Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Future Role Of Capitalism

Revolution offers the opportunity to rethink the largest questions and, in fact, compels people to reexamine what they have always taken for granted.
William Greider, One World, Ready Or Not, p. 44

It all started with the early retirement. Now there was time to read all those books that I had promised myself. First I started with Adam Smith and the unabridged Wealth Of Nations. It was so good and I got through it so surprisingly fast that I figured I would continue with Das Kapital by Karl Marx! Well that just blew my head wide open! I continued with Capital Volumes II and III! Then it all got out of hand... I decided to read all the "name" economists of the classical and near modern periods! Say, Keynes, Ricardo, you name it, Amazon Canada was really busy for a while!

State sanctioned capitalists of the future at work...

Then of course, with my head totally remoulded and rewired, a great truth occurred to the Oracle of Ottawa. This period we are now living in, the last days of "high capitalism", are soon to end. And the world of tomorrow will be a much different and I am pretty certain a much better place. The Oracle of Ottawa will not get into the details of the new world coming in this post, but he will give you a hint or two.

There will still be private property, and all that. But the focus of society will shift from the monetary enrichment of the individual to a focus of the full realization of the individual. There will still be a market based "capitalism", but it will fulfill a clean-up role in the new society. The market based economy will never be allowed to exceed more than 25% of the sanctioned economic activity. The Oracle of Ottawa has provided a picture and a  movie of the capitalists of the future in their new role.....

Future capitalists at work in their new clean up role... A lot like the old capitalists??  

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Elizabeth May - Bitch Slaps The 'Harper Government'

The supremacy of the verbal over the monumental has something about it of the supremacy of life over death.
Northrop Frye, The Great Code, p. 200

As frequent flyers of this blog already know, the Oracle of Ottawa is a great fan of Elizabeth May, the party of one, representing all the Green Party of Canada, so far... In a posting just before the last Canadian federal election the Oracle of Ottawa advised the people of Elizabeth Mays riding that there could be no better vote than for Elizabeth May. These people were pretty smart and took the Oracle of Ottawa's advice.

Elizabeth May - Party of One...

I have included a link to the great woman's article on Wikipedia, so that you could fill in the back ground. This is a blog, not War and Peace, after all...It is quiet safe to say, right out loud, that there is more knowledge between the ears of Elizabeth May than in all of the 'Harper Government' cabinet!

It was the Wednesday Question Period, and Liz, as one of the "other parties", got in a Members Statement, and it was a sneak in statement, but you only get sixty seconds, and no better use of sixty seconds in all of Canadian history was so well used. As the Oracle of Ottawa has feared and predicted, we have been sold down the Yellow River, so to speak, by the 'Harper Government' for a mere thirty pieces of silver. Yes, dear reader, the Canada - China Investment Treaty will leave Canada worse off then we ever were as a colony of the British Empire!  As a matter of fact you may as well call Canada the Gold Mountain or the most Western province of China!

It is quiet clear that when this "treaty" is enforced we in Canada will be essentially a colony of Communist China! You just can't make this stuff up. But it invokes many other dangers. The most important being that the Americans to our immediate south, may not look favorably upon a communist state setting up shop, so to speak, on the door step of the United States of America. Do you remember the Cuban Missile Crisis?  The Oracle of Ottawa has warned before in an earlier posting, that it was and is his greatest fear that the Americans will invade Canada, and if the 'Harper Government' is not stopped this is what will happen. The United States  simply will not tolerate a compromised government of even an ally to endanger the American people. 

 Elizabeth May - Party of One!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Suhana Meharchand - Awesome Again!

There is no need for torture: Hell is other people.
Jean Paul Sartre, No Exit, Act 1, Scene 5

It still appears that Suhana has still not signed the Jimmy Moore purity pledge! You go girl! And though she is one of the few full time federal civil servants still employed with the Mother Ship of the CBC, otherwise known by the 'Harper Government' as the "state broadcaster". She is certainly not "dogging it" like Rex Murphy by choosing only the wimpy safe topics for the great radio show Cross Country Checkup.

Suhana for the Order of Canada!

Today's topic was the incredibly hot "How do we stop bullying" on the internet! Well it was on in the car for about ten minutes before the Oracle of Ottawa and his significant other broke out into a terrible row! The Oracle of Ottawa has a few things that he simply must get off his handsome and fulsome chest on this very hot issue.

