Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baird - Lebel Tells: There Goes The Majority!!

'Tis impossible for the mind to preserve any notion of difference betwixt two bodies of the same nature existing in the same place at the same time.
David Hume, A Treatise of Human Nature, p. 41

When Olivia Chow stands to her seat in Question Period and all but losses her still strong Chinese accent and sounds like a matron that was born and raised Rosedale, you know the NDP smell blood! They smell the weakness and the fear like a pack of wolves which can tell which moose in the herd will be dinner tonight! Now group this with the blatant and oh so transparent tells of the front bench Conservative sock-puppet mental midgets and it is very easy indeed for most any blogger, even those that are not as intelligent as the Oracle of Ottawa, to immediately start writing about the future in advance of a minimum of two weeks!

Conservative Minister...

You know that the opposition has touched the royal blue g-spot when the old tells start to show. This was very apparent in the question period of September 27, 2011. All that stuff that the NDP and the Liberals are saying about "Two Tier" Tony Clement must be true! When ever they ask "Two Tier" a question in the House, the Minister fails to stand to his seat and be forthright with the people of Canada! Charlie Angus is feeding like Jaws at an orphanage beach day! It is the great man John Baird that takes the questions for old Tony. And during the Tuesday Question Period Minister Baird was talking very slowly and his voice has dropped two and a half octaves! All us old hands of watching Question Period knows what this means! The answer forthcoming is an answer, just not the truth...And it seems to be spreading! It seems that Minister Denis Lebel, in utter panic, has forgotten how to speak English under certain question topics about major infrastructure! This  blog writer surmises that it is the Ministers conflict with his inner PQ...Selling out can extract a large price bonhomme!!
Charlie Angus - Ready for Question Period...

It is hard to believe, but it all gets better! It seems the real right wing wacko's are stirring in their usual pathological frustration. One Brad Trost has unloosed Steve Harpers favorite ghost from the Tory hope chest. Yes that, "no abortion for any reason", hell cat has been re-loosed! Complete with the "resurrection" of one Charles McVety, I told the party whip that they should have used two stones to keep him from rising from the dead, but noooo...Sometimes a savings is no bargain. The majority should start to shrink any day now, just like I told you months ago.

And now Let Us Pray, my fellow Canadians, really, I am not joking...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Canada - The Last Hundred Days

We are wont to dispute concerning the nature of mathematical points, but seldom concerning the nature of their ideas.
David Hume, A Treatise of Human Nature, p. 38 

Well, the omnibus crime bill has passed Second Reading, warts, mistakes and all. Joe Comartin continued to speak against all the errors, all by himself, no doubt for the record and for the next election. Jason Kenney, was looking all Washington as he kept spouting about the first hundred days of the Tory administration, and the promise to get this train wreck, piece of shit legislation, down the throats of the House and then down the throats of the Senate. In reality it is all but a done deal.

Rob "The Knob" Nicholson...

What Jason Kenney is rushing to fulfill in the "first hundred days" is to many Canadians, with an I.Q. greater than a houseplant, is in reality, the last one hundred days of Canada. Now the Oracle of Ottawa is no legal scholar, but even I could see, in very large print, the future problems that are going to come from this train wreck piece of American cloned shit law! So to are the Conservatives! And much sooner than you or they they think! I will give just one example...

The so called sex-offenders registry, looks like it will name the said offenders in full. The Conservatives were warned about this. But it will all bite home when for some weird reason it gets hung up in the Senate. The PMO will rant and rave. The Senate will not pass it. They will do every thing in their extensive power to stop it. Possibly it will pass. Then when some NDP back bencher in Question Period calls up some mouth breathing Tory back bench hick with the news that his cousin "Wilbur" from Ducks Ass Alberta is on the kiddy diddler list, it will all become quite clear that a mistake was made. It should be a real hoot. Wait for it...

This gets it all just about right, no?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

John W. Moffat - God Wrote Back!?

