Tuesday, April 30, 2013

'Harper Government' - Like Sheep In A Minefield

Tenure is short in the fast lane.
Hunter S. Thompson, Generation of Swine, p. 67

It was not a good day for the savages of the 'Harper Government' cabinet. The wild cat prison guard strike in Edmonton, Alberta continues, even though the fines are approaching the million dollar mark. The union members know that they are doomed, and have realized that they may as well take down the whole system. Because either way, the result will be the same; under the bus.

Steve Harper getting ready to meet Darth..

The India indentured slave scandal continues to widen, otherwise known as the Temporary  Foreign Worker scam. Now there are revelations of more abuse of the system, by the means of the intra conversion something or other. It keeps spilling onto to the Oracle of Ottawa's big flat screen via the state broadcaster other wise known as the CBC. But at least you now know where and why of all that harassment by your employer that you just couldn't understand, until tonight. There are a whole plane load of Ram Jams panting for your cubicle.And they are different than you, you know what you are doing!

The Oracle of Ottawa wonders how many people like the useless Jason Kenny tonight? As the shit gets deeper he continues to look even weaker. But what can you expect from a college drop out? A pig of an animal, with the constant shadow on his face. It  has nothing to do with shaving, it is just the cast of darkness signalling the full approval of Satan himself.

But the best of the low of the day has to go to Rona Ambrose for her hardly convincing cry my a river performance that the Oracle observed on the right wing old style vulgar media today. She seems determined to take the misfortunes of others and turn it into a Bill that will finally shut down all expression on the internet. All this so called cyber-bullying is just the after effects of the 'Harper Government' right wing revolution. Although the little vicious shits are too young to vote, they are not too young to practise the greatest conservative skill, that of destroying all dissent by placing the victims under the bus. But alas, the video, at the time of this writing, has still not appeared on You Tube.

The Oracle of Ottawa wonders how it will all go over in Duck's Ass, Alberta. When the mouth breathers and knuckle draggers finally realize that the "them" is the same government that they elected....  

Monday, April 29, 2013

'Harper Government' - Tremors At Barf Mountain

A picture is a fact.
Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus, 2.141

For all the Dear Readers that caught the Oracle of Ottawa's earlier recent piece on the 'Harper Government' reaching the "puke point" you would have realized that if you had been a regular reader, you would have read about today's news several days ago! The Oracle of Ottawa totally nailed it. But where the puke would start seeping at the base of the volcano, this has even shocked the Oracle of Ottawa.

The Brand New Edmonton Remand House of Horrors
 It certainly does not look good for a government of family values and law and order that stole a majority from coast to coast to coast, to have civil insurrection erupt in the center of the Western strong hold! But you can be sure that the first comment to any question in the House of Commons will be it is a provincial matter. But of course, the problem is at the next election. The voters in Alberta will surely place the blame where it belongs, on the 'Harper Government'.

The Oracle of Ottawa surely knew that trouble was in the offing of the near future when he saw the several pieces on the new Edmonton Remand Detention Center that seemed to get way too much weight on the CBC National News. (No doubt to the orders of wee Jimmy Moore...) It was the first of the new wall - mart American style super size prisons to be built in Canada. The part in the news documentary that mentioned that bit about about all visits being conducted with video - conferencing, the Oracle of Ottawa knew that the thing at some point soon would erupt in a mushroom cloud.
Wall Mart Penn from the air...
 Even before it opened the lawyers were bitching, not to mention the warnings of the prison guard union. And sure enough the lid all but blew off way before even the Oracle of Ottawa expected. Strange, that today in Question Period here in Ottawa Rob "The Knob" Nicholson and Vic "The Dick" Toews seemed to be damn near invisible if they were even there at all.

It all blew wide open just before the weekend last. Two guards were suspended for rising health and safety issues. This in turn led to a wild cat walk off. Over the weekend, the Alberta Labor Board ruled it an illegal strike. The effect of this was to get all the sheriffs and all the other legal unions to also walk off the job! As the Oracle of Ottawa predicted, once the "puke point" is passed, what are you going to do? Call the cops?

The word in Ottawa is that the strike captains are somewhat relieved that the Alberta government started and served legal proceedings on a small number of hand picked union members, the paper was immediately put to good and efficient use since someone forget to bring the toilet paper for the strike line go huts. There is also much discussion on the other uses of light standards and utility poles... 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

George Jones - Someday My Day Will Come

I'll be the one I want to be
Someday my day will come...
George Jones, Still The Same Ole Me, 1981

It was with great surprise that the Oracle of Ottawa heard of the passing of George Jones. What surprised the Oracle of Ottawa even more was that he died cared for, and in bed, and that he lived to be 81 years old. It is a hell of a long way from Saratoga, Texas to being a pillar of Western Popular Culture. Many readers are no doubt surprised that the Oracle even knows who George Jones was, but the Oracle must come clean and freely admit that between the most excellent rock concerts of my fondly misspent youth, the Oracle would always crank up the radio when a George Jones song came on in the car. And growing up in the Ottawa Valley we had one of the first FM Classic Country stations, CKCY. and everyone up the valley tuned in, and back in those days it was all Classic Country, and if you listened you were very familiar with George Jones.

George Jones strikes a wicked Hunter S. Thompson pose
and see's it all to the end.

The Oracle of Ottawa comes from a generation that can very easily remember the sound of the Grand Old Opry coming in through an AM radio on a Saturday night in the 1960's. And of course we all heard the stories of George as he became more and more famous and his life careened more and more out of control. And in recent years as more and more details availed themselves from George himself, the Oracle of Ottawa was forced to realize that Keith Richards was really just a ribald amateur compared to George Jones!

The excess was legendary. The Oracle can't help but comparing the similarities of the lives of Hunter S. Thompson and George Jones. Both were equally famous in their craft at very nearly the same time in American cultural history. One in the printed word and the other in song. One survived it all and one did not. There are some very important lessons here. The first is that is very hard to kill a Marine, and George Jones was a Marine. And the second lesson is that a man will survive most anything if he does not give up on his God(s). And the Oracle was always impressed with the Possum's deep underlying faith. So much for Fredrich Nietzsche...

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Diane Finley Has No Cheese

All living language is in a condition of constant growth and change.
William Dwight Whitney, The Life And Growth Of Language, p. 33

One thing about the Royal Opposition and the Third Party, they know where the weakest link is. And they have certainly been pounding at it in the House of Commons in the past week. Minister Diane Finley of Human Resources and Skills Development certainly has been taking a pounding, not only this past week, but since this Session has started. The members keep constantly asking for some cheese from the hapless Minister, only to find that the particular cheese they are asking for today is just fresh out. And then, like a real poor Eastern Block bouzouki  band, the talking points are repeated over and over again. It so reminds the Oracle of Ottawa of the Monty Python Cheese Shop sketch.

