Saturday, August 29, 2015

Stephen Harper And The Curse Of Thomas D'Arcy McGee

Everything we did was done in form and with propriety, and the result of our proceedings is the document [the Quebec Resolutions] that has been submitted to the imperial government as well as to this house and which we speak of here as a treaty. And that there may be no doubt about our position in regard to that document we say, question it you may, reject it you may, or accept it you may, but alter it you may not.
Thomas D'Arcy McGee, Legislative Assembly, February 9, 1865

Ever since the start of the 2015 Canadian General Election there has been noticed by many in the vicinity of Parliament Hill in Ottawa, deep in the night, the persistent sound of a wolf howling. The tourist guide trots claim that is a lone example of Canis Lycaon that has drifted down from Algonquin Park to the edge of the city limits of the City of Ottawa.
Thomas D'Arcy McGee
 Of course the old hands of Ottawa and the Hill are having none of it. They know their Canadian history. They know that the sound of the persistent mournful howling is from no wolf of this earth. It is the ghost of Thomas D'Arcy McGee. And he has come from the other side to enforce his all powerful curse to destroy and render to waste any and all who dare to change the Canadian Constitution.

Considered by many of the youngsters in the present Canadian Press Gallery to be merely a legend to scare back benchers, women and children, the older more seasoned hands keep a respectful silence, and are getting very prepared to cover one of the biggest up coming political blowouts in Canadian history. They remember all too well the Charlottetown Accord and the ensuing political meltdown. 

 You can really feel the presence of Thomas D'Arcy McGee as you walk down Sparks Street deep into the night of all times when the very existence and safety of Canada is in any question. You might want to stop in front of the location of Thomas's old rooming house. It is marked with a Heritage Canada bronze marker. It is located just outside the doors that now lead to the Ontario Superior Court. That alone is pretty creepy isn't it?

 It is not even past Labour Day yet, but anyone with half a brain can see that the 'Harper Government' is circling the toilet bowl of rack and ruin. The Trudeau campaign continues to gain energy with each passing day. The long forgotten rakes with long handles that were left in the grass of recent Canadian political history are being discovered daily by the Harper campaign as the handles plant themselves firmly in the face of the 'Boss' at the press scrums. Kory The Tory appears to hardly able to stem the tide...

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Harper Campaign Gone Hudak

But we should not despair. Time is on our side. The incompetence of late twentieth century capitalism works for us. 
C. B. Macpherson, The Rise And Fall Of Economic Justice And Other Essays, p. 54

It is only Day Seventeen of the 2015 Canadian Federal Election. And what happened today, the Oracle of Ottawa did not expect to start happening until after Labour Day at the earliest. But you just cant make this stuff up. The Oracle of Ottawa first saw the insane clip of a Tory supporter going mental this morning, just as it happened, on CTV Newsworld, and the Oracle of Ottawa could only conclude that the Harper Campaign has gone Hudak.  It is official folks...
Stephen Harper with more captive supporters...
 The Tory War Room claims that all guests at Harper Events and photo ops are vetted. But it continues to appear to the Oracle of Ottawa that they are either prisoners or poor hapless captive employees of some rich Conservative donor. The optics are as terrible as they are actually truthful. One more term of Harper in power and we will all be slaves of the corporate whores.

 Meanwhile at the Elgin Street Court House in Ottawa there are more explosions of revelation going off at the Senator Mike Duffy trial than explosions in a mine field being crossed by a herd of sheep. The media news cycle can hardly keep up with it all. And more and more names just keep coming up over and over. It is rumored that the Conservative War Room had to order another hundred square yards of black curtains to hide all the soon to guilty as charged while they attend the Bosses events!