What the hell does a brat under the age of twenty one need a Facebook page for anyway? The Oracle of Ottawa pondered if he would have opened one in his youth and I always give it the fail! Who the hell needs a hundred "friends"?? The Oracle of Ottawa is amazed at all the I-Phone zombies that he always observes in Ottawa while out for recreation from the secure bunker. Why it was only a few weeks ago that the Oracle of Ottawa observed a sweet young thing melt down into a complete nervous breakdown because her facebook page was somehow screwed  up! The Oracle of Ottawa is still shaken by the event. The whole freaking world is going freaking nuts!!

It was Karl Marx who once said in volume one of Capital, that men had successfully dressed themselves for centuries without ever knowing what a tailor was! Well the Oracle of Ottawa is saying that you don't need stupid facebook and an I-Phone to get friends. And if you do, and your brats do, it is time for the kitty shrink! The Oracle of Ottawa will explain how this all came about....

It is all to do with corporate over whore marketing. The parents are part of the frightened and obedient work force of surplus labor. They have no time to be engaged in anything except their own selfish goals of like; surviving. They instill the same values into their brats. Go along and get along. Start whoring out yourself now brat, just like Mommy and Daddy do with a smile on their face everyday. Because sweetheart although you are not working yet you are already owned by Capital, lock stock and soul, which if you could, you would probably try to sell on E-Bay like Bart Simpson! How long will a society like this stand? Not very long...

It seems that just as the crime stats are crashing like the mortgage market in 2008, the corporate over whores need a new crime and they need it soon! There is going to be a Super-Max prison system in Canada and damn it, the corporate over whores have got to have candidates, any candidates! The Oracle of Ottawa feels like he is living in a cross of 1984 and the Brave New World!

When  the Oracle of Ottawa went to high school in the 1970's there was not one suicide of a peer that I can recollect! And this was in the era of an insane drug culture that was just everywhere in Canada at the time. Kids did not burn down their parents for the new pair of Nikes, threatening permanent personality damage if they had to go with out! But in today's world I have seen a good Dad go to death from the never ending demands of daughters and wives. God this world is so insane and it is so greedy ugly!! The Oracle of Ottawa needs a good old style tune to lift him up....

 Sigh... The Oracle of Ottawa is just an analog man, Thank God....

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Canada Action Plan - The Final Solution?

All men by nature desire to know.
Aristotle, Metaphysics, opening line..

You would think that any modern government that brings forth radical legislation, that they truly deem to be of interest to all its citizens, would have no problem debating it in the House of Commons and welcome full and transparent  public consultations. One would think that if it was truly in the best interests of the citizenry, the government of power and of the day  would welcome, nay, even relish defending its merits. Well, give yourself a shake!

China Steve - Who's your daddy?

The reason why ole Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government' puts all the legislation into large omnibus bills and then rams them through the House is done for a very good reason. He is stuck with the biggest group of morons in the history of Canadian politics! With the load of mouth breathing suckers that he is stuck with, it is the last thing in the world that he wants to risk is showing all of Canada what a group of utter morons they have actually elected, and in some areas of Canada, stolen by criminal means. And certain Asian masters are getting very impatient indeed....

Lets look at the hard facts. The Agricultural minister is a total moron. And no, he is not a high school drop out! You have to go to high school to drop out of it! The environment minister has maybe grade six. If any one knows which high schools these actors attended, please update the Wikipedia articles! The Health minister is a total disgrace again without even an undergraduate degree in even a related science to her portfolio! The defense minister, only has the background to be a passable small town real-estate lawyer. The finance minister used to be literally an ambulance chaser! Meanwhile, the chrome dome, prime minister sits to his seat like he is playing Risk in the kitchen....Is this any way to run a first world country?

Watching Question Period and the other business of the House, several things become readily apparent. The whole 'Harper Government' program is starting to take on the aura of a Stalinist five year plan. And the second thing that is becoming alarmingly clear to this citizen, is that the 'Harper Government' is not only compromised, but quite probably owned outright, lock, stock and short hairs by the Peoples Republic China!

Reading even closer between the lines, so to speak, one sees that there is a target group, not an ethnic group, but two social classes, that are earmarked for certain extermination, and they are the middle class and all elements of organized labour. That's the way it looks to this humble blogger, and I am sticking to my story.

It is only a matter of a short time before the Canadian people rise up. And yes, you read that right. There will not be enough cops, soldiers, bullets, tear gas, pepper spray, CCTV, spies and online surveillance to put it down. And that is real ugly if you have ever been anywhere where it has happened. You never forget it, and you will fear anarchy for the rest of your days.  


 Work will set you free??