Dogbert says: Sorry no cheese....

If you check out the Ministers article on Wikipedia there seem to be some "anomalies". What self respecting career woman keeps her maiden name a secret? Just asking. You always know the article is somewhat "cooked" when it is too brief, and too terse. Especially when a ton of things various are claimed. Doesn't any one look into these things? The Oracle of Ottawa strongly suspects a past that would not probably shine too brightly. And a parentage that more than likely originates from the wrong side of the tracks, so to speak.

From what the Oracle of Ottawa garnered from watching Question period last week is that there will be tens of thousands more young people unemployed again this summer. The 'Harper Government' has hundreds of millions of dollars to inform you of the Canadian Inaction Plan, but there is no chump change, for a little good old fashioned make work project. But the Minister kept mentioning that there were going to be several thousand more "internships" this summer! Notice that the exact words that she used were internships, not paid internships. And if possible, there will be a marketing press to get Johnny's parents to pay for little Johnny's internship!

It is hard a enough today to be a young lad. But there is nothing worse on a young mans development than to run into an old barren woman with no cheese. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Rob Ford Media Joust

Our words are too often signs for crude and hasty, for indefinite and indefinable, generalizations. 
William Dwight Whitney, Life And growth Of Language, p. 29

Well it is really is true. There have been rumors, as of late, that the 'Harper Government' has been manipulating the media. Especially the old vulgar print and television medias. Well Dear Reader, it is no longer a rumor. There is some force that is keeping certain embarrassing events from ever coming to the vision of your eyeballs. It was concerning an event that occurred on April 15, 2013, and then was put on to You Tube on April 16, 2013. The Oracle of Ottawa discovered the whole thing by accident today April 27, 2013, the time of this writing.

Rob Ford - No respect....
 There has been of recent times a magic force field to protect the egos and media profiles of all the hapless members of the new Canadian right wing revolution. Any thing that is unflattering is filtered out of what would have been news just a few years ago. But thanks to the new media, no one can get away with such Orwellian control any longer. Perhaps there is some thing to this new digital revolution after all.

Rob Ford is the present mayor of Canada's largest city; Toronto. He has been a train wreck as are all right wing revolutions. But if you want to see the screw ups, you have to keep an eye on You Tube and other social media. There seems to be a media black out, some say has been caused by the Minister of Canadian Heritages James Moore, with the introduction of his 'purity pledge' that all members of the CBC had to sign and swear to. The Oracle of Ottawa can only now surmise that this is true in fact.

Once upon a time in the days of old, men of opposing views would mount their battle horses in full armor and lance and settle the matter by a joust. Opposing forces would be judged at and on impact. Well it seems that the Mayor of Toronto thought he would give it a go with the media. The clip of the joust of the Battle of Evermore follows...

 You can't make this shit up...and only seen in small regional Toronto markets. Blanked out every where else in Canada. The Oracle of Ottawa knows it was not reported in Ottawa, which is about a two and a half hour drive from Toronto...

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Contemporary Energy Paradox

A cipher has two meanings.
Blaise Pascal, Pensees, No. 520

Ever since the Oracle of Ottawa was a teenager in the 1970's, Canada has been running out of gas. Back then it was less than ten years of natural gas left. All of us Eastern Bastards were going to be left to freeze in the dark. At the time that was not very good news, especially if you were driving an Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale, with that small 455cubic inch Rocket motor. For all my European readers that would come out to around seven and a half litres.

Steam Locomotive - Efficiency about 6% (+ / -)
 Nothing has seemed to change today. We have reached peak oil production, but yet, the price of gasoline is about half of the cost of a litre of bottled water. And the natural gas in Canada? It seems there was a bit of an error made in the 1970's, and at present we have a glut of natural gas. It seems that there is ooddles of natural gas in just about all the rocks in Canada. And trust the Oracle of Ottawa on this one, we have more rocks in Canada than you can shake a stick at. It seems that all you have to do is drill deep enough and frack it hard enough and you will get gas bubbling up for decades out of just one boring well. Yes indeed, we are just starving for energy.

From all the hype and marketing of the corporate whores and their owned governments, it seems that we have been deposited by a just, fair and ever loving God into an energy scarce environment. This all has to do of course as punishment for our original sin, The Oracle of Ottawa can't tell you what that all entailed, the Oracle just wasn't around at that time. But we are destined to suffer through it, the Lord has willed it.

Our Creator has deposited human kind on a planet that is composed of over 70% water. Now of course water simply consists of Hydrogen and Oxygen in a pat 2:1 ratio. Have you ever seen hydrogen gas combined and ignited in the presence of oxygen gas? KA - BOOM!! No energy in that at all it seems according to the oil companies. Although NASA has seemed to see the whole matter differently when they are building ballistic missiles and hard on power trips into space. Twists on oxygen and hydrogen just seem to work fine for them....

Gas Turbine - Combined Cycle Efficiency >60%

On top of being dropped on a planet full of useless water, we also have the utter misfortune to be able to breathe the atmosphere of nitrogen and oxygen. Now if you look into it dear reader, you will find that most every thing that goes KA - BOOM has nitrogen in it. But according to my lads at the garage, no energy there. Then there is all that sunshine that falls on most of the Earth every day without fail. Did you know dear reader that of all the sunshine that falls on the lower forty eight United States, not even the American people in all their energy guzzling wet dreams could even put a dent in it if they were able to convert all of it to a usable form. Stupid planet, no energy around at all it seems.

Due to fault by Noah or some other highly placed supporter of the Mosaic Law, the Earth did not come with climate control, it was an option, but somebody typed in the wrong code, you know, same shit, different millennia. The result was that we have these wild temperature differences in most oceans in the world, and all around the world. The potential is so big the Oracle of Ottawa has never even seen a world estimate, you should check out OTEC sometime when you have a chance.

Well, it really seems that if you are doing the capitalist square dance, you don't really get very far in it by asking to many, or rather, any questions. You accept what your so called "betters" tell you, keep your nose close to the never ending demands of the grind stone and be prepared to pay more. We are in an energy scarce environment...     

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kathleen 'Hurricane' Wynne Shames The 'Harper Government'

Force, not opinion, is queen of the world.
Blaise Pascal, Pensees, No. 421

Could it be? Could it really be true? Could the Province of Ontario actually have their own 'Hurricane Hazel' in Kathleen Wynne? The Oracle of Ottawa was hoping for the best, and so far the Oracle has been mightily impressed. Politically, Kathleen Wynne, is as slippery as a Calgary wildcatter soaked under his own gusher.

