Friday, May 31, 2013

Mike Duffy - Leveraging Grade Seven

Logic must look after itself.
Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus, 5.473

The mines are still going off, as the chunks of sheep meat fall from the air to detonate even more mines, it truly is like watching a herd of sheep cross a mine field. The latest round of revelations in the Mike Duffy affair went off around 4:00 p.m. today. It seems someone from possibly the Prime Ministers Office has slipped a ton of e-mails under the reporters door at the CBC. Of course it was on the airwaves in short notice.
The Puffster...

The Oracle of Ottawa is still amazed that all the power of the Conservative Party of Canada and its minions and its bottomless financial power, all painstakingly built by the best educated and predatory minds of our society is going to brought down to rack and ruin by a spud headed midget with grade seven! The Oracle of Ottawa is guessing grade seven, one more year than Jethro Bodine had from the Beverly Hillbillies. It all boggles the mind to even ponder the paradox of it all.

The Oracle of Ottawa finds it full and ironic that the whole 'Harper Government' is going to fall from the hapless screw ups of just one person from Canada's Maritime area of chronic underachievement, as old Steve Harper has put it in the past. The utter insane irony of it all. Just look at all the wreckage so far Dear Reader. Nigel Wright, the gee whiz whiz kid, the strapping shaker and mover of Bay Street, gadzillion-aire, Trinity College meets Bud The Spud, and it was no contest...

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Canada Day 2013 Boycott

A picture contains the possibility of the situation that it represents.
Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus, 2.203

The Oracle of Ottawa feels compelled to provide the important public service of warning away anyone that is contemplating coming to Ottawa, Canada for Canada Day 2013. In years distant past, Canada Day was the one premier event of the Ottawa social summer season. It was then run by the National Capital Commission. It was one of their major events, and they usually put the whole year before hand into it. It was also the time of the Canadian Just Society, security and propaganda of all kinds were kept to the bear minimum.  
Welcome to Harperland 2013!!

Now the Oracle of Ottawa feels it is his duty to warn the public that there will be several very important changes in Canada Day 2013. The major change is that it is now being run by the Department of Canadian Heritage, or in plain English, by a big disgusting fat pig by the name of James Moore, presently the Minister of Canadian Heritage. Yes Dear Reader, Canada Day has been commandeered by the 'Harper Government' for the soul purpose of celebrating the accomplishments of the Fascist State. With many demonstrations of the 'Harper Government' and free market capitalism. There is a rumor that the finale is going to contain a 3-D hologram show of Maggie Thatcher, in respectful memory, just before the fireworks, can hardly wait can ya?  

Somehow the eternally cheap 'Harper Government' has somehow coughed up the money for the possible appearance of  Carly Rae Jepson. Whoever she is? And didn't she do Canada Day in 2010? Anyway there is also a very long list of other garbage you never heard of before. There simply is no one on the A list that wants to be anywhere near the 'Harper Government' in any respect. And of course since this is a 'Harper Government' project there must be the sickening appearances of "victims". James Moore went all out on this one, no doubt at the behest of the Prime Ministers Office, and has arranged for the eternally sickening Chris Hadfield to conduct a few experiments for the kiddies, and the second rate playing of his space cadet song. And to make it all an absolute barf fest, the show is going to be hosted by Helene Campbell, of Barfhaven!   

Sweet Jesus Sweetheart! The lungs were free. This Canada Day you should be out a nice cottage somewhere on the Quebec side sitting on some young lads face for at least the whole of Canada Day, now that you got the wind for it and all. And perhaps you should see how long you can hold your breath with a somewhat constricted throat. In other words you should be out enjoying your life, since even Senator Mike Duffy has more talent than you.

For all you "out of towners" the Oracle of Ottawa must share a few tips of warning. Such as; there is no more free parking anywhere in downtown Ottawa. The City has been ordered by the 'Harper Government' to implement Demand Price parking. And of course on Canada day there is a lot of demand for parking, you are on your own. Also be very careful what you bring and what you are carrying on your person. The person on your left and on your right is going to be either a cop or a corporate security guard. There will be many opportunities for you discover all the wonders of the Canada (In)Action Plan. The koisks are going to be less than 100 feet apart on Wellington, Bank and the Sparks Street Mall. Come to Ottawa and party with the crooks and skidmarks of the 'Harper Government'. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Is The 'Harper Government' Just Plain Criminal?

Perhaps we may not wish to harm men, but shall not want to have any more to do with them than we can help.
Immanuel Kant, Theory And Practice, Chapter III

It was anything but shit and giggles in the House of Commons today Dear Reader. The usual little Chinese cheerleader that sits directly behind Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government' did not have her happy peasant face on as per routine.  Pierre "Little Polly" Poilievre at the ripe old age of 33 years is starting to turn grey, and it is already even visible through his hair cum. The Oracle of Ottawa figures that soon his hair will be as white as the party whips, who at the time of this writing, is over eighty years old.

Steve Vader - Circles the bowl...

 Poor Little Polly knows that his bullshit yapping during the last few weeks in the defense of the recently jettisoned Nigel S. Wright and the erstwhile Senators were in reality the making of the leading attack ads that the Liberals will be getting a ton of mileage out of in the next general election. The Oracle of Ottawa is certain that the young Ryan Keon has been recently in his garage cleaning off his campaign signs. The Oracle of Ottawa knows that the little Straussian is slipping his mental clutch plates when he refers to Democracy Watch as a partisan organization! 

Meanwhile, members of the local vulgar TV media are making pieces whereby they are chasing the psychotic Nigel through the streets of the Glebe at 4:00 a.m.! It is all so bizarre! It must be dawning on him about now that his meteoric trip to the top is all but in, over and done. Soon, no doubt, he will have to report to his other masters. The Oracle of Ottawa suggests that Nigel just ponder what Jesus would have felt, sans the nails of course. But of course there is the upside, at least he won't have to wait eight weeks for his first unemployment check.

Now the Oracle of Ottawa must relate that the Prime Minister did not get man handled in the House today as per the stories of the vulgar media, it was a lot worse. He was stomped and bitch slapped like a crack head whore that was a quarter short for her last rock. It was all quite a spectacle that the Oracle of Ottawa quite enjoyed. And the gayest pink tie that the Oracle has ever seen in recent memory didn't help one bit.  