The day got even more fun and enjoyable when CBC's Power And Politics came on at 5:00 p.m. You know that the Conservatives have all but thrown in the towel when all they can send is Rick 'The Mummy' Anderson  to represent the 'Harper Government'. And he was mocked and laughed at such that the Oracle of Ottawa has never before witnessed. Michelle Rempel also made an appearance - sort of - she appeared so "tranqed" that she was barely recognizable. All this and we have only just started. Oy!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Harper Campaign - Not Exactly On Fire

That which cannot be conceived through anything else must be conceived through itself.
Spinoza Ethics, Part I, Axiom II.

One thing that the Oracle of Ottawa has learned over his many seasoned years of existence is that you should under no circumstances play ugly power games with people that you think are much less powerful then yourself. Sooner or later you are sure to run into someone with a bit more depth and reserve than you could have ever possibly conceived.

A bubbly Stephen Harper with enthused supporters...

We all remember very well that very nasty set up of Minister Peter what his name, when one of Harper's minions forced him to catch a commandeered Canadian Forces search and rescue helicopter to be a at a certain government event on time, and then reported it secretly to the press to watch the Minister twist in the wind. No doubt from and under the orders of the 'Boss'.

A Nigel Wright check...

Then along came Nigel S. Wright. Ray and the 'Boss' thought that the Senator Mike Duffy appointment/ set up, would surely smear up the young boy wonder Nigel... Talk about a fatal error! Everyone knew that Nigel was loaded. No old lady, and going to church a lot, is very conducive to a very high income retention rate. He just cut the check out of pocket, mere chump change used to silence the chumps, but at the same time it was all very much like planting a claymore mine  as you retreat, to have it go off by remote control long after you are gone. Again the Oracle of Ottawa marvels at the cold calculating steel cleverness of the Nigel. Damn that was good and it looks intentional.

 Meanwhile on Day Fifteen of the 2015 Canadian Federal Election Campaign the Oracle of Ottawa can help but notice how the 'Harper Government' campaign is truly starting to resemble the last and very last Tim Hudak campaign. The Oracle has included a picture of the 'Boss' and all his enthused prisoners, or rather supporters.  The press questions are also getting pretty awkward also, especially the one that asks the 'Boss' why he did not fire Ray? What a hoot! Did J. Edgar ever fire Clyde Tolson? Maybe they should ask Mrs. Harper what she thinks?

Saturday, August 15, 2015

'Harper Government' - Fading Fast?

Whatsoever is, is in God
Spinoza, Ethics, Part 1, Proposition XXIX, Proof.

It is Day Fourteen of the Canadian 2015 Federal General Election campaign. The Oracle of Ottawa was hoping to post day by day, but the revelations down at the Elgin Street Courthouse of the Senator Mike Duffy trial provided by Nigel S. Wright under the gentle supportive coaxing of Donald Bayne provided so much overwhelming information that the Oracle of Ottawa had to take a twenty four hour sabbatical.

no caption required...
 As the Oracle of Ottawa conjectured right at the time of the breaking of the Senate Scandal, Senator Mike Duffy was used, abused and discarded. This was all done on purpose to create a constitutional scandal or 'crisis' whereby Steve Harper would try to get through the expulsion of the Senate and be one more step closer to the dreamed of Bild, if you follow the Oracles drift.

It has all gone so horribly wrong, hasn't it? Although we are only getting started into the revelations, Fridays testimony has unearthed some rather earth shaking implications that go so far to explaining the perverse S&M patterns of the 'Harper Government' over the last ten years. The most creepy was the repeated mentioning of the name Ray Novak. And the story early Saturday morning on CTV News World of Ray's apartment over the garage at 24 Sussex Drive, so he could be close to the 'Boss', had my significant other completely grossed out. And it seems that this has been going on for ever so long. There will no doubt be more to follow Monday coming. The Oracle of Ottawa certainly hopes that his literary constitution can stand the strain.