Kathleen 'Hurricane' Wynne

There have been a lot of days since the commencement of the 'Harper Government' train wreck, that the Oracle of Ottawa was so depressed with the direction that Canada was being taken that he simply couldn't write this blog or do much of anything else. But as the Oracle of Ottawa  has related recently, the 'Harper Government' has reached and passed the critical 'puke point' with the Canadian public. That is the point where all the standard hateful right wing shit would start to back up. The point where the 'Harper Government' would rudely discover, that after all, many Canadians do care.

For the 'Harper Government' it is all downhill from here on in. Just like that other wack ball conservative from back in the 1950's. Conservatives chasing political power is like a dog chasing a hub cap. The only way to break them of their insane habit is to stop the car. The dog is then infinitely confused. Just like the Conservatives in power. But the Oracle of Ottawa digresses...

The awesome good news of the day was heard on the CBC radio in the car this afternoon. It seems that the critical and world famous Experimental Lakes Area research station is going to be saved after all. It was slated for closure by the idiots of the 'Harper Government' to save a paltry two million dollars! The international condemnation has and will reduce the Canadian GNP by a more than a couple of beeps. Which if we had a finance minister that could understand it, is going to cost way more than two million dollars.

It seems that the Ontario Premier has rounded up some friends of the same mind, and has pulled the rug out from under the 'Harper Government'. The 'Harper Government' never suspected that any one would step up  for a stupid science lab way the hell out in the middle of nowhere. You could see the shock of Tony 'Two Tier' Clement in the media scrums. But the word on the Hill is that he is quiet glad it is all over, now his evenings are free again to catch up on the complete Flintstones cartoons that he recently acquired in DVD. For poor Tony, the Flintstones are the kind of scientific documentaries that he can really get his head around!

Of course, just as Kathleen Wynne was making the announcement, Tim 'Chain Gang' Hudak was on the media with how terrible an idea it is, to embarrass the 'Harper Government'. And really, where is Ontario going to get all of a crummy two million dollars!? It is great that poor Tim has a job now. He seems to make Kathleen Wynne look good at every turn, unfortunately for him though, the process seems to be totally one of the the reversible kind! But he will of course survive, conservatives love looking like idiots...

Of course there is a rumor going around Ottawa how the Ontario Premier is going to raise this chump change and a mountain more. It goes like this: So, you want to become a Private, Public Partner of the Ontario people,.....      

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Some Thoughts On Laminar Flow

There is nothing like our ideas existing in the bodies themselves.
John Locke, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, p. 87

Laminar flow is one of the physical phenomena, with the most striking demonstrations, that we seem to know the least about. The Oracle of Ottawa has started coming across it over and over lately, while carrying on the "thinking about thinking" project. One of the most powerful demonstrations of it can usually be observed in water fountains that are in public buildings such as shopping malls and airports. There is one in Ottawa, at the Orleans shopping mall, where a laminar flow column of water goes nearly a hundred feet high in a perfect tube of water. Once you see it, you never forget it. Especially when it is surrounded by columns of water in turbulent flow.

Laminar flow(a) - Turbulent flow(b)

How this trick is achieved with water is strikingly easy. They insert a tube of tubes in the pipe of the laminar flow column. The Oracle of Ottawa finds it cosmically ironic that making the water (fluid) flow through what you would think be a constrictive construct would actually make the water flow super smooth, go figure, God does not only play dice, He / She has a morbid sense of humor to top it all off.

Even more weird is that if you look up laminar flow in a university physics text, even the extended version, laminar flow gets all of less than two of the texts one thousand plus pages! Laminar flow occurs in all liquids and in any fluid mechanics text, air is considered a fluid. The Oracle of Ottawa checked in some of the texts that he has on heat engines, and even in the newer texts, the authors admit that not much is known about laminar flow inside a heat engine of any type! The Oracle of Ottawa cannot help but think that there is a huge field of research here. And huge opportunities for major improvements in performance and efficiency with little up front cost. The Oracle of Ottawa may discuss a few these ideas in later posts...

All this weirdness was opened up by two Englishman of the nineteenth century; George Stokes and Osborne Reynolds. Now this Reynolds guy put all the magic of laminar flow in an equation that gives up the value of the Reynolds number. He also wrote a very weird book called The Sub-Mechanics of the Universe. And that is one read that the Oracle of Ottawa will have a look at in PDF format. He had some very out there ideas that would probably be very useful in the "thinking about thinking" project. The Oracle of Ottawa also finds it ironic that Reynolds life overlapped that of Karl Marx... Hmmm. There will be more on this insanely esoteric subject in the near future...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Look Ma! - A Gas Turbine!

Thinking itself is not a natural process like eating, but an acquired skill like playing the piano: how well one will think will depend primarily on how much of it one has already done.
Northrop Frye, On Education, p. 27

The Oracle of Ottawa's "thinking about thinking" project still continues anon. At this point there are no doubt many dear readers who are wondering how it is all going. And the Oracle of Ottawa has thought the time right to give a very forceful demonstration of the "method" in action, with proof in actual footage. Proof how powerful logical left to right critical thinking can be, just a simple algorithm to a complex goal. This demonstration shows how all types of people can work at a set goal without having ever met. And the incredible unexpected results this simple process can yield.

Challenge - Make one of these at home...

The gas turbine evolved out of the development of the jet engine which was invented by Hans von Ohain and Frank Whittle, of course the German guy got to all the milestones first, contrary to what all of us were taught in school here in North America. As is usual the German guy got the patent and the first jet powered airplane into the air and the Englishman got all the glory. Frank Whittle ended up in the United States at the US Naval Academy as a prof, while Hans von Ohain was brought to America like a captured skilled slave under Operation Paperclip. How do you like the history of your (our) country so far?

Any way, a jet turbine is a simple and yet a rather complex device that essentially compresses, ignites and exhausts a flow of air for the purpose of generating thrust. Although invented by individuals, they were developed by the near unlimited resources of nation states. But while the Oracle of Ottawa was watching engine porn on You-Tube there seems to be a standing challenge to build the simplest gas turbine possible. Otherwise known as the pop can turbine. You would think that was all pretty foolish, but when you start to check it out, you will soon be blown away by the utter craft and cleverness of the home garage-ist tinkerer. The Oracle of Ottawa simply finds it all staggering in its implications and to what is really possible in our near futures. If these guys are doing this in their garage...