Monday, May 27, 2013

Where O Where Is Ole Steve Harper?

Other peoples nightmares are not billable time, and morning will come soon enough.
Hunter S. Thompson, Generation of Swine, p. 46

Surely it was the water? After scurrying across the tundra like a rat to South America at the first breaking of his downfall scandal, his most grey eminence of the 'Harper Government' has not yet fully recovered to face the music in the House. Could it be jet lag, or the realization that there is actually no defense? And what is that disinformation in the vulgar media that states the Prime Minister never makes Question periods on Monday? He always makes Question Period on Monday's! It is the Fridays that he never shows up. The Oracle of Ottawa knows this because he watches them all.

Steve Vader readies for the high jump...
 Why it seems like only yesterday that the right wing revolution was set to take over all of Canada for all time, well, according to Preston Manning anyway. Then there was the cocky picnic video at Ford Fest in Toronto, where by the Conservative hat trick was boasted to be soon accomplished. And then from there it all started to gradually go down hill, slowly at first, but then with a great and sickening increase in speed, that was hardly measurable. 

The underhanded dirty tricks squad out of the Prime Ministers Office could seem to lay anyone to waste, who provided any question or even the hint of opposition. But unforeseen, people in central Canada get wise to this very quickly, a very strong and potent backlash literally created itself. Soon things started to go wrong.

The highly detailed Senate destruction plan was all so carefully planned. The right and certain people were appointed with the full knowledge and assistance that would make certain their screw ups. But some how the pesky low life has proven to be a very nasty opponent at the end of the day. It is all pretty humiliating at the height of your power, to realize that a spud headed skidmark is going to bring you to total destruction.

And then things get even worse, you find out that your good friends in Toronto are in reality nothing but a bunch of drug dealing crack smoking thugs, that have left a long paper and video trail. And then when you think it can't get any more worse, an old screw up that you thought for sure had buried out of the way is picked up in Panama, doing some laundry at the local banks. For a man with terminal lung cancer, Mr. Porter is sure looking pretty good...  

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Frankenstein - The Best Modern Edition

The different accidents of life are not so changeable as the feelings of human nature.
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Frankenstein, Volume I, Chapter IV

Frankenstein is simply one of the most enduring archetype tales of Western Civilization. The Oracle of Ottawa has come to it a number of times in his lifetime. The first time as a child, when I read it in Classics Illustrated, No. 26. At that time the Oracle of Ottawa enjoyed it as a story of a crazy doctor that patched together his very own home made man. How twisted weird is that? And just a hell of a good story. Later on in life the Oracle of Ottawa read the actual novel, and still took it as a great ghost story, and began to ponder the utter intricate detail, and its ability to draw you in. The third time the Oracle of Ottawa, much older and wiser now, came upon the Belknap Harvard annotated edition in hard cover. Now the Oracle of Ottawa realizes that it is all more than just a superficial story. It is all so much deeper than that.

Belknap - Harvard edition
The Annotated Frankenstein is a masterpiece of American printing. It warms the Oracle's soul that Americans still print books in the actual United States of America, right down to the silk like end papers! The margins are as wide as Texas, and the annotations are very scholarly and deep. Which will provide many searches on Wikipedia, that will take you to post graduate depth in no time. Just follow the links. And best of all it is cheap! Or in a more sophisticated phrase; represents excellent value. This is the most definitive edition, that balances content perfectly with artistic craft and beauty. And all that detail, will still bring the goose bumps to you just like the first time you read it when you were a little kid. Well actually with all the background thrown in, it actually makes the book even more scary!

Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's Monster

 As the Oracle of Ottawa came to Frankenstein for the third time in his life, he realized that this is much more than a scary story. It is a masterpiece, a damming indictment of a system that the author observed being born in her lifetime, but as of yet, did not have a name for. It is the story of a mere mortal of a man that thought he could cheat God so to speak. He would use all the methods that had recently been discovered, and combine them in his own selfish way that would create something greater than the sum of its parts. But as you have no doubt noticed in earlier readings he did not ponder the effects of his creation on the greater common good, and, of course, the results were monstrous.

On top of the text of Frankenstein, there is included a ton of fascinating information. The Oracle of Ottawa found the chronology just fascinating. And I won't give anything away. But the editors did miss one or two interesting dates. For example, in 1776, was the publication date of Adam Smiths Wealth of Nations! And in 1818 the first edition of Frankenstein was published, the same year as the birth of Karl Marx...              

Thursday, May 23, 2013

'Harper Government' - Halcyon Days Pissed Away

We are in for some fast weeks in the passing lane.
Hunter S. Thompson, Generation of Swine, p.147

What ever could the bond underwriters and credit raters think of Canada and Toronto now? Can we really think that we will get that same AAA credit rating after the events of these days in May? Would you loan money to a city run by a crackhead? Would you buy a bond issue of a nation state that is run by a cabinet that contains grade school drop-outs and takes it's orders from agents of secret societies?

'Harper Government' - Just about...
 Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government' thought it would all be such an easy walk through the garden. After all, Canadians don't really care about such things. Why the leftist elites couldn't care less. Well Dear Reader, if you saw the zoo that was called Question period today, the 'Harper Government' can disavow themselves of such delusions in the future.  The diehard talking heads pandering for the 'Harper Government' just can't seem to talk this one down. The harder they pedal, the worse the said and assorted scandals get. Like the Oracle of Ottawa has observed in previous postings, it is all like watching a herd of sheep crossing a mine field. And the world looks on with a horrid fascination, that they cannot wrench their gaze from.

The Oracle of Ottawa wonders what Preston Manning thinks of his Canadian right wing revolution now? The lights at the Preston Manning Center For Democracy must be burning late into the evening, with the feverish running of focus groups ordered by the high priests of conservative purity out of Duck's Ass, Alberta. The operating theater has been shut down that provided the new conservative candidates with their lobotomies, until further notice.  It all started out with such promise. The strong conservative majority was stolen, nothing lay in the way to converting Canada into a right wing police state, the Bilderberg Group goal of goals. What could go wrong?

