Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Artificial 'Harper Government' Labor Shortage

Flours worthy of Paradise not nice Art
John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book IV, Line 242

Watching the proceedings of the House and all the Question Periods, the Oracle of Ottawa is constantly bewildered at the constant mention of the dire labor shortages now and into the future, that are constantly being referred to by the Minister of Human Disasters,  Diane Finley. Yet for the life of this 'umbule blogger, it is all news to me! Not once have they actually mentioned where and in what fields these present and future dire labor shortages are occurring. Could it just be in the field of Conservative manufacturing, i.e. burger joints? Or is it in the Conservative field of high tech, i.e. call centers?

Tar Sands - Will be abandoned in less than ten years....

The Oracle of Ottawa is just appalled at the butchering of the Employment Insurance system as now being perpetrated  by the Tory Bund. Later in Canadian history it will be recorded as a crime against humanity that we suffered under the years of the 'Harper Government'. Watching the proceedings in the House today the Oracle of Ottawa was in constant wonder. Wondering how someone in an out-port in Newfoundland is ever going to get to their new burger flipping job just one hour away from home, for minimum wage, when there is literally no road to drive on! Now the Oracle of Ottawa may be wrong on this, but he has a sneaking suspicion that there are not too many, if any out-porters, that have an I-Phone that receives E-mail! And an even further suspicion that very few people in out-ports would even want such a pain in the ass device!

Also the Oracle of Ottawa was very right again, and way early, and again no one listened. But months ago I wrote in this blog just how powerful the corporate burger lobby is in Canada. And the scummy retail lobby, that consists of the worlds largest retailer, have a nice day! Changes in the new EI rules will let you work part time for the burger joint and the scummy American retailers and not have all your EI clawed back. This appears to the Oracle of Ottawa as the blatant subsidizing of burger joints and scummy retail companies that no one wants to work for at any time! Sort of like 21st century forced indentured labor! Prove me wrong...

Through much of the Oracle of Ottawa's life he lived in a mixed capitalist economy. Basically it was take it or leave it. Today, capitalism, as defined by the 'Harper Government' is take it or else! The actual hidden agenda part is to get as many stupid hapless, frightened, passive and obedient workers for the Calgary Flyer to the scummy tar sands! Of course these poor rubes will never get the job with the "name" company, but rather, they will be fodder of a "contractor". You know it's all pretty scummy when they pay "bonus" money if you show up for the second flight..... 

From the mouth of Babes.....

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

'Harper Government' - Gets A Foot Up?

Wherefore if thy hand or thy foot offend thee, cut them off, and cast them from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life halt or maimed, rather than having two hands or two feet to be cast into everlasting fire.
Matthew 18:8, KJV

The Oracle of Ottawa just couldn't resist! Ottawa is just abuzz and beside itself. It seems that on the day before of this writing, an unexpected package was received at the Conservative Party of Canada headquarters, around 11:20 a.m.. Upon attempting to open the said package, it apparently started to ooze blood! The Ottawa Police department was summoned, and sure enough, the coroner, also on hand, pronounced the foot dead! It seems that some one has taken the Labor Minister quite literally that all parties should put their best foot forward...

It's a sign...
 Upon listening for updates on the local vulgar medias 11:00 p.m. news broadcast, it seems that the police state organs (forgive me...) had found another piece of a body in the mail system, identity not to be released. The Oracle of Ottawa will take a guess on this one, it is the part that all Conservatives lack, if you get the Oracle of Ottawa's drift.

For all parties that are very up on the details of their Labor history, this situation is not a mystery in the least. It is a warning, a portent and a sign. You don't need the Oracle of Ottawa to remind you of the old saw that states that beware what you start, in case someone else finishes it for you.... 


Monday, May 28, 2012

Lisa Raitt - How Twisted Is That?

Willful Murder
Oppression of the poor
Cheating laborers of their wages
Cathedral Daily Missal, p. 28

Well, for a female 'Harper Government' minister, three out of four ain't bad! But for the sixty percent plus of all Canadians that did not vote for the 'Harper Government', we all know the truth of the 'Harper Government'. And that is the fact that it is just loaded with psychiatric couch cases from one end to the other. Much to the surprise of the Oracle of Ottawa it seems that Lisa Raitt is no exception. If you want a full explanation the Oracle of Ottawa strongly recommends the fully cited article on Wikipedia. The real interesting part is the Background section.

CP Rail - Another spiral to the bottom?

It seems that the minister, the youngest of seven children, born in Sydney, Nova Scotia, grew up in a nice union family! Her father was way up there in the Cape Breton Railway Transportation and General Workers Union, which is now part of the Canadian Auto Workers! How much of a treacherous Judas can a daughter turn out to be? Talk about making your parents proud! And the worst of it all is that she is not like the rest of the mouth breathing, knuckle dragging social Darwinists. She has been educated, why she has even been to the hallowed halls of the Middle Temple in London (England)! She certainly knows the environmental effects of the present 'Harper Government'; she has a Masters degree in environmental chemistry! Where, dear reader, do you think it all went so wrong? 