The included video for this post contains another interesting snack for thought, and that is that the whole right wing wrecking crew machine of the 'Harper Government' have long ago lost the ability to employ the standard concepts of ethics at any level, the whole lot is totally amoral. They can't even tell right from wrong anymore, and they couldn't care less who knows it or their opinion of it. And it seems that the old Jimmy Moore purity pledge is no longer in force at the CBC. Rex Murphy is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile on the campaign trail, the Harper events look like a media roundup in a Soviet gulag. Even the spawn has been trotted out like dead Kennedy's in a near last ditch hope to stop the free fall. You can tell the blue collar props of the Harper media events are not very enthused to say the very least. Especially when you compare them to the very lively and electric events of Justin Trudeau. The Conservative War Room is considering already to go to Defcon 3, or as they say on Nato communication circuits, level yellow....

Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Vindication Of Senator Mike Duffy

"and if anyone forces you to go one mile, go also the second mile."
Matthew 5:41, NRSV - Augmented Third Study Edition.

Day Twelve of the 2015 Canadian Federal Election continues with the second day of the testimony of Nigel S. Wright at the fraudulent fraud trial of Senator Mike Duffy. It is rapidly becoming apparent to this humble blogger that the mighty Duffster will indeed live to sit in the Senate another day, and not just one day but the whole bunch until he is 75 years old and must retire.

Senator Duffy
The gist of the testimony seems to be that Nigel came to the conclusion that the mighty Duffster, upon a close perusal of the rules indeed committed no actual offense. But to solve the problem with the skidmarks of the Conservative Party Purity Committee out in Duck's Ass Alberta Nigel just cut the chump change check out of his own pocket to finally shut every one up.

 He also knew that Senator Mike Duffy would be put under the bus, and this was very unpopular with most of the seasoned hands, and Nigel himself.  This could have been the reason that Nigel cut the check. It was a stealth move that would allow revenge on the perfidy of the evil 'Harper Government' down the road right around election time, which is just what is indeed happening. That Nigel is damn clever. 

It is clear even more clear now that Senator Mike Duffy was a manufactured 'crisis' from beginning to end. He was to create the final Senate 'crisis' that would be the footing of the 'Harper Government' to diddle with the Canadian Constitution. But alas due to the protective curse of D'Arcy McGee, Canada has and will survive another day...

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Nigel S. Wright Shocker

Many things we affirm and deny, because the nature of worlds allows us to do so, though the nature of things does not. While we remain unaware of this fact, we may easily mistake falsehood for truth.
Benedict de Spinoza, Of the Improvement Of The Understanding.

It was not what Nigel Wright said today down at the Elgin Street courthouse here in Ottawa that was shocking. It was the way he looked, that floored the Oracle of Ottawa. The man has gone completely grey in about a year, and the major bald spots cannot be hidden. For someone that has nothing to worry about it sure is weird.

Nigel S. Wright - Before Duffy
 It must have been tough to be the Goyim Sweet Jesus of M&A on Bay Street and give all that up to help pilot the 'Harper Government' evil empire. Sort of like Mother Theresa leaving Calcutta to join the CIA to do water boarding at an undisclosed location. When you are fortunate enough to be head and shoulders above all that surround you, you really should be more careful who you decide to hang out with. 
Nigel S. Wright - After Duffy....
 Meanwhile the Oracle of Ottawa was also very struck by the appearance of Senator Mike Duffy as he arrived to court today. He looked the picture of health, all radiant and blooming, there does not seem to be much weighing upon him as he looks forward to the cross examination.

It is all very strange if you read Nigels biography on Wikipedia, that just happens to be fully cited, and of which I have provided a link to. Much to the Oracle of Ottawa's surprise the brilliant Nigel was not born with the silver spoon in his mouth. He was adopted? I damn near fell over. He was a love child and of no ordinary genetic stock. Again gaze upon the "before " picture and note the bearing and posture. The Oracle of Ottawa was struck by a theory of such explosive immensity that not even the Oracle of Ottawa will dare to touch... And so it goes on Day Eleven of the Canadian 2015 General Election.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

T'was The Night Before Nigel...