It has been said by many writers more awesome than the Oracle of Ottawa that all revolutions eat their own. In Canada we are only just past the entre, and the knuckle draggers are all starting to check out their neighbours. Guys like Jason Kenny, John Baird, and James Moore must be starting to get nervous. In their present bulky nervous states, they would look great on a platter with garnish and an apple in their mouths. 
But at the end of the day you can always blame the party whip, The Oracle of Ottawa gives him thirty days max.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

'Harper Government' - Goes Rogue

He has the instincts of a dung beetle. No living politician can match his talent for soiling himself in public.
Hunter S. Thompson, Generation of Swine, p. 228

You know when Steve Harper is lying. His hands appear above his waist. Although the Oracle of Ottawa is not a spin doctor or fart catcher, he does know enough about the communication skills to know that what the erstwhile Prime Minister said today in his low rent South American news conference was the worst possible course to take. At the rate he is going there will shortly be no more candidates to put under the bus. And of course there will be no more exploitable candidates coming forward in this lifetime.

Relax - The Senate will always be here...

Meanwhile back in Ottawa during Question Period today, John Baird was crushed and humiliated by the young Justin Trudeau, when he provided and tabled to the Conservative government, documents that they claimed they did not know existed! And the sad thing is they were not lying on this one. The piss and vinegar of the so called pit bull John Baird is just about at the breaking point. He is finally realizing that he is the fall guy. The Prime Minister took all his western buddies on the plane and left the easterners to spin in the dark. The voice of the bum boy minister is falling to the lowest register, the Liberals will be in for the final kill every day from now on.

John Baird - hapless fall boy....

The media has been spurned and dissed one too many times by the knuckle dragging, mouth breathing, social darwinist skid marks. That old Troskyite Terry Milewski is just putting the nuts to the 'Harper Government' and the Oracle of Ottawa is certainly enjoying seeing his tax dollars at work.  And to see them twist in the light, is totally beyond words of description. Yes, today the 'Harper Government' was fed to the wolves, and the wolves puked...

It also appears today that one Senator Mike "The Puffster" Duffy has regrouped, and  you can see his counter attack forming between the words. The little spud head knows that the  box containing his Order of Canada is nailed and double welded shut for ever.   The Oracle of Ottawa wonders late into the night what dirty goods he possibly has on the 'Harper Government' that he can get it to contort on command. The Oracle of Ottawa is sure that it is enough to bring down the 'Harper Government' dead.

How is that the Senate of Canada has existed since 1867, with barley a blip in over a century and as soon as the hick 'Harper Government' gets its sticky hands on the levers of power, the whole place explodes in scandal? But what can you expect when you appoint a high school drop out, sad victim as the Leader of The Government in The Senate? As the Oracle of Ottawa has stated many times in this blog, the best way to improve the Senate is to appoint the best people you can possibly find to it!

But to all Canadians that care about such things,they know that when the young Justin Trudeau is Prime Minister, the proper high property values will again return to the Chamber of Sober Second Thought.  

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

'Harper Government' - Type IV - Terminal

Things on a very small scale behave like nothing that you have any direct experience about.
Richard P. Feynman, The Feynman Lectures on Physics, Volume III, p. 1-1

Tonight Ottawa is a stinking roiling mess of shocked silence. You know it is worse than bad when in today's Question Period, John Baird, the bum boy of Foreign Affairs, was asking what time it was near the end of Question Period! Yes indeed, the sweat of the erstwhile Straussian, was dripping through the fat of his worthless body. Much to the Oracle of Ottawas surprise, Steve Harper did not stick around to hear the music play. He and his closet cronies scrambled to the jet that would remove them to somewhere in South America like a pack of rats scurrying across the tundra.

The very quantum fabric is rent..
 Although the talking heads of the old vulgar media are playing this as a crisis, you ain't heard nothing yet Dear Reader. At some point the connection of the Prime Ministers Office to the Bilderberg Group is going to come out. When that finally drops, it will be a royal scandal. When all the red meat, grass roots, conservatives find out that the 'Harper Government' is just a mere puppet for a secret society, that will be a scandal. Many old hands in Ottawa tonight are wondering about the present forward motion of Preston Manning's right wing revolution. It seems that the remainder of the Laurentian consensus has more life than the right wing wacko politico's thought.

But the saddest and yet most enjoyable events of the day were watching the shocked reactions of the green as grass conservatives, that thought Steve was better than all that, react. Some of them are just about sick to death. Wait for it. They are now discovering that their whole lives and political careers are nothing but a joke and a lie. The Oracle of Ottawa loves watching hicks hit the wall at a hundred miles an hour, and noting the splatter pattern.

In the near future you will soon see that some faces will be absent, and will not return. The names will shock you Dear Reader. The friends will desert, no one will come. Who could have imagined that the whole thing would be brought down by a spud headed skidmark from Prince Edward Island? Soon Marjory LeBreton will again be a high school drop out housewife in Barfhaven, free to spend less and live better at the local Wal-Mart, were she and John Baird will have coffee, with Little Polly Poilievre, Well at least on the days when they don't have certain appearances to make....

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The 'Harper Government' Will Fall !?

To draw a line is the primary step in incorporating energy in form.
Northrop Frye, Fearful Symmetry, p. 97

The Victoria Day long weekend in Canada is usually a very quiet and unremarkable affair. It is the unofficial, official start of the Canadian gear down from winter to summer, and all the relief that it brings. But not this year Dear Reader. It all started to go all rather nuts on Friday morning just past, when the Oracle of Ottawa was awoken by the name of Toronto's mayor and the words video, crack and smoking! The Oracle of Ottawa thought this is it! The Oracle has really slipped his clutch plates for sure this time! The Oracle of Ottawa immediately rose out of bed and dragged his significant other to the radio and had her confirm that what he just heard was indeed true! This was at 9:00 A.M..

