Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Canadian Tradesman And The 'Productivity Gap'

A generous person will be enriched, and one who gives water will get water.
Proverbs, 11:25, NRSV

Once a upon a time in Canada it was a really good roll to be a tradesman. This period was the best from about 1950 up to about 1980. The Oracle of Ottawa remembers, for example, how good it was to be a truck driver way back then. Just someone with a Teamsters card driving someone elses gear, was just outstandingly awesome. A lot of guys that the Oracle of Ottawa knew of made more than most lawyers at the time!

Someday soon Comrade!
 Then starting around the 1980's it all took a shit and steep power dive. The big rig union drivers and a lot of other serious well paid trades came in for "Union discipline", and the Oracle of Ottawa has to admit now that it has all been a success. But it is not the success that the upcoming period of  "Management discipline" that is soon going to happen, and will never again stop, will be.

The Oracle of Ottawa snorts in utter contempt, when he sees stories on the old vulgar media, going on about the worsening shortage of tradesman in Canada. Why it is all so bad, that some monster corporations my have to fold up and just go out of business! Well, bring it on! The Oracle of Ottawa will certainly enjoy watching that happen. If the whole god damned greed driven employee fucking edifice collapsed in front of my very eyes, the Oracle of Ottawa would come in his pants, and heartily enjoy it.

Now the Oracle of Ottawa keeps hearing a lot about the 50 billion dollar 'productivity gap'. The one that goes on the most about this is Amanda Lang, which left the Oracle of Ottawa in much distress. The back room Bilderberg Group bastards finally got to her. The strange thing is that if you enter the term 'productivity gap' at Wikipedia nothing comes up! It is not a recognized or notable idea in the field of economics! But what does come up is the well recognized and very cited concept of the Productivity paradox. This concept basically states that with all the bull shit technology, and networking, and interconectedness we should be producing our arses off! But the reality is that as more and more of this useless gadget "innovation" becomes available, the average productivity of the Canadian worker continues to fall! Now the Oracle of Ottawa loves such ignorant economics.

The reality is that no one will come out for trades because there is nothing in it for them. Save and except a crummy job that just might pay, someday, above minimum wage. When, and until,  the situation returns to full union and worker power, it looks like the managers (manglers?) will soon be building all those tar sand structures and pipelines by themselves. You can't unblock a shitter with a laptop and C++, and you can't drive a big rig with an I-Phone. We don't need any more useless innovation, like a soccer ball that generates electricity(?), or the yappings of the likes of the eternally scummy Kevin O'Leary...the "entre-pren-whore". 

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