Experimentalists dream of some spectacular discovery such as proof of the existence of black holes to justify the more than eight billion dollars it has cost to build the LHC.
John W. Moffat, Reinventing Gravity, p. 88

Life is sometimes so ironic that it is painful. When I first heard on the BBC News that the OPERA experiment may have detected muon nuetrinos traveling faster than the speed of light, guess which book I had in my lap? John W. Moffats Reinventing Gravity!! You just can't make this stuff up. This is the second time I believe that this has happened. Each time it was fudged over in my humble opinion! I call the LHC, the Hardon Collider! Save for the two accidental measurements at over the speed of light, and that very scary accidental creation of microscopic blackholes that just scared the shit out of everybody, this thing is really built for and exists not to prove anything but it is rather a monument to the imperialism of Big Physics.

Lets get back to the basics?

Cosmology has been dead to me since the death of Fred Hoyle. And just who happened to be John W. Moffats doctoral advisor? Yep, Fred Hoyle! Who is going to proved out to have the greatest sense of smell since Einstein? Fred Hoyle and John W. Moffat!! It seems in retrospect that the absolute power hard-on of building atomic weapons corrupted the whole science. And it is still continuing to suffer from it... It appears to me that all the right answers have been around and ignored for years! The solutions are not what is being sought but the next cycle of budgeting! Find something that sounds sexy, that can neither be proved or disproved and you are on your way! Gravity wave detectors anyone??

Inflation itself proceeds at a speed faster than the measured speed of light.
So says John W. Moffat on page 102 of Reinventing Gravity. For some reason this makes perfect sense to me! The reason I say this is I have just recently read Kip S. Thornes book "Black Holes & Time Warps". Now the one part of the book that really stayed with me is the part where he went and found all the early papers by Einstein and had them translated into English and then read them himself. While at the the Chapters flag store in Ottawa recently I saw a book of the complete early papers by Einstein in English! And the jacket stated that this was the first time that this had been undertaken! Well! I dipped in and I could not believe that the whole world was turned over by such elegant and straight forward papers. You could drop a lot of them on high school students and they would get it, or at least most of it! Another guy that was like this was Georg Cantor. 
M31 - Infra-red

So with regards to John W. Moffats VSL (Variable Speed of Light) theory let us go back to the basics? Energy is equal to mass times the speed of light squared. Let us solve for the speed of light. The speed of light will be equal to the square root of the energy divided by the mass. Let us now set the Universe to t = 0. We essentially have at this point of time infinite energy with an infinitesimal amount of mass... So what is going to be the speed of light at t = 0 + one infinitesimal increment? (Damn fast!!)  The speed of light from t = 0 at the beginning of the universe simply a logarithmic function!! An ultimate display of Benfords Law! As we step out from t = 0 at the "beginning" of the universe and more mass "materializes" the speed of light will rapidly come to a stable value. Over the life of the universe as energy depletes and mass accretes, the speed of light will continue to slow down ever so slowly...The only question left to ask now is which Universe Cycle are we presently in?

A little background, sniff, sniff... Do you smell a Nobel??

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Joe Comartin And The Clear Righteous Fight

Nothing is more admirable, than the readiness, with which the imagination suggests its ideas, and presents them at the very instant, in which they become necessary and useful.
David Hume, A Treatise of Human Nature, p. 24

You cannot call a piece of legislation a "reform" if it makes things worse. Such is the uphill task of Joe Comartin as he fights against the new insane Conservative "Omnibus Crime Bill". Like an Old Testament Prophet standing on a sand dune, with the poise and calm of an early Christian Saint on prozac, old Joe has been a delight to behold. With impeccable logic and cold mastery of the facts he stands to his place and daily shreds the pathetic excuse of what the Canadian people are stuck with for a Justice Minister in the person of one Rob Nicholson.

California State Prison - Do you want this in Canada?

The funniest part of the debate was when Joe calmly all but called the Minister of Justice a shit lawyer. The hapless and / or stupid Rob didn't even get it, well not until he was long out of the House for the day! One can only surmise that the only reason that Rob is the present Justice Minister is that he was starving as a lawyer!
And being a Queens graduate; well, that ensures membership to the Ivory Tower mafia. The nickels will keep on coming until at least the next election.

Joe continually hammered at some answers for some pretty basic questions. Such as how much do you think this will cost? No answer. The Conservative morons don't have a clue to the increased cost of their folly, all they know is that they are going to get it passed before Jesus comes again and the ambassador from you know where comes calling again for bagels and warm beer. Joe asks if the brainac Minister is aware that the Americans have tried the same thing and that even they could not afford it! (10.8 billion dollars per year in California!! 2008-2009) And are now in the process of repealing the insane legislation! Stony silence, it seems that Conservative Ministers Of Justice don't have to know how to read...

