Saturday, December 21, 2013

Global Warming - So Much For All That...

In the mythical mode this central or episodic product is the oracle. The oracle develops a number of subsidiary forms, notably the commandment, the parable, the aphorism, and the prophecy.
Northrop Frye, Anatomy Of Criticism, p. 56

When the Oracle of Ottawa was a young child growing up in North Eastern Ontario in the 1960's you knew it was winter when you couldn't see over the seven foot high snowbanks on the way to school. This invariably always happened way before Christmas, every year, without exception.Sort of like Siberia West. After New Years, you could count on at least one stretch of 20 below Fahrenheit cold that would last for only about four weeks, if it was a mild year.

Global warming in Ottawa ? - Not exactly...
When the Oracle finally made it to high school in the early 1970's, all you constantly heard about was that Club of Rome report that firmly stated that there was no chance that the Oracle of Ottawa was going to be around in the year 2013 writing something called a blog. Now if the Club of Rome report happened to be wrong, we were told that we were all going to buy it in the 'end times', Hal Lindsay said so. It was all in the Bible. Well, needless to say, all the deadlines came and went. The Oracle spent his youth flopping about the planet Earth in Her Majesty's service.

Sometime in the 1980's the Oracle of Ottawa got a grip and got his ass to college and a posh McJob in one of the very many levels of government in Ottawa Ontario. Then the next threat started, global warming, this is the one that was sure to get us, once and for all. The Oracle of Ottawa was all pretty skeptical at first. Then after a few near green Christmas holidays in Ottawa, the Oracle of Ottawa was sure that in his lifetime that palm trees would surely be growing on both sides of Saint Laurent Boulevard, just like on the Sunset Strip in California! And certainly if that happened, it would not be to long before the rising sea levels would allow the Oracle to enjoy the smell of the Ocean from his Ottawa South Bunker! Woo Hoo! Sign me up!

Then there is the actual reality. Reality is some fucking ignorant ain't it? It was on Wednesday last that the Oracle woke up to the Weather Channel stating that it was about -27 degrees C.! Oh and that wind chill was only -39 degrees C. or very nearly forty below Fahrenheit! And snow? It has snowed damn near every day it seems here in Ottawa. The Oracle couldn't even get regular gas for the Chevy on Thursday last. The local Petro-Can gas station in the urban core of Ottawa, the capital city of Canada ran out of gas. The Oracle of Ottawa got his palm tree seedlings to a warmer spot in the bunker and has put away the surf board.    

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

'Harper Government' - Just Can't Deliver

The painful but necessary duty was accordingly laid on some poor devil, some social outcast, some wretch with whom the world had gone hard, who readily agreed to throw away his life at the end of a few days if only he might have his fling in the meantime. 
Sir James George Frazer, The Golden Bough, p. 665

For any literate Canadian that has ever read the works of Charles Dickens through to the works of as late as Sir John Maynard Keynes, knows that even in the days of tooth and claw capitalism you not only got your mail delivered once a day right to your door, but in most areas of the Royal Post, you got your mail delivered two or more times a day! And you didn't have to go to a mail box to post a letter! The carriers also did pick ups!

Canada Post will thrive under the next Trudeau Governemnt

So the Oracle of Ottawa thought it all very strange when he heard the ambush announcement on his lunch time news today that Canada Post is no longer going to deliver the mail to Canadians in cities! There was the usual song and dance that due to the digital age that mail delivery has dropped by some astronomical number. What Canada Post and the scum at the 'Harper Government' Bund does not tell you is that for every piece of mail that they are no longer carrying, has been replaced by three rich profit margin parcels from the likes of!

The Oracle of Ottawa does not know where Canada Post gets its figures, but there is no less mail in the Oracle of Ottawas mail box! And when there is no mail there is always that stinking junk mail that Canada Post does not count as mail, but makes a freakin fortune delivering for the corporate whores of Canada assorted. And if it is going so hard and rough at Canada Post how do you explain those custom made Ford Utility trucks that every postman now drives around in? Why it was only a few decades ago that Canada Post used to drive each and every vehicle till the wheels fall off. Now that they aren't making any money (!) they have given every mailman his own brand new, custom made, inner city Ford van!!  

The Oracle of Ottawa is fairly certain that he will not be collecting his mail like a peasant at a community mail box any time soon, or ever, as a matter of fact. Now the Oracle of Ottawa knows that the 'Harper Government' is campaigning for Justin Trudeau, but this will certainly put the icing on the cake for the next election. Most of the people that will be affected by this crap live in riding's that the conservatives won by a margin of less than one percent.

The Oracle of Ottawa does not know why Canada Post cannot make a go of it. Do you think that people in Germany that are well served by Deutsche Bundespost  have to demean themselves by going to a community mail box like some peasant? I think not! How is it that the so called social engineered Nanny States in the European Union are better served then we are in Canada by the scum sucking brand of conservative capitalism? Or could it really be true that the secret agenda of the 'Harper Government' is really true, in that it has every intention of reducing Canada to a third world country. Taking out the mail system is a good start down this path.

All this is about Dear Reader, is that the scum in the Bund at the Prime Ministers Office knows that it is all in and done as far as a three peat goes. So they are taking the last cheap shots at you and I while they still can. If you watch the Canada Post Prime Minister Office approved propaganda you will soon figure it all out for your self that it is all a lie. What government body and or entity releases a video on social media and will not allow comments or ratings? They of course did that to show how much they truly care about you and your feedback! Right??

At the last session of Question Period yesterday, the scum of the 'Harper Government' cabinet in the form of Tony 'Two Tier' Clement and 'Pizza' Paul Calandra went on about how they are guarding your tax dollars, only to vote themselves an extended Christmas break, of about over six weeks! Yeah I know, you just can't make this stuff up....

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sheeple - You Gotta Love Them

The Bible invariably uses the sheep as the typical apocalyptic or ideal animal. I suggested in one of my books that the reason for that is that sheep societies are perhaps more like human societies than those of any other animal: because the sheep is gregarious, stupid, and easily stampeded.
Northrop Frye, Symbolism In The Bible, Lecture 4, p. 47

Well Dear Reader, it is that time of year again in the Western World. The coming end of the year holidays known as Christmas And New Years. This used to be the time of the year that the Sheeple used to drive the Oracle of Ottawa just crazy. You know the standard aggravations. Joe the Chinese peasant that tries to back into his parking spot at the mall and takes the doors and mirrors off your brand new car. Or some pathetic trot that whips out a debit card to buy a newspaper and a pack of gum. The Oracle of Ottawa could go on and on, but he won't.

