Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tory's Shut Down War Room, Campaign Over

In commercial practice, the turnover is generally calculated inaccurately. 
Karl Marx, Das Kapital, Buch III, Chapter XIII, The Law as Such, p. 228

The lights are off at the Tory war room somewhere on Industrial Avenue. I really thought that he would self destruct in week two or three, but, it appears that the Tory fart catchers couldn't wait. They killed any hope of another minority government. They never had a chance for a majority.

The stake thru the Blue heart happened today in Halifax, Nova Scotia, at a scripted photo op at some Halifax jetty outside in the bright light of day. It seems old Steve was just withering in the unfiltered light of the sun. The National Press Corp was kept to the back, behind a crowd control barrier, like a bunch of protesters at the Chicago National  Democratic Convention back in the 1960's! But even the press back then were not limited to only four questions per day!

Yes, you heard me correctly. the National Press Corp covering the Tory campaign has been limited to only four questions per day! Now that is not four questions for each each reporter.. That is only four questions for the whole National Press Gallery per day! Of course the CBC types were just wild! They have a daily deadline, and how are they going to fill it, when they can't get content? So when the stories on the Tory campaign shrink to nothing, the Tory's in their true hypocritical fashion will be the first to scream bias! 

Meanwhile, Micheal Ignatieff, is really getting into the flow of the campaign. The clips are relaxed and real. He really is a natural campaigner, and he is only to get  stronger as the process continues. The only problems the handlers will have is turning him off at night. The ideal candidate. The Oracle of Ottawa loves being right all the time, but just not so early... 

This really happened... watch for your self, as the right-wing media is even stunned!

 The press was kept to the back here also.... Notice the subtle similarities in the text... Hmmmm.....

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CBC Vote Compass, What?

The negativism of opposition must be replaced by a positive vision.
C. E. S. Franks, The Parliament of Canada, Chapter 3, Parliament and the party system, p. 54

I was quite shocked to see the front page of the Ottawa Sun this morning on my way in to Perkins for breakfast. The banner headline, from some poor Tory wonk from Queens University, Canada's gatekeeper, or better known as the Ivory Tower Mafia, was to slamming the great work of my beloved CBC! Have you tried the CBC Vote Compass? I did, on Sunday night, after I could get on to it! Seems to be damn popular! I answered truthfully all the questions. I had no worry of being identified as a Tory. Thank God. And my result did not surprise me in the least! I am so far left from the Tory's, my end result told me to vote for the Green Party! I am still looking for the Liberal, not under here , no, not over there... Can't seem to find it! The bias boat left without the Oracle of Ottawa!

The Vote Compass by the CBC is simply the great broadcaster doing its mandated job! To inform and educate the Canadian public. The Conservative Party of Canada has a real problem with this, since it looks like someone is getting something for nothing. Conservatives really hate that! And what they really hate about this is that it exposes Conservatism for the out and out hypocrisy that it truly is, when viewed in the uncorrupted light of day. What the Tory's are pissed about is that it exposes the "Big Lie" that the whole Conservative Party stands for. No speaking spot or even an invitation to the next Bilderberg Group pissup this year.... And the CBC won't attend, since they can't bring the camera's. Whatta ya goin to do?

The campaign motors on. Iggy is getting more relaxed each day. This man was made for the long drive. The rubber is warming and really biting the road... Meanwhile Harper looks like the butt plug, slipped in TOO FAR, and is starting to lock him up. Painful to watch some one trying to fake it. And yes it is very visible you poor soon to be unemployed Tory fart catchers....Why even the frail but still highly respected and loved Jack "Vladimir" Layton, is having more fun then Steve Harper. Why is that? It is simply because Micheal Ignatieff and Jack Layton "get" Canada. The campaign for them contains many opportunities for memory's they will cherish long after public life....Voting this Election is really easy. Just pick from the best Liberal,  NDP or Green Party candidate in you riding.. Anybody but conservative. Too easy....

Not an untruth to be found.....

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Michael Ignatieff And The Smart Dollar

At no time did a Liberal government in a minority parliament form a governing coalition.
C. E. S. Franks, The Parliament of Canada, Chapter 3, Parliament and the party system, p. 36

As predicted, the campaign is on and the Tory's are setting off all the land mines in the daisy field. As soon as they open their mouths, stupid is guaranteed ! Just like all the campaigns of the past. Talk about choke under pressure, and the dumbing influence of SSRI's. Steve Harper was off and at it early with the announcement of the chance for people to split income, not now, but one fine day, when the deficit is all payed off to zero! Another words the second big lie was launched. Steve Harper doesn't give a flying crap about the Wal-Mart wally's that will pant in anticipation for their hoped for chump change that this would bring, someday....I have yet to see anything more cynical and ugly then these sh*t-sucking, pig-f*cking Tory's.

The NDP helmed by Jack "Vladamir" Layton showed much class and grace with their old idea of limiting credit card rates by legislation to the Prime Rate plus 500 basis points maximum. This is long overdue in this country. If a bank can't make money with this scale it should fold up the shop and hand their bank charter back to Mr. Carney. On the day, well done Jack!

Now we come to the Liberals. A brilliant announcement by Michael Ignatieff with the money for future students of higher education, of  $1,000 per year for a maximum four years. Now that is a tax-dollar well spent! As per my earlier post, a well spent tax dollar is one that will in the future return itself and many new "friends" to the federal coffers. Educated people will earn more money over their working lives. (Even the dumbest Tory understands this...) They will not shop at Wal-Mart, and they will pay much more tax's than the mouth breathing, inbred, knuckle dragging Tory who depends on the "free market" and his own "hard work"...
Iggy is starting to get jiggy with the campaign routine. You can tell. He is starting to relax and enjoying the day. I guess my man David McGuinty had a little chat with him and the fart catchers have been sent to the back of the campaign bus, where they godamned well belong until if-as-and-when required. If he keeps building from here it is 24 Sussex Drive for sure and a run at the record of Mr. King.

Now there was that incident today of a fat ugly woman Tory wan-a-be saying that the 68 year old Liberal candidate was "past his best before date" ! The situation can't be any worse than the example of one Gordon O'Connor....

 How this campaign is going to go... the Tory is on the left, Liberal on the right.....(don't dink with Russians...)