Six tiny plants will get you ten years under the new legislation! You will not need judges at all if this goes through! And we all know how the Tory's hate judges...Since every crime will carry a minimum sentence, circumstance will longer be entertained. If Rob can't make it as a lawyer, sure as hell no one else will! You got to wonder what is the real purpose of this trash bill?

The real purpose of this bill is to smash the social and economic symmetry of the Canadian nation state. It is part of the Tory hidden agenda of the New World Order as layed out in and by the Bilderberg Group directives. The end solution being making the world a level playing field. That is making first world countries eventually the same as third world countries. It is all as simple as that!!

I think Joe Comartin will make a fine Justice Minister, don't you??

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Conservative Ontario Hat Trick Jammed!

I believe it will not be very necessary to prove, that these qualities produce an association among ideas, and upon the appearance of one idea naturally introduce another.
David Hume, A Treatise of Human Nature, Book I, Sec.IV, p. 11

What does the wee blue leprechaun Jimmy Flaherty have in common with Mayor Rob Ford? Okay your right on that one, the height deficiency disorder. What else? Well okay I will have to give that one also. The near megalomaniacal desire for power that they aren't intelligent enough  to wield on their own. But now you are getting really close! Earlier on in this blog the Oracle of Ottawa was referring to the Bilderberg Group a lot of times in jest. Tongue firmly in check, it seemed to make the words flow better and for some weird reason it gave the writing something I was trying to achieve... But the Oracle of Ottawa had a weird hunch to check something out, and in requirement  to the Thinking About Thinking Project, which is still ongoing, I follow all hunch's as procedure... Well the Oracle of Ottawa has truly frightened himself this time!
David Hume says; "I told you so..."

As you have no doubt heard in the old media, Dear Reader, the details of the incredible fees being earned in Ottawa by one Deloitte-Touche at the peasant rate of only $90,000 per day! All to help and aid the wee little bantam rooster Jimmy Flaherty in gutting the Civil Service...The whole contract tops out at a mere 20 million dollars. I am sure many extensions will surely be granted... Now at roughly the same time His Imperial Highness of Hog Town, Rob Ford, has the firm KPMG in for the kitten drowning exercise at the City of Toronto! I haven't heard what this is costing the beleaguered Toronto tax payer, but you can count on it being very rich...

The Oracle of Ottawa remembers when we once had competent governments in Canada. The last big clean up in Ottawa occurred under the administration of Jean Chretien. Why the guy wouldn't even think of contracting out such a task! They were Liberals, for crying out loud and  smart as hell too! They had more than enough brilliance in house, it was a total doddle!! And they did what they had to do, but they did it nicely and respectfully! Why people lined up for early retirement just to get their retirement plaque signed by a Great Prime Minister! It all went swimmingly.

So why is it that two levels of government, of the right wing wacko variety, have to bring in foreign contractors to do stuff that any civil servant staffer is more than competent to attend to on his own? Well the Oracle of Ottawa will let you discover this all by yourself...
Enter the following searches into Google... I have already done so to save you the time.... So just click on the link and it will take you there....

Deloitte-Touche Bilderberg Group.....(engage the high lighter...)

KPMG Bilderberg Group......(engage the high lighter...)

Now do you understand? These foreign "contractors" seem to be certified ideologically pure by the Bilderberg Group!! Why isn't the old style media running with this? Why isn't someone standing up in the House of Commons and asking this question? They will, and still do, have much more protection in the House than this poor blogger does out naked in the open....

The Oracle of Ottawa could go on and on... But I am not Hunter S. Thompson, and this is not the Rolling Stone magazine... Gods speed you poor fools....

