Saturday, August 31, 2013

Skipping Sochi...

Malice, not lying, is the greatest vice.
Iris Murdoch, Metaphysics As A Guide To Morals, p. 63

The Oracle of Ottawa has been to many faraway places, many times, in his long life, so far. The Oracle has always found that a foreign destination is most safely picked by passing a little rule of thumb test, and that is never go to a strange country as a tourist that does not treat all of it's people as you are treated in Canada. With the implementation of the Russian Federation anti gay laws, the Oracle has taken this as the straw that has broken the camels back, so to speak, as far as going to or watching the Sochi Winter Games.

Sochi - Perhaps another time and age, it will keep...

But much to my Dear Readers surprise this is not the only reason that the Oracle of Ottawa is giving Sochi a pass this coming winter. It may come as a surprise that the Oracle of Ottawa had already given the Sochi destination at any time a mental pass a long time ago. The main fear that the Oracle would have in going to Sochi this winter is the fact of all Russia's very pissed alongside neighbors, such as the close by recently stomped state of Chechnya. Can you think of a better time for these people to get even as the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics? The Oracle of Ottawa expects many repeated full out suicide attacks. Mountain people carry grudges forever.

Sarin - Weapon of Mass Destruction - Schedule.  #1
 And another reason that all peoples from democratic Western states should give the Sochi Winter Games the gate is the client state(s) of the present Russian Federation at the time of this writing. The Oracle of Ottawa is not by any means a chemist, but he does know that there are only a very limited number of states in the world today or at any time that has the technology to manufacture Sarin gas. And there is only one or two that can make the fancy custom made Sarin, such as was used recently in Syria. And as press reports from the old style vulgar media so clearly stated, the Sarin that the Syrians recently used was brand new fresh, and had no signs of being old time degraded Sarin from the Cold War days. 

Now if old Vladimir Putin would allow this to happen to the people of his most valued client states, how safe is your fat ragged Western ass going to be in Sochi this winter? With this wonderful positive thought in mind, it boogles the Oracle of Ottawa's imagination that the NHL would even contemplate risking all their star players in this tottering near failed gangster, police state! Where in heavens name did they find the insurance company to underwrite this insane risk?

The lads of the New World Order sure have a lot of brass, don't they? 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

'Harper Government' - Up In Smoke?

We see parts of things, we intuit whole things.
Iris Murdoch, Metaphysics As A Guide To Morals, p. 1

It was a week of smoke here in Canada, in the deepest dog days of summer. Usually the hits to the blog drop off to nothing at this time of year, but not this year. The Oracle of Ottawa is somewhat miffed by the whole thing, as it is cutting into my deep baseball binges. But yet it was another week of discovery, the thinking about thinking project is totally out of control. Now facts and realities are revealing themselves to the Oracle of Ottawa with out any effort at all.

Lac-Megantic - Conservative Smoke...

This week, the reality of smoke reared its ugly head. The discovery that presented itself was that political ideologies create their own real, physical smoke! And of course, where there is smoke there is usually fire. It all got going when Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government' announced that the fall sitting of Parliament was going to be somewhat late this year. But what did you expect Dear Reader? Did you actually think that the scum of the 'Harper Government' would actually show up and take it like a man? Did you actually think that they would risk having to admit that they could have possibly have been wrong on  about a dozen or two beliefs?
Mini-Me Paradis...

That fire bombing of that small town in the Province of Quebec, Lac-Megantic was the stake through the heart of the Chicago School experiment of the 'Harper Government'.  And that it was the present seat of the "Harper Government's Minister of Industry, one Christian "Mini-Me" Paradis is serious proof to the Oracle of Ottawa that there really is a God. Talk about getting shagged by Doctor Evil! Why the invisible hand of unregulated tooth and claw capitalism burned so bright, that it was picked up by American Spy satellites! As the fire storm took up media time all around the world for days and days we all now know the smoke of Conservative Party of Canada ideology, don't we?

Liberal Smoke...

With the prorogation of Parliament will be the death of many of the 'Harper Government's most cherished and Canada killing bills that it ruthlessly forced through the House, damn Reason, full speed ahead. They will all die on the order paper, this is called the silver lining in your undergraduate textbooks of political science.  Most of the next session will be filled with votes of confidence, and with all the abandoned Conservatives crawling out from under the bus, like a herd of very pissed zombies, it is really going to be high entertainment.

Justin Trudeau - Cumming Soon...

