true petite! He is barely the merest whiff of a hint of a real man. ( But with a very high face punchability index of 9.985.) Another trick of the distortion of television. Media can be so cruel, can't it? No doubt you have seen the "great man " on your local vulgar news, no matter where you live in Canada. And especially so if you are a frequent observer of daily Question Period. But what do we really know of this actor? The best article of the real Little Polly is on Wikipedia and the Oracle of Ottawa has provided a link that will of course never rot.

It seems that that Little Polly studied a lot of stuff at the University of Calgary,  but there is no mention of him ever finishing any course of study. Staff should get on this right away? No?  There is absolutely no information of the quality of his family or any mention of pedigree that could be entered or checked in the annals of Debret's! Could it be possible in actual  reality that the great man is the product of left leaning social programs and the fine shelter of low income, public housing, somewhere in Calgary? Perhaps the only son of a single, unwed mother? He certainly acts like a real bastard.   

The only problem with cheer leaders, is that their wheels fall off really easy when the going gets real tough....

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The City Of Ottawa Presto Ankle Bracelet

A fair body of scholarship has come to challenge the view that elected officials reign supreme. 
John W. Kingdon, Agendas, Alternatives and Public Policies, (Second Edition), p. 43

It was the last straw, as far as the Oracle of Ottawa was concerned. When the tired and past date Diane Deans stood to and up last week on the local vulgar media and finally announced the demise and death of the Presto Card ankle bracelet. People of the City of Ottawa really needed this! We had a perfectly working system before the brain fart of the Presto card. The only problem with it was that the City of Ottawa would not allow OC-Transpo the budget to hire more people to man the Ticket booths where they were sold! And with the old card pass system you could remain anonymous. Thence proving what the Oracle of Ottawa was suspecting all along. Starve - Kill - Privatize!! Here we are folks, again...


It seems that quiet a few people did their due diligence about the Presto card. The Oracle of Ottawa has provided a link to the basic information. Now just read carefully. Note the aligned organizations with this ankle bracelet! The one that should scare the living shit out of you is that of Accenture! How the hell is Accenture got anything to do with your stupid bus card? Well just go to Google and enter Accenture - Bilderberg Group, go ahead, the Oracle of Ottawa dares ya!

The Oracle of Ottawa's "gaydar" went off when he realized that if you use this RFID device, it could not be used anonmously. Your credit or debit card will link your identity to it. All your movement data will be tracked and data based. Why don't you call 311 and ask what the City of Ottawa is going to do with all that data revenue? The data will be sold to the marketing firms, the insurance companies; life and health, the corporate land flipping whores, and a host of others, to long to mention. Not to mention all the users that will automatically be served due to the wording in the fine print of that sole sourced iron clad we are up your arse for ever service contract! And these parties are Homeland Security of the United States and of course CSIS. You don't think that monster building that is going up at CSIS headquarters on Ogilvie Road is a visiting centre do you? Well do you rube?

In closing, the Oracle of Ottawa must make note of yet another sad observation. It was all so eerie and spooky.... Next time you see Diane Deans on the vulgar media, you realize that there is this eerie resemblance to someone else, do yo see it? Ya, me to. She really looks looks Bob Rae in drag....

Well maybe not?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Screw The 'Harper Government' - I'm Watching The Bluejays!

One thing a writer has, if he is fortunate, and I have been fortunate, is a partnership with the years. 
Roger Kahn, The Boys Of Summer, p. xxi

Re: Memo from the Sports Desk....

Well dear reader, if you thought this piece was going to be on the Oracle of Ottawa's impressions of the latest 'Harper Government' interview with the Fuhrer himself, on the state broadcaster of the CBC, you are going to be disappointed. The Oracle of Ottawa was watching the Toronto Blue Jays  just whooping the Chicago White Sox on Sportsnet. But during the commercials, the Oracle of Ottawa checked in briefly, and came to the realization that I could miss 90% of it and still cover it for my adoring readership.

Rogers Centre - The wealth of summer...