Note wee Jimmy in the bottom right of the frame...making Lovey eyes with old Rob....
(This post was created with the help of Genesis - Wind and Wuthering, it worked in Christmas of 1976 and it still works.)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

On Doctor Hans Rosling And The Joy Of Stats

"Simplicity and economy of thought can be achieved by adhering to a few standard tools,"
William Feller, An Introduction to Probability Theory and Its Applications, p. 26

It is not often that the Oracle of Ottawa see's something on television anymore that is uplifting. And when it does occur, it must be commented upon and praised. The rare occasion was provided by TV Ontario on Sunday night, last. The show was entitled The Joy of Stats and it was hosted by a most optimistic and enthusiastic Hans Rosling. A show that was about the history and power of statistics! Compared to the drivel that TV Ontario has been running in the last years, this must be in total error! Why it was like TV Ontario in the 1970's! Perfectly produced and esoteric. Why, just the way I like my television!

The Joy of Stats - really...

It all really reminded me of John Kenneth Galbraith, and his wonderful series The Age of Uncertainty, which the Oracle has seen countless times and still hopes for the BBC to release as a digitally restored box set! It all started on location in Sweden and the good doctor Rosling is simply spellbinding in the telling of the tale of the history of statistics. It truly is a fascinating story, and it is interesting, and it is powerful, and most of all it is very important! It was the fastest hour of television that I have enjoyed in a very long while. The show would have been a total winner with this viewer even if it just told that wonderful "boring" story of the history of this very important science. But it was even better than that...

Towards the end of the show the doctor presents statistical data in a way that I have never seen before. As he made his point the data set moved and had upon this viewer a most profound and powerful effect. You have to check it out for your self since my descriptive power would not do it justice. You can check it out at Which is a very slick site full of down loadable goodies, but be very careful, you will learn something!

Why even the thickest Conservative Party of Canada back bencher could understand this...well maybe...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is Vic Toews Senile?

All punishment being in itself evil, upon the principle of utility, if it ought at all to be admitted,  in as far as it promises to exclude some greater evil.
Jeremy Bentham, The Rationale Of Punishment, Book I, Chapter IV, p. 63

Vic Toews is currently the Minister of Public Safety, in the present Harper government. Today the "Omnibus Crime Bill" has been introduced in the House of Commons. All the cabinet members were therefore out doing the media rounds...Some ministers are better at this then others. Minister Toews caught the CRFA call to spread the word..on Michael Harris Live at about 1:45 - 2:00 p.m.. The Oracle of Ottawa was driving at the time and therefore caught the conversation accidentally.

Elizabeth Fry - "Criminal Lover..."
The bits I caught were about all the "criminal lovers" in Canada. The likes of such nefarious organizations as the Canadian Bar Association and that real evil bunch of criminal lovers the John Howard Society!! Upon regaining control of the car, I pondered how often in the past I have heard a Minister of the Crown besmirch his own professional body. For the life of me I cannot think of another example.

John Howard  - "Criminal Lover..."

Of course this is exactly what the Oracle of Ottawa predicted in many earlier posts to this blog. This is the first and biggest step into converting Canada into a penal colony suitable for the administration of the "New World Order" Brought to you by the neo-liberal agenda of the Bilderberg Group. No can say that they were not warned.

I was somewhat gratified that I was not overreacting to this great piece of disaster legislation. The CBC, the "State Broadcaster" replayed several times a clip of a spokesman from the Elizabeth Fry Society commenting that if these methods of preventing crime worked so well, then the United States Of America should be the safest place on Earth! In fact the United States is listed in The Worlds Most Dangerous Places (Fifth edition!) as one of the 26 most dangerous places on earth. I suppose the present Conservative Government thinks that the Americans are lonely...

Well, we should all be grateful that the Conservative Government of Canada is totally free of bias and is not under the control of any powerful foreign political lobbies... Whew...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

On The Peasants Republic Of China

Will a man rob God?
Malachi, Chapter 3, Verse 8, Line 1, (NKJV)

Well, She Wrong is long gone. According to the Globe & Mail she bailed to a Chinese aircraft in the dead of night sometime last Tuesday. Back to visit her "husband" (i.e. controller) for a debrief, or rather a vacation...If the Canadian public only knew how far up the Conservatives colon these peasants really are there would be people in the streets. And no doubt sometime in the near future there will be. The Oracle of Ottawa can assure his dear readers that this will keep going off ever louder and more intense until the back benchers unaffected by the "ricer" malady start crossing the floor to sit with the Liberals and the NDP!

