Thursday, April 18, 2013

At Least Justin Trudeau Had A Real Job!

Do not repay anyone evil for evil, but take thought for what is noble in the sight of all.
Romans, 12:17, NRSV

You know that the fart catchers and spin doctors on their never ending non paid internships at the Prime Ministers Office have got to be really worried in the last few days. If they don't come up with something good soon, it is back to Ducks Ass, Alberta for the lot of them. You are really in trouble when the Prime Minister of Canada can't get as many hits on his Wikipedia article as the leader of the present third party! Yes it is true dear reader, Justin Trudeau, at the time of this writing had 118,796 hits on his Wikipedia article, while the eminent grey haired grisse of Stephen Harper had only a mere 83,190! Talk about the writing on the wall!

Justin Trudeau - The Chosen One...
 Of course the slimey attack ads have been reeled out, but alas they are not having the desired results! Counter ads are being produced and are garnering many more hits and "likes". While the Conservative Party of Canada attack ad had the comments disabled and the likes and dislikes also disabled! Of course there is much information in such actions, isn't there?

Now along with the attack ads comes the other media attack(s) where by certain back bench conservative stooges are sent on to the talk shows across the land to attempt to put the smear on the Chosen One. The Oracle of Ottawa caught some of it on CBC Radio early this morning. The standard big lie is that Justin Trudeau has never had a real job! Well dear reader, this is a blatant lie! And you can check the links and find that Justin Trudeau held down a job as a teacher, high school I believe, for a number of years out in Western Canada. Now that he happened to be teaching drama makes no difference to the Oracle of Ottawa. The fine arts are perishable and must be transferred each generation. A good drama teacher is worth at least two ordinary math teachers!

What job(s) has Stephen Harper ever had? Well if you check out his article, you find that he reached the astounding heights of mail boy at Imperial Oil in Calgary! You can't make this shit up! But later as a perpetual student he hit pay dirt by becoming Preston Mannings "altar boy". We can only conclude that old Steve must have prayed real good, like they say in Deliverance...

The Oracle of Ottawa knows full and very well that the word is more powerful then the scepter and / or  the sword. And goddamnit, if the Oracle has to say so himself, he can turn the word. The Oracle of Ottawa is going to see Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister, much sooner than later and for a very long time... 

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  1. " is back to Ducks Ass, Alberta for the lot of them" - Whew, talk about jealous rage coming from a loser from bankrupt Ontario or perpetual blood-sucking Quebec or Atlantic Canada But then, you are a very deluded audience of one "...if the Oracle has to say so himself, he can turn the word." Don't break your arm patting yourself on the back ~ you'll need it to continue to pick up your Alberta welfare cheque.