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Crisis of Judgement

" but once you get locked into a serious drug collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can."
Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Part One , p. 4

It is simply amazing that no one has addressed this issue, until now. And that is, how substance use and abuse has affected history by its impairment of the judgement of top decision makers.  The earliest recorded case that comes immediately to mind is that of Alexander The Great. At the end of his life he was hitched to some Indian babe(s) and hitting the booze pretty hard. It eventually croaked him. It all looked pretty bad, and it changed the course of history, and affected the lives of millions of people, and come to think of it, is still reverberating through out the world to this very day!


Now lets jump to the 20th century to a case most all of use will be familiar with. Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany. You could rightly say that he was the first and greatest example of a modern closet doper. We all know that Germany lead the way to modern "Big Pharma" with the likes of Bayer et al... And there are many references to Adolf's close relationship with his personal physician. And as he came to rely on this buddy more and more we see some bizarre decisions getting made - or not. It was like watching the Toronto Blue-jays blow a nine run lead at the bottom of the ninth inning. 

Now as all you people out there, who have ever owned a stock in your own name know, Big Pharma is a huge multi g'zillion dollar operation. When I hear that I always think; out of all the people I run into or "interact" with in a day, how many of them are on some kind of drug that's known or unknown side effects is currently impairing their judgement? For a while I took a survey of all the people I thought would have a rational handle on the question and I was floored when the common consensus was between four to six people out of ten! And this could be higher(!) depending on where you were employed and how good the coverage was! No freaking wonder this world is such a mess!

Now lets roll it up to the opening of the 21st century. Around 2008 during the near melt down of the world financial system, reports started leaking out of "binge trading". And CEO's who were in a safe situation sewering their companies with totally irrational decisions that are still causing heads to be scratched in perplexity! I laugh inwardly of all the risk programs implemented since 9/11, and there is no procedure(s) to monitor neural / chemical safety of an organizations top decision makers! For example what is the percentage impairment of taking the Prozac family of drugs per standard dose? If the dose is exceeded, how much greater will be the impairment to judgement? If you are supervising my pension fund manager, I would appreciate it if you started looking out for us, starting anytime soon....

We are now in the Spring of 2011. Canada is in the fourth Federal Election in seven years. I don't need a CPS handbook  to see all the weird side effects form heavy psycho prescription drugs on the leader(s) of the major political parties. well okay the one presently clinging to power...most of all. It is really obvious. The train of decisions and what ever fragmented thought that is strung together makes absolutely no sense whatever! It blows the soberest mind! Could a Western Democracy ( or political party) collapse from prescription drug psychosis? 

Listen carefully to the good doctor....

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Reichsmarschall John Baird

I wrestled with my innermost soul: are these people human, worthy to belong to a great nation?
Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Volume I, Chapter II, Years of Study and Suffering in Vienna, p. 41

The fat is in the fire, no pun intended...Although the Tory Bund is doing everything to put a brave face on it, in reality they are collectively, one and all, shitting there pants! All the money in the world. Damn, why more money then God! The best fart catchers that money can buy, the most elaborate war room in a Western democracy, yet still no majority! The most elaborate dirty tricks squad since the East German Stasi and the ruins of good people all over Canada and yet still no majority. What does this tell you? What is this election all about?

Reichsmarschall Baird
 This election is all about what kind and character of person do you want running Canada! This is about the fact that several places in Canada think they can send their right wing AM radio talk show "personalities", their high school drop-outs, and their college drop-outs to Ottawa! Look at the results! Four elections in seven years! Still no majority...

Herr Reichsmarschall ponders the future...

The American style campaign has really worked well, no majority. The low life American attack ads, still no majority... The Tory's love to slander the opponent with the endless lies and mis-truths. How is easy is it to slander a Tory? Like taking candy from a Rockcliffe Park baby!  You probably wonder who is driving, it is not the cabinet and the Prime Ministers Office but the directives of the Bilderberg Group! The only truth the Tory's have told in the last seven years is that no one runs Canada!

Inspecting the Boy-Scouts and the Nortel Retiree's

Let us send this nest of vipers and shit suckers to the opposition bench's forever! Let us take over the real Canadian agenda, not that of some secret society. Let us make this great country inhabitable for us! And not the stinking servants of  us, the corporations! Search in yourself. Ask the first and most important question any citizen can ask: What is in this for me?

 Yes! Vote Tory! Lets replace accountability with corruption for four more years!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

First You Take The Buses

There is a physical relation between physical things. But it is different with commodities. 
Karl Marx, Das Kapital, Buch I, Volume I, Chapter 1, Section 4, p. 83

Then you can take the land. If you poor people in Ottawa can't see that, you deserve to have an Ottawa Better Living Tower of jackals next to your once valuable home... The present Commissioner of the transport committee should know better; that she is being set up to do the dirty work of the greed heads and the land rapers....As far as that black berry addicted pig in a suit whats his name, head of the bus company, I strongly suggest the maximum suspicion.

OC Transpo - Tool of the Land Rapers?

In the United States they call it "Land Banking". It can get ugly. Usually several different realty firms are hired by a master land raper, or "developer". Most of the time, these "firms" don't know the master plan! They just think they have stumbled into a great gig, that their ship, has finally come in. Now these bus schedule changes will affect the areas of the City of Ottawa where the low income working class lives. A lot of these areas consist of low to medium density privately owned apartment buildings. The greed heads and the master land raper want to move the tenants out, so that the the building is worthless, and then be able to secure the the land for plastic box, 350 sq. ft., fashionable high rise condominiums! Get it now?

A lot of very high billing, first class fart catching has gone into this latest campaign! They are using the "Master Plan" strategy. You can find it in Mein Kampf! By you know who! That is, you do not even try to hide what you are up to. The minions and proles still won't get it, until it is too late and by then it won't matter. Like I said during the campaign , watch who you eat lunch with in Ottawa, and especially who is "paying". Good luck, and Gods speed, you poor stupid sods....

A shot in the Dark.....