The first video that really impressed the Oracle of Ottawa doesn't reach full operation, or compression, whereby it would run on its own power, but it is very impressive in that it truly is made out of tin cans! Damn! The experimenter got it just to the edge, you can see that he got way over 10,000 rpm(!), and a fine focus of the fireball, it is just on the verge of shifting to the high whine of a real engine coming to life. The Oracle has watched this quite a few times and every time he simply astounded....

And you don't have to search very hard for the guy that actually pulled it off! The second video is again simply astounding. Not only did this agent get the engine to run fully, but he has it all instrumented! And the Oracle of Ottawa can only wonder what his neighbors thought of the guy next door running a rotating engine at a mere 67,000 r.p.m.!! in the driveway! But that is the power of the "thinking about thinking" method, and it just blows the Oracle of Ottawa totally away.

Now the Oracle of Ottawa did "shop" way back in high school, and he was awesome at the drafting and machine shop, but the idea that someone could fabricate a working gas turbine or even a very near working one was just thought to be totally impossible. But with You-Tube and one person showing everybody else how he or she did it, and the next guy that makes a brilliant and elegant breakthrough, the Oracle of Ottawa never gets tired of that. The power of "thinking about thinking"... 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Canada - 340,000 Temporary Foreign Workers

They're casting their problem on society. And, you know, there is no such thing as society.
Margaret Thatcher Woman's Own, 31 October 1987, pp. 8–10.

Contrary to public opinion, and certainly contrary to the old style vulgar media in Canada, there is no shortage of skilled or unskilled labour. There is just a shortage of decent employers willing to pay what that labour is truly worth. It has been discovered by the Oracle of Ottawa while listening to Question Period this week that there are presently 340,000 temporary foreign workers presently in Canada.

A new load of TFW's...scape goat optional...
 At the time of this writing there are presently 1,400,000 people unemployed in Canada. If we could rid ourselves of the enemy within, we would see the present unemployment rate drop about 25%! And we could also avoid the soon upcoming social upheaval, which will certainly come, just when nobody expects it, in other words, the usual good old fashioned way.

What incentive is there for a youngster to go out and get an education and run up to a six figure tab only to have to compete with an indentured slave from India? As Buckwheat used to say; "Whats the percentage in that"? What really fries the Oracle of Ottawa's chicken is that the big Canadian corporate over whores are using are own money to destroy us! With the full approval and help from the 'Harper Government'.

What truly amazes the Oracle of Ottawa is that there is so little reaction to it amongst the demographic that this is going to crush the most. The Oracle of Ottawa is convinced that "inertia" is a word that was coined in Canada. The minions of the 'Harper Government' claim hapless screw up, and that it all got away from them. Don't believe that for a second dear reader, the 'Harper Government' knows exactly what it is doing. Their only regret is that they got caught out so soon.

 It is all such a perfect way to implement the secret fascist hidden agenda, while causing depopulation of whole areas of Canada, just like the old land clearances in Scotland and Ireland that Karl Marx talked about in volume I of Capital. But the minions of the 'Harper Government' really care about you and this travesty. Where was the Prime Minister? In London, England, tearing up at Maggy Thatchers funeral! Not even the Oracle of Ottawa could make this shit up...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

At Least Justin Trudeau Had A Real Job!

Do not repay anyone evil for evil, but take thought for what is noble in the sight of all.
Romans, 12:17, NRSV

You know that the fart catchers and spin doctors on their never ending non paid internships at the Prime Ministers Office have got to be really worried in the last few days. If they don't come up with something good soon, it is back to Ducks Ass, Alberta for the lot of them. You are really in trouble when the Prime Minister of Canada can't get as many hits on his Wikipedia article as the leader of the present third party! Yes it is true dear reader, Justin Trudeau, at the time of this writing had 118,796 hits on his Wikipedia article, while the eminent grey haired grisse of Stephen Harper had only a mere 83,190! Talk about the writing on the wall!

Justin Trudeau - The Chosen One...
 Of course the slimey attack ads have been reeled out, but alas they are not having the desired results! Counter ads are being produced and are garnering many more hits and "likes". While the Conservative Party of Canada attack ad had the comments disabled and the likes and dislikes also disabled! Of course there is much information in such actions, isn't there?

Now along with the attack ads comes the other media attack(s) where by certain back bench conservative stooges are sent on to the talk shows across the land to attempt to put the smear on the Chosen One. The Oracle of Ottawa caught some of it on CBC Radio early this morning. The standard big lie is that Justin Trudeau has never had a real job! Well dear reader, this is a blatant lie! And you can check the links and find that Justin Trudeau held down a job as a teacher, high school I believe, for a number of years out in Western Canada. Now that he happened to be teaching drama makes no difference to the Oracle of Ottawa. The fine arts are perishable and must be transferred each generation. A good drama teacher is worth at least two ordinary math teachers!

What job(s) has Stephen Harper ever had? Well if you check out his article, you find that he reached the astounding heights of mail boy at Imperial Oil in Calgary! You can't make this shit up! But later as a perpetual student he hit pay dirt by becoming Preston Mannings "altar boy". We can only conclude that old Steve must have prayed real good, like they say in Deliverance...

The Oracle of Ottawa knows full and very well that the word is more powerful then the scepter and / or  the sword. And goddamnit, if the Oracle has to say so himself, he can turn the word. The Oracle of Ottawa is going to see Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister, much sooner than later and for a very long time... 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

'Harper Government' - Reels In Panic

Indeed without death men would scarcely philosophise.
Arthur Schopenhauer, The World As Will And Idea, Vol. III, p.249

It has only been three days since Justin Trudeau has been leader of the Liberal party of Canada. And already, as Justin predicted, the Conservatives have realized that the elite and truly gifted are back in town and coming for the 'Harper Government''s scalp and whole hide. The Oracle of Ottawa has never witnessed such outright hateful and lowlife ugliness. James Moore has shown his true colors and mark the Oracle of Ottawa, he will pay dearly in stature, now and for the rest of worthless life. What a pig. 

Justin Trudeau - Causing panic...

What the western lowlife does not realize is that the uglier the 'Harper Government' gets, the more check books come out and the more money is being sent to the Liberal Party of Canada. Not only that, the Liberals are preparing for their day, which will be along way before 2015, and will last a Kingly long time. The people of the Laurentian Consensus are not done yet. If you thought the Energy Plan of the father was terrible, just wait what the west will be in for when Justin Trudeau is Prime Minister! The only thing that will stalk Alberta is sheep and tumble weeds. The billion dollar tar sand frac towers will be as Roman ruins. And it will never rise up again. Due to technological breakthroughs by the newly revamped National Research Commission. The demand for western beef can be destroyed forever with "free trade" deals with Brazil and New Zealand.