To think an object and to cognize an object are by no means the same thing.
Immanuel Kant, Critique Of Pure Reason, First Edition - 1781, p. 84

Old Steve Harper, of the circling the bowl 'Harper Government', must sure be confident of his future as he departs to the Northern vote rich environs of Walrus Arse Inlet. You would think Dear Reader, that if he was telling the truth he would surely be available in Ottawa after the testimony of Nigel S. Wright to state that;  "there you are, just like I said, nothing to look at here sheeple, move along now".
Senator Mike Duffy - Captain Canada?
 But here we are into Day Ten of the 2015 Canadian Federal Election Campaign, and the sitting Prime Minister of the day has evacuated to the endless frozen wastes of the Canadian tundra! The last that the Oracle of Ottawa has heard it is really not a very vote rich environment. Perhaps the Great Man has gone up North to confer with Franklin's ghost. Perhaps to avoid Kathleen Wynne, it is for the historians to decide deep into the future.

One can only wonder what Senator Mike Duffy has in store. As far as the Oracle of Ottawa can tell he has all but single handedly brought down the 'Harper Government'. Tomorrow and the next few days are just the coup de grace, so to speak, the final kill shot. The Oracle certainly hopes that Mike's lawyer will question deeply of all those close connections to the Bilderberg Group. It will be then a mere romp for the young Justin Trudeau to 24 Sussex Drive.

Monday, August 10, 2015

'Harper Government' - Just Tim Hudak With Hair?

All ignorance is either ignorance of things, or the limits of knowledge. 
Immanuel Kant, Critique Of Pure Reason, First Edition - 1781, p. 425

It is Day Nine of the Canadian Federal Election of 2015. Game on. The Oracle of Ottawa was hoping to post everyday, but yesterday the news of the 'Harper Government' proposed travel restriction law, which the Oracle of Ottawa first heard on the 6:00p.m. news on CBC1 sent him into a bit of serious depression. The first person that the Oracle of Ottawa thought of was his barber in Orleans, Ontario that goes home to the Middle East every year to visit his Blessed Mother who is of very advanced years. You can see right away how insane political babbling for media share can be to a modern political campaign. 

Premier Kathleen Wynne - Chasing Harper across the tundra...

The minions of the 'Harper Government' still have not defined the sweep of this lead zepplin at the time of this writing. Will it cover all the world? Or only the Middle East? Will it cover the homeland of  Steve Harper's favorite buddies, which I dare not name? And what about the Charter implications?

Late last night the Oracle of Ottawa had a great realization that lifted his spirits greatly. And that is that the 2015 Federal General Election is starting to look a lot like the last Ontario Provincial Election! You remember that don't you? Tim Hudak was going to complete the Conservative trifecta, it was all going to be a slam dunk. The NDP under Andrea Horvath had the possibility of power in the palm of her hand. And in true NDP fashion she made sure that she promptly shot herself in both feet.

And we all remember how Chain Gang Tim Hudaks events flopped one after the other. From first to last, proving that he was not built to last. It was the biggest tidal wave swamping of the Conservatives in the history of Ontario, wasn't it? The Oracle of Ottawa can not but help to notice the matching of likeness of the events.

Then there is that big bad Duffy trial that is on again on Wednesday of this week! Will the Nigel spill his guts? Did he cut a deal? Will the words Bilderberg Group come up? And if so in what capacity? The Canadian Federal Election of 2015 could all but be over by next weekend! And wouldn't it be fetching if Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government' had to testify in a criminal trial, while in office? Even better, when in office, in the middle of an election campaign! That would be history indeed, and pretty well explains why Justin Trudeau does not look very worried. 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Donald Trump - Hillary's Secret Weapon?

Then we may think of envy as the propensity to view with hostility the greater good of others even though their being more fortunate than we are does not detract from our advantages.
John Rawls, A Theory Of Justice, First Edition - 1971, p. 532

It was a very quiet Day Seven in the 2015 Canadian Federal General Election. It seems that Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government' has run out of gas already! And the Sometimes Angry Tom Mulcair of the NDP can't really want it that bad if he wasn't out flipping burgers and kissing babies on a Saturday. Therefore Justin Trudeau got in a double workout and yet some more sparring and bag down at the boxing club, silently wondering about the quality of the wimps that are presently running Canada, and especially those others that aspire to run it.

