Thursday, October 13, 2011

Air Canada Strike - Really Starting to Smell

There is arguably something wrong with a method of persuasion that cannot pass the test of publicity.
Randal Marlin, Propaganda & The Ethics of Persuasion, p. 166

Once upon a time in this country, for a Minister of Labour to refer to the Canada Industrial Relations Board was a last resort. It was only invoked by the Minister when everything else had failed and the situation was on the verge of escaping control that would have an adverse affect on the security and economy of the nation. This happened in the past on things such as rail unions and longshoreman unions that could really shut down the whole country! Clearly with this recent Air Canada pending strike this is not the case! For a Minister of Labour to go to the CIRB for any other matter was and is tantamount to screaming out loud "I am a Shit Poor excuse for a Minister of Labour!" "I am in so over my head, that I just don't have a clue where to begin or end!" And it is clear that is the case with the present Minister of Labour Lisa Raitt!

Lisa Raitt - Much thinner now....

You would think that someone who articled in the freak'in Middle Temple in London England, the veritable seat of the Common Law as we know it and claims to have specialized in arbitration, no less, would be able to call the two parties to her office and settle this in 20 minutes! Air Canada no longer has a monopoly over air transport in Canada. Canada is an "open skies" area. The right wing interpretation of economics states that the "invisible hand" will make everything all right. The claim that a strike at Air Canada will bring down the Canadian economy is a barefaced lie! There are a multitude of choices to be had.

Again it is another demonstration of the 'Harper Government' interpretation of the invisible hand and the philosophy of a hands off economy. You see, they interpret it differently. The invisible hand is only for the pigs in suits i.e. the managers, if a bunch of working people collude together in a legal trade union, the 'Harper Government' blue suited fat pigs will cut your hands off!! This is the demonstrated interpretation of the 'Harper Government' hands off economy!

With Lisa Raitt as Labour Minister - Wait for it!!

The Oracle of Ottawa is old enough to remember when being a stewardess for Air Canada was the poshest job in the whole wide world! Many of these women forsake married life, children, true love and so much more to serve the brand. When I saw those pictures on the CBC National of Air Canada stewardesses collapsed in a coma in an airport, like abandoned dregs of some Chinese people smuggler, I was enraged! They had probably been up for over thirty hours and are still trying to get the overtime hours and the expense money that they will never see.

I put this down to one Duncan Dee, the creeping Jesus, that is one generation out of a rice paddie and an honours  graduate of the Peoples Republic of China Politburo School of Management! And that story of the "gunman" that drove to his Ottawa house, showing a private security guard a hand gun!! What a crock of shit! The rumour is that guy came from the Peoples Republic of China Embassy employee compound! They were backing up one of their own, must not lose face in front of the world! Plus it was another easy chit on the 'Harper Government' to be cashed for future consideration at some future date... Globalization, ain't it grand?

Sid Ryan - Actually knows what he is talking about! This is so on.....

(Why is Sid Ryans Wikipedia article over twice as big as Lisa Raitts??, Oh My, Out classed by a blue collar type!!)

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