It just staggers the Oracle of Ottawa's imagination, that this repressive destroyer of labor law and traditional rights grew up in a union home. Talk about "issues"! And speaking of issues. How come no one from the NDP or the Liberals brought up the fine point that the board of Canadian Pacific has recently fallen in a palace coup to the control of an American hedge fund vulture? There should be no surprise that the pension fund is going to stripped down as far as the law will allow. What ever is in it for the Minister of Labor to allow this to happen?

It's the Teamsters now...Good luck with that! Only about 1.4 million members and access to the best legal minds that money can buy....

Sunday, May 27, 2012

'Harper Government' - Reload, Shoot Other Foot

His lustre visibly impar'd; yet seemed
John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book IV, Lines 850-851

Well dear readers, it is the night before Question Period of the resumed session. And all through the House not creature is stirring, not even a redundant Public Works mouse... Enough of that. The Oracle of Ottawa will save the rest for the suitable time of the year. Even the original Nazi Bund all those years ago couldn't fight on two fronts, but the 'Harper Government' is opening up more fronts than an obsessive compulsive back bencher with a multiple personality disorder. Even the Oracle of Ottawa is surprised how fast the 'Harper Government' is getting to the self immolation phase of there awesome majority government!

Ye want fries with that Buck-o?

Lord thunder'in Jesus bye! Did you see that state broadcaster footage of that cock faced minister in Truro, Nova Scotia handle the locals and the press as they all but nearly rose up to lynch him? The Oracle of Ottawa loved every moment. It is no doubt at the time of this writing that it is finally dawning on one of the trots at the Prime Ministers Office that the people that are going to be affected the most by the new draconian changes to Employment Insurance are all located in the riding's of the Conservatives! Opps! Why, it is in all those rural riding's that exist all the entre-pren-whore fruit growers, berry plantations, and other labor intensive sweat holes that utterly live or die on the ready availability of  "rent-a-darkies"!  Or more commonly known to you and I as the Guest Worker Program. It seems that the bugged eyed minister of "human disasters" is going to cut back on these possible terrorist guest workers in favor of the laid off suits from the closest Canadian metropolitan area!

Well all the Oracle of Ottawa can tell you little agricultural entre-pren-whores is that you better have a very large extended family available come the fall! Or you might as well plow the whole freak'in lot under right now. It is about time I suppose that the Tory Bund is going to introduce its strongest supporters to the Ricardian theory of international trade! Yes sir Bubbha! You can bet your last exploited guest worker that at the same moment that the bug-eyed minister of "Human Resources" was announcing the last of your cheap labor source that several American and Mexican fruit wholesalers are loading up the fridges to cut your grass come this fall and winter! Now I hope you can take your introduction to the new opportunity rich world of globalization with the same aplomb as the people from the rust belt that was once southern Ontario.

Here are most of the details, good luck with that!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

About That Electric Car...

The only thing we know about the future is that it is going to be different. 
Peter Drucker, Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices, p. 44

There is of course a place and market for electric cars. Big industrial sites, golf courses, and tony little retirement communities south of the Mason Dixon Line. And of course these would have lead-acid batteries. It has been over one hundred years now that attempts have been continuing to get the electric car accepted into the market place. Even with the latest technology of the latest lithium battery, there is still that same old problem of range in cold climates. In Canada, in forty below weather even the latest ricer electric cars have suffered from somewhat diminished range. What ever is to be done?

1916 Detroit Electric

The most reasonable solution is to accept reality and give it up. The big selling point of electric cars is that they don't pollute. Well maybe they don't pollute where the car is, but the reality is that somewhere else had to pollute several times more so that you can live in your little green fantasy. The same goes for the so called green hydrogen economy. The only way that we could possibly get that much hydrogen is from stripping natural gas. That is, we would have to pollute about ten times more where the hydrogen is created than in the place where the clean hydrogen will be utilized. But I will give you the point that the marketing is just brilliant.

And then there is that reality of all those nasty properties that lithium has. Why it was the fuel of choice once in Hydrogen bombs back in the good old days! Lithium hydride and Lithium deuteride is what gave the wack to the "Supers" that went off way beyond all expected yield. Now you are lugging around a huge brick of it in the back of your green car! lol....

Watch and listen very carefully....

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

'Harper Government' - Who Are We?

Whom reason hath equaled, force hath made supream
Above his equals.
John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book I, Lines 248-249

Much to the amazement of the Oracle of Ottawa, it seems that the 'Harper Government' is defying its allies and what little common sense it ever had, to do up a deal with Huawei, the great spy telecom of China's Politburo. The Oracle of Ottawa wonders, what could be worse? To be trapped and bribed by a very nasty foreign power, or to have an American executive order for your termination-with extreme prejudice- outstanding? Our neighbors to the  south don't take sass very well at any time. But when that sass involves and possibly endangers our whole security establishment around the world, well Bubbha, I would be keeping a close eye in the rear view mirror...