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tory's Circle The Bowl

But the man whom passion fails and whose lips are sealed  -- he has not been chosen by Heaven to proclaim its will.
Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf,  Volume I, Chapter III, p. 107 (Ralph Manheim translation)

You can feel the Tory panic! The Bilderberg Group playbook has totally failed. The minions have risen up. Soon, many "careers" will be over. The crack-berry will go dead for ever. The once regal and semi royal presences will be suffering a severe vacuum of a fart-catcher free zone. The remainder of the party leaders life will be forever compared to the fall of the "Chief". This Berlin bunker nightmare will soon be over.  All that will be left is to identify the charred "corpses" of many tragic careers.

The Chief....
Did you see the clip on the vulgar old media today of the great leader? Canadians don't want an election. (Oh yes we do!) We can't endanger the economy and the recovery! How lame is that? All I want to know is what prescription drug can make you puff up unevenly like that? Did you see the grooves at his left temple? It turns out at second view that it is his blood vessels! And everyone is worrying about Jack "Vladamir" Layton! I think the old style press should be watching the great blue boy... Especially those unplanned emergency room visits for the "cold" (i.e. Panic Attacks?)

This will eventually turn on you...
 How do you think these marginal bunch of Tory morons held power for the last three years? It certainly wasn't because of their mental brilliance! Yes the Tory's have a huge war room, and huge reserves of filthy cash, and a massive dirty tricks squad that would rival the East German Stasi! And that is the factor that the Tory's are totally ignoring. Like an undertaker whistling past a grave yard. And much of the persons that the Tory's have written off for dead are any thing but... They have just been waiting for this time. Inconvenient Shit is going to pop up all over the place, a lot like a strip of claymore mines in a daisy field.

Don't forget....

Now, soon you will all see the power of that Ignatieff fellow. Being the dark Russian, he will not do Harper quickly... oh no.. he will humiliate him utterly and completely, and the most fun, slowly, once this process is complete, it will be very hard to get this flawed pall bearer out for anything ever again.. The remaining, shredded, utterly destroyed that remain will be in opposition for the rest of their political lives. To be pinged off of every day....and I will laugh and enjoy it greatly as will all those who have risen from the dead.

The Canadian people have had enough...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Tory's Write My Blog

When his companions wished to return to their country, and asked him what message he wished them to carry home, he bade them say this: that children ought to be provided with property and resources of a kind that could swim with them even out of a shipwreck.
Vitruvius, The Ten Books On Architecture, Book VI, Introduction,  Sec. 1

Well dear reader, it seems that the greatest gig of pallbearing in Canadian political history is about to come to  a very quick "end".  This was going to be a little piece on the yield-curve, of all the boring things to talk about! But  as per usual, as I check the Globe & Mail web page or have the CBC on, the Tory's write my blog.

Michael Ignatieff (right)

Michael Ignatieff came under a new and rather nasty accusation that he was a little rich boy etc... Iggy's background is  well known to all Canadians, except members of the Conservative Party! It appears that the only wealth the Tory's respect is the kind that you steal from the Canadian people! For example, that old disbarred fart catcher, formerly of the PMO, with the blonde bimbo, who for doing the said broken  fart catcher, will receive 20% of all water equipment sales that might happen to get made! Now this was flashing all across the CBC! I mean the legal contract, in writing! There is no indentured servitude in Canada! There is no trafficking of women in Canada! Oh, by the way, they are "engaged"... Isn't that sweet? The only question I have is, how, does she keep from barfing when she is doing him? I guess that is what they mean when they talk about blonde ambition.....

The young jihadists of the PMO...

The latest attack on Iggy is really greasy. The gist of it, I believe, is that the fungible fortune of Iggy's paternal  stock is not lily white, according to the Conservatives. But as I noted above, the Tory's are very suspicious of clean wealth accumulated over great periods of time, because they are so personally unfamiliar with such wealth. My man Iggy is perfect proof that the office seeks the man!  I would rather see Iggy as prime minister, screwing up the wording now and then, then someone that knows he is so stupid that he orders everyone silent just in case the Canadian people figure it out all by themselves!  Well I think that time has come...

Julian readies another Press Release....

Now off on another perfectly perpendicular tangent. Late tonight at 24 Sussex Drive, the prime ministers security detail ready themselves for the "road". All the panic attack, or em, the "cold medicine" is being packed with care and dread. There boy does not travel or campaign well. It is like being assigned to Diefenbaker prior to flag day! Already the great man is screaming nearly incoherently, at the young jihadists of the PMO. All the young Mounties on their first tour are regretting ever having joined up. It is at times like this that they would kill for a cruiser on a gravel road in northern Saskatchawan, hell, northern anywhere! Any where but another campaign....... Perfect proof of the "missing father syndrome" .

A short listed candidate for the  Tory 2011 Campaign song... What ya think? Does it fit?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ode To The Blue Marble

Perhaps the greatest and least visible form of impoverishment caused by the Corporate State is the destruction of community.
Charles A. Reich, The Greening of America, Chapter VII, "It's Just Like Living", p. 181

The only thing worse than realizing that this planet is fucked, is knowing that there is no rational excuse for it being  this way. A good place to start on this train wreck of thought is the March 19, 2011, Report on Business  Cover Story; Section B, p. B-1. A very interesting article by Nathan Vanderklippe covers the history of the Fischer Tropsch process, that can turn natural gas into Diesel fuel and those nice and valuable natural gas liquids. Or turn coal dust into various grades of hydrocarbons.  Or wood chips and why not, garbage, into gas. The lads at I. G. Farben jumped on it right away during World War II. And the South Africans survived for years on it and are today the world leaders in on the ground implementation.

The Blue Marble...

I first heard about it in high school chemistry in the early 1970's! But for the life of me I can't understand why there is not at least one of these units in every commercial oil refinery in North America? And especially Valero! These guys are the cutting edge...they make a fortune by buying that bunker C garbage from the gulf and bringing it to America and converting it to high octane gas! Nice racket! But I have never heard of them incorporating the Fischer Tropsch process in their refineries. Think of the endless and $profitable$ possibilities! Now mix in the Haber- Bosch  Process and we are rocking? A really good book to look into if you are interested in the endless possibilities is any edition of "Perry's Chemical Engineers Handbook". It is a great book to have if you are also a do-it-yourself stock picker... From what I can gather in my endless thumb thru's of these books is why is no one really running with it? It soon becomes obvious that the greedheads and pocket rapers are at it again.

