Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Big Booty In Muskoka!!

A man should be upright, not kept upright.
Marcus Aurelius, The Meditations, III, 5

One good thing about bad government, it makes for great Question Period! And the Oracle of Ottawa feels already that in the 41st Canadian Parliament, we are well on the way to some of the greatest Question Periods of modern times!

When it all starts with a shocker, tighten your seat belts. And that is exactly what the young Micheal Chong provided by standing to and complaining of a proposed American Hedge Fund coming to his patch to open a small quarry that will only be about three miles long... and just devastate the local environment. But isn't that what the Tories want? Isn't it their policy that we need this "foreign investment"? It appears to the Oracle of Ottawa this young lad has the spine and presence of a Father of Confederation. And in turn is somehow by by accident sitting on the wrong side of the House and with a low grade of people....

Big Booty in Muskoka!! Woo-Hoo!

Today in Question Period, history was Pierre-Luc Dusseault of the NDP, as he stood to in his place for the first time, and made his first statement and question as the youngest elected member of parliament in Canadian history! I don't even remember the question, but this youngster looked really solid on his feet, and his English was perfect. It looked like he has practiced in front of a mirror since he was about eight years old! So parents, if your Geeky kid wears thick pop bottle glasses and his/her favorite pastime is addressing Parliament in their room, do not wisk the poor kid to the Kitty Shrink! Make sure they have as many "adult" books on Canadian government and law as your little wallet can bear! They will repay your show of confidence! Out of the mouth of babes... it warmed the Oracle of Ottawas heart...

Rodney Weston, sits to his place... A great Conservative.

Then the highlight of the day, the Alexandre Boulerice, Charlie Angus tag team attack on the pathetic cowardly and today cringing Tony "Two Tier" Clement. Again it was the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the great man John Baird that came to his pathetic rescue. Today the theme was booty! Big Booty In Muskoka! Referring to the recent Porkathon at that G8 summit.... If it isn't true why won't it go away? It must be true because the John Baird devastating tell kicked in again, the yapping got faster and faster and lower and lower... Opps!

It was very nice to see the now Veteran MP Scott Sims standing to and going for the freakin' jugular! I guess the Weather Channel has given up any hope of getting their shinning boy back in this lifetime....Really great eat your own words attack today. The Conservatives really hate that!! And we all love watching it!

Poor Diane Ablonczy fattening every day from the binge eating? Cabinet a little stress full dear? No, really, The Flintstones is not a documentary, no I am not making that up!

Reform is back in town! But will they be able to get out of town??

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