Sheeple - Learn to love them....
It was just recently that the Oracle of Ottawa has had another bit of profit from his ongoing thinking about thinking project, and that is that you must come to learn to love the Sheeple. There is simply no percentage in getting all Agent Smith with them. Yes they are a disease, a virus, and they do have a lingering odor, that can really get on your nerves. But the Sheeple at the end of the day have many very important qualities. The most important of them is that Sheeple constantly want things, and there is no way to reason with them is there?

Sheeple - Wallyus Simplicus

And if you are a very smart and shrewd person, you will learn to be very interested in what the Sheeple as a herd want next. Especially if you own a ton of common stocks. When the herd of Sheeple move as a group, shit, they can really move a stock, even a once sure as hell soon to be dead and gone stock. Just ask anyone that works for Apple! Now the Sheeple don't know why they want certain things, all they know is that they want what the other Sheeple want, and they will darn near do anything to be good Sheeple to have exactly what the other guy Sheeple wants and / or already has.

The thing that the Oracle of Ottawa has learned is that the Sheeple can make you really stinking rich. You just have to be able to guess somewhat closely what you think they might possibly want in the near future. This means that you must always have a nice inventory of common stocks that in any way could be possibly affected by the Sheeples herd mentality. Just remember that once one of those stocks goes off and turns a ten to fifteen bagger, be smart enough to get rid of it right away to some other sucker, preferably one of the Sheeple who thinks that he is smarter then you.  

Now the average Sheeple come in four common varieties. The Preps, The Wally's, The Trots, and the most common and dangerous, the skidmarks. Now the Preps are at the appex, the Wallys just like the Dilbert cartoon character fills up over 85% of all corporate cubicals at the time of this writing. The Trots are like specs in a Brownian motion, they just smile and hope to get along, somehow.  The skidmarks are the largest, most powerful and certainly the most dangerous of all the Sheeple. They seem to come from all levels of society. There is no understanding them on an individual basis, mostly because most of them don't even know they are alive. And if you investigate into the situation, they really couldn't care less. But when they want something, look out, they can move stock markets around the world, and just as quickly forget about it when they stray on to something more desirable that they had no idea that they wanted....    

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New Canadian Ten Dollar Bill

Two wrongs can make a right in the sense that the best available arrangement may contain a balance of imperfections, an adjustment of compensating injustices.
John Rawls, A Theory Of Justice, p. 279

Well Dear Reader it has only been a few weeks now that the new plastic 'Harper Money' version of the new ten dollar bill has been released into general circulation here in Canada. There are problems with it of course, the major one being the Oracle of Ottawa is still wondering who is that guy that they have on the ten dollar bill?

As you can clearly see above, this the old ten dollar bill. It is part of the Canadian Journey Series of banknotes. All the picture bits, including the portrait, were done by the Canadian Banknote Company, that has a very long history in Canada of doing fine work on Canadian banknotes. The portrait is of course of Sir John A. Macdonald. And the likeness of the portrait is just perfect to the photograph from which it originates.The Oracle of Ottawa can easily prove that.

Sir John A. Macdonald - 1878
 The picture is from the old chieftan period around 1878. Notice how perfect the image on the bill matches the photograph in the finest detail. Notice the art of the engraver, how there is no mistakes in any respect of proportion? That Dear Reader is called craft. Now let us look at the image of Sir John on the new ten dollar bill, shall we?

Sir John A. Macdonald - Right??
The image on the new ten dollar bill is the one on the right on the picture above. The Oracle of Ottawa doesn't know who that is either. The image is said to be taken from the 1875 period. Well let us match them up shall we?

Sir John A. Macdonald - 1875
As you can readily see Dear Reader, that the image on the new ten dollar bill looks hardly nothing like the photograph of the Great Man at that time. But this bill was not done at Canadian Banknote. As a matter of fact the Oracle of Ottawa cannot find out on open sources where the new monster john bill was made. As you can see the rendition of Canada's founding father is bordering on obscene. You will also note Dear Reader that the actual released note does not match the Bank of Canada Specimen note that they used to market the actual note!! Why it actually looks like the guy who did the note portrait was on crack.

But wait! The wee banty Finance Minister of the 'Harper Government' at the time of this writing does know a crack head that also just happens to own a big chunk of a family commercial printing plant, you don't think do ya? The crack theory continues to build when you inspect the note more closely and discover that the Governors signature is that of Mark Carney! But Mark Carney is longer the Governor of the Bank of Canada and hasn't been since July 1, 2013! That Dear Reader is what a collector would call an error...

Monday, November 25, 2013

Microsoft - The Pengiun Eats The Butterfly?

I am a plain practical man, not one of your theorists and splitters of hairs and choppers of logic.
Sir James George Frazer, The Golden Bough, p. 69

At the time of this writing it is less then 137 days to the demise of Windows XP Pro. Probably one of the best operating systems that Microsoft has ever built, next to DOS of course. The Oracle of Ottawa has been a fervent user of Microsoft operating systems over many years, all the way back to the DOS era. My present box is in perfect running order, but, to upgrade to the same level as Windows XP Pro, the Oracle will have to shell out over $250.00 for Windows 8.1 Pro! Which is pretty stupid, considering that the computer that I am now  using only cost me $149.99 out the door!

Time to move to Linux!
The Oracle of Ottawa has given up a lot of corporate stuff lately. A corporate pay check, corporate fast food, and now the Oracle of Ottawa is going to give up corporate software. Although all the press and MS marketing states that support for Windows XP will end sometime in April of 2014, the Oracle of Ottawa has noticed that for all intents and purposes they have all ready stopped supporting it at the time of this writing, just to aid the big pre-Christmas marketing rush. The Oracle is not amused. And he is simply not going to take it any more.

As far back as 2006 Microsoft was once the third largest corporation on Earth measured by market capitalization. Now fast forward to 2013, and you will discover that Microsoft is now the seventh largest corporation on Earth by market cap. And to add insult to injury, or rather to increase the contrast of the writing on the wall, Apple is number one! Not even the Oracle of Ottawa had the balls to call that minor upset.