'Harper Government' - The pig is in the tunnel folks...
 The Oracle of Ottawa then proceeded to breakfast of a coffee and two cigarettes and his book that was on top of the pile; "in reading". Still reeling from the wake up call, the Oracle of Ottawa than turned on the vulgar media and selected the CTV news channel and was stunned by more revelations of the Puffster Mike Duffy, and how the axe was just hanging over the vertically challenged  Ms. Wallin! The Oracle of Ottawa at this point became somewhat dizzy, and repaired to the kitchen for more coffee and a few more bolstering smokes to calm his nerves. As the smoke took hold and the Oracle having bolstered himself against the kitchen counter, the earth began to move!! It all lasted for over thirty seconds! A gentle but powerful swaying motion, that set off a wonderful symphony of creaking and tinkling, that sounded as music from God.

This was at 9:45A.M. exactly, and the Oracle of Ottawa again turned on the vulgar media and was soon informed that there was indeed a 5.2 Richter earthquake measured in Ottawa from Shawville, Quebec all the way down to Ohio in the United States! The evil of the 'Harper Government' has so twisted the very quantum fabric that the earth itself moved to balance the evil forces! If this weirdness keeps up Dear Reader, by Tuesday morning the Oracle of Ottawa expects a pillar of salt at the intersection of Wellington Street at Bank Street!

While out of the fortified bunker on the usual Friday beer and lotto ticket run the Oracle of Ottawa noticed the vulgar media newspaper headlines. Kathleen Wynne had fired the head of the Ontario Lottery Commission! And it must have been the right move, since the whole board followed the ousted huckster out the door like rats being chased on the tundra. Could it be that there will be no Casino in downtown Ottawa after all? Upon returning home, the Oracle of Ottawa closed up and continued to be reeled by the revelations of the old style vulgar media, and enjoyed every moment.

All of Saturday the Oracle of Ottawa was in a happy state of shock, knowing full well that once the shit starts to roll down hill it will continue ever faster until something stops it. It was Sunday morning that the major axe fell, when the Oracle of Ottawa heard with shock that Nigel S. Wright was also thrown under the bus. At this point we are through the looking glass now folks, any thing could happen and probably will.

On this Sunday after noon the Oracle of Ottawa was on his way to Arnprior to visit a very important man, as per usual routine. The Oracle of Ottawa of course had CBC's Cross Country Check Up on, and was amazed that Rex Murphy had his old self back on, and was doing a hell of a job. The knuckle dragging Tory Conservatives were in total outrage! The Oracle of Ottawa could not believe his ears. Any thing could happen now! Then the Oracle of Ottawa realized that come Tuesday the very 'Harper Government' could fall in a vote of non confidence.

The Oracle of Ottawa hopes that it is Elizabeth May and / or Charlie Angus that get to do the honors! With the Prime Minister planning not to be in the House on Tuesday, due to his planned presence at some South American trade conference, with the usual retinue of sock puppet cabinet fart catchers and sock puppet back benchers, the numbers would be totally in the Oppositions favor! The wreckage is every where and piling up very fast. (And we still haven't got through the Bilderberg Group revelations yet...)At 3:00 P.M. the CBC radio complained that no one from the Conservative Party of Canada could be reached in any manner of communication. Get your voting suit ready Dear Reader, the Just Society of Justin Trudeau will indeed be coming sooner, much sooner than later. Just as the Oracle of Ottawa called it...     

Thursday, May 16, 2013

'Harper Government' - Bilderberg Group Wired In?

There are many rooms in the mansion, and weirdness governs in most of them.
Hunter S. Thompson, Generation of Swine, p. 47

When the Oracle of Ottawa started writing this blog he often made references to such things as the Bilderberg Group, the Illuminati and the New World Order with tongue in cheek. The Oracle of Ottawa considered them as jokes for children and people living under tinfoil hats. Well Dear Reader, the Oracle of Ottawa is no longer laughing. It has all dawned on the Oracle of Ottawa after writing last nights piece. The highest office in the land of Canada has been infiltrated by the Bilderberg Group at a distance of no more than two arms length.

Bilderberg Hotel
 Ottawa as of late has been reeling under a Senate scandal. We all know the names. It all blew wide open ever so gradually. One Senator Mike Duffy was found to owe $90,000.00 in false living expenses. Then very recently, he claimed to have paid off the tab, and the Prime Ministers Office stated that was the end of the matter. Then it was discovered that on Nigel S. Wright, now Chief of Staff in the Prime Ministers Office,  formally of Onex Corporation cut the check from his own personal account, because he was so fond of the Puffster Senator. The only problem being that the Ethics Commissioner became very interested, since an in office Senator cannot accept gifts of over $500.00 from any one, and that includes the Prime Ministers Office. 

So lets follow the chain Dear Reader. Nigel S. Wright is on "loan" from the Onex Corporation to the Prime Ministers Office of the nation state of Canada. The Onex Corporation is owned by one Gerry Schwartz who at the time of this writing has 67.7% of the voting shares. Gerry Schwartz is presently married to one Heather Reisman, who at the time of this writing is the Chief Executive Officer of Indigo Books and Music, which just so happens to also contain ownership of the huge Chapters Books chain. Which is all but a monopoly of the retail book distribution system in Canada.

But if one reads deep down into Heather Reismans Wikipedia article, one will soon discover that the robber baron housewife has some other little jobs on the side. She is on the steering committee of the dreaded Bilderberg Group. And if you have the time you can check on You Tube for videos of her coming and going from said meetings. All very embarrassing to us tax paying Canadians to discover that the Bilderberg Group is hard wired right into the Prime Ministers Office of Canada. 

But surely it is a screw up of errors, isn't it? But alas, the Oracle of Ottawa must remind the Dear Reader that all of the 'Harper Government' is micro managed by the principal(s) of the 'Harper Government'. There is nothing left to chance. It is the Oracle of Ottawa's greatest fear that the said Senator(s) are nothing but stooges that have been set up by the 'Harper Government' and it's little helpers, to foment a grave Canadian Constitutional crises, which over the lull of the summer could be arranged in to a reverse coup de grace. You heard it here first. Tomorrows news today...  Where in heavens name was the vulgar old style media on this one?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Justin Trudeau Clears His Head

Tyranny is the co-operation of parasite and host; no tyrant maintains himself by force, but by trading on his victims fears. 
Northrop Frye, Fearful Symmetry, p. 60

It seems that in light of a storm of recent events, contrary to Conservative Party of Canada attack ads, that stated  that the young Justin Trudeau was in way over his head, the youngster can certainly claim that his head is way above the water line as of late, compared to the shit wave that has and is now swamping the imperial shit majesty of the 'Harper Government'.

