Saturday, April 27, 2013

Diane Finley Has No Cheese

All living language is in a condition of constant growth and change.
William Dwight Whitney, The Life And Growth Of Language, p. 33

One thing about the Royal Opposition and the Third Party, they know where the weakest link is. And they have certainly been pounding at it in the House of Commons in the past week. Minister Diane Finley of Human Resources and Skills Development certainly has been taking a pounding, not only this past week, but since this Session has started. The members keep constantly asking for some cheese from the hapless Minister, only to find that the particular cheese they are asking for today is just fresh out. And then, like a real poor Eastern Block bouzouki  band, the talking points are repeated over and over again. It so reminds the Oracle of Ottawa of the Monty Python Cheese Shop sketch.

Dogbert says: Sorry no cheese....

If you check out the Ministers article on Wikipedia there seem to be some "anomalies". What self respecting career woman keeps her maiden name a secret? Just asking. You always know the article is somewhat "cooked" when it is too brief, and too terse. Especially when a ton of things various are claimed. Doesn't any one look into these things? The Oracle of Ottawa strongly suspects a past that would not probably shine too brightly. And a parentage that more than likely originates from the wrong side of the tracks, so to speak.

From what the Oracle of Ottawa garnered from watching Question period last week is that there will be tens of thousands more young people unemployed again this summer. The 'Harper Government' has hundreds of millions of dollars to inform you of the Canadian Inaction Plan, but there is no chump change, for a little good old fashioned make work project. But the Minister kept mentioning that there were going to be several thousand more "internships" this summer! Notice that the exact words that she used were internships, not paid internships. And if possible, there will be a marketing press to get Johnny's parents to pay for little Johnny's internship!

It is hard a enough today to be a young lad. But there is nothing worse on a young mans development than to run into an old barren woman with no cheese. 

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