Wired for sound?
 And yes, the Oracle of Ottawa knows that the President can no longer sign an executive order for a you-know what, anymore... But that doesn't mean he can't sign an executive order to get some other foreign power to do it. (Hint: Oy vey...)  Politics is the art of the possible, or so the Oracle of Ottawa has always been told. With a mere nine seat majority in an elected House of over 350 seats, a few sudden and strangely coincidental examples of sudden demises would hardly be seen as suspicious, would they?

Why, thank you very much...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

'Harper Government' - Feeling The Heat?

The feudal warranty is, doubtless derived from the ancient duty of the feudal lord to protect his liege man 'with fire and sword against all deadly'. It was of the essence of the feudal bond, that the vassal should be under his lord's protection. 
Edward Jenks, A Short History Of The English Law, p. 109

Another day, another Sunday. And, as is his want, the Oracle of Ottawa left the confines of his secure bunker to venture to somewhere in the Ottawa Valley, to visit a very distinguished "seasoned citizen". On the way of course, the automobile radio was tuned to Cross Country Checkup , hosted by the tool of the 'Harper Government' Rex Murphy. Today's topic was about the student demonstrations that have been going on now for weeks in the Province of Quebec. Although the Oracle of Ottawa was trying to give old nervous Rex every benefit of the doubt, it was painfully obvious that Rex was trying to "shape" the message. No doubt at the behest of the Prime Ministers Office.On the next National broadcast that Rex appears on, someone from the vulgar media should ask him straight out; Rex, did you sign the Jimmy Moore purity pledge?

It is all about the dis-mantling of the social contract...

It is very obvious to the Oracle of Ottawa that the so called "radical students" in Quebec have figured out the whole 'Harper Government' algorithm. Oh yes, they have indeed. To someone outside the province it appears to be such a small matter, and such a small amount of chump change. You see Quebec has free post secondary education. The Premiere of Quebec has decided to charge a small tuition fee. Now the key here is that the fee will make absolutely no difference to the cost of the provincial government. It is all right out of the Bilderberg Group / Illuminati playbook. You start with a small demand, the chumps, expecting reciprocation, agree, hoping to show their good will and a desire to restore peace and order. But the kids in Quebec know what will really happen. As soon as they cave on the first wedge demand, they know that the second bigger demand will soon be coming. They are playing it all perfectly, and the Oracle of Ottawa predicts a long hot summer...

Soon the Oracle of Ottawa reached his destination. Whereupon certain intelligence was related to the Oracle of Ottawa concerning the Conservative Party of Canada or more commonly known as the 'Harper Government'. It seems that there is a huge phone fund raising blitz continuing at a feverish pace. The pitch is that there are many nefarious agents  at present saying all kinds of (true) things about the present 'Harper Government' that can simply not be tolerated. Is the 'Harper Government' going to run attack ads against economics? It seems that the NDP revelation, which is totally founded upon fact, that Canada is suffering from Dutch disease, is causing nothing less than total panic at the PMO. Well good luck with that Bubba!

Again, dear reader, it is all about choice, about the fact that you still have (for now) a choice. It seems that a few Canadians do care about these minor things. It appears that a few Canadians are not going to stand idly by, as the long standing social contracts of Canada are dismantled. This simple fact is causing sheer terror and panic in the government of the day. There is another young and hungry party that is ready take power. There is more than a few Canadians that do care.  

We will soon see who cares....

Saturday, May 19, 2012

'Harper Government' - Immigration Push - The Real Reason...

If you lose the dullards back in the dust, you don't want them anyway.
William Zinsser, On Writing Well, p. 26

It was with the greatest relief that the series entitled "Our Time To Lead" finally ended in the Globe and Mail newspaper, once Canada's national paper. It just hasn't been the same since that unnamed large telecom got it's corporate whore hooks into it, upon getting a minority percentage stake a while back. The only thing that was missing from the copy was that little header in small type at the top of the page that says "Advertisement Feature"!

Ottawa - 2025??

The spin doctors and fart catchers assorted of the 'Harper Government' Bund pulled out all the stops on this one, didn't they? One million new Canadians a year until the population of Canada is up to 100 million! Please! The Oracle of Ottawa has already dealt with this utter propaganda lie already. With Canada's present population and present growth, we will have 100 million people by the end of this century anyway. And where are you going to get one million people every year, let alone this year to come from? Now we get to the heart of the matter, the nut of the problem, so to speak...

Canada was an awesome place once, up to about 2006. Since then it has been going all to hell sure and steady. We sure wouldn't be able to get 1,000,000 new immigrants from the European Union or Scandinavia for all the remaining years of this century. And those immigrants are the last people that the 'Harper Government' would even want in Canada. You see dear reader, it is not about bodies, it is all about changing Canada forever.

Brampton - 2025??