It was all brought home to me (again) recently with the events in Japan. Japan has over 50 nuclear reactors! They were down one sight of four producing reactors. Rolling blackouts? How can that possibly be? What about the HVDC inter tie to South Korea? The inter tie to main land China? Much to my surprise and utter amazement these ties do not seem to exist! This inter continent tie system was first proposed by Buckminster Fuller way back in the 1960's! I vividly remember him seeing Prime Minister Trudeau about when I was in grade school! It would, if fully built, double the electricity capacity of the world without building another generating  facility.. think about it.. load factors... the world is round... yes.. yes.. and it rotates. Get it?

Russia(left), USA(right) Distance-85km-
 One of the first ways that we could really get this going is by building the Bering Strait inter tie. The distance here (85 km) is no where near the worlds longest HVDC submarine inter tie!  Plus the finger of God even got into this one by actually putting a couple of honking large islands half way across! And it is nice and shallow! I still daydream as an old fart of the economic possibilities of this one..... Every marginal desert area in Alberta and the whole mid west of the United States would bloom.. Ponder that.

But, (pop!), who am I kidding? In Ontario Canada we can hardly get a inter-provincial tie built, let alone an inter continental one! If we had an inter-provincial tie to Manitoba and Quebec we could feather the reactors down to .... Ohhhhhh! Now I get it!  

Check out the Global Energy Network Institute.  The only reason your home hydro meter should be connected to the internet is to provide data for load studies, not to be ripped off by the utility that is supposed to serve you, (not screw you)...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Democracy Fail

The most violent, mean and malignant passions of the human breast, the Furies of private interest. 
Karl Marx, Das Kapital, Buch I, AUTHOR'S PREFACES. To The First Edition

In an obvious moment of stress I was going to entitle this post " Capitalism Fail ", but after starting, I realized that capitalism has worked perfectly over the last few days. Lets start in Libya. Did you see it on TV? The United Nations resolution for a no fly zone, that in twenty four hours won't be required anyway? The British delay and under the table deal for future contracts and an offshore torture spot has been all sealed up. Great job! Perfect, save for tripping over the guy from the US State Department... Why, that pretty little Tory fella whats his name, will have the spot of honor at the next Bilderberg Group piss up this year for sure! Several spooks from MI what-ever will be on the New Years Honors List for freak'in sure.

You knew it was up for the nuts when they released the "ninjas" (SAS)  and they turned up, and were captured, by the opposition forces, who at that time were not looking for American green cards and offshore bank accounts, if they would only sell out the cause. What the SAS was really doing was protecting, Lord Pigfuckers junk bond portfolio at the behest of the Bilderberg Group! Wait for it. Screw Democracy! Were talking real and easy money here.   

Old Mo-mar is laughing with Satan right now as he is being informed by number 1 son that the "funds " from Israel  were just received in the Ghadafi Family Trust, somewhere in the Caymans.....

Now lets go to Japan. All the government organizations performed perfectly. All the warnings went out in Japanese and English. The NHK choppers were in the air and got a ton of important footage out to the world and in to the archives for future study. What really screwed up here? Got it in one! The capitalist entity by the name of Tokyo Electric Power Company. Capitalism worked perfectly. Use the freakin reactors way past the limits. If anything goes wrong, dump off to the government. If they squawk, remind them that an election can come at any moment, and ya need money to win elections right? Too big too fail, too rotten to live.

Let's leave the last word to the Doctor...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Found: Bev Oda's Brother?

- man's heart is a wonderful thing, especially when carried in the purse - 
Karl Marx,  Das Kapital-Buch I,  Chapter 9,  p. 252

Re: Breaking News....

I had no idea! No idea at all that Bev Oda the present Canadian Minister of Heritage and The Status of Women had a long lost brother! It is always a great day when a lowly blogger can provide a true public service. Did you notice that portfolio pairing folks? It appears that the Conservatives group womans with that moldy,dusty stuff! Remember that when you vote in the spring.... But the nut today is that watching all that terrible Japanese stuff, I swear I have found Bev Odas brother. And wouldn't ya know it he is in the same line of work (for now) as his long lost sister Bevvy!

Bev Oda
Yes sir, dear reader. The long lost brother is Yukio Edano!  He is the Chief  Cabinet Secretary in the present Kan Government. And just like his long lost sister he never told a lie in his life! I mean he is Japanese after all! And by no means has he ever got his hands out, let alone dirty. That $30,000 from that Korean does not count.

Yukio Edano
And he is so exciting to watch! Just like his sister! Integrity all the way! This man can be counted on to tell you the truth, and damn the consequences! I mean after all, he's Japanese! But you can always tell when he is lying like a rug! His eyes don't blink, it is incredible to watch. Now you know why Bevvy wears the dark glasses when her shit is pinched in the House. But Yukio can't get away with that one in Japan. He would be knicked as a Yakuza in a flash. Damn! Now, proof, watch carefully, they are really short. Here we go....

Was that brilliant or what? How do you go that long without blinking? Was he telling the truth? Watch for your self!

Nothing to worry about! Did you hear the THREE EXPLOSIONS ? No radiation coming from that piece of GE Gajun American crap. No sir! And wasn't the look on that SKYTV reporters face priceless?  As I write this folks the Death smoke is now rising from the Reactor three, no radiation there at all though. Now I will let the great Canadian tell you some truth, just to wrap this mess of gibberish up..... Pay attention there may be a test.

(See my earlier posts about the F-35, and my solution....) Well got to wrap this up, and get back to reading Mein Kampf, there is an election coming and I will need the Quotes.....

Monday, March 14, 2011

Letter to Linda Keen

Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.
Winston Churchill, Speech in the House of Commons, August 20, 1940 

RE: I told you so... 

Dear Linda:

Righteous revenge, so nobly suffered and so well deserved. If  " I told you so "  was death you would be Atilla The Hun! As soon as I saw your face in the CBC interview, I unconsciously crossed my legs to protect my package. I don't know why that happened, but I felt much better that it did happen. I really felt for you when you had that big piss-up with the brain dead Tory's. Didn't you just feel the concern they had for the Greater Good of us all?