Donald Trump - Hillary's secret weapon?

Therefore the Oracle of Ottawa has some slack time to ponder some other matters of political gravity south of the border. It was with with total wonderment that the Oracle of Ottawa has been wondering about Donald Trump's run for the Republican Presidential Nomination. Why would the 133rd richest man in the United States of America even want to rub up against the present utter lowlife of the Republican Party? And even weirder than that, why would a claimed, "died" in the wool, 'winger' ever give a cent, let alone a very chunky cash contribution to the Clinton Foundation?

Sometimes life and the actions of it make no sense. Sometimes it is a very good idea to just let it go and go for a nice scenic drive, to lie low at these uncertain times, is a great lesson that the Oracle of Ottawa learned from reading the great Doctor, Hunter S. Thompson. Then the news came on the car radio at the top of the hour on CBC 1, and of course the latest antics of the Donald are even all the rage, even up here in Canada! Then there was that bit that he gave a huge donation to the Clinton Foundation, and that Hillary and Bill attended his last wedding! And that he has even spoken to Slippery Bill on the phone in the friendliest of ways. Damn. Then it all came to me in an orgasmic flash, (just about...). The Donald is running a false flag operation for Hillary's run for President!

You don't need the Oracle of Ottawa to tell you about the dynamics and utter weirdness, not to mention the many tangled webs of the interactions of the Republican Presidential Nomination. Just by showing up and saying whatever comes into his head at the moment, the Donald is sure to totally wrench the works, with the end result that the ultimate outcome of the painful process will be the best possible candidate, say Ted Cruz for instance... Donald Trump is freaking brilliant, and the Oracle of Ottawa has got to admit to a new found respect for the combed over man.

 Even your average Canadian knows that the President of the United States has many and various powers of office. The President has many appointments to make and they are at the "soul" and individual discretion of the President of the day. So what is the price that the Donald extracted? The Oracle of Ottawa can not help think that the Donald would love to try diplomacy! I know that that is totally insane, but just wait for it. It is all in the mold of the past. Just like Shirley Temple Black and Joe Kennedy, at some point in the most successful life there starts that gnawing to give back, to try something new, for possibly the greater good of possibly the whole planet Earth. And yes the Donald is human after all.  

The Oracle of Ottawa is figuring that the Donald will want an ambassadorship. But where? Maybe Russia? Picture this people; The Donald has been appointed American Ambassador to Russia! It is somewhere deep in the Kremlin complex in Moscow, the function of welcoming the new Ambassador of the United States is just about to commence. The Donald steps forward to President Putin and presents his credentials in the age old ritual, save and except that as the Donald hands over the envelope, he does not bow, but rather points his finger right into Putins face and yells Your Fired!!

As the Oracle of Ottawa was returning from a very warm family function, prior to the time of this writing, that spanned at least three generations and of members aged 19 days to over 90 years the Oracle of Ottawa just happened to hear the news that some one called Megyn Kelly is the new Republican favorite for the Nomination...How hormonal is that?
I can only wonder if Moscow can ever possibly get ready in time....

Friday, August 7, 2015

Justin Trudeau - Seemed Ready to Me

Many physical powers, which evidence their existence by their effects, are perfectly inscrutable in their nature; they elude all our powers of observation.
Immanuel Kant, Critique Of Pure Reason, First Edition - 1781, p. 343

It is all in and all done, and it was astounding. You could tell Justin was hitting it all just right when at about twenty minutes in to the debate ole Steve Harper's pig eyes where down to the diameter of a micro dot.  It was like Tim Hudak with hair. The rumor in Ottawa is that at about this time all the operatives in the Conservative War Room were all turning around in very small circles wailing and gnashing of teeth, as if they had one foot nailed to the floor. But never the less, the Oracle of Ottawa could swear he could hear all the beavers across Canada cumming in their fur...
Justin Trudeau - 1973, always an unpredictable handful...
 But it got all much stranger in the second look earlier this morning by Craig Oliver, who straight out gave the young Justin the debaters prize, all around. It was at this time that his earphone seemed to go off very loudly as the director totally freaked out in a rage. It has been that kind of a day.

