Tuesday, April 30, 2013

'Harper Government' - Like Sheep In A Minefield

Tenure is short in the fast lane.
Hunter S. Thompson, Generation of Swine, p. 67

It was not a good day for the savages of the 'Harper Government' cabinet. The wild cat prison guard strike in Edmonton, Alberta continues, even though the fines are approaching the million dollar mark. The union members know that they are doomed, and have realized that they may as well take down the whole system. Because either way, the result will be the same; under the bus.

Steve Harper getting ready to meet Darth..

The India indentured slave scandal continues to widen, otherwise known as the Temporary  Foreign Worker scam. Now there are revelations of more abuse of the system, by the means of the intra conversion something or other. It keeps spilling onto to the Oracle of Ottawa's big flat screen via the state broadcaster other wise known as the CBC. But at least you now know where and why of all that harassment by your employer that you just couldn't understand, until tonight. There are a whole plane load of Ram Jams panting for your cubicle.And they are different than you, you know what you are doing!

The Oracle of Ottawa wonders how many people like the useless Jason Kenny tonight? As the shit gets deeper he continues to look even weaker. But what can you expect from a college drop out? A pig of an animal, with the constant shadow on his face. It  has nothing to do with shaving, it is just the cast of darkness signalling the full approval of Satan himself.

But the best of the low of the day has to go to Rona Ambrose for her hardly convincing cry my a river performance that the Oracle observed on the right wing old style vulgar media today. She seems determined to take the misfortunes of others and turn it into a Bill that will finally shut down all expression on the internet. All this so called cyber-bullying is just the after effects of the 'Harper Government' right wing revolution. Although the little vicious shits are too young to vote, they are not too young to practise the greatest conservative skill, that of destroying all dissent by placing the victims under the bus. But alas, the video, at the time of this writing, has still not appeared on You Tube.

The Oracle of Ottawa wonders how it will all go over in Duck's Ass, Alberta. When the mouth breathers and knuckle draggers finally realize that the "them" is the same government that they elected....  

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