She Wrong - Pulling cultural rehab...

All is not going to unfold as planned by the Prime Ministers Office, believe me! There is going to be that very embarrassing revelation of the height of that China town "gateway" when it is discovered that it is slightly higher than the Canadian War Memorial! Someone did take the time to measure, didn't they? Which bungling minister allowed this to happen? Oh my! Really? Then there will be no doubt some sharp little NDP bunny that will actually do the research into the International Law of the implications of said monstrosity gate way. If you have your text of Grotius handy you might want to start flipping through it...

As the Oracle of Ottawa suspected out loud in an earlier post, She Wrongs husband is back in China. And no doubt gives less than a roaches ass of what his now old lady is up to at the Golden Mountain. A a matter of fact he is probably pissed that his free time on the town as nearly single is over for a little while! That is one marriage license that we will no doubt ever get to see. What do you think?

Another wrench to soon fall in the gear box....

As the Oracle of Ottawa has lamented in past posts, he is constantly miffed by all the bullshit in the media that China is going to rule the world! The Shen Yun thingies are at my local mall again, flogging me this show which I find really annoying. If it was so good, they wouldn't have to give the tickets away in malls! I still believe that it is all a PRC cultural propaganda ploy. It is in reality a total fail and a royal waste of every ones time.Perhaps one should read the old fashioned Chinese warriors for some understanding of how the future will soon unfold...

The actual reality in mainland peasant ville is that the old guard party members can hardly keep there Depends dry. Reports from the Middle East have them in an utter panic. That nightmare of the peasants rising up and hanging said old party hacks off of light standards in the street is frequently recurring...Picture an old Chinese guy driving on the Freeway for the first time! Yes that is pretty dangerous.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

JoeFresh - Not Very Pretty

Sacrificing our human potential in exchange for money warps and deforms all parts of our lives.
David McNally, Another World Is Possible, p. 83

The Oracle of Ottawa has to watch so much crap on television today. Usually he lets it all slip off and by, but on occasions, the breaking point is reached and enough is enough. Today's breaking point has been brought to the Oracle of Ottawa by the appearance of the very offensive JoeFresh ads that are constantly bombarding the Oracles screen as of late. These offensive little productions are brought to by one Joe Mimran, a recent zero generation "Canadian".

This is a "hot" look??

My main beef, aside from the utter crap of the design, is the anorexic models. I thought this was dealt with, why in most EU countries now you can't have models appear in public that are as thin as a JoeFresh girl! 
Every time I see one of these poor things I think, what are the odds that if I sex with this poor thing, that I would literally split in her in half? Really, it keeps me up at night... I mean Jesus, when you can see the depressions in there skulls, that really creeps me out!

The other main and much more serious beef I have with the crap JoeFresh ads is the rip-off of a cultural icon from my youth! (There were no white Biafren girls in Canada in 1972!) The song by David Bowie entitled "Oh You Pretty Things" is from another age and time, when there were hardly any Morrocans in Canada at all, anywhere... And yes, in a lot of respects, those were the days!! I can only hope that David Bowie is making ole Joe pay through the nose for the honor of besmirching this great song...You are paying the royalties aren't you??

Ole Joe might be a great bean counter, a great "marketer", a veritable huckster of Allah proportions... But I would really like it if he wired his money out of my country, flashed up his private jet and pissed off back to where ever he came soon as possible.

Here is the earliest recording of the David Bowie classic...."Oh You Pretty Things"...David Bowies article ranks 588 out of 37.5 million articles on Wikipedia... JoeFresh? Not so high....

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where O 'Where Is Ann Marie Sweeney?

In short, the rules of behaviour in capitalist society systematically produce irrational consequences.
David NcNally, Another World Is Possible, p. 86

I was eagerly awaiting Labour Day in the hope that AMS would be back on the night shift at the Weather Network. I figured she was on vacation for the summer since she was the senior and the best looking gal that the Weather Channel had since Lila Feng! Well Labour Day came and went and no AMS. A search of Google will get you to her Facebook page and it is all there between the lines. But if they think that the "replacement" is going to pass her ratings and following they are going to be sorely disappointed. The last time I saw a babe with booty like that it was hauling toxic sludge up the Hudson River!!