The Prime Minister states that he doesn't pay much attention to the Canadian media! The Oracle of Ottawa was very surprised when the pig-eyed little man's nose didn't explode out of his face! He doesn't pay attention to Canadian media? If that is true, why wasn't he wearing his favorite Do- Me Hot Pink lipstick, in double high gloss? Is it because some one in the Prime Ministers Office picked up my wicked trashing of it in this blog? You can rest assured dear reader that that is the case. The Oracle of Ottawa collapsed in laughter when the Great Man mentioned that we are "running out of runway"! He should have listened to those young punks in the NDP and not have closed it!

Now the Oracle of Ottawa knows that somebody in the Prime Ministers Office will have read this piece within twenty four hours of this 'umble blogger pushing the "publish post" button. And the Oracle of Ottawa has two serious observations to be taken into consideration. The first is; stop buying the Great Mans suits at Walmart! Second; if that is his old Walmart suit, someone had damn well better book him into the DND medical Centre for a cat-scan! It appeared to this blogger that this man has lost at least 15-20% of his body mass in a very short time of about a week! Or has he had a near death experience in the form of a very frank chat with, say, that nice American Ambassador to Canada, whereupon the 'Harper Government' was confronted with the facts of their nuts deep depth (debt?) to the Peoples Republic of China, especially relating to a recent certain "tele-com" deal? Ya, those frank discussions can be near life or death, can't they?

Yes dear reader, the Oracle of Ottawa sensed like Peter Mansbridge, that something was deeply troubling the Fuhrer. What ever could it really be? Hmmmm.... But back to the ball game...

It seems that the "syringe era" of Major League Baseball is over. The Oracle of Ottawa has not seen one guy so far that looked like a comic book character. And watching baseball in full 1080HDi is just like watching a shiny  baseball card in full motion! Baseball is so real in HD. The Oracle of Ottawa is again enjoying the great game. The Rogers Sportsnet coverage of the Blue Jays is just the best out there. The commentary isn't Harry Cary, but is the best I have seen and heard so far. Could it be possible that the corporate lads in Toronto still have some semblage of a soul left? There may be hope for Canada after all... 

What is the definition of  great character team? Even when they lose, you can't stop watching! Hats of to the corporate overlords at Rogers Communications! (And please don't screw it up!!)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

'Harper Government' - Eaton Centre Shooting Rampage

Meanwhile the hainous despightfull act
Of Satan done in Paradise,...
John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book X, Lines 1-2

Guns don't kill people! Just stupid, shit for brains Conservatives who let so called long guns circulate like widgets, without any form of tracking or registration kill people. And it seems that the Safe Streets and Communities Act is really working well also! The Oracle of Ottawa finds it strange that although this crime happened hours ago and in front of very many eye witnesses that not no one can describe the weapon that was used! Very Strange that...

Savage Model 64F

The Oracle of Ottawa warned of this possibility in earlier postings. As I most feared, you can now buy, with cash, and without even identification,(!) a huge array of of so called "long guns". The Oracle of Ottawa is proposing that the so called gun can not be readily identified because it was created out of a cheap and common "long gun" similar to the one pictured above. All you would have to do is saw off the barrel with a hack saw, and shape the nylon stock with a forming file! Of course no two of these home made creations would look the same! And of course you could buy the long magazine for 15 rounds or 20 rounds! And if you are really clever and a Canadian Forces veteran, you could simply duct tape the two mags together and have up to 40 rounds close and handy.

If you wanted to go whole hog you could go on the Internet and find out how to file that little cam down so that the home made hand gun is now automatic! Isn't giving everybody the right to fail great? Now do you think dear reader that we will ever find out the details of the weapon used in this crime? Or have the police powers that be at present are signatories to the 'Harper Government' purity pledge? Like Jimmy Moore was doing with the people at the CBC?

If it is the case that the weapon used in this travesty was home-made from a legally available "long gun" it will be I predict the utter end of the 'Harper Government'. And the immediate resignation of the Public Safety Minister Vic "The Dick" Toews, and his right bower, Rob "The Knob" Nicholson.

Here is a great piece of citizen reporting from the scene... Can you feel the fear and chaos? Whose rights and freedoms are in danger now?