The Oracle of Ottawa has had another life altering revelation lately, and that is that an operating system in this day and age is just too important a thing to leave in the hands of corporate whores out in Redmond, Washington. All the stuff that the Oracle owns that has software to operate, and that works really well, sure as hell is not made by Microsoft. It is all Linux and / or embedded Linux. I mean really, if Google is not using Microsoft, why the hell should you Dear Reader?

The Oracle of Ottawa is just fed up with the so called Microsoft experience, the overpriced registered drudgery of it all. It is an industry and an era that has had its time and is now past. A lot like buggy whips. Other concerns have started entering the Oracles mind also, the major one being my security. The next operating system that the Oracle runs will not be the product of an American corporate whore in the employ of the New World Order and the Department of Homeland Security! Yes the Oracle has decided to bring Linux to his Desktop. And one that originates in Europe, not the United States.

The Oracle  of Ottawa has been toying with the idea for a while now. He has done his due diligence and actually researched Linux on You Tube which was powerfully helpful. But what really shifted the Oracle of Ottawa was catching the philosophy of Linus Torvalds in his many talks that just happened to posted on You Tube. The Oracle of Ottawa was simply blown away by the mans candor and left leaning ideology. Bill Gates can't hold a candle to him as a mental force or as a man... The Oracle of Ottawa will be running some flavor of Linux way before April 2014.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Rene Girard - Who IS This Guy?

Yet for all that the table continues to be that common everyday thing, wood. But, so soon as it steps forth as a commodity it is changed into something transcendent.
Karl Marx, Capital, Volume I, p. 82

Rene Girard at the time of this writing is nearly ninety years old. He is the greatest philosopher and Christian alive today that you probably never heard of. The Oracle of Ottawa discovered him on You Tube, quiet by accident while doing up the Richard D. Wolff piece on the best introductory lectures on Marxian thought. Once I heard the famous theory of mimetic desire spelled out, the Oracle of Ottawa was completely hooked. It basically states that all our desires are borrowed from other people. All conflict arises from mimetic desire, and this of course leads to the eventual sure as Sunday scapegoat mechanism.

Rene Girard - Immortal (richly deserved...)
As the "thinking about thinking project" has been progressing, the Oracle of Ottawa kept coming to the same realization over and over; I am missing something really elementary here but I can't put my finger on it. Well Dear Reader, after you become familiar with the basic ideas of Rene Girard, you will soon realize that you have finally discovered the missing and key piece to damn near every thing.  Religion, language, politics, economics and history in the big.

The Oracle of Ottawa quickly realized that this guy must be really dangerous, since it is damn near impossible to find his books or any anyone who has even heard of him. When you happen onto a an actor under these circumstances, you know that you are probably on to something powerful and very valuable. The clincher was when it provided the final and complete piece to my common stock algorithm, which I have deemed the Midas Algorithm For a Portfolio of Common Stocks. Weird how useful and universal a basic idea can be, isn't it?

Among the many advantages of the theory of mimetic desire is that it provides the center idea to understanding many weird books that you know are important but just can't seem to get into. The Oracle of Ottawa will list a few:

1. The Bible - any version...

2. John Milton - Paradise Lost

3. Karl Marx - Capital and most all of his other works.

4. Julian Jaynes - The Origin of Consciousness and the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind

5. Arnold J. Toynbee - A Study of History...

6. James George Frazer - The Golden Bough

Once you have even an elementary grasp of mimetic desire you will be able to plow through the above mentioned works with ease and greatly enjoy them at the same time, much unlike the usual crop of ordinary undergraduates...

Now Rene Girard should have won the Nobel Prize by now, but alas he hasn't. He has won something even better than a Nobel, he is an Immortal in the Academy of France! From what the Oracle of Ottawa can find out about this gig it is way better than a Nobel any day. The French People are pretty smart to have something like this, that elevates the best and the brightest, always keeping the spiral in an upward direction, they should all be very proud of this. In Canada and the United States at the present time we are on a downward  Wall - Mart spiral of spend less, live better, which all in only teaches you one thing; You only get what you pay for...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

'Harper Government' - Campaigning For Justin Trudeau

The norms applying to persons who are players in a game depend upon the rules of the game.
John Rawls, A Theory Of Justice, p. 349

It is pretty hard to sit down and write to the blog when you are witnessing the collapse of the Right Wing Revolution in Canada. The spectacle of it all is just breathtaking. Preston Manning is no where to be found. The latest RCMP revelations of the goings on at the Prime Ministers Office are proving that the Prime Minister is either a hay seed rube or the twin brother of Richard Nixon, much talk continues, but either way the chromed domed majesty of ole Steve Harper is all but in and done.

Justin Trudeau - About any time now...
A whole government is going to fall shortly due to some chump change of few Senators, that the Prime Ministers Office had no business meddling in. But the temptation to control just one more thing at the molecular level was just to strong for ole Steve Harper to resist. It is all sort of like a Greek Tragedy with a laugh track. The back benchers days are filled with booking movers and haggling over the cost of the soon to required lawn signs. But the Oracle of Ottawa has heard that many are not even going to bother on the next go round, are just hoping to escape Ottawa with out going to jail.

It is finally starting to sink in to the rubes out West that the Harper Government law and order agenda sort of stops just outside Toronto city limits. And as the Health Minister has stopped the supply of morphine and heroin to the terminally ill, it seems that the supply to the Mayor of Toronto gets hand delivered, every day. This is causing much grumbling in the cock-us.

Changing the channel, the favorite ploy of the 'Harper Government' fart catchers and spin mavens, is no longer working. The reintroduction of the new Bullying Legislation is garnering nothing but laughs from the seasoned media, everyone knows that it is all just another run at the bloggers, the CBC, and that satanic internet. But it is suspected that when the RCMP raids the PMO at all its locations all at once, there won't be much getting done on the legislative agenda. And of course, those pesky by-elections are taking place shortly, and the Oracle of Ottawa has it on good authority that it is all a train wreck in  the making. This means that the "majority" could possibly be in real and total trouble. Now that folks will be real entertainment!  

Monday, November 11, 2013

Jason 'Popeye' Kenney - Leadership?

Time, and Industry, produce everyday new knowledge.
Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, p.176

Up to today the Oracle of Ottawa was convinced that the greatest definition of an oxymoron was "military intelligence". Then while out to the local market the Oracle noticed the front page headline on today's Ottawa Citizen which stated; Jason Kenney Leadership (!) now that is an oxymoron that is all moron and no oxy.  The Oracle of Ottawa knows that we are into the last days of the 'Harper Government' right wing revolution, but you can certainly draw a very sharp line under it now, when the likes of Jason Kenney starts rising up with the utterly insane delusion that he could possibly be the "Next One"!