You are probably still wondering what the hell was going on with those guys. May I suggest you look-up the Wikipedia article on the Bilderberg Group. That will pretty much explain every thing. Another problem may have been in the obvious fact that you outclassed every Tory you ran into. They really hate that! Just think back on all the people that have left the Tory fold in the last couple of years. But your worst sin of all, though no fault of your own, is that Steve Harper isn't half the man you are! And that is a shot against him, big time, think about it....

Boiling Water Reactor-No Conceivable Way this Can Blow UP!

Your interview today on the CBC, with all the goings on in Japan, locked up more screws on the Tory coffin lid then all the efforts of the Opposition will have in the soon to come Federal Election. Damn good work Woman! It was so sweet, the euphoria still hasn't worn off! I certainly hope you are enjoying it also.

You obviously grew up in the 60's. The idealism of Canada and the righteous knowledge that the following centuries belong to us always shows through. I know how dark it in get when you cross the Tory war machine. You didn't even need the night light!

In closing I just want to say; Thank You. Thank you for not folding. Thank you for poking the brain dead Tory's in the eye. Thank you for proving to us all that it can be done.

Now, if I could only write like Rex Murphy talks....

Letter to Justice David Watt

A true anarchist is the only man who can afford to relax in this world; his vision is clear and true, his aims are simple, and his appetites are tiny compared to the various packs of jackals who make up the opposition.
Hunter S. Thompson, The Proud Highway, Letter to Paul Semonin, November 15, 1964, p. 468

Your Honour:

Those that can, do and serve, those that can't, bitch and teach. I was greatly taken aback by the Kirk Makin article about you in the Globe & Mail on Friday March 11, 2011, page A7. Although I am only a mere citizen, it disturbs me greatly when a free-hold tenant of a seat on Her Majesty's High Bench is "jumped" in the national newspaper of Canada. And one can only imagine the effect and shock that this would have on one while reading the paper on the way in to the office! Not to mention the effect on ones family and good name.

 After reading your new style of writing, and observing that Mr. Makin  compares you to Elmore Leonard is Sir, in my most humble opinion, the basest defamation! It is my strong belief that you are much better than Elmore Leonard.

Exhibit 1:
Tung Duong and Dung Ton fell out over money owed and product misappropriated in their business ventures in drugs, prostitution and money lending. -R v Yumnu. October 2010
Exhibit 2:
We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert  when the drugs began to take hold. I remember saying something like " I feel a bit lightheaded; maybe you should drive..." Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, p. 3
When I read your "New Style" text I could immediately see the rhythm, and the music! It gonged me immediately, and hence this letter. Hunter S. Thompson slaved half of his life, sometimes suffering insanity and dire poverty to achieve that music and beat in words. And you just turned it on? Frighteningly impressive!

Exhibit 3:
Explosions damage and destroy things. Sometimes, their victims are people. Like here. -R v Endbridge Gas Distribution and Precision Utility Ltd. January, 2011 
Exhibit 4:

His eyes were full of craziness now, unable to focus. He seemed on the verge of some awful psychic orgasm...Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, p. 60
As for the two cited academics, rest assured, that there will be no appointments to any bench in this lifetime.You Sir have the makings of a great writer. After you have completed your statement of claim, may I suggest an anthology of your new style judgements, illustrated by Ralph Steadman?

                                                                                                     Most Respectfully;

A little inspiration.....

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stockwell Day, Chuck Strahl - Good Riddance!

The natural cure for an ill administration, in a popular or representative constitution, is, a change of men.  
James Madison, The Federalist, No. 21

Don't let the door at the Ottawa Airport hit your ass on the way out! What a good news day! I had to check the Google news page several times to make sure it was true! The mental pillars of the Tory Brain Trust! And power so close you could taste it! Or not? You know  the whole stinking moron mess is down the sewer to the Green Creek shit plant now! And I didn't even flush twice!

The only downside to this is, who is left to make Cheryl Gallant look smart? 

Ottawa has spit out, after successfully chewing to rat shit, two more western morons. Now all you geniuses at the riding associations make sure you send us some more of your best and brightest! A guy with high school is more than enough to be a Minister of the Crown! When he packs in with sickness( mental and/or physical...) from being in over his head you can spend the length of his time in office scratching your empty neanderthal skulls. There is no amount of money, or a Fart Catcher gifted enough to transform the detritus you send out here to Ottawa, to be in power. When will you poor stupid people get that trough your thick, low I.Q. skulls!

Running for Federal political office, is not the high school Student Council! It is not the town council of Ducks Ass Alberta! In Ottawa 75% of all the people have at least an undergraduate education! The blue collar City Employees are better educated then the morons you send here to run Canada! I can't say it any plainer than that! Perhaps I should say it in Ukrainian? Your a joke. If only we could part you off to the Americans! But even the Americans are smarter than a local Tory riding association!

But all chuckles aside. I know "Stock" will be fine. He will find another career after politics. Just look for the Wal-Mart greeter in the dry suit!

Canada is ready to Rock on!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Third Down and a Shot

Only a person who is congenitally self-centered has the effrontery and the stamina to write essays.
E. B. White, Essays of E.B. White, Foreword, p.vii

Well? What did you expect? Good sportsmanship? The rattle and roar of that big hit in that Montreal-Boston engagement is merely synonymous of the future progress of hockey as we have never known it. It is the turning point of the Bettman administration, corporate sponsorship, death wish marketing, and a signal of the coming rattle of post capitalist society.

The Boston Bruins in hiring that monster from somewhere downstream of the Chornobyl nuclear site is only looking to the future of the game! Plus you can't lose him, the son of a' bitch glows in the dark! Now you can take a shit at the Americans all you want, but at the end of the day, they know how to conduct business. They are simply getting ready for hockey of the future. Time is money, and time waits for no one, except that poor spaz sprawled on the ice like a pretzel!

I think back to the original six, and watching the games on Saturday night, with Foster Hewitt calling the play, with the poetry and precision of the best square dance caller! The players actually looked human back then! Not like some genetically mangled refugee from Blade Runner! Back then bariatric chambers were only owned by the Navy and NASA! Every kid played hockey in a league. But I can't remember one kid in Pembroke, Ontario in the 1960's that had all new gear! Why, the only guys that got all new gear were the guys that made the Pembroke Lumber Kings!