The rightful elite will rule forever more. Canada will quickly regain its true place in the world. The fiasco of the underhanded Temporary Foreign Worker plan, that was the tool of the 'Harper Government' to destroy trade unions and the middle class will be abolished. It must be terrible for the Harper Bund to have to witness their own slaughter in slow motion, as one seat by one seat, the "majority" slides away into oblivion.

The low life conservatives are so outclassed it is funny and yet pathetic to watch. Ministers making up their own science, and yes, it was that "piece of shit" Peter Kent again. I wonder if he must be getting pretty sick of having girls thrash him every day. And then there is the demented Joe Oliver quoting Chinese Communist slogans! You soon understand who is really the boss of the 'Harper Government'. Watch Question Period for yourself, you just can't make this shit up!

Justin Trudeau will be graceful for a while, then, when this guy swings! Look the fuck out... It will be very ugly, and nothing that the 'Harper Government' has ever witnessed before. Just ask that Native Canadian Senator....

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

'Harper Government' - Reaches The 'Puke Point'

The heart has its own reasons which Reason does not know; a thousand things declare it.
Blaise Pascal, The Pensees, No. 626

Like a cheap unreinforced engine that has been getting by running on Nitrous Oxide the 'Harper Government' has finally seized at bottom dead center. As Canada has been withdrawn from the world stage by the scum of the 'Harper Government' to be transformed into the hermit kingdom of the Western World, the western conservative ideological inbred children are coming back to puke on the shoes of its creator. It is being painfully discovered that you cannot run an advanced G8 country on platitudes of fifty words or less by the likes of Adam Smith and Milton Friedman. Just ask the wee banty Finance Minister, who as of late is being less and less likely to be found to answer for his train wreck policies.

Justin Trudeau - conservative facial...
 As a right wing wack ball government you know you are in trouble when the back bench is in open revolt, and the latest attack ads against the new upstart Justin Trudeau actually backfire, in a wail of public recrimination, you are all but in and forever fucked. It has been an utter joy to the Oracle of Ottawa to watch the utter panic of the 'Harper Government' scum cabinet react in not very well concealed panic at the reception of the new Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau! And you really know that Steve Harper is toast in the eyes of the Canadian public when the leader of the third party has way more hits per month on his wickapedia article then you do as (acting?) Prime Minister!

You also know you are in trouble when the old propaganda fails to work. Such was the case of the expected  PR blip that never showed up in the numbers, with the usual WWI anniversary crap, that fart catchers and spin doctors from the PMO wheel out every year at the usual times. The wailing of the utter revulsion of the lie regarding the Canada Inaction plan is starting to get louder and louder. When all else fails it is time and the sworn duty of the spin doctors and fart catchers assorted of the PMO to come up with something different...

So an American style press opportunity was created for the dirt bag of the person of steve harper to speak to. It was on the Parsons case out in Nova Scotia. Surely this would eclipse Justin Trudeau! As the grey domed eminence spoke about the tragic case in his best faked sincerity, the Oracle of Ottawa just about puked! Crimes such as this are new to Canada, and they reflect the new values and social norms that are becoming Canada. These new values and norms are the fruits of the 'Harper Government', and to see the creator of this low hateful new Canada act shocked, made the Oracle of Ottawa just about puke! 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Pope Francis And The Price of Gold

The study of economics does not seem to require any specialised gifts of an unusually high order. 
John Maynard Keynes, Essays In Biography, p. 170 

It really freaks the Oracle of Ottawa completely out when one of his wild predictions that he casts while wearing his tinfoil hat with tongue firmly in cheek actually comes to pass. Such was the case when the Oracle wrote to this blog what would actually start happening to certain commodities, mainly that of gold, when Pope Francis finally got his hands on the controls of the Vatican Bank. It is a very common rumor in the financial world that certain commodities are or rather were being kept artificially high due to machinations of under the counter derivative contracts linked to over the counter derivative contract programs.

Pope Francis is cleaning house?

Fast forwarding to today, if you are one of those people that keep an eye on the world price of gold, you were no doubt totally shocked at the biggest one day drop in the price of gold since 1980! The market surely must have traded "lock limit down" which caused many margin calls and the disposal of many securities that were posted as collateral for these derivative trades at less than favorable market prices. It would appear to the Oracle of Ottawa that someone, somewhere, has started winding down a huge derivative position, and has failed to warn his friends.

Many rumblings and winds of change are blowing in, through and around the Roman Curia, especially since March 13, 2013! You can read all about it at very wicked blog called; "Whispers In The Loggia". It seems that Pope Francis has called a special committee that is finally going to take several matters in hand. As far as gold goes, there is still a lot of room and time to make some serious coin with a spread of put options, or any other similar over the counter options play. As for the market movements in Canada and the United States, you can simply put that down to a temporary dead hand cascading market drop caused by unexpected margin calls. It is all like eating a burrito from Taco Bell, it too shall pass...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

All Justin Trudeau Has To Do...

Canada must be unified, Canada must be one, Canada must be progressive, and Canada must be a Just Society...
Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Ottawa Civic Centre, April 06, 1968

Well Dear Reader, it is all in and all done. Justin Trudeau has become the Leader of the Liberal party of Canada. And it was all done in a mighty fashion, on the first ballot, with 80% of the cast delegate votes! If one is a real stickler for detail, his father Pierre Elliot Trudeau won on the fourth ballot with a mere 50.9%, way back in 1968. Sometimes the apple not only does not fall far from the tree, but actually grows into a larger tree.

Justin Trudeau - The second cumming...

It is only hours after the blessed event, so the Oracle of Ottawa hasn't had time for the acceptance speech to come up on You-Tube. But the Oracle of Ottawa did hear some of it on the way back from the standard trip to the upper reaches of the Ottawa Valley. He is even more lofty on the stump then his old man! That will drive the minions of the Harper Bund just nuts! But the Oracle of Ottawa was hoping to hear just one line, and he didn't. But as the Oracle said, he hasn't had time to hear it all in its entirety.  Lets give it time.

The one great asset of Justin Trudeau, all green as he is and all, is that stuff emanates out from him, while Steve Harper is the kind of guy that sucks from you, the host, using fear and loathing as his tools. There is no fixing that, is there? Also with Justin, we don't have to worry about the psychiatric effects of the missing father syndrome. This man has not an angry resentful bone in his body, the sign of good adjustment and proper up bringing, stuff that is completely lacking in most of the minions of the 'Harper Government'.

Justin Trudeau will be smart enough to surround himself with the Best and the Brightest, and not only that, he will listen to them and take their advice. There will be no psychotic micro controlling as is the standard practice in the present 'Harper Government'. As far as in the House of Commons he should start acting like the Prime Minister starting tomorrow. He should let Bob Rae lead off in Question Period! Future Prime Ministers don't ask questions do they? He would be wise to stand to his seat sparingly and let the 'Harper Government' twist in the cold wind of change. All the while looking above it all, just like his dear old Dad used to do so well.