Jason Kenney campaigning for Justin Trudeau!

Jason Kenney is such a right wing wack ball that he got tossed out of Jesuit University! Ya that is right, Dear Reader, the University of San Francisco. It seems he was such a right wing wack ball trouble maker that even the Jesuits couldn't stomach his fascist opinions and beliefs assorted. Long story short, Jason Kenney has all the requirements of a 'Harper Government' cabinet minister, including being a drop out, ole Steve Harper doesn't like to anybody that is too sharp around him. If you don't believe the Oracle, just check out the old news footage on You Tube.

Look familiar?
 Even though at the time of this writing the golden wanna be is a front row minister of the 'Harper Government' he is as about as popular as a blown out pair of Popeye court shoes. His article on Wikipedia, at the time of this writing, for the last thirty days, has all of 3,886 hits. Meanwhile the leader of the Third Party, Justin Trudeau, had 29,997 hits and ranks 3307 and climbing out of the 4,340,000 articles on Wikipedia! There is no way that the wanna be likes of Jason Kenney can ever catch up with that any time soon, in this lifetime anyway.

The Conservative Party of Canada is soon going to discover the inherent weakness in the Steve Harper management style, especially when he is no longer around. There is not one person in the 'Harper Government' that has any charisma to compete against Thomas Mulcair, let alone Justin Trudeau! The Oracle of Ottawa is wondering how long it is going to take the mentally challenged  Jason to figure out that all that early leadership money is coming from the Liberal party? Ho Ho! As far as the obtaining any leadership position in the Conservative party of Canada, the Oracle of Ottawa can only state that the ponderously slow Ed Fast has a better chance... At least he graduated from everything after high school.     

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Justin Trudeau Is A Campaign Genius!

The community of man should be treated in the same way you would treat your community of brothers or fellow citizens. 
Pierre Eliot Trudeau, Memoirs, p. 224

A really good politician can bring along all of his followers in support when he campaigns. A great politician not only can enlist the support of his friends and followers but also all of his enemies and haters. At the time of this writing Justin Trudeau is showing signs of being a great politician. As of last Thursday he has at least one 'Harper Government' cabinet minister in his corner, ( i.e. Michelle Rempel), along with the Prime Ministers Office, and most all of the Members in the House that are sitting on the Conservative side. Along with the overall Conservative Party of Canada and the Mayor of Toronto, how can Justin go wrong?

Justin Trudeau - How the West will be won?

All political parties employ spin doctors and fart catchers, the difference with the Liberal Party of Canada is that they have all the really really good ones. The speeches and talking points are presently being crafted to contain little sound bites that are designed to be easily taken out of context, this is how you get your enemies and haters to campaign for you for free! After taking the free ride it is very easy to set all the commotion right by playing the whole bite. Your enemies and haters look like the idiots they truly are, and your candidate looks like a most overly harshly treated great person. At the early points in the game, it doesn't matter if what the media says is good or ill, as long as the media is talking about your candidate.

It is very helpful to put it all in context. Even though at the time of this writing, when Justin Trudeau is presently only the head of the Third Party in the House of Commons, his Wikipedia article ranks 3307 out of  the 4,372, 854 articles on Wikipedia! Justin Trudeau is 10 to 15 times more popular then Michelle Rempel, a 'Harper government' cabinet minister! Justin Trudeau has a You Tube video with over a million hits at the time of this writing. Not even the Prime Minister of the 'Harper Government' has anything that comes even close. The writing is on the virtual wall so to speak, and these numbers don't lie... and we of course can count on the enemies of Justin to keep digging, with perhaps the slight pauses to stop and get bigger shovels.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Marxian Thought - The Best Introductory Lectures

In fact of course, this 'productive' worker cares as much about the crappy shit he has to make as does the capitalist himself who employs him, and who also couldn't give a damn for the junk.
Karl Marx, Grundrisse, Notebook II, The Chapter on Capital, p. 193

It was just in the recent past that the Oracle of Ottawa wrote a little missive on the best introductory documentary on the life of Karl Marx. The post was written to share with what I suspected would be one or two of my Dear Readers that might become interested in such a topic. Much to the Oracles surprise it has been garnering much more hits than first suspected. No doubt it would be really a great public service to the world wide readership of this 'umble blog if the Oracle of Ottawa could direct you to a very high quality introduction to Marxian thought and theory. 

Richard D. Wolff - Feisty as Hell!!

This of course was a bit more difficult than fist imagined. But by total accident the Oracle of Ottawa has found a most excellent source for your continuing Marxian education. There are very many people talking about the works of Marx on You-Tube, but alas, most all of them prove after just the first few words that they have never read any of the great mans work ever in their lives. Wouldn't it be great if there was just one lone Ivy League prof that had somehow gone completely rogue, and became utterly obsessed with spreading the Marxian message?

Well Dear Reader, Richard D. Wolff is your man. Harvard, Stanford, and Yale! Is that wicked or what? And not only that, he was a student of the great Paul A. Baran , The only tenured Marxian prof in the United States, and as fate would have it, one his students was Richard D. Wolff! Well as fate would  again have it, (and doesn't it always?), the wheel of life has turned another full revolution and it is now Richard D. Wolff that is practically the only prof of Marxian thought in the Western Hemisphere at the time of this writing.

The main reason that the Oracle of Ottawa has singled him out is that you don't have to come to Richard D. Wolff already completely read up on Karl Marx. He will instruct you to all the reasons why knowing about Karl Marx is important. He will not harangue you to read Capital, (like David Harvey), after one or two Wolff lectures you will be starting your own collection of the works of Marx, you will be inspired, you will read Capital all on your own, and thank your maker that Doctor Wolff was generous enough to post his lectures on You-Tube for your free viewing and learning enjoyment.

He yells, he spits, he curses, he implores, he sweats. Damn! You won't forget it any time soon. This guy is not very concerned about making the faculty lounge for happy hour. Now the Oracle of Ottawa knows that someone with a resume that contains Harvard, Stanford and Yale, regarding the study of any economics could be hauling a great salary as an indentured slave of a galaxy of corporate over whores. Yet the good Doctor continues to spread his message. The Oracle of Ottawa would love to know what made him go rogue, what the full circumstances were. The Oracle of Ottawa suspects that would be darn near as good as one of Doctor Wolff's lectures. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Michelle Rempel Campaigns For Justin Trudeau!