Meanwhile out west in British Columbia the young next one, Justin Trudeau, was on summer vacation with the wife and kids. Then there was that press conference about legalizing cannabis at the first opportunity of the next Trudeau Liberal Government. When the Oracle of Ottawa saw the footage on the local vulgar old style media he could literally feel the the youngsters poll numbers rising. Back in Ottawa there was full and guarded accounting of pot smoking experiences of youth. The Prime Minister had to bullshit the media, by admitting that he tried it a few times, which the Oracle of Ottawa has on good authority is a total lie, but one cannot appear to be un-hip can one? 

All in, everything is unfolding as it should, just like old Pierre Trudeau said many years ago. The young Justin is rolling another Jamaican jumbo blunt and is preparing to make some more babies with the comely Sophie. It is very important when you are the First Lady of Canada that there are lots of attractive youngsters around. The press loves it and it is really good for business. The social whirl of a young Liberal Government and the continued construction of the Just Society will make Ottawa magic again.

At the time of this writing it is less than 18 months to the next federal election. The forces of evil are all but contained and ready to be put back in the bottle for another couple of generations. We all just have to be patient, buy our tickets, and be ready to take the big ride that is soon to come...   

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Another OLG Paradox Of Probability

In stochastic processes the future is not uniquely determined, but we have at least probability relations enabling us to make predictions.
William Feller, An Introduction To Probability Theory And Its Applications, Third Edition, Vol. I, p. 420

The Oracle of Ottawa has the grand pleasure to be a resident of Ottawa, Ontario. And in the Province of Ontario we have a wonderful organization known as the Ontario Lottery And Gaming Corporation.  The OLG is a house of many games. One of the most interesting is a sports game known as Pools. It is just like an office sports pool that you play at work, but Pools is an office pool that has as its "subspace" the whole population of Ontario! (population, 13,505,900)

Lesson? - Probability is Spooky...
  As you can well imagine, things can get pretty exciting well into the NFL football season, where by one of the most popular bets in Ontario is the weekly series of NFL games. There can be up to 16 games, from Thursday night to Monday night. For five dollars you can take your best shot, straight up, and come Tuesday, the winner(s) are announced. If you can pick 14-16 NFL games, straight up, you could turn $5.00 into several hundred thousand dollars! And it being Canada, this will all be sweet and tax free.

HP-11C - Good tools are very important...

If the Oracle of Ottawa's old brain is working correctly, The weekly NFL Pool was the first and only Pool in the Province of Ontario. Then of course came the weekend NHL hockey Pool, then the MLB baseball Pool. With a hold back of any where from 40% - 60% the good old OLG ran with a really good thing until at the time of this writing, there are pools offered every day.  Which is proper and fitting, fair and wide open.

Most of the time, the results are to be totally expected. Such as the days when 14 baseball games are on the list, and the results are that only 2- 4 people were able to pick 12 of the 14 offered games. For this awesome feat, the reward can be several thousand dollars! This, for those that know of such things, fits the normal curve about just right. And tomorrow there will another list. Now remember, this is a pool, you do not have to get all the games right, you only have to be the punter or punters that gets the most games right, result, you get all the money, Sweet!  

William Feller - Awesome beyond words...

For example, early last week, there was a card offered of a mere 10 night MLB games. If you have tried it Dear Reader, you know that handicapping MLB baseball is all but impossible. But on this day one punter in Ontario got all 10 games, and in turn took all the pool money, which was north of $20,000 bucks Canadian, great work, if you can snag it!

On Thursday last was offered Card #99, it consisted of all the pre-season NFL games from August 15, 2013 to August 17, 2013 a small list of only 14 pre-season NFL games. If you think that major league baseball is hard to cap, you also know that regular season NFL games is an awesome feat of capping prowess. But who in heavens name would be crazy enough to even try to cap 14 pre-season NFL games? Surely a total impossibility?

Then the little fridge light came on in the Oracles brain, give it a random guess, by a very possible stroke of luck, the Oracle could possibly pick say 12 out of 14 games and share the prize with say at least six other randomizers. Well it was this fine Sunday morning when the Oracle checked his ticket and discovered that he only could guess 7 out of 14. Pure text book expectation. But the Oracle of Ottawa was shocked to discover that 66 punters in Ontario were able to predict 14 out of 14 pre-season NFL games!! The odds of performing such a feat of picking 14 of 14 games are 1: 16,384! That means that about 1,081,344 tickets at five bucks each would have to be sold, more or less. For a gross pot of $5,406,720 +/-. before withholding percentage of the house take, assuming 40%, would leave a prize pool about 3,244,032, which would have meant 66 prizes of $49,152! The actual prize that was awarded to these awesome subset of punters was a mere $555.30 each!! Hmmm...