Where in heavens name would you get 1,000,000 immigrants without end of the supply from now to the end of this century?  Well, that's easy, isn't it? China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, and Sub Saharan Africa for the stragglers. All these people have several characteristics that the 'Harper Government' just loves. These are people that come from patriarchally predominate societies of clans and / or tribes. Only the headman have a choice, the rest of these people will live their whole lives without a choice, especially the women. And they are all tightly socially knit. They will all move to and stay put at wherever the 'Harper Government' tells them to go. And that of course is all the old Liberal "beachhead" ridings in Ontario and Quebec! Only the white people will even get near the tar sands in Alberta!

Again, dear reader, it is not about numbers, it is not about population growth, it is about choice. It is about that you still have choices. The 'Harper Government' will not tolerate this. They are prepared to utterly destroy the social liberal culture of this nation once and forever. By bringing in 1,000,000 tribal clansmen per year until even on one election day, in your lifetime, you will no longer even have the choice of throwing the bums out...

And all those other issues while we are at it. Do you see the pattern? You had a choice, that is being taken away, one step at a time, until you don't....

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Slogging Through With Leszek Kolakowski

'Genuine' works of literature are those which seek to to mirror the world as a whole,and it is for the critic or ideologist to ensure, as far as he may, that the work embodies a true reference system giving significance to its component parts and subordinating them to an over-all artistic purpose.
Leszek Kolakowski, Main Currents of Marxism, Book Three, p. 1018

It was earlier this week that the Oracle of Ottawa turned past page 1,000 of Leszek Kolakowski's monumental work; Main Currents of Marxism, only about another 200 odd pages to go! How sick is that? The Oracle of Ottawa got the unabridged complete edition, containing all three volumes, all piled into one very large volume, that was masterfully printed by W. W. Norton & Company. Not only did the great Pole get all the main currents, but he seemed, in this readers estimation, to get each and everyone of the slightest eddy currents also!

Leszek Kolakowski

This work is the most complete history of Marxism as a philosophy that this humble reader has seen to date. It is most exhaustive and very extensive. It covers everyone from Marx to Marcuse.  And many of the players were known personally by Leszek Kolakowski. For anyone who is interested in the historical effects of Marx on the history of the world, what more could you ask for? No one can truthfully say even today, no matter where they live, that Marx has had no affect on them. As the great Canadian economist John Kenneth Galbraith said (The Affluent Society) Marx  (still) affects you, no matter if you were or are aware of him or not!

The Oracle of Ottawa must warn you that Main Currents of Marxism is not for the faint of intellect. Truth be told, the Oracle of Ottawa had to lay the work aside for periods of time, to let it all sink in. One should not be discouraged that it will not not be dealt with like a work of pulp-able science fiction that is somewhat precariously perched upon the present day "best sellers" list. This is a work for the ages, and in turn will go mostly unnoticed and unread by the great unwashed masses. And the fact that the work contained thirty years of the life of Lezek Kolakowski should give the reader of just average intelligence some solace if it takes a few months to get carefully through. Diligence however, as per usual, will be, in this case very well rewarded.

There were very few people of the 20th century who fate had perched in such a perfect position, place and time as Leszek Kolakowski. There were even fewer people that had such rock solid guts and sense of purpose and fate to fulfill their destiny. Although a dissident and outcast in the times of the Soviet Union and still practically unknown in the West, Leszek Kolakowski is considered today as one of the greatest Poles to have ever lived in modern times, even more so that he lived to observe and enjoy total vindication in his lifetime.

Here is a small bio, in Polish, but you can get the real sense and greatness of the man. If you doggedly stick with it, you will become a greater person....

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Is Jim Flaherty Pre-announcing Fascism?

But our destroyer, foe to God and Man?
John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book IV, Line 749

It seems that the wee banty Jimmy, the all high financial leprechaun is at it again folks. All those deep details that the Opposition is not going to get a chance to debate in the recent "omnibus" budget are surfacing at the finance ministers ill timed and poorly executed press conferences. Today's revelation had to do with unemployment insurance, now known comedically as employment insurance, and they were scary indeed. And right in line with all the rumors that have been recently burning around Ottawa.

Wee Jimmy says; Hail victory...

It seems to the vertically challenged little man, that a poor job is much better than no job! Right out loud. The Oracle of Ottawa could hardly believe his own ears. So, if you are an unemployed temporary teacher say and you become seasonally unemployed, you are now a candidate for a new Canadian manufacturing job, at McDonalds, manufacturing burgers! Or perhaps the teacher could be deployed in the new Canadian high tech sector, as a call center operator!

Wee Jimmy ponders no job...

The Oracle of Ottawa was under the impression that the 'Harper Government' was all about free markets, the absolutely unquestionable choice and power of the decision making of unrestricted free market capitalism! You know the "marketplace" where you could take it or leave it. Well, apparently the Canadian people seem to be getting very good at it. They are simply leaving it! The wee boggy went on about the great pending labor shortages that are affecting all of Canada at present. This is of course an utter and bare faced lie! It is just simply a question of supply and demand. Most Canadian employers refuse to supply the wages demanded by the Canadian workers. So quite simply, many Canadian highly skilled workers are simply going to ground and refusing to apply for E.I. until better days come along. 