Justin Trudeau - Well above the waterline...

 It was at lunch time today that the Oracle of Ottawa first heard of the shocking new revelations concerning one Senator Mike 'The Puffster' Duffy. It seems that he didn't pay back the $90,000 he claimed as bogus housing expenses, it has now been revealed that one Nigel Wright, once right bower at Onex Corporation and now at the Prime Ministers Office as Chief of Staff, cut the paltry sum from his own pocket to aid the Puffster in his time of need. Of course Steve Harper, of the 'Harper Government' knew nothing of the matter. Of course. The Senate ethics commissioner  has of a sudden taken great interest in the matter, due to that pesky rule that states that when a Senator receives a gift or gratuity greater than $500.00 a report of the said circumstances must be filed with the said ethics commissioner. It seemsthat, at the time of this writing, that the Senate ethics commissioner is still waiting.

Senator Mike Duffy - Flush twice...
 Then there is that matter of that shocking by(e) election result out in Labrador, where one 'Harper Government' cabinet minister got his dirty corrupt ass kicked all the way back to his Igloo, no doubt never to return to the Canadian political scene. It seemed the visits of the young Justin Trudeau wet more than enough panties, to throw the result to the Liberals favor. Even most of the men sheepishly admitted that the aura of the young next one made them feel somewhat tingly also, and that it was good, since they now had something in common with the wife again!  

 But perhaps the greatest disaster to hit the 'Harper Government' of late is the untimely demise of one of its most important ideological fathers and creator of the Canada's swing to the right forever. The sudden departure of Senator Doug Finley came to the Oracle of Ottawa as a great sign that there truly is a God, and he never voted Conservative. One can only guess how long Minister Dianne Finley will be able to carry on by herself, making her own decisions, the Oracle of Ottawa gives her 90 days max. The human resources minister that couldn't run a three man muster to a four man shitter will be gone like she never even happened.

Mean while somewhere in Ottawa at this very moment, Mrs. Trudeau is no doubt already going through the color swatches and fabric catalogs, preparing for the soon to happen massive renovation at 24 Sussex Drive when the next government of the Just Society takes office for the next twenty years....  

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Does Bitcoin Add Up?

Civilization ends at the waterline. Beyond that, we all enter the food chain, and not always right at the top.
Hunter S. Thompson, Generation Of Swine, p. 87 

The Oracle of Ottawa first heard about Bitcoin on the old vulgar media via television, and more than once.  Bitcoin is a digital currency that is supported by a peer to peer electronic cash system. No one really knows where it all came from. But all the nerds and geeks assure the reporters of the old vulgar media that the open source code is written not of this earth. When they say this their eyes sort of gloss over in nerd adulation. This is when the Oracle of Ottawa's bullshit detector went off in alarm mode.

An un-virtual Bitcoin

The developer of Bitcoin is some entity named Satoshi Nakamoto. Of course no one has ever seen the character, and as to the time of this writing his location and true identity remains unknown. This all started back in 2009. The big selling point is that there is no government(s) in any part or parts of any Bitcoin transaction. It is sold as the new money for the whole world without any government interference. It also seems that even the corporate over whores cannot sink their teeth into the system either. And of course this another great selling point.

 Especially if you are laundering money for what ever purpose. Or perhaps you wish to support a cell of people who you would rather not anyone question the intent of, if you get the Oracles drift. It would also be great for certain secret operations of a large national intelligence agency that wants to leave absolutely no trail. In other words most of the traffic on this peer to peer network would be of the illegal kind. This fact alone should give an intelligent person pause for thought, shouldn't it?

A Bitcoin mining rig

Since 9/11 the United States and its allies have gone totally nuts in the war on everything, including the war on your personal liberties as a citizen. Great honking security edifices have been buttressed and or new ones  erected. There have been grumblings as of late, as in, we have gone way to far with all this. Of course as in all government departments, one has to constantly appear useful, or ones budget will certainly be not raised in the next budget cycle, or even worse, one could see budgets cut drastically.

After about thirty seconds thought it fully dawned on the Oracle of Ottawa who the real creator of Bitcoin was and why. The real parent of Bitcoin is the NSA. One of its major users is no doubt the CIA and other allied security agencies. The whole premise is very simple. If you want to track down terrorism, tax evasion, drug running, gambling and most any other crime you can name, simply provide the perfect ap for it to be done! Listen closely, until something big brews up, or the government departments brew it up, whatever, we need busts to justify our budgets and our existences. Trebles all round! Any questions?   

Monday, May 13, 2013

Herman Melville - The Meaning Of The Whale

We live in a world that has got along without us for billions of years, and could still get along without us, in fact still may.
Northrop Frye, On Education, p.148

It has been many years ago now, that the Oracle of Ottawa has read Moby Dick by Herman Melville. The Oracle found it a deep, dark, masterpiece that goes very deeply into many of the remotest recesses of the human mind. The best edition to read is the one that was illustrated  by Rockwell Kent. Today if you can discover a first edition of Moby Dick in the orange or slate blue cloth, it would be worth about $60,000 to $100,000.00 dollars! Which is all pretty ironic because it was all but a busted flush in Melville's lifetime. It is widely known that poor old Herman only made $556.37 from the American edition in his lifetime and the book never sold out its first 3000 copies in his lifetime. It was the same with Karl Marx with Das Kapital, and it was the same with Henry David Thoreau and Walden. The nut of the story is don't expect anyone to get it while you are still alive, normal people are such a drag aren't they?

Herman Melville

As with all classics of English literature, Moby Dick goes down a lot easier if you know your Bible and have a good grounding in the rudimentary facts of the classics. The Oracle of Ottawa would just like to touch briefly on some points that he found passing weird. Many of the characters have Biblical names, this is all real important, and the Oracle of Ottawa suspects that some of these names could have Islamic references, it is very surprising that no one has went there yet, so to speak. The theology is grounded in the Old Testament, and possibly the early Prophet. Moby Dick is the gayest, queerist, raging fag novel in all of American literature. Note that there are no women characters, or any mention of the feminine at all through out the greatest American novel. But this is very important to what the novel and especially what the whale is all about.