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Canadian Museum of Civilization Goes Disneyland

The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.
George Orwell, Animal Farm, Chapter 10

 As any reader of this blog already knows, the Oracle of Ottawa greatly resents having conservative darwinist western canadian pigs screwing with the Great Canadian Institutions. The Canadian Museum of Civilization has been called the Canadian Museum of Civilization since 1856! Why the "brand" of the Canadian Museum of Civilization is older than Canada itself! How dare some come lately pig of a pinhead in the bloated form of James Moore dare to even think of screwing with it?

Corporate sponsorship pending.....

The Oracle of Ottawa got first wind of the change when one Andrew Cash of the NDP opposition stood to his seat in Question Period Monday last and asked the "government" for clarification of the foolhardy move.  The  fool in the overly rotund form of James Moore confirmed the "re-branding" and actually seemed to relish the utter outrage of the Opposition! The new name is to be The Canadian Museum of History or a similar play on the words thereof...

The Canadian Museum of Civilization is renowned for its permanent galleries depicting over 20,000 years of human civilization. Well that is all soon to be gone dear reader. The stated focus now will be only on "Canadian history" as seen through the pig eyes of the conservative party of canada. Translated, that means that only the sanitized version of Canadian history as approved by the Prime Ministers Office and its minions and communication contractors will be the only approved version that will be allowed to be seen by Canadians from now on. Curators take note... 

Great Hall - like Canada now soon to be a memory....
 The Oracle of Ottawa has got wind of some of the new permanent  exhibits. The much loved Great Hall will become the Preston Manning Hall of Mirrors, with each mirror cracked just right to provide a gross and repulsive image. Western knuckle dragging hicks from Ducks Ass Alberta will truly love this! The real reason all the ancient galleries will be hidden forever is that the residents of Ducks Ass Alberta, the home of the Conservative Party of Canada Ideology Purity Committee have reminded the PMO that all the artifacts could not possibly be real since the Earth was created in six days sometime around 4000 B.C.!

Another new exhibit will be known as Great Conservatives of The Past, this of course will not require very much space. A utility closet that at present holds all the toilet paper and hand soap, has been deemed more than large enough to contain the proposed exhibit....  But the high-lite exhibit is going to be a real crowd pleaser! The Oracle of Ottawa has found this out from a very reliable source.... There is going to be a life sized awesome look-a-like of Sir John A. MacDonald(!!) at the very height of his great and august career. And just as Old Faithful goes off every twenty minutes down in Yellowstone National Park, Sir John is going to puke on his shoes just as he did in last campaign, deep in the throes of alcoholism and early onset dementia. Yes, the Oracle of Ottawa knows his Canadian history.

Well, it has come to the end of the day. The rotund James Moore and that skidmark from Barhaven, who does not required to be named, have made another great contribution to the 'Harper Government' legacy; that incredible ability to take something that was once whole and complete and transform it into something less...

Google Blogger Stats Counter Fails Again!

For the second time in two days the stats function on Google Blogger has failed. On Sunday night at around 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time the daily stats upgraded and reset all the other stats to zero. It was rectified around 11:00 p.m. that evening... Today (Tuesday October 16, 2012) my daily counter has stopped around 7:26 p.m.Eastern Standard Time. I was able to confirm this by opening another window in the browser and googling my own blog and hitting a few posts, which in the past automatically counted on my daily stats immediately. This is really aggravating since all these problems started with the forced adoption of the new blogger interface, that has proved to be a total fail! Not to mention all the ad sense money that is being lost to all those people that have it activated....

Monday, October 15, 2012

Dalton McGuinty Done In By PPP

It is true that space is only in my head; but empirically my head is in space.
Arthur Schopenhauer, The World As Will And Idea, Volume II, p. 184

Not even the Oracle of Ottawa got a sniff of this one coming. But there you go. But it is obvious to the Oracle of Ottawa that it was the Private Public Partnerships that did him in. The corporate whores can under no circumstances ever be allowed into the hen-house of government as pals. And the events of the very recent past are total proof of this. Andrea Horvath, for crying out loud, take note! 

Dalton McGuinty - done in by PPP

The Oracle of Ottawa stated his sneak'in suspicions around the time of the onset of the electric smart meters. Something that was not needed and will never pay for them selves. But before that and now it was a hell of  run for the mighty Dalton. He ended up being the sixth longest serving premier in Ontario history. Tim Hudak will never touch that, not even in his wildest dreams! But Andrea Horvath could beat that, if she acts like a cross between Hurricane Hazel and Joseph Stalin! And that is the way you have to conduct government. The corporate whores are never to be trusted. You must have them and keep them on there knees begging, or else you will be another Dalton.

