Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New Canadian Ten Dollar Bill

Two wrongs can make a right in the sense that the best available arrangement may contain a balance of imperfections, an adjustment of compensating injustices.
John Rawls, A Theory Of Justice, p. 279

Well Dear Reader it has only been a few weeks now that the new plastic 'Harper Money' version of the new ten dollar bill has been released into general circulation here in Canada. There are problems with it of course, the major one being the Oracle of Ottawa is still wondering who is that guy that they have on the ten dollar bill?

As you can clearly see above, this the old ten dollar bill. It is part of the Canadian Journey Series of banknotes. All the picture bits, including the portrait, were done by the Canadian Banknote Company, that has a very long history in Canada of doing fine work on Canadian banknotes. The portrait is of course of Sir John A. Macdonald. And the likeness of the portrait is just perfect to the photograph from which it originates.The Oracle of Ottawa can easily prove that.

Sir John A. Macdonald - 1878
 The picture is from the old chieftan period around 1878. Notice how perfect the image on the bill matches the photograph in the finest detail. Notice the art of the engraver, how there is no mistakes in any respect of proportion? That Dear Reader is called craft. Now let us look at the image of Sir John on the new ten dollar bill, shall we?

Sir John A. Macdonald - Right??
The image on the new ten dollar bill is the one on the right on the picture above. The Oracle of Ottawa doesn't know who that is either. The image is said to be taken from the 1875 period. Well let us match them up shall we?

Sir John A. Macdonald - 1875
As you can readily see Dear Reader, that the image on the new ten dollar bill looks hardly nothing like the photograph of the Great Man at that time. But this bill was not done at Canadian Banknote. As a matter of fact the Oracle of Ottawa cannot find out on open sources where the new monster john bill was made. As you can see the rendition of Canada's founding father is bordering on obscene. You will also note Dear Reader that the actual released note does not match the Bank of Canada Specimen note that they used to market the actual note!! Why it actually looks like the guy who did the note portrait was on crack.

But wait! The wee banty Finance Minister of the 'Harper Government' at the time of this writing does know a crack head that also just happens to own a big chunk of a family commercial printing plant, you don't think do ya? The crack theory continues to build when you inspect the note more closely and discover that the Governors signature is that of Mark Carney! But Mark Carney is longer the Governor of the Bank of Canada and hasn't been since July 1, 2013! That Dear Reader is what a collector would call an error...

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