This of course means, and makes very much sense, that only a very very small subset of the population of the Province of Ontario actually played. But excuse me! Sixty six people of this small subset were able to pick all 14 of 14 winners!???  While the greatest capper in America alive today Kenneth Massey, could only manage a paltry prediction of 10 out of 14!? If one was really cynical one would blurt out that the only way this could possibly happen is if you were somehow able to buy your tickets after all the games were actually played! But the Oracle of Ottawa wouldn't think of doing a nasty thing like that....

Saturday, August 17, 2013

'Harper Government' - A Verizon Of Choice

Perhaps the most obvious feature of the use of symbols to represent things, events, or processes is the economy of representation. 
Marx W. Wartofsky, Conceptual Foundations Of Scientific Thought, p.37

You know it is a terrible idea when the beached whales (i.e. James Moore) of the dying 'Harper Government' are dumping their latest right wing Bilderberg Group ordered directive in the deepest dog days of summer on hapless Canadians. Now the brainwave is that the way to get cheaper cellphone rates in Canada is to invite Verizon, the Wall-Mart of communication companies, into Canada and in turn destroy the whole industry. I guess the punks in short pants at the Prime Ministers Office thought this this would be a great idea.

'Harper Government' gets the call...

But the Oracle of Ottawa has to admit it is just music to his ears to hear the scum at Rogers, Bell and Telus  complain for a change! Recently when the Oracle of Ottawa called Rogers to bitch about the lack of Major League Baseball, he was told that he couldn't complain! Oh the Oracle got to complain all right, and it is a terrible thing to make a temporary foreign worker cry.

Of course if Verizon is allowed into Canada there will be thousands of lost Canadian jobs. As a matter of fact the Oracle of Ottawa is quite surprised that no one has figured out the real reason that wee Jimmy Moore is rolling out the Red and White carpet to Verizon. The Oracle of Ottawa has it on good authority that it is really about the creation of that new labour union that is going to called UNIFOR, which is going to take place on this coming Labour Day. The Oracle of Ottawa is really going to enjoy it when the NDP start pumping this rude fact out to the Canadian public during the fall sitting of the House.

 And it is all really just another sign of the failed ideology of the 'Harper Government'. By failing to do their job and stepping in to protect the Canadian consumer as it is the job of a real government to do, they are now in desperation, going to contract out their responsibilities to Verizon, with hopefully a cell phone price war just in time for the next Federal Election.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

In Defense Of Senator Pamela Wallin

And money is like muck, not good except it be spread.
Sir Francis Bacon, Essays, Essay XV, Of Seditions And Troubles

You know that we are living in the Slavoj Zizek "End Times" when the Oracle of Ottawa has to come to the defense of a Conservative Senator! Now the Oracle of Ottawa is Left of the Lefties, and therefore is no close friend of the vertically challenged Senator Pamela Wallin.The Oracle of Ottawa will freely admit that he has never liked Pamela Wallin, but fair is fair, and the Oracle of Ottawa has had enough of this bullshit Canadian Senate witch hunt.
The (Still) Honourable Pamela Wallin

Lets get this all straight shall we? The Scum of the Prime Ministers office is ready to destroy this essentially decent woman and several of her peers in the vain attempt to drum up a wall of public revulsion against the "unelected" Senate of Canada. Mark the words of the Oracle of Ottawa Dear Reader, the only thing that is going to soon vanish is the insane scum of the 'Harper Government'!!

The Oracle has your back Pammy...

At the time of this writing, the scum of the 'Harper Government' Prime Ministers Office is ready to feed this woman to possible criminal charges and jail time for a crummy hundred grand, more or less, over a period of several years. Did you know Dear Reader that the last known GDP of Canada was 1.844 TRILLION dollars?  One of the richest nation states on Earth can't afford to have an appointed Senator of the Upper House of Sober Second Thought have a stay over in Toronto? Really? Fuck this insane SHIT!!!

Senator Wallin is not lying when she says that it is all but impossible to fly from Ottawa, Ontario to anywhere in Saskatchewan! But to fly from Ottawa, Ontario to Wadena, Saskatchewan, population 1306, is like recreating Homers Odyssey by air, quiet an undertaking at any time, believe the Oracle. And while we are talking air travel, why the Hell should an appointed Senator of Canada have to fly coach on Air Canada like a fuck'in Prole? An appointed Senator of the Canadian Senate should be able to go anywhere in Canada at no charge, no paperwork, at any time, and as often as they Goddamned want!!! There should be a very large fleet of executive aircraft for members of Parliament, Senators, Civil Servants, and if any seats are left over, members active and retired, of the Canadian Forces. Its Canada!! Distance is no object. (A good first thing job for the next Justin Trudeau government!!!)

