Sunday, March 31, 2013

Is Kim Jong-un Really Driving?

The seventh angel poured his bowl into the air,and a loud voice came out of the temple, from the throne, saying "It is done!"
Revelation, 16:17, NRSV

Well! Here it is Easter Sunday night, and North Korea has totally fallen out of the vulgar old style television news rotation. No detected launches, no screaming hordes of hermits from the Hermit Kingdom pouring over the border, hurrying to the main objective of the first video arcade that could be captured in South Korea. Why it is so quiet that the Oracle of Ottawa suspects that all the lads and ladies aboard the on station Ohio class submarine more than likely got in the full standard sit down Easter dinner after all.

Ohio Class - Your tax dollars at work...

All the recent events really had the Oracle of Ottawa going for a while. But alas, the appearance, or lack there of, on radar, of that huge flight of B-2 bombers no doubt had the desired effect. Not to mention the many very weird reports from the countryside, so far unconfirmed, of those huge low flying whirring insects that have never been seen before. Perhaps the youngster Kim Jong-un has finally realized that the guys at the United Nations were really serious this time, and the X-Box upgrades will surely be a long time in coming.

It was the footage of Kim  Jong-un that was on one of the old style vulgar media news castes that really made the Oracle of Ottawa nervous earlier in the week. From reading the face and the expressions, not to mention the body language of Kim Jon-un, it appeared to the Oracle of Ottawa that the little man was doing what he was told. He didn't look to the Oracle as if he was really in charge. It all rather appeared to the Oracle, from where he was observing, that the old hardliners had totally taken control of their young charge.

But all in, you have to give the hermits of the Hermit Kingdom an E for effort. It takes a lot of balls or really good and hi grade drugs to start threatening the United States of America with a nuclear missile strike! Now getting past that, these people know that there is an American boomer SSBN nuclear powered submarine out there somewhere that could take out every city in North Korea, not just once, but at least twice, depending which boat is on station. Perhaps the hermits of the Hermit Kingdom, were hoping to get into the parking lot business? The glowing green glass type. 

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