Now the Oracle is free of the ties of the past. He can now vote for the NDP and like it. I figure that Andrea Horvath is the Hurricane Hazel of Ontario, and damn it that is what we really really need. If an old women of 91 years can get elected 12 times in a row and make politics look easy, it must be then as easy as that. The Oracle of Ottawa can only hope that some one has learned a lesson from this sad debacle....

Meanwhile in the corporate bunker - somewhere in downtown Toronto, the corporate over whores are not taking the news very well....

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

'Harper Government' Plays With Huawei Fire

A bad review is even less important than whether it is raining in Patagonia.
Iris Murdoch, The Times newspaper, July 6, 1989

Corruption is a sin of power. To be compromised is a sin of omission. To be compromised is far worse than being corrupt or to be corrupted. To be compromised is the greatest display of rot and weakness. This is the second time that the Oracle of Ottawa has been impelled to blather on about this straw telecom Huawei. Again the Americans are sounding the alarm out loud. The Oracle of Ottawa is sure that State Department feelers have already been extended down and through ordinary diplomatic standards. We all know what will happen next if the first two attempts are ignored...

The straw-man  tele-com?

Weird things can start to happen when security concerns and warnings are ignored by the Americans. And all those who toil in the innards of the old vulgar media, know exactly what the Oracle of Ottawa means. After seeing the conclusions of the American House Intelligence Committee today, the Americans are getting very antsy to say the least! Keep that slot under your office door open, and make sure there is lots of paper in the fax-machine! This sucker is going to blow wide open any time soon.

It is pretty easy to be one of the largest tele-com suppliers in the world if you are backed a state communist party. Your R & D costs will also be pretty low if another state communist telecom and massive global state security apparatus steals all the other guys plans for you! If there ever was a straw man telecom Huawei appears to be IT! No one knows how owns it exactly, the straw men have never given interviews, and appear to have no intention to. Now the House Intelligence committee can't get to vocal about it, but they are very well informed by the CIA and the even more powerful NSA.These guys aren't pissing into the wind, if you get my drift.

In Canada, down on Ogilvie Street, there are a wack of CSIS types all but pulling out what is remaining of their hair, as they try desperately to figure out a way to explain to the 'Harper Government', with Crayolas, the utter danger they are in by ignoring our biggest allies reasonable requests. Americans don't like to mess in the affairs of other nation states, especially the first world states like Canada, but they will, and it will be fatal, and certain, and in the last resort with extreme prejudice. It is all sort of like Three Days of the Condor in reverse! And you heard first from the Oracle of Ottawa.....

Clue yourself in dear reader. It is all pretty interesting and if you are an "85" all so clear and blatantly obvious...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Gerry "The Ditz" Ritz Circles The Bowl

No more can governments rely on the passivity of subjects; they must face the activity of the citizens.

Leslie Lipson, The Great Issues Of Politics, (Seventh Edition), p. 179

You certainly know when the micro-dicks of the 'Harper Government' are in the pencil sharpener, don't we dear reader? When it all goes really bad, and the very foundations shudder, don't expect to be able to see that edition of Question Period on CPAC, or even to see it on the usual rerun time at 11:00 pm. on the day of that edition of Question Period! Hell no, the corporate whores that own CPAC for a "public service" are only willing to let you see Question Period on the same day if it just happens to make the MORONS of the 'Harper Government' look good on that particular day. The spin doctors and fart catchers from the Prime Ministers Office are threatening everyone and everything overtime on days like this, and today is not the first time, is it?

Gerry "The Ditz" Ritz, BFL (see below...)

The Oracle of Ottawa warned early and often that the train wreck(s) would be just down the line and approaching at full throttle. Well, here we are! The Oracle of Ottawa warned that when he could not find which high school the Gerry "The Ditz" Ritz , the present short lived Agricultural Minister, attended, it could only mean serious trouble down the road. Still looking for that information. If any member of the House can get him to tell the truth about the XL Foods train wreck, the Oracle of Ottawa would really still like to know which high school and which University Gerry "The Ditz" Ritz graduated from!

It is rapidly becoming apparent to the Oracle of Ottawa that Pathogenic E. coli is a Conservative disease! Every time you get a right wing wack-ball conservative government in power you will see this disease as sure as sunrise! It brought down the Conservative Harris government in the Province of Ontario, with the horrendous E. coli outbreak in Walkerton, Ontario that left several people dead and scores of others weakened for the rest of their shortened lives!  And guess where the spew of this provincial government ended up? You bet'cha, they all seemed to get a seat and most of the cabinet posts in the 'Harper Government'! This is not bullshit, the Oracle of Ottawa has provided links to cited and very detailed references, take your time, and enjoy.