If we did have a truly capitalistic economy the 'Harper Government' would stand aside and keep their hands off, wouldn't they? But the mask is off now dear readers. It seems that take it or leave it is now going to be reduced to take it or else. You don't need the Oracle of Ottawa to tell you dear reader that this smacks of straight up and base fascism. There is no other word for it. When it comes to push from shove how dare you leave it! In the words of the environment minister Peter Kent, take it or leave it is just a figure of speech like money laundering and is only used in election campaigns... 

Rick Mercer presents another very good idea....

Monday, May 14, 2012

Does The World Population Problem Add Up?

As long as it is allow'd, that reason has no influence on our passions and actions, 'tis in vain to pretend, that morality is discover'd only by a deduction of reason.
David Hume, A Treatise of Human Nature, Book III, p. 457

The Oracle of Ottawa has heard it since he was a kid in the 1970's, and I am sure you dear reader have heard it all your life, so far, also. If the population of the planet Earth is not reigned in soon, there will be humans six deep everywhere before you know it! It is now well into the 21st century and the Oracle of Ottawa is alarmed to hear that Canada is going to need at least a million immigrants this year just to man the burger joints, all the walmarts, and to drive all the cabs that you can never seem to find when you really need one. So how bad is this so called world population problem really?

Hardly anyone here really...

As the Oracle of Ottawa has warned you dear readers over and over; always do your own thinking. Never take some talking heads word for it at any time. Do some research, crack a book, track it down, know for yourself and always do your own math, if you are able.There are about, depending on which authority you abide, six billion people, more or less, now alive on Earth.

Well how bad is that really? For example if you placed six human beings on a square meter, how much real estate would you require to have the whole population of the earth in just one place? Now, second part, if we break the world population into a average family size of three and give everybody a house and a yard measuring 30m by 30m, (or 1/4 acre, for you Yanks), how much land would we require? Would it even be possible?

Well the answer to the first part, is 1000 sq. km! That is a square measuring about 30km a side! Which is about the present size of Los Angeles! That's right, the whole population of the earth could fit into a square of about 30km in size! Why there is hardly anyone on this damn planet when you do the math! The second part, if you gave every family a home and a yard as described above, you would need an area the size of Alaska! Or an area about twice the size of Egypt, or if you want get jiggy with it, an area about 2/3 the size of the Province of Ontario! (All the above are about 1% of the Earths surface....)

It is all rather shocking isn't it? It appears that we are very far away from any population explosion anytime soon! The fact is that we haven't even broke ground on the back forty! Now the Oracle of Ottawa isn't pulling your chain. I will even provide a reference; Guesstimation - Solving the worlds problems on the back of a cocktail napkin, by Lawrence Weinstein and John A. Adam, published by Princeton University Press. 
Check it out, it is just brilliant, maybe next time we will talk about how deep the oceans will get if all the ice melts..

And yet another source that you can check out...

'Harper Government' - Dutch Disease

I come no enemie, but to set free
From out this dark and dismal house of pain,
John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book II, Lines 823-824

You really know that the 'Harper Government' is totally out-gunned when in Question Period of Friday last, it was up to the fourth party of one, in the person of Elizabeth May to try to explain to the knuckle dragging Tory back-benchers what exactly Dutch disease was! You could see that the 'Harper Government' just wasn't getting it at all. No one was going to accuse them of a foreign disease, due to, no doubt, fast and loose morals and possibly having something to do with water borne mold! No lefty of any stripe is going to tell a member of the "Conservative Party of Canada" that they are doing their religion all wrong!

Dutch disease...

So it sits to the Oracle of Ottawa to explain it, without the constraints of time limits and the presence of gap toothed, mouth breathing, inbred, knuckle dragging, social-Darwinists, all foaming at the mouth, knowing instinctively that they are in the process of looking stupid yet again.

The term was first coined in the Economist Magazine in 1977, in an article that described the effect of large sums of money entering into a (new) resource based economy, that was once a manufacturing based economy. This happened in Holland in 1959, when a very huge natural gas field was discovered in the area of
of Slochteren, which is located in the north east corner of Holland, more properly called the Netherlands. Well it was a gusher! Why at the present time there is still 2,700 billion cubic meters still left to get up and out! Which is so large that it would still give any gas field in present day Alberta quite a good run.

Well, as you can imagine, the hot new high paying field to work in was the Dutch gas industry! These people came from the present Dutch manufacturing industries, which causes direct industrialization! Along with the currency being re-valued by the world, i.e. greatly upward, this caused the Dutch manufacturing sector to decline even further. Why just like Ontario and the rest of Canada is right now! Dutch disease is also a perfect example of how the "free market" can eat a nation alive! This of course is the 'Harper Government's worst night-mare! A perfect example of "externalities" that proves that unrestricted free market capitalism can be the utter death of a state!