Moby Dick - Americas gayest novel...

Another aid that will help the modern reader get the most out of Moby Dick is a copy DSM IV. You will soon discover that he majority of the characters of Moby Dick are lightly touched to outright certifiable! How long do you think the character Ahab would last in modern society? If you read right through to the end you will be very well versed in the symptoms of all the major obsessive disorders. And if you are very perceptive you will soon realize that the whole book is about the pursuit of raw naked power. You can delve deeper into this by reading Arthur Schopenhauer in his Will And Idea. It all can't be helped really.

The whale is the ultimate homo erotic phallic symbol. The monster beast that plows the deeps. Just about what America has always been about isn't it? The whale is the symbol of raw naked power and the joys that come with it. Domination, degradation and humiliation. Moby Dick, the ultimate representation of the real American experience. Any questions?

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Do Social Impact Bonds Add Up?

We cannot give a sign the wrong sense.
Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus, 5.4732

You had to know it was coming. With the demise of the sub prime mortgage market in 2008, the corporate whore greed heads had to come up with something new. They had to figure out a way to get all the F9 monkeys back to work and out of retirement from their tax havens. The market for junior oil and gas, and the proverbial gold mine of junior mining stocks has all but dried up, due to consolidation. And even if they did exist, the sheer scale is no match of the size of sheer numbers that the sub prime mortgage market once had.

Old fashioned corporate bond
 It appears to the Oracle of Ottawa that the greed heads have come come up with a potential candidate, it is called a Social Impact Bond. It is a contract with the public sector in which a commitment is made to pay for improved social outcomes that result in public sector savings.(?) In other words the greatest potential Public Private Partnership (ripoff) of all time! Trebles all around. Now the problem is that it all sounds good from the top. Just like sub prime lending, the first generation social impact bond, if you like. This helps a ton with the marketing all round. It only has to look good until the sucker signs on.

A very ancient trading company bond...
 Advocates of these performance-based investments claim that they encourage innovation and tackle challenging social issues. It is just that they forget to tell you that the innovation is for their bottom line, and they have absolutely no intention of tackling challenging social issues. If this stupidity actually worked, you wouldn't be able to sell very many more "bonds" in the future would you?  The Oracle of Ottawa will now explain all the (in)efficient cost adding measures that the corporate whores will add on to ensure failure and the sale of yet more "bonds" and the eventual construction of a fascist corporate society, with out any government at all ideally.

The Oracle of Ottawa has added a little video to explain all the advanced concepts of the social impact bond. It was the least complicated one he could find at the time of this writing. The problem is that every pitch for SIB's is different in varying degrees. The main problem that the Oracle of Ottawa see's is that there are going to be several add on layers to every government program that they will finance. First, there is the investment bank that will underwrite the so called bond issue, that really is not a bond. This will no doubt add 20% on to the cost of the said program! Second, while the investors (suckers?) money is at work in the project (train wreck?) there is another mediator, or rather and ideological policeman, after all the project cannot really be allowed to succeed can it? You certainly can't sell social impact bonds, if there are no social problems! Add on another 10%. And Thirdly at the end of the project, you have to audit it of course to insure that it was all after all, a total failure. Again this is legal ground paper for the next batch of bonds, and legal conformation for the valuation of the puts on the bonds that were sold by the investment bank to the hedge fund that bet against the project! The variations are endless! Isn't the future great?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

'Harper Government' - Attack Ad Shit Backs Up!

It has gone from the Best and Brightest to the Worst and Meanest.
Hunter S. Thompson, Generation of Swine, p. 178

All the party faithful of the Liberal Party of Canada know now that they have picked the right leader in the personage of one Justin Trudeau. You know you have the right guy when not even Conservative Party of Canada attack ads simply don't register. You know you have the right guy when your arch enemy runs the attack ads and their own numbers fall and the target numbers rise! And according to the old style vulgar media newspapers out this morning, that is exactly what is happening Dear Reader.

Justin Trudeau - Attack Ad Teflon...
 And you know that you have the right leader in Justin Trudeau when his Wickipedia article has over 137,000 hits in the last thirty days, and the sitting Prime Minister of Canada on Steve Harper has only about 83,000 hits in the last thirty days! (At the time of this writing...) The lads in the Prime Ministers Office know from right now that is all but over save for the election that is going to be coming sooner than later. Soon it will be down to calling the movers and booking the bus tickets, one way, back to Duck's Ass, Alberta.

For sure you know you have the right leader of the Liberal Party of Canada when your boy is just too sexy for his shirt, weather it is on or not. And the most important thing is when Justin Trudeau actually emanates hope and more of everything instead of sucking your lifeblood and actually trying to guide you to accept the WASP values of less. Yeah. You are no doubt finding out by now how much that actually sucks.

But the absolute clincher is when Justin Trudeau has attracted the sitting Prime Ministers wife as a fan!

Monday, May 6, 2013

If Terry Milewski Is A Trotskyite?

Many were croaked and few were chosen.
Hunter S. Thompson, Generation Of Swine, p. 184

Terry Milewski is one of Canada's most beloved journalists in the employ of Canada's state broadcaster, the world famous and much respected CBC. If you are in the unfortunate profession of politics, and are stupid enough that you can even think that you might be able to hide something down your rabbit hole, Terry Milewski will out you in a heart beat. That is what Terry Milewski does, regardless of which party you represent, and that is the mandate of the great CBC. The Oracle of Ottawa greatly admires at how his tax dollars are spent by "subsidizing" the CBC.

Terry Milewski
 Recently Terry dug up another 'Harper Government' screw up concerning an absolute oversight in the numbers concerning the mundane topic of certain proposed Arctic patrol vessels. It seems that under the administration of the 'Harper Government' it is going to cost the people of Canada over 250 million dollars just to do up the plans for the said patrol vessels. Terry reported on the National, the cross Canada news broadcast,that Denmark managed not only to design the vessel, but also manged to build and complete two of them, and for less than half of the Canadian "design" cost! And we all know that Denmark has one of the highest union membership rates in the world at the time of this writing. Contrary to the mouth pieces of the 'Harper Government' those wicked lefties in Scandinavia certainly have their shit together compared to the right wing knuckle draggers from Duck's Ass, Alberta!