 The 'Harper Government' road show made the essential fine tunings by having a small photo op staged with some of the more attractive rich donors at the site of what clearly appeared to be public housing!? The Oracle of Ottawa is still trying to decode the message.
It appears already that team Harper is in no great rush to debate Justin Trudeau in the future, possible further events are being kept some what vague in tone, fact and intention. But you can watch the whole event again on You Tube. At the time of this writing it has been up for only twenty hours and only about 176,000 people have watched it! According to the Conservative talking heads, no body is interested.  And so it goes at the end of Day Six.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Debate Anxeity

In a well ordered society individuals acquire claims to a share of the social product by doing certain things encouraged by the existing arrangements.
John Rawls, A Theory Of Justice, First Edition-1971, p. 313

At Day Five of the 2015 Canadian General Election campaign, the Oracle of Ottawa was quiet surprised that the young Justin Trudeau was up, out and at 'em on the campaign trail. The lunch time news was full of new video, unscripted excited joy. The Oracle of Ottawa is still totally amazed at this and very gratified. Then came the sparring video later in the day. And the Oracle of Ottawa was very impressed indeed. And in my humble opinion, a very good shrewd move. If you have it flaunt it....

Justin Trudeau - Great leaders are the focus of great loyalty...
  Meanwhile the NDP and the old Angry Tom Mulcair had yet another creepy Stalinist set piece photo op, right out of the standard procedure handbook of the 'Harper Government'. What is he trying to prove? Ottawa is no place for shaky old men, a sharp old man yes, but not shaky old men. And the least he could do is put the good looking ones up front. I am still bewildered at what is trying to achieved at these creepy antics.

 Weirdly missing in action today was any footage from the Conservative campaign of the tired 'Harper Government'. I can only guess that old Steve Harper was still studying. Or perhaps he had an accident, when the tower of briefing books tipped over onto him, which was the rumor in the coffee circles of Ottawa, but everything turned out all right, Joe Oliver had him dug out in about an hour and a half.  

 At the time of this writing the first debate is about 30 minutes in. the significant other has excitedly informed me that Liz May is totally hauling ass, and Justin ' Not Ready' Trudeau has old Steve Harper down to micro dot pig eyes! Damn!! I didn't see this coming...

The low life 'Harper Government' attack ads state that Justin Trudeau is just not ready, well Dear Reader, he looks god damned ready to me. And unlike that pig Harper he can show up to when the chips are down...But it appears to the Oracle of Ottawa that the young Justin's chips are marching to higher ground.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The First Great Debate Hush

The reason you get into politics is because you don't want to be governed by people less good than yourself.
Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Press Scrum, December 14, 1978

At Day Four of the Canadian 2015 Federal Election all is quiet on the hustings. All 338 of them. The party planes and buses are parked and under going mini bar refills, and visual maintenance checks. The arduous chore of chipping off the gum of journalists, fart catchers, spin doctors and handlers assorted, from under the seats will continue deep into the night. And of course, all Conservative vehicles will get two coats of F'Breeze... 

Justin Trudeau - working up the debate face...

It is quieter in the political news cycle then the main street of Fort MacMurray with oil at 45.00 dollars a barrel. It is debate prep day. Now the first Canadian political debate is on the same day and I believe the same time as the first Republican candidates debate in the United States! Now we all know that Steve Harper won't be able to compete with Donald Trump! Now Dear Reader, you know why he has chosen to show up for this debate.

I don't have to tell you who the snake is do I?

