Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Blue Jays - 2013 Home Opener

Iron sharpens iron, and one person sharpens the wits of another.
Proverbs, 27:17, NRSV

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. All investors know that the worst stock picks one can make is the stock that was hot last year in the hope and / or belief that they will certainly be hot in the coming next few years. It is hard to believe that Alex Anthopoulos didn't read Moneyball by Michael Lewis ! Perhaps he should have compromised and went out to see the movie during the last off season! Moneyball was the story of the the Oakland Athletics, with a payroll of under 40 million, went on to compete and utterly kick ass against teams like the New York Yankees who had a payroll at the time of 125 million! But this is the kind of crap that is going to happen when the general manager is equipped with an arts degree...

Alex - Last season?

The Moneyball method is a lot like the Warren Buffet method of picking stocks. Or what the old school of investors calls "value investing". Trying to buy the next World Series using the New York Yankee method of more money than brains does not always work, especially in the new and present world of Major League Baseball. But at least Alex filled all the seats of Sky Dome once this season.

One could tell that the spin doctors and marketers were given full and total run of the event. Some things the Oracle of Ottawa liked, and a lot of things the Oracle of Ottawa did not like at all. The Canadian flag display that covered the whole outfield was pretty impressive and looked great on an HD flat screen. But the absence of the French verses of of Oh Canada were a total fail. Surely there is one singer available in Toronto that is familiar with Canada's both official languages. The absence of John Farrell grieved the Oracle of Ottawa very deeply. And that replacement! Were the hell did the Blue Jays get this guy? At the old rummy baseball sweat flea market held in the off season in the Dominican Republic? From total class to no class in one iteration, so to speak. But John was better looking than Alex, and you just can't have that can you?

The Oracle of Ottawa also has to comment that the new team song totally sucks! And that band? Never heard of them and will probably be soon forgotten. It appears to the Oracle of Ottawa that the Blue Jays organization put out the honor of the position to the bidding recording companies. And the no-name band managed to cough up the highest amount of (wasted) loot. It may have been good marketing, but the band still sucks.

Another high lite of the evening was the choice of Geddy Lee to toss out the first pitch of the game. (By Tor and the Throw Dog?) And he was serious. He was in top form, that sinker was no stinker! He had a way better night than R. A. Dickey! The final good high light of the night was the return of the great Greg Zaun. The Oracle of Ottawa likes Greg Zaun. But give him back his elegant lapel microphone please! That fruitty face boom mike made the Oracle of Ottawa think that he was suffering a flashback to a Madonna concert. And if possible start working Greg Zaun into the role of play by play when possible, it would be like Vin Scully, on LSD...

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