This unwelcome revelation of the facts coupled with the 'Harper Government's buried changes in the last budget bill to gut all the previous environmental safe guards is ironically going to cause the Canadian economy more harm than good! History will prove that the 'Harper Government' is actually creating its own downfall, along with yours and mine, by their slavish following of their primitive 18th century economic ideology! How sweet is that?

Is Canada catching Dutch disease?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Why There Are No Wheel Chair Ramps In Quebec...

So spake the Sovran voice, and Clouds began 
To darken all the Hill, and smoak to rowl
John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book VI, Lines 56-57

Speaking truth to power is all getting rather futile in the present times in Ottawa, and it is also getting really weird as of late. Watching Question Period Friday last serves as a very good example, the Oracle of Ottawa watched as a slight but vital NDP back bencher asked in utter fury of the 'Harper Government' why the application by a charity in her Quebec riding to the Enabling Accessibility Fund was passed as to criteria, (scoring over 82 points of a possible 100), but yet refused out of hand with no explanation! At the time the Oracle of Ottawa was wondering what all the fuss was about, and let it slide to the back of his mind.

Oy vey...

It was latter in the day when the Oracle of Ottawa was reading the Friday number of the Globe And Mail that he got his answer! It started on page one and continued onto page A4. It seems that a few applications to the fund (from Quebec...),  that passed criteria were bumped off the list by the over efficient Minister Diane Finley(!) at the personal intervention and behest of Minister John Baird! It seems that a pal in his Ottawa riding, one Rabbi Chaim Mendelsohn who provided batman and chaperon services to the great mans visit to Israel January last, is in dire need of some accessibility funds for some handicap access at the local Chabad Center. The small problem was that the submitted project only scored 51 out of a 100. A bit of a problem from all points of view, what ever is to be done? It was all quite easy, the Minister Baird went to the Minister Finley and informed her that Chabad was very deserving as it was low in criteria points! Wham, Bam, Stamped!  There apparently was another Chabad project that was also "very deserving" and it too was approved by the Minister Finley, the other one was in the riding of Peter Kent! No money laundering was involved... 

Senate Chamber - The new Third Temple?

One can only wonder what the people who are still on hold trying to get some help from the central services site of the Government of Canada are thinking. Not to mention the many legions who are trying to find out where their unemployment checks are! I am sure they are very impressed with Ministers Finley's efficiencies!

Now the rumor in Ottawa is that the Chabad applications were given all ministerial speed due to Divine Intervention! Now you can't make this stuff up, can you? Any way it seems that Chabad is expecting the Messiah any time now! Who knew? And the Chabad lads have designated the soon to be empty Senate Chamber as the ideal spot for the Third Temple! Complete with ritual sacrificial offerings, just like in the olden days. CSIS has been recently delegated to draw up plans for the smoke clearing of the burnt offerings and the blood drainage problems, not to mention dealing with the daily expected mob of rioting animal rights protesters, that will no doubt be out on Wellington Street everyday! And the last reason was the slam dunk. What if Jesus came back in a wheel chair? Answer that one! 

It is all quite harmless folks, these Chabad guys have no power at all over governments....


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Peter Kent Circles The Bowl?

Sublim'd with Mineral fury, aid the Winds,
And leave a singed bottom all involv'd
John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book I, Lines 235-236

Political power requires stamina, mentally and physically, but mostly physically. The Oracle of Ottawa knows about such things. And it is with the greatest confidence that the Oracle of Ottawa predicts that one third to one half of the present 'Harper Government' cabinet ministers will not last until 2015. You really got that message watching today's Question Period.

"The minister of the environment has the floor...."

It used to fun watching the young Megan Leslie tear apart the hapless Minister of the Environment, Peter Kent in Question Period. You don't need the Oracle of Ottawa to tell you that the young Megan is just brilliant as hell, and, no doubt, has a great future ahead of her. But today it was just pathetic and painful to watch. Now that doesn't mean that the Oracle of Ottawa didn't enjoy it any less, but that it was just pathetic.

If you hit the link that  the Oracle has provided, you will find that Megan is fully educated for the job she has. York University, Dal for the law degree, and tons of practical trench experience. If you hit Peter Kent's article on Wikipedia, one can only deduce that he was home schooled! There is no mention of any scholastic achievement what so ever! Now, who ever heard about a Minister of the Environment of a first world country that was home schooled? Why Jethro Bodine from the Beverly Hillbillies could do a better job! It is very well documented that Jethro had a ton of sixth grade learning! And on all the environment questions he would have Ellie May to fall back on, Ellie May loved her critter's and was one of the first modern stewards of the environment, wasn't she?

Now Peter Kent knows a few things. He knows that the normal human gift of shame and a sense of common decency does not a Conservative cabinet minister make. And Peter Kent now knows that the only thing that could have been worse than losing the last election was winning. Well okay, he knows that now! Let the Oracle of Ottawa be perfectly frank. Peter Kent is at best an idiot savant. He is as dumb and as thick as a post. But the good Lord provided him with high cheek bones, a head too large for his body, and the uncanny ability to read what was put on a teleprompter.What he is doing in Canadian federal politics the Oracle of Ottawa will never understand.