If your old enough and have played the game, think about back then was simply high speed ballet, with better than average eye-hand co-ordination. Today it is body armoured steroided monsters, with all the physical and ethnic requirements to be accepted in to the Waffen SS! You would  have to be legally  blind and from Canada not to see where hockey is going. 

Hockey in the future will be played on a 100 yard rink. The players will look like NFL players on skates! Weirdly enough, there are going to be about 12 guys on the ice, on each team! The Game will start, with the 12 players on each side on line at center ice. The puck will be dropped from high above...the "stick" has been replaced by a light "sabre" in the shape of a hockey stick of the past. You will still have the traditional net and the old football goal post! Is that freaking brilliant or what? They did a focus group, and the Yanks just loved it! The revenue and marketing possibilities simply cannot be ignored!

But the best thing about future hockey is "special teams"  You see, on the third down, you can kick OR shoot!

Where were you?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Letter To David "Leon" Chernushenko

A sledgehammer breaks glass but forges steel.
Leon Trotsky, "We do not change our course" (1938)

Dear David:

Cambridge University! Wooo... That is pretty impressive. As a matter of fact your biography is freaking amazing. The people of Capital Ward got their votes worth, that's for sure! The Oracle of Ottawa only writes the good guys. And I have taken the liberty to award you a nickname. Oh, it will stick! Just ask Diane Deans...It is a nasty ability I have had since grade 1. I use the pen name so that the future hit team will have a very hard time to find me. I know Google won't give me up. I have Ad$ense on this blog. And you have to be really, really bad before Google will give up an earner.

David Chernushenko

I just want to let you know how bad I feel for what happened at the last budget sit down. What a low, dirty thing to do to a fellow councilor! The depths of the perfidy has shocked even the Oracleofottawa! With no notice to you or the Bank Street merchants, out of the blue, they are going to rip up the artery of your ward, for God only knows how long! To be perfectly frank David this is the revenge of the greedheads and the land rapers. You and groups in your ward stood up to them. And by all indications, Landsdowne is dead.  Thank-you God! This is the beginning of their revenge! Seriously David be real careful, please! i.e. Take a cab, or always let the wife drive!     

David, I am very sure you have figured it all out. But those "agents" sitting at the table elected to run everything, well, they are not....The staff you think is and should be putting your priorities first is not... You have learned today that the first priority of some of these people are, you got it, the greedheads and the land rapers. But truth and virtue will out! God they hate that! Just ask Jan Hardon....

Leon Trotsky

Do you know that you have an amazing likeness to Leon Trotsky? Damn it is really eerie! And when I read your Bio on Wikipedia and found out you come from out west! Double damn eerie! Cause I also know that a lot of  "White Russians" settled out in Western Canada, starting in the late 19th century. And pardon me but, you have the same verbal directness, a sign of a very high I.Q.,  just like Leon!  

Work it David. Work it for all its worth! Let the hair grow! Get the wire circular glasses. Carry a beaten up brief case. Drive the other lumpen bums nuts! Don't, under any circumstances, let the fart catchers "refine" your image. Just keep being David "Leon" Chernushenko! 

                                                                                                 All The Best;

You be the judge....

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dementia at Desjardins (II)

Value, therefore, does not stalk about with a label describing what it is. 
Karl Marx, Das Kapital, Buch I, Chapter 1, Section 4, p. 85

Well, well. It seems that all the high powered Fart Catchers in the world, or at least on Bay Street in Toronto, can't make every thing happen, like they sell  it to the hapless corporate clients. In the mail this morning was a letter from my stock broker (RBC) extending the hardly generous offer for my Western Financial stock! The extension goes from Feb. 24, 2011, to March 17, 2011!  My, my! Who says small investors don't have power?

Karl Marx says; Just like I told ya!

The reason I wont take the crummy $4.10 a share is that Western Financial owns a Chartered  Bank! Yeah! A Schedule I Canadian domestic bank!  Called Bank West. In Canada you don't open a bank like a 7-11 corner store! They are a gold mine! And a Charter that is required to open a new bank is rare and very hard to get. I wouldn't take a $100.00 a share! And I strongly suggest that you don't either! If they had to extend this deal, it very clearly  appears to be in trouble! What usually happens on a "done" deal is that the first date is met by the majority of the stockholders. And the majority required depending on the domicile province is usually much more than 50% + 1! So this letter received this morning tells me that this dog is titsed! And enough of that...

Karl Marx said a long time ago that the worker would only get justice when he owned the means of production. Back in his time, in Victorian England, the joint stock limited liability company was in its infancy. It was nearly impossible for a normal working person to open an account with a stock broker. Therefore Karl Marx assumed in his writings the violent course of in the street social revolution. Move the clock up to today, 2011, any working person in the Americas, European Union, and most of Asia can own stocks. So how many do you own? There are nearly 7 billion people alive today. About 3 billion could easily become direct shareholders.

Give me 10 shares of BNS, Karl Marx sent me!

If there is one thing that keeps the ruling class up at night is the thought of the lumpen proletariat deciding all at once that they are going to get theirs! Nightmares of masses of activist share owners. Mutual and exchanged traded funds impossible to market and sell. It would spell the end of their world and the beginning of the dictatorship of  the proletariat! Just like Marx said at the end of Das Kapital Buch I in 1867! The times have caught up to the theory! Are you going to step up?

You will soon find out if you have the knack. Read about what the great investors in history have done. And read about what the great investors alive today have done and are doing. I mean only simple Buy and Hold investors such as say Warren Buffet. Let me tell you from my experience; behind many great fortunes and a multitude of small ones, there exists no crime! It is your birth right to be rich! So get the fuck on with it!

That's all Folks!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Yo! Girlfriend! Where's the Cheque?

This work, laborious as it may appear, has been to me a labour of love, an unfailing source of solace and satisfaction.
Sir Richard F. Burton, Introduction, The Thousand Nights and a Night, p. i

Well, I am sure you know by now that the Oracleofottawa is a big Wikipedia freak. Every now and then I check out the article of my home town. Just to see how awesomely lucky I have been in this incarnation of the cosmic ovarian lottery. I have been most fortunate indeed! And a lot of the time, now, as I advance in years, I feel quite guilty that I haven't done enough to justify my Creators trust. So I feel compelled that in some small way, everyday, I will make the world a better place. It is a Mantra that I made up all by myself and it is very powerful indeed. And, no, I did not register it as a Trade Mark. So, by all means, give it a try!