Politics is a game of friends.
Jean Chretien, Straight From The Heart, p.23

It was on Power And Politics this afternoon that the Oracle of Ottawa had the misfortune to witness a very agitated Michelle Rempel, one of the present 'Harper Government's token Ministers Of State for Western something or other, appearing very upset that the incredibly handsome Justin Trudeau was holding a $250.00 per person fund raiser in Toronto tonight that was only open to women. The event was organized by a group of  twenty professional woman, and what do Canadian women want to see today? Why Justin Trudeau, natch.

Michelle Rempel - The only thing missing is the street light..
 As the Oracle turned to discuss the ethics of the said event with his significant other, she was already out the front door, and then I heard the car speeding down the driveway, with a two wheel power turn smoking rubber down the road to the Ottawa Airport. The Oracle of Ottawa latter found a note on the fridge, that said she would leave the car at the airport, and that she would be catching the 6:45 flight to Toronto, and that she would be home Saturday morning! As the Oracle microwaved left overs, it was quiet apparent who is going to be the next Prime Minister of Canada, and who is going to get him there. The event, with all the free publicity provided by Michelle Rempel, of the 'Harper Government', was a total sell-out, and from the footage that I saw on the National, it seems that the roomful of woman weren't missing their $250.00 very much. 

It was all very unsavory when Michelle Rempel, the young hay seed rube, started to cry in front of Evan Solomon! It got even more ugly when that brilliant nice Italian babe from the Liberal Party just plowed here on national television like a mule on a slave galley. The Oracle of Ottawa suspects that it will be a very long time before Michelle Rempel will stick her flat nose where it does not belong.

Another possible reason for the emotional meltdown is that it is said that the young Michelle is "up and coming" in the 'Harper Government' cabinet, and therefore is barely smart enough to already see the writing on the wall. She perhaps realized right there on national television that she is only going to be a one termer as far as being the cabinet goes. All further trips to Ottawa will be as a back bencher in the Opposition for ever.

It is all very clear to the Oracle of Ottawa, Justin Trudeau is quiet simply born to be elite Canadian royalty, he is not seeking the office of Prime Minister, the Office is seeking him. Meanwhile Michelle is an ordinary no count hay seed rube, that wants to be... That quiet simply is the reality and the unbridgeable difference between her and Justin Trudeau. The best advice the Oracle of Ottawa can offer is to book your mover now and avoid the rush...

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Canada - Recent Scandals Simply Explained

In the sinister human world one individual pole is the tyrant-leader, inscrutable, ruthless, melancholy, and with an insatiable will, who commands loyalty only if he is egocentric enough to represent the collective ego of his followers. The other pole is represented by the pharmakos or sacrificed victim, who has to be killed to strengthen the others.
Northrop Frye, Anatomy Of Criticism, p. 148

If you think that people all around the world are shocked by the recent events in Canada, it is but nothing, compared to the shock of the majority of people that are presently living in Canada. We are stuck with an obese, alcoholic, crack smoking mayor of Toronto, our largest city,  who seems to be able to do anything he desires, without any fear of being removed from office. Meanwhile in Ottawa, three Senators were destroyed with out the usual due process that once was the right of any and all Canadians.

The Scapegoat
 The irony was that these Senators were destroyed, banished, without pay for a period of two years for the so called crime of "false" expense claims, which all in did not even add up to a crummy million dollars! And which the 'Harper Government' accepted, and paid for at the time they were submitted. These three Senators were 'Harper government' appointments. These three Senators raised millions of dollars for the Conservative party Of Canada, with the full approval of Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government'! What is the real meaning of all this?

It is all about the fact that Canada is living under the administration of a budding tyrant. It is all about "under the bus". It is all about the fears of intelligent Canadians being realized. The present Prime Minister of Canada is simply stark raving nuts. Many of us raised the alarms years ago about the dangers of this actor and the coming hidden agenda that he has been working for the last decade.Many prominent people such as Rex Murphy stated in the media that we were under tinfoil hats and that there was nothing to worry about. One can only wonder what will be the ultimate price this actor will pay.

It has been normal practice in Canada to always attempt to salvage wayward individuals. For example, if a Liberal Minister screwed up big time, he was transferred to the back benches, the kinks were hammered out, the ship righted, and then returned to his/her formal position of dignity, or a reasonable facsimile there of.  But upon the advent of the 'Harper Government' right wing revolution, every thing started to take a much more darker and sinister aspect. Failure of any degree was no longer redeemable. It was under the bus. Total destruction, with no chance of any redemption, which is totally out of character for a Judeau- Christian democratic Country.

 At first these "under the bus" virtual executions were few and far between. Then they started to happen in single cases, but now, much closer together and frequently. Of course there is a grave price for these one off executions. Soon there are so many bodies under the ideological bus that the wheels of said bus will no longer touch the ground, even though it is full, someone is at the wheel steering and the wheels are spinning with the pedal to the floor. How pathological is this? And what is the future to hold? The Oracle of Ottawa will now look out ahead and tell you Dear Reader.

The present 'Harper Government' is very much like a seriously dangerous serial criminal, that is never satisfied for long at the demise of its latest victim. The thrill must be reenacted at ever closer intervals, and at some point one victim at a time will no longer be enough. We are presently at the time of this writing past that point. The next executions will consist of an even larger group of Senators and members of the House that spoke out against the earlier "criminal acts". This will continue until it is stopped....

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Harper Government - I Couldn't Care Less

All that destroys social unity is worthless; all institutions that set man in contradiction to himself are worthless.
Jean Jacques Rousseau, The Social Contract, Chapter 8

If Wall Mart ever installs a politics aisle in their stores it will no doubt look like the 2013 Calgary Conservative Convention. It was clearly evident that the whole town of Ducks Ass, Alberta turned out in attendance. The Oracle of Ottawa found the over appearance of all the corporate rent a cops very uplifting. But it was no doubt done to well up the love for the New World Order, and to develop that cosy warm feeling of the norm of the new locked down world.

Justin Trudeau - Better a Canadian Idol then Most Wanted!

Of course for all those that know of such things you could readily spot the cracks in the unity of the Harper Bund. This was all overly apparent when the three most unlikely cabinet ministers floated their approval of Nigel Wright, the parachuted messenger of the Bilderberg Group, and his shabby treatment at the hands of that terrible Steve Harper. And the Oracle of Ottawa eagerly awaited Preston Mannings update on the progress of the Canadian Right Wing Revolution and how that was working out for little Preston.