When a cabinet minister of the government of the day is not allowed to stand to his place and answer the questions of the opposition, he or she is a total failure. When some other minister stands for another ministers question, that said minister that is still sitting is a total failure! And when it looks your grand mother that is even a worse fail. And the Oracle of Ottawa must mention, in passing, that it has been a very long time since he has seen an old white woman go from white to beet red in less than thirty seconds! The minister of revenue should really take care of that blood pressure, before it takes care of her!

And today was a double fail for the 'Harper Government' in that the Leader of the House, Peter the Loon had to stand for all his ministers to try and get control of the rapidly crumbling situation. It reminded the Oracle of Ottawa of the aftermath of a car bombing in the Middle East, you know, the guys that show up in girlie curls and beards wearing those weird hats, that pick up all the body parts with an enjoyed  morbid obsession...

Yes indeed, it truly appears to the Oracle of Ottawa that the Minister of the Environment is circling the bowl, and it is with the utmost respect that he asks Megan Leslie to make sure that she flushes twice. It is a long way to the Green's Creek sewage plant from Parliament Hill...

Yes, Peter Kent is a piece of ... well just listen for yourself!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

New Money - Is Margrit Kennedy Right?

The monetary system we have inherited is more than 2,000 years old.
Margrit Kennedy, Interest and Inflation Free Money, p. 89

At the end of the day it all comes down to symmetry folks! The Oracle of Ottawa continues with the "Thinking About Thinking" project unabated. The revelations and epiphany's various are now occurring at a rather frightening rate. One of the minor developments is that all intelligent life in the universe could quiet possibly be the universe's way of dealing with failure. Think about it...

Same old..same old?

The richest veins in my recent ongoing search for enlightenment was my lifetime goal of reading all the major economists in their full and unabridged texts. I started with Capital by Karl Marx, then moved right on and through Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations, then John Maynard Keyne's General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money. Well, then it all got out of hand. I read the work of Ricardo, Say, and Jevons! And for then for total coverage I read volumes II and III of Das Kapital! Volume II damn near killed me, but Volume III was like it was written last year.

Once dear reader, the Oracle of Ottawa was a real little cheer leader for capitalism. I read all the works of Ayn Rand when I was a mere teenager. I have owned a stock or two in my own name, well okay, a couple of hundred actually, most (all), that I still own. Somehow the Oracle of Ottawa has nerves of steel and didn't bail in the crisis of 2008. As a matter of fact, the Oracle of Ottawa kept buying all the way through and ended
up with a wicked pile of good companies bought for a mere song.Well I realized recently that I am in reality a wee little rentier! But the whole experience left me troubled deep inside. Why did the whole system just about go down the tubes? How did the people that were supposed to protect us, fail us?

Then the Oracle of Ottawa realized that it was all a lie in reality. The whole problem presented itself in naked singularity. You can not expect an exponential interest growth economy to continue smoothly, or for long, when it is grafted to a finite, linear base, other wise known as the planet Earth. Now you can begin to understand why the novel Frankenstein was so popular when it came out in the 19th century! And why it is still so popular today.  

Now if you want to get a real handle on this problem you should read Margrit Kennedy's book Interest and Inflation Free Money. It is a small book, but all the really dangerous ones are, aren't they? The Oracle of Ottawa read it through very carefully, and could find no real points of disagreement. She totally hit it out of the park. The real fascinating bits were about the effects of compound interest on societies and in turn, its effect on human history. Now I don't want to give anymore away. If you want to read a more "rigorous" version of her ideas the Oracle of Ottawa has to guide you to the work of Didier Sornette and his wonderful book entitled "Why Stock Markets Crash". The end conclusions are pretty much in agreement as to the causes of the turbulence that is embedded in a capitalist exponential growth economy.

It all about the symmetry, and in the case of capitalism, inertia goes along way to grease the skids so to speak. The greatest power of capitalism is that it unbridles creative forces. Infra structures are created and go until there capacities are fully reached and / or exceeded. Think of the inertia part as the disc-jockey at the drunken rave. The party just keeps going, until it stops. The symmetry breaks. The ensuing depression is just that period of time where the symmetry is painfully and randomly recreated. Then we are off to the race to the top (bottom?)  yet again.

The only problem here is that we are achieving levels of ever more perfect information and it is global. This means that it is quiet possible that the symmetry of the worlds various market economies are becoming weaker instead of stronger as we progress into the future. Have a nice day.

At some point in the near future, we are going to have to deal with the reality and effects of these tired, ancient economic issues.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ottawa Does FIFA

And some the Architect: his hand was known
In Heav'n by many Towered structure high,
John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book I, Lines 732-733

Once Ottawa was one of the top ten cities of the world. One can only imagine what was going through the minds of the stakeholders located in Alta Vista and Rothwell Heights as they separated their slops from their dinner and continue to wonder where they can hide the garbage from the By-Law officer until the next garbage pick-up! Yes folks, the City of Ottawa had $400,000 to spend to get a FIFA sanctioned woman's soccer tournament, but they can't afford to pick up my garbage once a week!