E.coli at 10,000x

The reason the Oracle of Ottawa is hot about this issue is that from late August and early September past, the Oracle of Ottawa suffered from the worst multiple case of exploding shit that he has ever experienced! God Damn! You fucking western hick monkey Ritz!! As we now know that this latest E.coli Conservative debacle has affected 41 US States. The Oracle of Ottawa was enjoying his usual brand of most excellent velvety Chili from a small cannery somewhere in the North East US, when upon passing the obligatory chili fart, felt a bubbling and then a gurgle, shit, you could literally hear it! Then Holy fuck up Ritz! You better be near a shitter, because you are just going to have a monster explosive sludge  "Ritz shit".... You had that to dear reader? It wasn't the "heat" of August after all, was it now? Well that is the effect of cow shit in red meat, hope all you western hick monkeys out west got something to feed all those cows you aren't going to be able to sell, except for dog food to China! Your good friends....

The only thing that will recompense the pain and suffering experienced this summer by the Oracle of Ottawa is that Gerry "The Ditz" Ritz is awarded the degree of BFL, (Backbencher For Life)!! And the Oracle of Ottawa is waiting and expecting the Opposition to continue to root these unqualified and uneducated western hicks from cabinet and if possible from Parliament itself. It isn't "bullying" if it will save some innocent persons life. And while you are that little task, lets get Gerry "The Ditz" Ritz started on his high school diploma....

How ironic that the people that are going to suffer the most are the poor suckers that actually for voted for low life shit such as this! Reap the whirlwind you sowed.....

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Gentleman Jim Peddles The Lead Nugget Saloon

Still humping the American Dream, that vision of the Big Winner somehow emerging from the last minute pre-dawn chaos of a stale Vegas casino. 
Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, p. 57

Ottawa ain't Monte Carlo! Why any mayor of Ottawa would want his legacy to be a gambling house, simply leaves the Oracle of Ottawa totally befuddled. And according to the local vulgar media, the public "consultation" didn't go too smoothly tonight. The ethically challenged  mayor cites the argument that Quebec is getting all the gambling dollars and leaving us, the citizens of Ottawa, with all the problems. And, therefore the solution is to build an even more tempting gambling house in Ottawa and make the problem twice as bad!  One can readily see that Carleton University does not do very well on the installation of the moral compass.
Starting point for new Ottawa Casino....

As mentioned in an earlier posting, the Oracle of Ottawa has related the fact that we already have the seed and perfect location and venue for a high end gambling house in Ottawa, and it is out in the boonies, where it should be, the Rideau-Carleton Race track. The Oracle of Ottawa simply can not understand what the Mayor of Ottawa has against the shit-fur interface of the horsey community?  The Oracle of Ottawa understands that the powers that be really hate dark brown and black arse holes, but did you ever try to apply an anus bleach kit to a horse? Pretty tricky, to say the least. One has to accept nature as it is, on certain occasions.

The key to this whole problem is that we must have something that Quebec can't hope to ever offer. Building a copy of the Gatineau Casino less then two miles from the original will be a total fail. They are established and they have brand. A hick and his bur(h)gers won't have a chance in Hell in matching them at there core competency! Why is that so hard to understand? What else is really at play here? What is in it for Gentleman Jim to persue this insane idea?

The key is to posh up the Rideau-Carleton Raceway! It is all too easy, over half of it is already there, and there sure won't be a parking problem! It is bush for as far as the eye can see! And it is very close to the Ottawa International Airport. This will be very important when Rideau-Carleton goes thoroughbred! That will be the angle that Quebec will not be able to touch! Improvements will include a new turf track! Why even the Queen of England would ship her horses to compete here in Ottawa! Ottawa could get into the Queens Plate cycle! Why not? Then the Arabs will come, do you see where all this is going? And then the spring annual Ottawa Derby! World class, international. Think with me people!!

As of late the Oracle of Ottawa has had a troubling and very recurring thought at where that down town casino will end up. Since the commercial tenants aren't exactly fighting over the available spaces at the Landsdowne Live train wreck, and the City of Ottawa taxpayer is already in for now over 200 million dollars, that shit hole casino could end up in the Glebe! As a matter of fact, that may have been the long term plan all along! What better way to rapidly depress all those nice old Glebe piles, that at present sell for over a million bucks a pop! Think about it people....What better way to land bank for all those throw away 500 square foot vinyl shoe boxes?  And I thought that nice David Chernushenko lad was way smart. But you can feel that he is sensing something is wrong, and he has no idea how right he is.... Now the only problem is to find who is leaking the master plan.....

Is Ottawa ready to pay this price? As an Ottawa taxpayer, are you ready for this 24/7??