But what everybody tuned in for on Friday night was the speech of the fast fading Prime Minister. It was observed by the Oracle of Ottawa live and it left the Oracle somewhat underwhelmed to say the least. The killer line and after thought that has stayed with the Oracle of Ottawa is: "I couldn't care less". Canadians across Canada no doubt found that very uplifting. To the Oracle it simply stated that the 'Harper Government' was going to continue digging until the (w)hole was so deep, that when it finally collapses, not even an NDP type will have to appear to tamp down the earth.

The Oracle of Ottawa has lived a long time and heard a fair number of speeches. But never in his life to date has he heard such a cynical, arrogant and fear laced diatribe. You could see the disdain and utter hatred in the little pig eyes of the poor thing. It was all quite shocking to the Oracle of Ottawa, certainly not Nation Building stuff of a truly great Prime Minister. That footage of the cheap shots directed to Justin Trudeau are going to haunt little Steve for the rest of his life. And most all, Canadians will agree with the Oracle of Ottawa, that it is a far better thing to be a Canadian Idol then one of the Most Wanted....  

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rob Ford Correctly Predicts Bloodbath

Some systems have no equilibrium states, while others have many. These matters depend upon the nature of the system.
John Rawls, A Theory Of Justice, p. 457

Unfortunately though, it appears that it is all going to be Rob Ford's blood! Some days  you just can't prepare yourself for the events that are fated to unfold. It was all just breaking on the old vulgar media of television around lunchtime. The Oracle of Ottawa was needless to say, totally floored. The Oracle of Ottawa was sure that the powerful friends of Rob Ford had made that embarrassing tape vanish forever. To find a deleted file on a hard drive is somewhat akin to finding a needle in a haystack, especially if you know anything about file allocation tables and such like. Someone must have really wanted the mayors hide very badly.

Rob Ford - Starting to feel the heat?

The timing of the announcement proves that there is a God, and he has a very long and pointy finger, attached to a very long arm. The irony of the timing of the event is just too much for the Oracle of Ottawa to enjoy at all once. What with the Senate expense scandal here in Ottawa and the start of the Conservative Party convention out in Calgary today, it was just too much irony for the Oracle to absorb all at once. And the real strangeness is that all the events are connected in many more ways than one, if you ponder it all in the big picture.

It appears to the Oracle of Ottawa that the conservative trifecta will never be achieved. It will be very fortunate indeed if the present conservative forces in power at the time of this writing make it to their next election dates. It was only two years ago that they all but seemed invincible to gods and mere men...brace yourself Dear Reader, this is just the beginning, there is so much more to come.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Senator Mike Duffy - His Greatest Gift

The greatest evil has already come about, when there are poor men to be defended, and rich men to be restrained.
Jean Jacques Rousseau, A Discourse On Political Economy

And so it goes... Question Period was an utter riot again today, as the Prime Minister, Steve Harper of the hapless 'Harper Government' got plowed like a donkey on a slave galley by Thomas Mulcair. It was a hoot, as the ole Steve Harper, was actually seen to be reeling and tottering in his place. Meanwhile down the hall on the Hill, in the Senate Chamber, Senator Mike Duffy had them all hanging on every word, and the possibility of all the other words to come. The Senator is like a nuclear ballistic missile submarine, with many missiles to launch, and all of them with multiple independent reentry vehicles.

Mike Duffy-A Great Canadian!!

Mike Duffy has been a journalist for a hell of a long time. The Oracle cannot find out which high school the vertically challenged Senator graduated from. And he does not have a degree from Gate Keeper U (i.e. Queens University). It has been a hell of a run on just grade nine! There is a joke in Ottawa going around about him being the last journalist to leave Vietnam at the fall of Saigon in 1975. The story goes that the CBC hoped that they had luckily lost him, but accepted  him back when the Vietnamese made a huge cash offer to take him back! The Vietnamese Diplomat stated that the Vietnamese had already survived the French, the Americans, and even the communists would be a piece of cake, but there was no way that Vietnam could survive Mike Duffy! Take the money and him PLEASE!

Now the Oracle of Ottawa does not agree with the Senators politics and who he hangs out with. But the Oracle of Ottawa is really pissed that some young punk in short pants at the Prime Ministers Office took him for a rube that could be easily screwed over. All the expenses that the Senator claimed were accepted and paid, and pre cleared by the Senator himself with the ethics commissioner!  It is quite clear to the Oracle of Ottawa that Senator Mike Duffy had been set up to create a phony constitutional crisis that would assist the 'Harper Government' getting rid of the pesky Senate by end running the Canadian Constitution! It has certainly been shown in recent days that the Canadian Senate seems to work very well, no matter who you seem to put in it. It sure is weird how Canada can just happen to you, isn't it?

There hasn't been a spectacle like this in Ottawa in my living memory. CBC political coverage ratings are going through the roof. The public galleries in the House of Commons are full for Question Period and have been for days! Even the public gallery in the Senate has been standing room only for the last couple of days, with a long line being turned away! Even the most seasoned old media print journalists have never seen that before! Senator Mike Duffy has done what no one in recent Canadian history has been able to do, and that is to get the public engaged and interested on what is actually going on in this Great and Impossible Country. When the history books are written in the future this will be seen as Mike Duffy's greatest gift...

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Calgary Conservative Convention - Pork Chops To Paris?

Then we think of envy as the propensity to view with hostility the greater good of others even though their being more fortunate than we are does not detract from our advantages.
John Rawls, A Theory Of Justice, p. 532

Well, Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government' finally got his constitutional crisis, but not exactly the one he was looking for. It appears to the Oracle of Ottawa that no one in the 'Harper Government' or the Conservative Party Purity Committee out in Duck's Ass, Alberta, has ever heard of the Curse of D'Arcy McGee! It all is about the dangers of anyone trying to change Canada into something else, Alter it you may not...The Founding Fathers of Canada were not fucking around when they created this impossible country.

Canadian Senate - Value??...Priceless!!
 You knew it was all going to hell very quickly when polling indicated  that eight times more people believed Senator Mike Duffy then the Prime Minister of Canada! But it was Friday afternoon that you could state for sure that the wheels of the Conservative bus were starting to death wobble, when the news and the tape got out of the Prime Minister of Canada, Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government', calling into an AM radio talk show like an unemployed Liberal skidmark that loved the sound of his own voice. That is the moment the history books will take as the start of the bitter end death spiral.