Not wanted here...

The footage on the vulgar media was enough to make one puke in utter disgust. The designated money must have gotten to the correct hands after all, why even the Septic Bladder from FIFA showed up with the token ethnic assistant cabinet minister from the 'Harper Government'! And yet you think the Oracle of Ottawa is out of line to question who is really running the City of Ottawa? My recent bit on the Prime Ministers Office appointment of the new City Librarian cost the Oracle of Ottawa his Ad-Sense stream! Can you imagine dear stakeholder how many of your tax dollars went into that? The phone lines must have been buzzing from Ottawa City Hall to the main headquarters of Google somewhere in California... Well! As far as the Oracle of Ottawa knows, Google has not given up the Oracle of Ottawa, yet... Although, the Oracle of Ottawa hears from people who know about such things, that being served can only greatly increase hits to the blog! Perhaps everything of the New World Order, is not totally so bad after all.

We will do business with anybody?

The Oracle of Ottawa does not venture very far from the secure bunker very much any more, but for the life of me, I can not remember where the 60,000 seat soccer stadium is located in the City of Ottawa! One simply can't see how 'Gentleman Jim' is going to get that together by 2015!  So for all you poor soccer schmucks who expect a world class facility, you can forget about it! Don't bother coming to my patch, start making your own better, so I can continue to enjoy mine! Got that? Good...

It seems that Ottawa has totally lost it's way. It seems that the Burgers of Ottawa will do business with any body. We will take any body's money. For example, it is still and will be always a real burr in the Oracle of Ottawa's shorts that Ottawa's sister city is stinking Beijing, China! Jesus! Not only will the Burgers of Ottawa bow, but they will suck cock also! The proper sister city for my home, the city of Ottawa is Bergen, Norway.
These people have nothing to learn from us, but we have a lot to learn from them! But when you get sucked into the Canada - China friendship society, your doomed. They have tapes, pictures, and receipts..., when it blows and it will, hold on to your seat folks.

The Oracle of Ottawa can only wonder what is next? Perhaps we will score the Mid Western United States Crystal Meth Cooks Convention....

Ya, I guess we will, like we soo need the money.....

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

'Harper Government' - How It Will End

The good before him, but perverts best things
To worst abuse, or to thir meanest use.
John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book IV, Lines 203-204

It has been one year since the illegitimate, nine man majority 'Harper Government' has stolen power. Any pig eyed, gap toothed, mouth breathing, knuckle dragging social Darwinist can dismantle a nation state. It takes philosopher kings to build them. Many people in Canada believe that the dynasty is all but invincible. But they are very wrong, and will be very surprised when history shows that they will barely live to the next election.

Will good times be the end?

Already you can see the start of the cracks of the coming collapse. As the Oracle of Ottawa has predicted, the nine man majority is already starting to fade. The House of Commons is no place for the old, sick, and infirm, I mean, just ask the remains of the Liberal Party of Canada! And, as also predicted, many members of the 'Harper Government' don't have the mental stamina that power requires. If you are resident in Ottawa, you know this is true. It is not uncommon to spot a "high profile" minister of the 'Harper Government' wandering around aimlessly in certain Ottawa retail establishments in a daze, wondering why no one will even go near them. Truth be told, the 'Harper Government' and its minions are absolutely despised in Ottawa.

Any one with eyes can see that the back bench - cabinet rift is already well on its way. Already the right wing, militant, bible thumping, mouth breathers from places like Ducks Ass Alberta, are ready to throw the 'Harper Government' down the stairs if they don't start seeing some of their wack - ball agenda coming to fruition. And you don't need the Oracle of Ottawa to tell you how this is going to turn out.Then the cracks will be very visible indeed. The war between the front and the back of the House.

For a strong majority government, there certainly has been very many greasy incidents that are surely and certainly eating away very quickly at any political capital. Too many to rehash here. But the credulity of the masses are certainly being taken to the brink at the weeks latest incident. The fast tracking of a Temporary Resident Permit  for a certain ex-Canadian press baron, currently a guest of the American Federal Prison System certainly takes the cake, so far...  But being a past member of the Bilderberg Group Steering Committee certainly will open very many doors for you with the Conservative Party of Canada. Wham, stamped, and approved.

The recent hard times has been good for the "Harper Government'. But hard times do not last forever. And that fact dear reader is what will bring down the 'Harper Government'. Soon, sooner than you think all that hidden capital stashed all around the world will come out all at once. Tax revenues will go through the roof. The 'Harper Government' will be caught red handed trying to hide it. Inflation will kick in as it does in good times, the deficit will vanish, to be replaced with an unbelievable surplus. But what will you hear from the wee Jimmy, the finance minister?  You got it, austerity must continue, The bogey-man is under every bed, and behind every door... After all, that is the only script that the tory's can grasp...

How come George Galloway can't come to Canada? And give his Conrad speech?