Yo! Chris!! - Sieg Heil!!
 But as per usual in conservative screw ups, it all gets worse.While being interviewed about the afore mentioned revelations one Chris Alexander completely lost it and called and / or implied that Terry Milewski is an old Trotskyite! Now comparing that to being called a Conservative, I am sure Terry didn't mind, and the Oracle  of Ottawa would take it as a compliment. But the shocking nut of the matter is that Chris Alexander went to McGill University, the Harvard of the north, the finest school in Canada. Then he ruined it all by getting an M.A. degree in Politics - Philosophy - Economics (PPE) at Balloil College, Oxford! The Oracle of Ottawa has heard that all graduates get an immediate woodie on, as soon as they see a picture of Margaret Thatcher. So what does that make Chris Alexander? 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The 'Harper Government' Trade Union Paradox

In a generation of swine, the one-eyed pig is king.
Hunter S. Thompson, Generation of Swine, p. 148

It has been a source of utter amazement and perplexity to the Oracle of Ottawa of the 'Harper Government''s pathological hatred of trade unions. Surely the party of Family Values and self help and overall independence of big government would endorse wholeheartedly the working classes getting together to take care of themselves? Why in Canada it has been legal forever. Geez, the 'Harper Government' hangs out with the corporate whores and all the assorted lobbyists 24/7, what ever could the problem really be?

'Harper Government' attempts to raise Jimmy from the dead...

We have all heard, many more times than once, how the so called right wing revolution that is apparently going on in Canada at the present, according to great scholars such as Preston Manning, who could possibly get all excited about a few thousand blue collar types getting to together to form their own self help groups! If the ideology of the Preston Manning Duck's Ass, Alberta revolution is so awesome, surely it would be an easy sell to the dirty handers, no? And the chrome domed eminence of Steve Harper himself surely is telling the truth when he says he wants Canadians to get on and up the social and economic ladder, no?

The early trial balloon was floated on the CBC National evening news tonight. It all started with a clip of the ever greasy and repulsive Pierre "Little Polly" Poilievre  going on about "Big Union Bosses" from stock footage. Complete with hair cum to the saturation level, and oozing pierogi sweat. It was probably huge back in Ducks Ass, Alberta. But the Oracle of Ottawa soon realized that Little Polly is sweating out of total fear of kicking off the first Canada wide General Strike since the Great Depression. Not the the 2008 one, but rather the 1929 one, yeah, thanks.

The 'Harper Government' is getting ready to bring up the big guns of the right wing revolution with the legislation that will weaken the right of collective bargaining in all Canadian Crown Corporations, that is of course buried deep in another omnibus budget bill. The Oracle of Ottawa can only suspect that they are not proud of it either.

What goes around, comes around. And we as working people are due for another great labour leader again.
Wouldn't it be ironic that it will probably be the 'Harper Government' that will clear the way for the "next one"? Happy one hundredth birthday Jimmy, wherever you are!!

What Would a Just Society Really Cost?

You do not have, because you do not ask.
The Letter of James, 4:2, NRSV

Pierre Elliot Trudeau was a great man. He coined the term "Just Society". When you come to think of it, all great men in history had their own slogan(s). Ponder that for a moment Dear Reader. It doesn't matter if they were statesmen, writers, philosophers or scientists. It is a really powerful rule of thumb that the Oracle of Ottawa has discovered over the many years. Greatness has its own individual trademark signature slogan. Is this man great? The answer will come to you or not, if you can, or cannot, identify that man with a great signature idea that can be encapsulated in a slogan. Try it out in your head with so called great people of today. Works great don't it?

Pierre Elliot Trudeau and Jimmy Carter...

 Prime Minister Trudeau took a lot of heat over the years from his many detractors and all Conservatives about the Just Society. Is it here yet? When do you expect it will come? But all the while they were simply working for Pierre Elliot Trudeau. They were even helping the great man keep the brilliant ideal of the golden idea ever alive and on men's lips. That Trudeau was a pretty crafty fellow wasn't he?

The Oracle of Ottawa has often pondered why no one has actually sat down and costed out what the Just Society would actually cost. Then the Oracle of Ottawa realized that no one has actually sat down and defined what the Just Society even is! If one goes on a trip, a destination is assumed, otherwise you are just going on a long walk. One of the first steps to the achievement of the Just Society is to define it. This sounds all pretty straight forward, but it will take a gargantuan effort to see the limits of it defined. It will also take major legislation, to provide the framework. Possibly even constitutional change, but the Oracle of Ottawa strongly doubts that, although it will be used by many to avoid the issue.

For those few of you that know about such things, you already know the dark secret. You already know that every time a more perfect society is actually costed out in full, it always results in an answer that is totally shocking. The answer is that most of the Just Society is already in place in Canada and the United States of America, and all the other so called developed nations that exist on Earth today! And when the monetary cost is calculated for all the dreamt of Rolls Royce / Cadillac social programs, there is always the shock of "it would only cost that little bit more"!? Then the plans and spreadsheets are shelved and if done in a Conservative setting, destroyed. The nut of the tale is Dear Reader, that we don't have the Just Society because we refuse to ask for it.

Because we don't ask for it, most if not all political planning is focused on getting power and keeping it. Instead of setting a destination of the Just Society most all political parties are only intent on the long walk. Or in more simple and forceful language; Four More Years! Plus or minus of course depending on where you live.  When are we going to get the Just Societies we want? When are we going to stand up all at once and ask for it? 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Skidmark TV - The New Genre

You can't get away from TV. It is everywhere. The hog is in the tunnel.
Hunter S. Thompson, Generation Of Swine, p. 44

The Oracle of Ottawa is old enough to remember when television sets came in fine wood cabinets, with retractable curtains. There were only the possible twelve channels. Channel two to thirteen. All programming ended before midnight, leaving the viewer to either go to bed, or to ponder the image of a very folksy Native American until programming resumed at a decent hour sometime tomorrow. TV back then seemed to have a higher purpose for the greater common good. The first stations of course, in Canada anyway, were opened and run by governments. If memory serves correctly, it took quite a while before the corporate whore greed heads got tuned in to the possibilities. 