Centre Block, Ottawa, Canada
 According to Wikipedia, Ottawa had the second highest quality of life of any city in the Americas, 
and 14th highest in the world according to the "Mercer Human Resource Consulting Quality of Living Survey".  I figure we could be in the top five if we had more competence on the ground.  A lot of my disposable income in the form of taxes has gone into this achievement. And in my humble opinion not damn near enough is taxed in Canada! At the end of the day - YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!- That's it and that's all....

Now I was much surprised that a "sister city" of Ottawa is Beijing China! How the fuck did that happen? And how much are the Burgers of the City of Ottawa getting each year from the likes of Beijing for the basking in the softening glow that the reputation of the City of Ottawa provides? Maybe Gentleman Jim can bring this up with a certain high Chinese functionary at the next meeting of the Canada-China Friendship Association? (See earlier posting...) I think you should bring this up with your councilor at the next fart catching and arse smelling meet and greet. No?

"Freedomlude",  Beijing, China, June 05,1989
 But perhaps it is an error in the article? The Burgers of Ottawa surely cant be as naive as this? Again, ask the question of the good Citizen; What Is In This For Me? I figure if the chinese are not paying at least twelve million a year, we put them up for "adoption"!

May I suggest as a Sister City; say, Bergen Norway, Edinburgh Scotland, St. Petersburg Russia, Paris France, Washington  District of Columbia, anything but the above.....

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dementia at Desjardins

But a waterfall cannot be created by capital out of itself.
Karl Marx, Das Kapital , Buch III, Chapter XXXVIII, Differential Rent: General Remarks, p. 646

As do many Canadians, I always look forward to the last Friday of the month, for the Report on Business magazine that is inserted  in the Globe & Mail newspaper. As the economy is coming back like a bandit, the good ole mag has begun to return to its former girth and pith. There is usually one great story that is read from front to back and read again later and enjoyed even more. This month was no exception, Quiet Revolution was a fascinating read. The design of the opening, with the picture of Monique Leroux, in her best Sunday muffin suit, posed as a worrying Joan of Arc, give me a warm fuzzy feeling all over... just like wetting my pants. The Fart Catcher communications type must have billed a fortune for this exemplary bit of propaganda!

Of course there was the sad part, the well written "box" on Alphonse Desjardins brought forth a tear, in that I have realized again how another great institution has failed me. And it will never return. There was much about the present managements awesomeness in its new acquisition of Western Financial out West. And its heroic rise from a near demise with the brush of  Asset Backed Commercial Paper. It is all so amazing, that this story was in the Globe & Mail Magazine, just now? Then I realized that the story was "planted" to help along a hostile takeover...engineered by a the best top flight Fart Catching firm money could buy.. And another tear as I realized that yet another institution, two in one day, has let me down.
I roll in my grave, tabernack!!

I had dealt with Desjardins for decades. Back in the old days, it was great! It was the place to go. It was tradition, it was justice, and above all it was value! The manager back then was a hell of a guy, tabber-wet! He knew his business, mode-zey! We talked stocks alot. He put together a small fortune, as have I, by making our own decisions. Great days.  But he retired, as he well deserved to. Then the marketing guys stepped in and dropped all the old Catholic names from the branch's. I felt at the time that this was a red flag, I was early and in the end, right again! My branch was the Ste-Genevieve, and I remember the first night in my own home that I got down on my knees to thank her for being able to own my own home, finally. The Caisse Populaire is not another bank...

Then the long slow downhill slide. At this time the quality of the management began to head south. The institution cut it ties with the past. The Death Wish marketing set in. I knew then that it was all down hill from here.  The final straw came at the time of my last mortgage renewal. I had a very reasonably priced mortgage insurance on the mortgage. I asked that that it remain on the remaining balance. At this time I was very near the end of the mortgage. But as I was paying the mortgage, I began to notice that the balance was not going down as fast as I expected... That was because the Haitian SLUT! princess slipped in a full life insurance policy and a disability policy! I was paying near $200.00 a month for insurance on a risk that I didn't have any more!  How perfidious is that? How scummy, how slimey, how low is that? It will never be forgiven!! 

Caisse-Populiare in Toronto, Ontario

At this time I began to notice certain ethnic types (Jamicans, Haitians) not resident of my "Hood" in the branch with freaking fist fulls of large denomination, but dirty cash, I am talking well in excess of, or very nearly, in the
ball park of ten grand...This raised not a flutter from the Haitian princess....The same loud skanky bitch's with amounts of money in hand that made no sense at all. And the guy from the armoured courier, walking in with that puzzled look, as he drops off another Bank of Canada wrapped (new bills) brick of 50's! ($250,000) Yes someone should know about this... CSIS was informed from a public payphone....(Yes, justice is very cheap.. you just gotta know how...)

Well it was at this time that I decided for my own personal safety, reputation and good name to terminate my relationship with this once fine institution by paying off the mortgage, never to return. To all you poor suckers that are being finely and properly served by Western Financial I wish you all the best. You are, if this hostile takeover goes through, in for an awakening most rude... But, as in most tragedies, this one too has a silver lining, You see the Caisse offered $4.40 a share for Western Financial, I bought a shit load of the stock years ago at a $1.00! And the branch has a new manager! I got a nice letter from him recently, hoping that we could "talk" sometime, signed; Ramjam Mohammed bin Shazaar...    Selah....

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Speed up the Internet, Tax it!

" You know Colson had that sign on the wall in his office saying ONCE YOU HAVE THEM BY THE BALLS, THEIR HEARTS AND MINDS WILL FOLLOW." 
Hunter S. Thompson, The Great Shark Hunt, Fear and Loathing at the Watergate: Mr Nixon Has Cashed His Check, p. 260

I don't know what is going on with the net in Ottawa! Checked the speed of my connection using last Sunday night and it had the latency of a truck struck sow! (130ms)  But testing again tonight it has the latency of damn near South Korea! And fast! Tonight it wacked in at 16.3 Mb/s! with a latency of 29ms. But damn that ain't any where near the best in the world...  Why is that do you think?