No matter what happens now or in the days to come, it is a lose lose for the 'Harper Government'. If the Senators are suspended with pay it will be Armageddon for the 'Harper Government'. If the Senators slide off and get a proper hearing, it will again be Armageddon for the 'Harper Government! PMO staffers should start booking the movers now and get ahead of the rush.

Next week is the big Conservative Party Convention in soggy Calgary. The Oracle of Ottawa sure as hell is glad he is not Steve Harper! This event promises to be more of a wake than a party. And just wait when all the mouth breathing faithful find out that the pork and beef that they raise with the latest Big Agra methods of antibiotics, steroids, hormones and GMO silage will not even be able to get into the European Union as pet food, there could quiet possibly be a riot, or two.

It was a historic week in Ottawa. Canada as a country is at a very important turning point. Being here was like living in a history book. With all the attention that the Canadian Senate got this week, and all the critical issues that it raised how could even a Conservative put a dollar value on it all? It appears to the Oracle of Ottawa that the Canadian Senate works just great, just like the Founding Fathers of Canada intended it work.   

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Senator Mike Duffy Nukes The 'Harper Government'

As already observed, to each according to his threat advantage is not a principle of justice.
John Rawls, A Theory Of Justice, p.141

It appears iridescently ironic to the Oracle of Ottawa that the Bilderberg Group tool of globalization, that is otherwise known as the 'Harper Government', is going to be soon brought down by three Canadians that grew up in small towns. After Mike Duffy got done in the Senate yesterday, it appeared to the Oracle of Ottawa that there is no way on this Earth, in this lifetime, that the "Harper Government' is going to last another 70 days, let alone over 700 days. 

Senator Duffy nukes the 'Harper Government'

Did the Oracle of Ottawa believe what Senator Mike Duffy said? Damn right he did! Did the Oracle of Ottawa believe the bit where Mike Duffy stated that he pre-screened his expenses and that the PMO cleared them all only to stab him in the back while laughing at him? Damn right he did! Did the Oracle of Ottawa believe the part where Mike Duffy got the ambush call from that skank LeBreton, and all the others while out on vacation in P.E.I.? Every level of government in Ottawa now runs like that! Hell ya, the Senator Mike Duffy was telling the truth there also.

All in, the Senators defence in the Senate was one of the most moving speeches he heard from the Hill in many years. And Conservatives say the Senate doesn't work? It appeared to the Oracle of Ottawa that it was working just fine yesterday. And that shot by the Senator comparing the 'Harper Government' to Putins Russia was about right to the Oracle of Ottawa! The mere fact that the Senate can shake the Earth when it has to or wants to is the major reason that the 'Harper Government' no longer wants it around! Yes indeed. The Senate of Canada, the house of sober second thought worked just fine indeed. The Oracle of Ottawa also throughly enjoyed  the bits where Novak was shown and it appeared that he was ready to puke, and no doubt had already soiled his short under pants, again. The Oracle of Ottawa really enjoyed that!    

It is too bad that the Conservatives don't believe in the facts of science. They would have already figured out a while ago that if you place too many bodies under the bus, that at some point the wheels of the bus would no longer be touching the ground. But as you guessed it Dear Reader, to the Conservatives, science is just for nerds and lefties from Ontario. Meanwhile on the bus, ole Steve Harper desperately clutches the steering while moving it rapidly to and fro, leaning forward with his foot to the floor of the accelerator peddle screaming at the top of his voice " I,m driving the fuck out of this bus!". It all looks really strange to anyone who is watching from outside the now motionless motor vehicle. How crazy is that?   

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Thomas Hobbes - A Mortal Flaw Discovered

I Authorise and give up my Right of Governing my selfe, to this Man, or to his Assembly of men, on this condition, that thou give up thy Right to him, and Authourise all his Actions in like manner. This done, the Multitude so united in one person, is called a COMMON - WEALTH, in latine CIVITAS. This is the Generation of that great LEVIATHAN, or rather (to speake more reverntly) of that Mortall God, to which wee owe under the Immortal God, our peace and defence. Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, Chapter XVII, p. 120 

It was just this Sunday morning past Dear Reader when the Oracle of Ottawa read the above passage from Thomas Hobbe's Leviathan, published in 1651, which is to this day considered to be the foundational work that describes the origin and construction of our contemporary societal institutions. Immediately the Oracle felt uncomfortable, that something was wrong, so wrong, in this key passage. He reread the passage again very slowly, and then it dawned on him in a flash!

Leviathan - Mortally flawed??
 Like a nuclear explosion going off in the Oracle of Ottawa's head he realized the serious fatal error within this key passage. It appears that the awesome passage of Hobbes which is the basis for most all societies of the world is most flawed since it breaks two of the Ten Commandments! Not not just any two of the ten but rather the first and second commandments! This is so critical as Hobbes uses scripture as an allegory and a metaphor to build the description of the body of the Leviathan!

 For all of the Oracles Dear Readers that need a little refresher, the first commandment states: I am the Lord thy God. The second commandment is: Thou shalt have no other Gods before me. The above passage, one of the key passages of Leviathan breaks the first commandment in spirit and it breaks the second commandment to the point of outright blasphemy! Now all the really sharp Readers out in the world, especially those in Germany, know that when an error is planted deep into a foundational construction or a set of measurements, the error will propagate slowly (i.e. in a linear fashion) at first and then it will propagate much later in a non-linear fashion.   

Once you come to terms with the monumental discovery you can rapidly understand the cause of all wars, calamities and other atrocities of history various. (Since two buried opposing powers cannot grind against themselves forever.)  All of a sudden Adam Smith and especially Karl Marx are all starting to come in ever so much more clearly. Buried deep within the constructs of our present societies, which all originate from Leviathan, there is buried an ever repeating time bomb, due to a misconstruction of logic that periodically goes off over the course of history. The humble blue collar Oracle of Ottawa has done his life's duty in discovering it and pointing it to you... Now work it! 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

CETA - The Real Agenda?

So that in the nature of man, we find three principall causes of quarrell. First, Competition; Secondly Diffidence; Thirdly, Glory.
Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, p. 88  

If the Canada - European Union free trade deal, also known as CETA, is so awesome, where the hell is the text? If the text is not yet complete, where are the parts that are already done? With all the utter propaganda that is flooding the Oracle of Ottawa's HD television of late, a virtual river of vulgar media, the Oracle of Ottawa has decided to do a little research on his own for his Dear Readers, as a public service, of course.