One of the things that really gets the Oracle of Ottawa super Hot is the fact that the scum of the 'Harper Government' accepted all these Senators chump change expenses with out question, and then to fulfill a political objective come back on there most valuable people for repayment, Christ it is just like working for the City of Ottawa! And while the Oracle is at it, he is not too pleased at all the other Senators for getting on the Prime Ministers Office bandwagon. Not one Senator of any Party has had the guts to stand up and tell the PMO punks to piss off. But they have all no doubt been threatened with the same treatment or worse...

And another thing that also gets the Oracle of Ottawa very hot is the failure of the old style vulgar media to enquire to the cost of getting a Bilderberger Big Four Accounting firm into "audit" the chump change expenses. How many of this taxpayers dollars did the minion scum of the 'Harper Government' spend of this taxpayers money to get back one dollar of chump change expenses? Ten? A hundred? More? Why does this leftie taxpayer have to subsidize that??

Recently the Oracle of Ottawa has been having a recurring nightmare. Every time the Oracle of Ottawa enters a MacDonalds or a Harveys burger joint, in Ottawa, he can't find a seat, because the place is packed with 'Harper Government' cabinet members, diplomats, Senators and Deputy Ministers all doing government business with various world leaders, over meals from the value menu. God it is just terrible! It is high time to put the scum and the minions of the lowlife 'Harper Government' far behind us, and the sooner, the better.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Canada - The Right Bears It's Fruit

Attacks are rarely directed at true objectivity, but rather at pretenders who use it to mask their own dishonesty, or perhaps the falseness and injustice of the whole culture.
Theodore M. Porter, Trust In Numbers, p. 3

It seems like only yesterday that the Oracle of Ottawa witnessed the western idiot Preston Manning declare just after the 'Harper Government' majority that Canada is now all but gone over to the Dark Side of the political right. The Oracle of Ottawa, as a public service, to his worldwide audience has decided that it is time to let all the members of the Global Village know how this has all been working out for us here in Canada.

African Rock Python - messenger of the Right...

It was a packed church somewhere in the Canadian Province of New Brunswick today as several hundred mourners gathered for the double funeral of two young brothers aged five and seven, who were constricted to death by an African Rock Python several days ago. No matter where in the world you are as you are reading this, you have no doubt heard about this event through your local vulgar media. CNN International just loved it. It is quite true as you have probably suspected, that it is illegal in Canada to own this animal privately. And yes, we have (had?) a Federal Law that contains a huge list of scummy animals from the Third and other worlds that are not allowed in Canada, my once nice clean country, under any circumstances. Things like an Indian mongoose for example. But Dear Reader, did you know where the owner of this snake got it from? Sitting down? It was given to him by the provincial government of New Brunswick! Along with twenty six other restricted animals that the government seized! The Oracle of Ottawa can only imagine that the local governments budget has been cut so down to the bone that they could no longer afford bullets to do their mandated job. And the Right bears it's fruit.

Preston Manning - God of the Right
Recently in the Province of Quebec, a huge train of tanker cars containing "crude oil" was left out side a small town called Lac-Megantic. The unattended 73 car freight train simply rolled down the hill into the center of a small town and of course derailed and blew up, killing at last count 43 people, and creating a fire storm that resembled a little Dresden. But the upside of all this is that everybody in Canada now knows for sure that  there really is a God. The said fire bombed town was in the riding of the 'Harper Government' Minister of Industry and Development! You just can't make this stuff up! The Oracle of Ottawa remembers very well and clearly how the sock puppets of the 'Harper Government' stood up repeatedly in the House of Commons on many occasions and stated more than once that it was not the governments job to tell a capitalist pig how to run his / her  company!  And the Right bears it's fruit.

Prime Minister Harper - Lackey of the Right

Recently in the Province of Ontario, cancer patients in southern Ontario were informed that their chemo drugs have been discovered to be watered down by about 10%! The "honest mistake" was made by a private sector contractor, who's accountant must have figured that a one percent drop in concentration would result in a ten percent plus rise in profit. Who would ever know, right? And it certainly is not up to the Federal Government, or as it is now known, the 'Harper Government', to step into such situations and interfere with the divine workings of the Invisible Hand, is it? And the Right bears it's fruit.  