The Oracle of Ottawa does not put much hold or value on candidates debates. They are now so scripted and over spun that it is much more fun to watch paint dry. Although I am looking forward to the clips of Liz May tearing huge strips of flesh off of Harper, as she does every chance she gets. And Angry Tom Mulcair will get some shit kicking in for sure, as he always does. Which all means in the end that Justin Trudeau won't be able to get a word in edge wise. All he has to do is look handsome and Prime Ministerial.
It is being widely reported in the old style vulgar commercial media that the Trudeau campaign is off to a roaring start, as the Oracle of Ottawa demonstrated in earlier posts. The minions of the 'Harper Government' have already started the Dead Babies mailing campaign. It is really early this election. They must be really anxious out West. And the Oracle of Ottawa predicts that the Trudeau train will continue to gain speed at an ever increasing rate...and is not likely to jump the tracks or dump any toxic cargo.... 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Stephen Harper Starts Job Search

Virtue and wisdom in their perfect purity, are ideas.
Immanuel Kant, Critique Of Pure Reason, First Edition-1781, p. 319

We all knew in Ottawa that the next election was going to very awkward, to say the least, for ole Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government'. The whole front row has long since bailed and unlike the past, there were no more willing people to step up. Well actually, there are so many bodies under the ideological bus that the rubber is no longer physically able to touch the road. And yes, it smells pretty bad too.

No caption required....

But all these first campaign stops are really weird, they are all in industrial settings, with the nearly great man getting his hands on, as best as his ten thumbs will allow. The warm bodies in the background look as if they have been unwillingly rounded up, and you can see it on their faces quiet easily, they are not amused. The whole thing has the atmosphere of a wake of some distant relative that you never really knew very well, but lunch might be served....It seems that the Prime Minister is using these last days to scope out future job opportunities, and making announcements that will make his transition to civilian life somewhat easier.

 I did not believe at first when I heard it, but the rumor in Ottawa is that Mrs. Harper has already rented the largest U-Haul van she could get and by Sunday morning last, she had it all hand loaded and ready to go back to Calgary. It is hidden away behind 24 Sussex Drive, not to upset the neighbors...

 Now contrast this to the first Justin Trudeau stops. Damn! They are packed. You can actually tell that the people really want to be there, to be part of history. Some young females seem to be having "overheating" issues standing so close to the comely Next One. (See video 1:39) And the Oracle of Ottawa must admit, that when he see's the young Justin Trudeau in full flight, it makes the Oracle of Ottawa feel so many years younger, and brings back very many memories of the first Just Society that was sired by his father.

 Although it is only day three of the 2015 campaign you can already see who the winner is going to be. Not even the Oracle of Ottawa thought it would jell up so quickly. And the NDP, what the hell are they on? Where are the supporters? Where is the excitement? And so it goes. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

The Blossomng Of Justin Trudeau

We see things around us change, arise and pass away; they or their condition, must therefore have a cause.
Immanuel Kant, Critique Of Pure Reason, First Edition-1781, p. 330

Politics is a lot like pure bred horse racing or world class track and field. You can pretty much tell the outcome of the event by the mysterious quality of what horse handicappers call form. And the election that was kicked off yesterday for Canada's 42 Parliament is and will be further truth and confirmation of the mystery of form.

Justin Trudeau - Hits The Ground Running.
It was while watching the At Issue Panel on Sunday night that the Oracle of Ottawa heard the best news of the year so far. The word has gotten out that the young Justin had a drag out, no holds barred,
flat out brawl with the spin doctors and the fart catchers. Justin won. The fart catchers and spin doctors are locked up in a room, in a basement, somewhere in Ottawa, until the end of the election. The Oracle of Ottawa has been convinced that spread among the little bastards in short pants were several planted spies from the PMO of the evil 'Harper Government'.

The end results are included in the above news footage, just as the Oracle of Ottawa saw it in his secure bunker, somewhere in Ottawa South. Gone was the girlish choirboy vocal fry. Justin Trudeau's balls have finally dropped! Everything is possible now, anything can be won, everything will be done. And he took questions, not just five questions, with no supplementals, Justin answered all their questions until there were no more questions... The Oracle of Ottawa can't help but observe that the young Justin has the natural stump knack, he just really loves it, Thoughts of Obama and Clinton could not be escaped.