RCA Indian Head Test Pattern - when TV was awesome...

Back then of course, it was all a different world. TV was the medium of the greater common good. Programing was either pure entertainment, and / or educational and uplifting. It was all so civilized and respectful. The unspoken mantra was to treat the audience and the medium with respect. This pattern continued for many years. It all really started to take off in the 1970's with the introduction of channels like TV Ontario. There were no corporate charities, no in screen marketing. The purpose was high and clear, as a matter of fact it was never even questioned. TV was a medium for mass education and the uplifting of the masses, regardless of social or economic standing. It seemed that society was wide open back then, things would always continue to get even better, the sky was the limit. Money was way down on the list.

Then along came cable television and color televisions! The Just Society was under construction. The Liberal Party of Canada ruled and would continue to rule forever. It was simply the natural course of things. The people of the Laurentian consensus were simply doing their ordained duty to God and Country. Then in the 1980's and the 1990's came the first "specialty channels" in the awesome one hundred channel universe. There was a great effort by the first pioneers to continue with the algorithm that had always worked for so many years, so well and profitably.  

Canada -  Minister of Heritage
 Then something snapped at the end of the twentieth century and continued with a vengeance into the dawn of the twenty first century, to the time of this writing. We experienced the digital revolution, and the advent of 1080HD, you would have thought that all that would have started a another golden age. But somehow much to the amazement of the Oracle of Ottawa something ugly started to emerge. Like a different life form that hatched from an egg, and then began a predatory life cycle of never ending strangeness, TV started to get uglier and even more uglier, containing a thousand slimy and crawling things.

The old paradigm of the greater common good and the unquestioned mission of uplifting the masses turned in on it self. Now television is predatory, with a very strong element of degradation and humiliation. The premise is now of profiting off the misfortune of others seems to have been deemed a growth industry. Maybe this what the corporate whores, greed heads, spin doctors and fart catchers decided, but the Oracle of Ottawa put down the remote, save and except for television of the old paradigm. The Oracle of Ottawa is watching less and less now a days.

In Canada we are under the temporary sway of a nasty right wing fascist conservative government. They constantly preach to us that capitalism in raw tooth and claw is the best thing for everyone. But as of late there have been noises from the pig of the man that is now the Minister of Canadian Heritage that we simply cannot continue to see the beloved CBC continue in its old role and mission. This is well received and heartily promoted by lowlife western Canadian media outfits, that have all but turned the Oracle of Ottawa from television forever. It has crossed the Oracle of Ottawa's mind to even cancel all the extra packages that he now pays for and never watches.

Perhaps this is the message that the media empires only understand. If the Oracle of Ottawa can order a pay for view sporting event from his remote and digital box, the Oracle of Ottawa simply can't understand why he can't buy just the channels that he actually wants! The corporate whores of the so called media empires better get on with it, before they are broadcasting to themselves... 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Chris Hadfield? - Spare Me!

What can be shown cannot be said.
Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus, 4.1212

Space is just another busted flush. It all dawned on the Oracle of Ottawa today in a flash as he was driving about Ottawa on his Thursday routine. It was one of those truly ugly life realizations that just come onto you in their full ugly truth. Like when you finally realize that the wife is running around on you, or even worse, all the things you have believed in all your life are at last discovered to be nothing but a lie.

Chris Hadfield - Spare Me!!

The news on the CBC radio was stating that the voyage of Canada's mustached Pete was finally and mercifully coming to an end. Chris Hadfield seemed to have done everything in space. One more maudlin saccharine TV display and the Oracle of Ottawa was going to have to start storing air sick bags in the media viewing area of his secure bunker.  The whole thing seems to amount to we put a air type twit into space and all he could do was tweet.

Werner Von Braun with "friends" 1941
 The really sickening parts were the meet and greet with all the little brats in schools various across Canada attended usually by the creepy Prime Minister of the 'Harper Government'. Most of the little shits won't advance past their game boys. And a about a third of them, all the "new Canadians" can hardly wait until they are old enough to blow something like Chris Hadfield up and back to you know who. Allah carte if you catch the Oracles drift.

The other most sickening part of all this marketing crap was Chris Hadfield himself. There is just something about the man that creeps the Oracle of Ottawa right out. He just can't put his finger on it, but someday in some newspaper it will all be there on page six, bottom. Wait for it. The Canada Space Agency has a yearly budget of 488.7 million dollars. And all we can get is tweets.

The Oracle of Ottawa is old enough to be able to boast that he has watched all the history of modern space on the old vulgar media. Starting way back with the Mercury and Gemini programs. Also the Oracle of Ottawa also vividly remembers that July summer night in 1969 and the one giant step for mankind. That was a great time to be a young Canadian! We were building a Just Society then, now at the end of the space age we are ironically dismantling that same society. How weird is that?

Decades later when the Oracle of Ottawa finally started to think for himself, he went back into the history of mans climb into space. The reality of it all is not a very pretty story at all. All the great minds of the technology that kept the likes of Chris Hadfield in space was developed by a very special crew of lads from Nazi Germany. They were brought to the United States of America under an OSS operation that was called Operation Paperclip. It was a typical American Imperialist operation that was based on the offer of "take it or else we will prosecute you as a war criminal".  There were many notable names, including Werner Von Braun and the true father of the jet engine Hans von Ohain. There was another gentleman that worked on the development of the space suit that Chris Hadfield wears into space today. The data to design it came from volunteers of Nazi concentration camps that suffered horribly in crude but most effective data gathering. I will leave this name as an exercise for the reader. The CIA just about got away with it, but there was just one too many loose ends and proof that they couldn't bury.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, here in Canada today, as Chris Hadfield tweets, mothers of developmentally challenged children are abandoning there own sons and daughters at government offices and hospital emergency rooms. Can you imagine? In Canada!? We can't afford to support that stuff anymore, funding has been cut, you are welcome to find a free market solution for children that not even the "invisible hand" would touch. And Chris Hadfield sends another tweet...