It was all quiet shocking to see the appearance of Jimmy Moore the present minister of propaganda or as it code named at present; the Minister Of Canadian Heritage, or what is left of it at present. He is losing weight faster than an Ethiopian in a famine. But poor little Jimmy knows the future, the 'Harper Government' is in reality quite unlikely to get to the end of the celestial mandate that should end in an election in 2015. The Oracle of Ottawa predicts that the 'Harper Government' will implode way before that date. And it will be joyous to watch and behold. The remainders will be chased like rats across the tundra. No mercy will ever be given.   

The only thing that Justin has to do, in closing, is pick a good mantra and stick to it. His old Dad was great at it, and the Oracle of Ottawa highly recommends the mantra of the Just Society. It is a goal that you can put out there. It is a goal that always shines like a beacon to the people. It is a goal that always offers hope of a better tomorrow. Justin Trudeau should use it, the Oracle of Ottawa never tires of hearing it; Canada must be a Just Society...  

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Bible - A Reading Plan That Works

Man lives, not directly or nakedly in nature like the animals, but within a mythological universe, a body of assumptions and beliefs developed from his existential concerns.
Northrop Frye, The Great Code, p. xviii

The Oracle of Ottawa still can't believe that he finally read the whole thing! It was all in and done on Thursday last. All 2180 pages of it. (Oy!)  The Oracle of Ottawa could never read as fast as Harold Bloom at 400 pages per hour in his prime! The Oracle of Ottawa doesn't think he can break the 40 page an hour barrier, but never the less, he gets it done.

The "Red Brick" This is what you want, exactly...

It was all started by watching Northrop Frye on TVO's show Big Ideas. They found a whole wack of video tapes of the great Northrop Frye lecturing at Victoria College and they ran one on the Introduction to The Bible course that was very popular back in the 1980's, when even then, Northrop Frye was all but a legend in his own time. The Oracle of Ottawa was fascinated with the approach, and vouched safe the fact that you will never get through Milton if you don't know your Bible. But the thing that got me sucked in was the realization that the Oracle of Ottawa had never read the Apocrypha!  

That was how it all started about three months ago. This will be a piece of cake the Oracle thought. There were several editions and translations on hand in the secured bunker. But, much to the surprise and chagrin of the Oracle, he only had one version of the Bible that contained the Apocrypha! And that turned out to be The New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha, in the Augmented Third Edition of the New Revised Standard Version. College Edition, An Ecumenical Study Bible. ( Did you know that in the time of the King James Version, around 1611, that it was against the law to print a Bible without the Apocrypha?) The fluke of circumstance turned out to be a Godsend. Read on and the Oracle will explain...

It is all about the covenants. If you can grasp that little idea you have the job wacked. And the perfect place to start is at the Apocrypha, the period between the old covenant(s) and the new covenant(s). The Oracle found it all most interesting reading. Especially the Book of Ruth! What a Babe! This has to be some of the earliest feminine literature there is. And it was hot X rated stuff, it made the Oracle all tingly several times. Glass ceiling my ass... Any way as you read on into the Maccabees, you realize that the world at that time was changing rapidly, the old ways were not working like the past and there is a detected longing and hope for something better. Soon you will have read right through, and there will be a lot to ponder.

Now after reading the Apocrypha, read all the essays that are located after the New Testament. This stuff is utterly fascinating gold. Did you know that a talent weighed 75 pounds? After this section you will certainly know the difference between a Philistine and a Pharisee! And the Oracle surely enjoyed the essay on the work of Northrop Frye! The words in the words and the importance of the words in the right order, you will eat this stuff up.

Now after the Essays section, start the New Testament, yah! Put a first bookmark right there. Now with your second bookmark place it at the beginning of the last book of the Old Testament, which of course is Malachi, the last of the minor prophets. Now place your third bookmark at the book of Genesis. Now everyday start at the New Testament for as long as you can, then get in a few pages from the last of the Old Testament. Then try to get one page or two from Genesis.

Since the text of the New Testament is more modern and familiar, you will finish these books of the New Covenant before the Old Testament. When you have wacked, or rather finished reading the New Testament, take that first bookmark and place it at the start of the second book of the Old Testament, after Genesis. Now when you have read Malachi proceed to the next unread book at the end of the Old Testament. Now what you will see happening is that you are working into the middle. And the shorter books at the end of the minor prophets will spur you to continue.

With dogged determination, you should have the whole project end at around the prophet Jeremiah. Individual results will vary of course due to native pig headedness, desire and level of intelligence. When you get it  in and all done, you will think differently and understand the incredible haul of the development of what we call Western Civilization. And you will certainly be able to proclaim that you lived up fully to the promise and potential of your baptism, as you damn well should!    

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Engine Porn! - Another Internet Epidemic

When internal combustion engines were ultimately produced, the technology was based heavily on that of steam engines.
Richard Stone, Introduction to Internal Combustion Engines, Second Edition, p. 8

Suck, squeeze, bang and blow! Just reciting the mnemonic of the actions of the four stroke internal combustion engine makes the Oracle of Ottawa all tingly. And you bet, it is all for my own selfish gratification, all mine, to wallow in and enjoy for hours at a time. And of course, as in all pursuits of force and power, and the strokes that go with them, the Oracle of Ottawa has his fetish's. The Oracle of Ottawa loves the immense and full bulk of large prime movers, because torque is your friend. And the Oracle of Ottawa truly loves maturity and long lived elegance. There was never a clip of vintage steam and early internal combustion engines that the Oracle did not like.Of course the Oracle also really has a thing for the legacy creators of Germany and the rest of Europe. And the Oracle will readily admit that he swings both ways with respects to spark ignition (SI) and / or compression ignition (CI). Hey? We are all adults here aren't we?

Lenoir Engine - Lets try this....
 Just what is it about a lump of cast metal with cylinders that have pistons injected into them that makes so many men go nuts? What is it about the sound of a large Electro Motive Diesel starting right up on a cold morning that keeps you coming back for more and  more? Could it be that that Karl Jung was totally right when he suggested that large machines and engines have anima? The Oracle of Ottawa can assure you dear reader that it is especially true of ships, especially warships. A happy ship will be happy no matter who is on it, and a shit ship will be hell no matter who you put on it. But I digress.