The top five fastest countries in the world are South Korea!, Latvia!, Lithuania, Moldova?, and the Aland Islands! I have a funny  feeling that the above speedsters are not being served by Rogers Communications. I will bet that they are being served by a dedicated government utility! Just like we USED TO HAVE in Canada...So we have a problem here.

Rogers Communications...

Capitalism HAS NOT  brought us a lot of things. Capitalism did not bring us the first man in space. Capitalism did not bring us atomic energy. Capitalism did not bring us the baddest air lift records in the history of the world. (See any edition of Janes All The Worlds Aircraft) Capitalism did not bring us the AK-47, the best combat rifle in the history of the world. Why Hell! Capitalism did not bring us the Internet! Capitalism is really dragging it's ass!

The only solution I see is to slap a Tobin like tax on the internet! I suggest a 1.5 cent tax on every gigabite of used bandwidth. And for over use a $1.00 per gigabite tax payable by not the customer but Rogers Communication! Hah! that will get that out of the way pretty damn fast, you think?


Form a Canadian Government Crown Corporation and use the said tax revenues to build the people of Canada the ultimate Freaking fastest net on Freaking Earth! I mean Jesus Christ with a T-3! We invented the goddamn telephone! We built most are near all the technology. How the hell did we end up as number 56 in the world! 
Telus at the CRTC...

Lets call the said new Crown Corporation say Lightning Canada. Now they will bring the net to everyone in Canada just like the government brought every one rail service! Now if you have  jurisdiction over the Canadian net you could build all the parts that the corps won't build, cause they are waiting for the other guy to do it. Now mix in corporate "bigger dick syndrome" and what do you have? Rogers, Telus and Bell....

The only way we will have as fast an internet as "South Korea" is if the government builds it, why just like in South Korea!

" I am waiting at the wrong pole....." Hmmmm.....

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Conservatives, Amalgamation and Term Limits

A man cannot become a child again, or he becomes childish.
Karl Marx, Grundrisse, Introduction, p.31

The past is easy, it's the future that's the bitch. That, in a nut, is the problem of conservatism. A wonderful book by James John Guy called " People, Politics And Government " in its fifth edition no less, can fill us in...

"The term conservatism was coined from the French word conservateur, the label given to French writers and statesman who demanded a return to pre-revolutionary conditions after the fall of Napoleon. "(p. 87)
One of the biggest weaknesses of conservatism is this inherent backward view. And the eventual collapse due to the the ever growing belief  that the office becomes personal property. Have you ever noticed that it is always the conservatives squawking for term limits? It is only because of term limits that they get into office at all! Have you ever noticed that amalgamation is always done by conservatives? They cannot stand the concept of "countervailing power". When you amalgamate, it is so much easier to get your brat and your useless brother- in law a job. And you guessed it! The reason we still have child poverty and no national daycare is that if the kids grow up in a balanced and equitable environment, complete with good toilet training there would be no one left in 15-20 years to vote conservative!     

Also one of the standard phobias that eventually destroy a conservative government is paranoia!  Let us refer to James John Guy again....

"Conservatives knew they could be toppled by liberal political movements who hated them.They regarded themselves as surrounded by well organized enemies; they felt permanently on the defensive against the forces of liberalism, nationalism, and the unforeseeable consequences of popular sovereignty." (p.87)  
Also, and this really irks me, is that conservative party's are always second (or usually worse) raters. You always have moron ministers, a lot with no formal education after grade eight! Or flunk outs, a lot of damaged goods also that should not even be in public life! Cooked biographies are common. No?  

Jason Kenney knows! (Where the Commons Cafeteria Is...)
Jason Kenney does not know... What a good tailor is.... What a pig.....

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

John Kenneth Galbraith, No Greater Gift

Conscience is better served by a myth.
John Kenneth Galbraith, The Age of Uncertainty, Chapter 4, p.111

John Kenneth Galbraith never won the Nobel Prize for Economics. Although he invented an idea as powerful as the invisible hand and left a body of work that is still seen on bookshelves to this very day. His greatest idea was that of "countervailing power". It is an idea that will become more and more important as the future unfolds, because you can apply it to political processes and all levels of sociological interactions. As a matter of fact you can trace a lot of organizational problems to the lack of countervailing power. As a matter of another fact, the lack of countervailing power leads to my great idea, the process of skidmarkization. That is a new word. I have found that large organizations without countervailing power soon lose their best people and the process of skidmarkization sets in as the brother in laws and brats replace the competent people.. Look around you! But enough of that!

John Kenneth Galbraith came from a farm in southern Ontario. Not very far from where I live. It always strikes students of Canadian history how a farm kid from Canada ended up serving in four of the greatest political administrations of the most powerful country on Earth! How the Hell did he get a security clearance?
Under the Kennedy administration he served as American Ambassador to India! Where at one point he single handedly prevented World War III! Damn! Where he did he get the jam? I get exhausted just thinking about it all...

John Kenneth Galbraith (left)
 Now John was also a fully tenured Harvard Prof. He wrote about 48 books and over 1000 articles! And do you remember The Age of Uncertainty television series? I grew up watching it on TV Ontario, I never tired of watching it. As a matter of fact it lit an interest in economics that has stayed with me all my life..(so far..) Darn! He must have been stinkin' rich!  The literary estate must still generate handsome cheques. What I always wanted to know is; what did he do with his money? Was it all in government bonds? Was he a shrewd successful stock picker? Or did he just spend it like a sailor? I always wanted to know that....   

But I do know how those residual cheques could be larger. Would someone look into getting the complete BBC series of The Age of Uncertainty into a DVD box set? If it could be digitally remastered pure heaven! My favorite episode was the third segment " The Massive Dissent of Karl Marx." It was utterly brilliant! And I am sure it will always be timely, since all the footage was captured at the exact locations of the subjects. And include a guide book perhaps? An updated version of The Age of Uncertainty? In time for Christmas would be perfect indeed!

 A little teaser, still plays very well, my favorite segment of The Age of Uncertainty...