Steve Harper - Dealing from a full deck?
 It has rapidly become apparent to the Oracle of Ottawa, that the real reason that Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government' has signed such a monstrosity is that gives him one more shot to fight all the battles that he has already lost. The Oracle of Ottawa has discovered that at the time of this writing that CETA contains much more than cheese, pork and beef. The treaty or deal also contains many of the same provisions of copyright that were rejected by the European Union in an another treaty known as ACTA. It caused a hell of a stir in Canada, and was eventually ditched by the 'Harper Government'. A great victory for all Canadians, and a career killing loss for  Vic 'The Dic' Toews, who resigned as "Public Safety Minister on July 09, 2013.

The present propaganda line goes on about the new market of 500 million people in the EU, and the 80,000 new jobs that this is to create in Canada with the increase to every Canadian of at least 1,000 bucks per year. Which to the Oracle of Ottawa hardly seems worth the trouble, all in. The loudest touted bit is that part where by Canadian pork and beef will be able to be sold unhindered to the EU in amounts as much as can be stuffed into cargo containers! To all the sheeple in Canada this is all a slam dunk, it was on TV! The reality is somewhat not exactly the same as the promise.

The Oracle of Ottawa soon realized that the crafty Europeans saw ole Steve Harper coming and going. They allowed the importation of Canadian pork and beef into the EU because it was something that the 'Harper Government' wanted and that the EU would not have to worry a moment about ever actually happening. The reason being that although you may be allowed to ship Canadian pork and beef doesn't automatically mean that anyone in the EU actually wants it! If the rubes from the 'Harper Government' had ever actually spent any time in Europe in their formative years they would have known that the vast majority of Europeans only will eat hand crafted meat and food. A European will not eat corporate large scale raised meat, that contains antibiotics, growth hormones, and even steroids of many kinds various. They don't seem to like their daughters developing the breasts of twenty year old woman at the age of nine years, and the Oracle of Ottawa can't blame them for that.

Now the Europeans really got the nuts off of the 'Harper Government' team when it got its cheese quota quadrupled! That will sell like a house on fire in Canada! And will also destroy our price support system in the process, which is why the 'Harper Government' caved in to the demand. Like ole Steve Harper recently stated in Washington; Never take no for an answer.... 

Friday, October 18, 2013

'Harper Government' - The Desired State Of Nature

As in other things, so in men, not the seller, but the buyer determines the Price.
Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, p. 63

Well it all went off as the spin doctors and the fart catchers scripted it. Another fatal attempt of the 'Harper Government' to change Canada forever. And of course the crafty Europeans did their homework and knew that ole Steve Harpers little micro dick is well and stuck in the proverbial pencil sharpener, and duly took full advantage of him at the last minute, by getting the 'Harper Government' to abandon certain visa restrictions on certain European Union member states. No doubt Roma the world over will be celebrating and packing at this very moment.

Canada awaits you Sweetheart!!

We all now know as common knowledge that the goal of the 'Harper Government' is to change Canada forever. The method deployed has been that of a large number of barely noticeable changes. But what exactly is the desired state of nature at the end of this process? Of course the Oracle of Ottawa has found the answer and as a public service, he will share the knowledge with his faithful and Dear Readers.

It was the great Thomas Hobbes who in1651 stated that man starts out in an elementary state of nature, where all war against all. Well the Oracle of Ottawa can assure you Dear Reader, that this is not the state of nature that the 'Harper Government wants at all. Rather, the 'Harper Government' wants a state of nature of Us and Them. The ruling one percent is the Us group. The remaining ninety nine percent is the Them group, better known as you and I. The end goal of the 'Harper Government' is to achieve a state of nature where by there remain no protections at all for the Them group for the abuses and exploitation that is rendered unto them by the Us group. But there will always just enough government to protect the ill gotten gains of the Us group from any uprising of the Them group. This is the 'Harper Government' ideal of the optimum size of government, got that?

(Brampton will never be the same after this! Thank You very much...)

But although the so called deal has been signed, it is a long way from in and done. It still has to be ratified by all ten provinces and three territories in Canada and all twenty eight nation states of the European Union!! That is ole Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government' has to call forty one correct coin tosses in a row! That is one chance  in 2,199, 023, 000, 000 or one chance in 2.199 trillion. Good luck with that!  

Thursday, October 17, 2013

'Harper Government' Says: Let Them Eat CETA Cheese...

For all men by nature reason alike, and well, when they have good principles.
Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, p.35

You know the EU free trade agreement is toast before it is even signed when you have the likes of Stockwell Day pushing it on CBC's Power And Politics on the old fashioned vulgar media. Very little detail of the agreements details are yet available, save and except the fact that Canada is going to be buried under a virtual tidal wave of subsidized European Union cheese. And with that old screw up in the personage of Stockwell Day you can also count on endless racks of ill fitting spandex dry suits, made in Bulgaria, Stocks favorite campaign uniform.

Steve says: Let them eat cheese!
 But alas Dear Reader as far as European Union free trade goes you can forget about it. Officially the deal is known as CETA and with all the players involved and the general increase in awareness of the unwashed masses, i.e. you and I, there is a very steep road ahead for the hapless 'Harper Government'. The signing and details of the deal are essentially meaningless, because the whole thing swings, stands and falls and the sticky bit; ratification.  

To become official, the deal must be agreed to by every province in Canada, and all twenty six nation states of the European Union! And with the power of all the milk marketing boards in Canada and some very pissed states in the EU which have strong objections to certain Canadian visa restrictions, all the 'Harper Government' has been doing is looking busy. They even know that they don't have a hope in hell of getting it ratified, but talk of it is much better than answering questions of corruption in the Canadian Senate of certain handpicked star Senators of Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government'.

In Canada there are a few organizations that are even more powerful and well financed as the Conservative Party of Canada, and those organizations are the marketing arms of provincial milk marketing boards. And they know how to play the media, and their brand is much more respected than that of the upstart Conservative Party of Canada. It is not unreasonable to conclude that once alarmed and very pissed as they are at present, they are going to rip the very balls off of the Conservatives.

And in a closing twist of high irony one might want to ponder why the Europeans have so much excess cheese. And where they got those super cows in the first place... The Oracle of Ottawa will leave that as an exercise for the reader....