The Oracle really started getting into engine porn due to You-Tube. The bastards! I constantly enjoy myself in a very secret way and to add insult to injury, I actually learned a ton of useful facts and information! Why it is getting so advanced, that the Oracle of Ottawa has actually dug up some texts on his book crawls, pertaining to the history and the stories of various developments. And much to the surprise of the Oracle you always read in any text on engines, whether it is modern or vintage, that at some point the author admits that what goes on in an engine of whatever kind is still not completely known! Imagine that?

As in all great inventions, that eventually change the world, science and its methods hardly had anything to do with it. This was brought home to the Oracle just last night when he re-watched The Secret Life of Machines - The Internal Combustion Engine, when Tim Hunkin  related the story of how Etienne Lenoir invented the first internal combustion engine by ripping out the steam feed pipe to a steam engine and replacing it with a tube from the gas lamp! There is no indication that he was holding an advanced text on fluid flow and thermodynamics at the time! So there! Just like Edison and the light bulb. Have idea, try idea, no matter how crazy science might say it is. That is how shit really gets done.

Now this method certainly didn't stop with the 19th century pioneers. A fascinating example occurs again in the 1980's when Keith Duckworth of  Cosworth Engineering when he and the lads developed the V6 and V8 turbo from scratch! Just enter the name(s) at You -Tube and you will find the documentary which the Oracle of Ottawa found utterly absorbing. Then after that you might want to check out the excellent videos from Nelsons Racing Engines, but, be warned, that shit is super hard core! They manufacture street engines that dyno out at over 1000 horse power!  

Seeing the rich expanses of the past, what ever does the future hold? The Oracle of Ottawa strongly suspects that we missed something really obvious. And it is going to be some "garage-ist" watching You-Tube videos and puttering in his basement workshop that is going to blow the doors of the 21st century wide freakin' open... 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kim Jong-un Death Wish - Some Thoughts

The teachers function is to help create the structure of the subject in the student's mind.
Northrop Frye, On Education, p.13

Well, here we are, Ole Kim Jong-un the head hermit of the hermit kingdom, has moved a missile south and is now in the process of fueling it. So what is the big deal? If he fires it, it won't even get to stage two. With the presence of a hulking Ticonderoga  cruiser, with the latest  RIM 161-SM-3's on board, nothing will get past. The Yanks use these missiles to shoot down satellites in space! And again at Mach 8.0!! it will not take long to catch a hulking multistage missile at launch. Then there is that ever present carrier group and that is on station, and that lurking Ohio Class boomer boat. Our little friend Kim Jong-un is whooped before he even starts.

RIM - 161 - Can you hear me now Kim?

What is really bugging the Oracle of Ottawa is all the misinformation that has surrounded the recent antics of the hermit kingdom of late. The Oracle of Ottawa simply does not believe that the hermits of the hermit kingdom even have a nuclear weapon. The so called first detonation only measured a crummy 5 kilotons in yield, and was an underground detonation. Any one who knows anything about nuclear weapons knows that it is much harder to make a small atomic weapon then it is to make a large one. The idea and basic theory is easy, but it takes a super power to actually do it, or to make some one appear to have done it. If you catch the Oracles drift.

Ohio Class SSBN - Wait for it...

What the Oracle of Ottawa strongly suspects is that the hermits of the hermit kingdom simply filled an old underground bunker with all their past date ordinance and threw in some old nuclear medical waste, along with some ammonia fertilizer and old diesel fuel, and lit the sucker off. Look we did a A-bomb! Well the Oracle of Ottawa didn't buy it from second one. This was the greatest spin jerk of the century so far..You and I dear reader are closer to getting an atomic weapon the the hermits of the hermit kingdom.

And what does this present situation say about the peasant Chinese of the Peasants Republic of China? Think it out people, they are putting up with this nutter threatening nuclear war right on their own doorstep! Does this all add up to you? The Oracle of Ottawa firmly believes that the Chinese are getting all Sun Tzu with the situation, thinking that us gajuns in the West are buying their crap. Yes sir Bubba, the Chines have a dog or two in this piss up. And they better watch out in case we the stupid gajuns start figuring it out...

Monday, April 8, 2013

Margaret Thatcher - The Other Eulogy

Why does the way of the guilty prosper? Why do all who are treacherous thrive?
Jeremiah, 12:1, NRSV

The Oracle of Ottawa first heard of Margaret Thatchers passing while still in bed this morning on the CBC Radio News. The first impression that crossed the Oracles mind was there goes the old style vulgar media's TV schedule for about the next two weeks. She had a nice long retirement didn't she? And as a Baroness, she also sat in the House of Lords. And, much to the amazement to the Oracle of Ottawa, she was on the speaking tour until quiet recently! So lets see, one government pension, one pay check from the House of Lords, and those wacking speaking fees! Talk about triple dipping! Isn't it ironic that as the warrior for unrestricted capitalism, she sure got to feed deep at the trough of the public tit. And to add insult too injury, she seems to have had the utter luxury that she didn't deserve, of dying in her sleep, no doubt with her face to the wall. 

Margaret Thatcher - Ronald Reagan
 Maggy Thatcher was born a no count shop girl. She made full use of all the socialist tools of the time to better her life. And then she spent the rest of her life making damn sure that your kids will never have the same opportunities! No doubt many a tear will be shed all over the United Kingdom tonight, after enjoying a good horse and kidney pie and over the best adulterated scotch. No doubt there will be many people at her funeral, mostly old trade unionists, that want to make sure that she really is dead. Did you hear that she passed away at suite of rooms at the Ritz Hotel in London! Where is your grandmother dying? How utterly evil and criminal is that? The ninth circle of hell is certainly going to be receiving a monster upgrade shortly.

The real legacy of Maggy Thatcher is that she was the sharp tip of the spear point of the New World Order, that we all suffer under today, and will continue to suffer under, until we finally get wise and take our world and lives back. She was instrumental in the "downfall" of the Eastern Block. Now we have gangster states, that makes the old days of grey Marxist - Leninism look some what idyllic! Is your life as a working person better now or was it your parents and grandparents that really enjoyed life more than you as you are sweating through it now? I know it is embarrassing, you don't have to give an answer.

But there was the Falklands, wasn't there? Well after thirty years it has all finally dawned on the Oracle of Ottawa that Maggy didn't really give a sheeps shit about a bunch of sheep herders far and away. It appears now to the Oracle of Ottawa that it was all about who was going to dominate the huge export weapons business. And it sure as hell was not going to be the French! A little MI-5 and a dash of MI-6 and you can make anything happen. All for the good of the GNP! And the friends that you are dancing with at the time. Mark the Oracles words folks, it will all come out about 50 to 75 years from now, the history of the future will not match the history of today, of that you can be most certain.  