In the northern reaches of the Province of Alberta, raw tar sand, otherwise known as bitumen, has started to mysteriously seep from the ground, and has been proven to be impossible to stop. It is now contaminating 
the water table of a small band of Canadian Aboriginals, not to mention that lake and all its tributaries. Clean up costs are estimated to be in the tens of millions of dollars. The monster large oil company in question claims it is all news to them, or rather until the intrepid members of the local vulgar media found out that it is leak from a SAGD mining of tar sand in the immediate area, that has somehow found another route up to the surface of the Earth due to an unknown number of rock fractures. Now it is taken as Gospel out in the western Canadian oil patch that it is no business of the Federal Government to impose foolish and expensive restrictions on dollar seeking oil companies.(3-D sesmic is not that expensive, but it does cost money...) The market will take care of all that, along with the Invisible Hand. It is not the governments business to tell an oil company what to do. And the Right bears it's fruit. 

Now we are out to Vancouver, British Columbia. Where upon this week it has been found that a local Chinese peasant has been running a dental practice out of a spare bedroom of his private home, in a very, well, somewhat nice street somewhere in Vancouver!! It hasn't been going on too long, only about twenty years! And the said buck-toothed peasant (irony?) didn't have too many patients, only about 1,500, well maybe a lot more than that, the police are still searching for his patient records, nothing yet. The said buck toothed Chinese peasant had very many dental tools, but from the video that the Oracle of Ottawa saw on the CBC newscast, it would probably be safer to get your dental work done at a GM dealership, at least my mechanics tools are bright and gleaming! Since there was no instrument sterilization equipment found as of yet, it has been recommended to all former patients to get tested for Hep A, Hep B, Hep C and while you are at it, get the AIDS test also. It seems that the Bucktoothed "dentist" was very popular with the high and low end downtown hookers of Vancouver Island. But certainly it is not for the Government of any level to interfere with an industrious person that just wants to make a buck for crying out loud
And the Right bears it's fruit.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Energy East Pipieline - A Gift!?

The world is what our experience reveals it to be; there is no higher test of what is true. 
Richard Taylor, Good And Evil, p. 102

For all of us that are constantly watching, we know that some large energy super project announced deep in the dog days of summer must be a real indicator of how utterly horrendous it is going to be. The date was no doubt agreed upon by the fart catchers and spin doctors at the Prime Ministers Office and the head suite of management of Trans Canada somewhere in soggy Calgary.

Energy East Armageddon coming to you soon!

What is being planned is that Trans Canada is going to take a fifty year old natural gas line and convert it to carrying raw bitumen from the tar sands in Alberta right across Canada, all the way out to New Brunswick. Now for people that know of such things, transporting raw bitumen down a steel pipe is very similar to sandblasting it from the inside 24 / 7. Among all other kinds of problems. See the attached video that describes some the worst problems.

The New Quebec?
One of the most important issues was not even touched upon in the old style vulgar media, and that is the fact that this pipeline will run through Canada's nations capital of Ottawa! And if that is the case, where is all the natural gas going to come from in the winters of the future? And do you really believe that this will lead to lower fuel prices in Eastern Canada? What good will cheap auto gas be if we are doomed to freeze in the dark every winter? Compared to Western Canadians and Conservatives, the Oracle of Ottawa would rather take his chances with the Arabs and the South Americans. 

If this bitumen is shipped out to Eastern Canada to be processed in Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick where are we going to locate the resulting tar ponds of the resulting sludge that will be generated by the millions of tons? Why is it that it is only Western Canadians and Conservatives that think it is all right to shit in your own nest for a quick dollar?  

Much noise is being made of the chemicals that are added to the sludge tar sands to make them flow in a pipe. The industry refuses to release their chemical make up to the press or to the regulators! The Oracle of Ottawa can not but help think that there is much information in this situation. Which raises the question that the so called Energy East Pipeline may not be for bitumen oil at all but rather for the toxic waste that it can not get rid of in the Keystone XL pipeline due to that pesky American agency called the EPA

Another fact that the Oracle of Ottawa would like to bring to the light of day is the beginning incidence of birth defects in Ontario of children of young men that are currently employed in frack'ing operations out West! If you really want to put the brakes to this criminal carnage that would be a good place for a pesky NGO to start. The Oracle of Ottawa has heard of several weird cases of additional children that have been born after Dad has gone out West to work. Weird blood abruptions in child births were there was never any record of this in either side of the parents family trees.