Meanwhile, several hours earlier, Angry Tom Mulcair held the weirdest campaign launch that the Oracle of Ottawa has ever witnessed in his life so far. There is no video of it on You Tube 24 hours latter. There were no questions at all, even worse than Harper!! Everyone in Ottawa was scratching their heads and asking "What the fuck was that?".  The more I watch this opportunistic actor the more I am beginning to worry about the actual future of the NDP at the Federal level. It was the most Stalinist political event the Oracle of Ottawa has ever observed in his life.

Last and least is a video clip from the evil ole Steve Harper of the soon to be defunct ' Harper Government'. It was all so creepy and eerie that the Oracle of Ottawa was convinced that Darth Vader himself would appear through the doors at any moment. There were five pre vented questions allowed, with no supplementals. What kind of democracy do you call that? You can tell from the body language that Harper just hates campaigning. You should look at his first appearance in Mount Royal latter in the day. He is afraid of the people. He is thinking and greatly afraid that someone will actually know what he has truly in store for the ordinary Canadians and that they will suddenly turn on him and string him up while the security helps with the noose! He apparently has that dream a lot...  

At the time of this writing it is only Day 2 of the great marathon. Justin Trudeau was really kicking up the excitement in Steve Harper's Calgary riding! Angry Tom Mulcair was no where to be found. NDP officials stated that he was preparing for the Thursday debate. The Oracle of Ottawa has heard the rumor that he is actually at Stornaway in an induced coma, under going a Geritol drip to get him on his feet for Thursday....The campaign continues.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

'Harper Government' - The Twilight Of Less

Our thesis is that the idea of a self-adjusting market implied a stark utopia. Such an institution could not exist for any length of time with out annihilating the human and natural substance of society; it would have physically destroyed man and transformed his surroundings into a wilderness.
Karl Polanyi, The Great Transformation, p. 3

Well Dear Reader, it has been nearly ten years since the start of the right wing revolution in Canada. And it has been utter proof that you can not run a G7 economy on right wing platitudes of fifty words or less. The works of Strauss, Friedman, Hayek, and Ann Rand have been proven in actual daily use to be only the ingredients of a train wreck, worse than Leninist-Marxist communism.  

Justin Trudeau - Young sexy and viral doesn't need money...

At the time of this writing, Dutch disease has settled upon the land of Canada. The oil patch is in total melt down mode, and there will be no relief in the far future, let alone the near future. The NDP actually won an astounding landslide majority in Alberta only a few weeks ago. So it was with wonderment that the Oracle of Ottawa woke up to the news that old frail Steve Harper was visiting the GG to dissolve Parliament and set the nation of Canada into the longest political campaign since 1872. Steve Harper might have the money, but he certainly does not have the jam to last out a 78 day campaign. 

For someone so confident in their prospects, it is all very curious indeed.  And the first question fielded by that Trotskyite - Terry Milewski of the CBC; wondered why the 'Harper Government' had felt impulsed to hit up the Canadian taxpayer for a sum that may hit 400-500 million! Now all Canadians know why the 'Harper Government' destroyed the "per vote subsidy"! There was no way the Conservative Party of Canada could steal from it!

Yes Dear Reader, it is indeed the twilight of less. And most intelligent Canadians are finally starting to realize it. Canada's place in the world over the last ten years is much less. We have less privacy. We have less security of personal liberty. We have less wealth. We have less job security. We have much less social security net. We have less retirement to look forward to. We have much less optimism of and in the future. 

The Oracle of Ottawa can't tell you how it is all going to turn out. But he will call one event for absolute sure. The political landscape of Canada on the morning of October 20th 2015 will be very much different then it was on October 19th 2015, and all the money in the world will not have prevented it from happening.