 In closing, the Oracle of Ottawa has to agree wholeheartedly and with out any reservation with the statement of Gerry Adams:  "the great hurt done to the Irish and British people during her time as British prime minister. Here in Ireland her espousal of old draconian militaristic policies prolonged the war and caused great suffering." And that war in all its flavors still goes on. And it will continue until we finally rise up and end it, once and for all...

 The above represents the Oracle of Ottawas sentiments exactly...

Sunday, April 7, 2013

In Canada We Are Not Saved

Hyenas will cry in its towers, and jackals in the pleasant palaces; its time is close at hand.
Isaiah, 13:22, NRSV 

Many of the frequent flyers of this awesome blog, probably thought many times, when the Oracle of Ottawa prophesied of the future, that the Oracle of Ottawa had slipped his clutch plates. Like the time that he foretold the Conservative Party of Canada's game plan in reducing Canada and its workers to third world status. There were also probably many smiles when the Oracle of Ottawa foretold how in the very near future, how the use of Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW's) were going to be used to destroy all labour unions and all the middle class of Canada. Well the Oracle of Ottawa gets the most important last laugh. The future is here.

Short the Royal Bank!!

The Royal Bank of Canada is the largest Schedule I bank in Canada. Last year, at the time of this writing, it made over seven billion dollars in profit. (2012) It was on the way home today from the usual tour to the Ottawa Valley that the Oracle of Ottawa first heard of the breaking iGate scandal on the car radio from the CBC. The Oracle of Ottawa was incensed at the news. It seems from the news report that the scum upper level minions of the Royal Bank have fired 45 Canadian IT workers that were probably pretty expensive, and are planning to replace them with TFW's from India! But the 45 Canadian lads still have a little bit of time left, you see, they have to train the third world TFW's that are stealing their jobs! You can't make this shit up.

Once the Royal Bank of Canada was one of the best employers and the safest place in Canada to park your money. Then if number one wasn't high enough in Canada and being the 53rd largest corporation on earth, they have gone wal-mart on us who have made them what they are today. The Oracle of Ottawa has put this down to the management shitting in its own nest, by letting cheaper "outsiders" into the most inner sanctum of the tent.
Jason 'The Fuck Up' Kenny visa's what visa's
 The Oracle of Ottawa, needless to say, was not very impressed. The Oracle of Ottawa has a lot of "assets" at the Royal Bank of Canada at present. How safe is my money going to be when all the digital information that it is now stored in, going to be safe in the hands of insect third world TFW's? Any one that has ever had anything to do with these near useless hypocrite people soon find out that the biggest fuck-ups in the world, essentially originates from East Asia, or as the Oracle of Ottawa call it; TFW central. Thank you very much indeed! If the Royal Bank of Canada will betray its own employees, with their own money, (think about it...), how the fuck are they going to treat you dear valued customer??

But alas, there may be deliverance. It seems that the news had the same effect on many Canadians as it had on the Oracle of Ottawa. Why it was in the next news slot on CBC radio, that that skank useless skank Kellie whats her name, of the 'Harper Government', was panting that there was surely a mistake that had been made. Then you knew the thing was really gaining traction, when on the National CBC TV broadcast, you had that fat greasy biped, whats his name; Jason The Fuck Up - That Nobody Likes, the present immigration minister, was all but shitting himself in his best grovelling begging position. (The makings for a great attack ad in the next election...) It seems that the bottom of the spiral has been reached, and more than a few Canadians actually DO care.

By the way, let the Oracle of Ottawa warn you all, the stock of Royal Bank of Canada could be a teenager very shortly. (i.e. a stock worthless than twenty dollars...) And for all the Oracles friends in the European Union and the United States, avoid taking any of your new business to the Royal Bank of Canada. And if you have funds and / or securities there now, monitor closely, and start a plan B, if you follow the Oracles drift. Have a nice day...and if you can, buy a ton of put options down the scale, you will probably really really well in the near future.... I mean really, this could be just the tip of the iceberg, like those recently defunct investment banks that cratered in 2008...               

Royal Bank of Canada - The Grand Finale?? Turn it up and enjoy...

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sordid Sun

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Blue Jays - 2013 Home Opener

Iron sharpens iron, and one person sharpens the wits of another.
Proverbs, 27:17, NRSV

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. All investors know that the worst stock picks one can make is the stock that was hot last year in the hope and / or belief that they will certainly be hot in the coming next few years. It is hard to believe that Alex Anthopoulos didn't read Moneyball by Michael Lewis ! Perhaps he should have compromised and went out to see the movie during the last off season! Moneyball was the story of the the Oakland Athletics, with a payroll of under 40 million, went on to compete and utterly kick ass against teams like the New York Yankees who had a payroll at the time of 125 million! But this is the kind of crap that is going to happen when the general manager is equipped with an arts degree...

Alex - Last season?

The Moneyball method is a lot like the Warren Buffet method of picking stocks. Or what the old school of investors calls "value investing". Trying to buy the next World Series using the New York Yankee method of more money than brains does not always work, especially in the new and present world of Major League Baseball. But at least Alex filled all the seats of Sky Dome once this season.

One could tell that the spin doctors and marketers were given full and total run of the event. Some things the Oracle of Ottawa liked, and a lot of things the Oracle of Ottawa did not like at all. The Canadian flag display that covered the whole outfield was pretty impressive and looked great on an HD flat screen. But the absence of the French verses of of Oh Canada were a total fail. Surely there is one singer available in Toronto that is familiar with Canada's both official languages. The absence of John Farrell grieved the Oracle of Ottawa very deeply. And that replacement! Were the hell did the Blue Jays get this guy? At the old rummy baseball sweat flea market held in the off season in the Dominican Republic? From total class to no class in one iteration, so to speak. But John was better looking than Alex, and you just can't have that can you?

The Oracle of Ottawa also has to comment that the new team song totally sucks! And that band? Never heard of them and will probably be soon forgotten. It appears to the Oracle of Ottawa that the Blue Jays organization put out the honor of the position to the bidding recording companies. And the no-name band managed to cough up the highest amount of (wasted) loot. It may have been good marketing, but the band still sucks.

Another high lite of the evening was the choice of Geddy Lee to toss out the first pitch of the game. (By Tor and the Throw Dog?) And he was serious. He was in top form, that sinker was no stinker! He had a way better night than R. A. Dickey! The final good high light of the night was the return of the great Greg Zaun. The Oracle of Ottawa likes Greg Zaun. But give him back his elegant lapel microphone please! That fruitty face boom mike made the Oracle of Ottawa think that he was suffering a flashback to a Madonna concert. And if possible start working Greg Zaun into the role of play by play when possible, it would be like Vin Scully, on LSD...