Since AMS left a big LOW has entered...

The Oracle of Ottawa went through a similar grieving process when the awesome Lila Feng bailed for much greener pastures in Atlanta with CNN. But that is life folks. Every time there was a heat wave, Lila would wear those posh silk blouses with nothing on underneath. I know this is true since just the right lighting reacts very weird with real silk, and well it was like Lila was wearing nothing at all! All the real dedicated weather dogs out there know I am not making this up. But seriously folks...

When ever you watched AMS, you could tell that Ann could take care of Ann. This woman was a dedicated media professional. But the thing that most people and employers don't get is that the real quality has limits that "HR" totally underestimates... What the Oracle of Ottawa figures is that the "employer" proposed changes that the great personality of AMS simply could not and would not consider. The young HR thingy went "all in" and AMS told them to shove it and walked. Her bags fully packed apparently.

Now a lot of people out there will just not understand this. But you get to mid life and you have planned, and the real sharp people can see it coming years ahead, and your values change. Especially if with the loss of friends and relations that can seem to happen all at once. HR doesn't give a flying-fuck about your problems... You do the math and realize that it is cheaper and more fun to just stay at home and let it all go by...and this is what I think AMS came to. All the best to her and every thing that that she touch's!

Even if I was 95 in a day room in a wheel chair... AMS could still make me "think things...."

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Charlie Angus Decides to Stay Free Range

When history moves - really moves, that is - it does so in great convulsive jolts.
David McNally, Another World Is Possible, p. 13

One of the greatest pleasures of watching Question Period in recent times is to see the faces of all the Conservatives turn to a sickening ashen gray when Charlie Angus rises in his place and kicks off another scandalous session of close and often embarrassing, but always entertaining grilling. Why if it wasn't always so wild and raucous I am sure you would be able to hear all one hundred and sixty six Tory assholes snapping shut, all at the same time .. Well okay, one hundred and sixty five, there is one minister on the front bench who's asshole would snap open and wink at the handsome Charlie... But of course that is another blog post for the future..(or not...)

Charlie Angus - Staying Free Range...

It would have been an absolute shame if Charlie Angus would have decided to run for the NDP party leadership job. And it was with great relief that the Oracle of Ottawa heard the news that Charlie has put any such speculations to rest. Now Question Period will never be boring! While the rest of the leadership hopefuls pull back as to protect themselves from making any gaffs. The front liners such as Charlie Angus, Yvon Godin  and all the rest of the gang will, I am sure, pick up the slack. The new crop of youngsters are coming along very well and several great talents will no doubt emerge.

Go With The Buick!!

The NDP has a big decision to make in the near future. It is starting to look like a classic purchase decision. It is a lot like the guy that wins a little money at the Lottery. He has enough to lease the Porsche or to buy the Buick. Now in this case the Porsche  is being represented by Brian Topp, The Buick is being represented by Paul Dewar. Now a Porsche is really cool and all and it goes like snot done a frozen razor blade! But, alas, the engine will come out of the car for the first time usually around 60,000km... The Oracle has seen Buicks with nearly 500,000km on them and the engine has never been gone into for any reason...You can drive them until the body rusts through...What the Oracle of Ottawa is saying is that the the rank and file of the NDP have got to do their homework!! And by that I mean that you must check out the health condition and  health histories of your leadership candidates!

Can you say; Aus Motor??

A guy that at the age of 51 years or there abouts that is already a cancer survivor is and should be out of the running. Investigate family trees, does the candidate come from long lived genetic stock? i.e. How long did the candidates parents live? And their parents? Hence my liking for Paul Dewar.. Did you know that there is a Commanders medical in the Royal Canadian Navy? To get your third ring and your own command of a Canadian warship all the Executive officers must pass the Commanders medical. It consists of mostly a very detailed heart check. One weird looking pattern and or beat and your future Naval career is over. That is hard but that is life at the level of the "show"... Choose carefully, I just can't go through what I went through this summer ever again in this lifetime... Go with the freaking Buick!!!

Classic Charlie Angus; shit kicking the be'jesus out of the barely there Conservatives...

Monday, September 12, 2011

The 'Harper Government' Leans On Blogger

Behind their fluffy rhetoric about free trade and free markets lurks a hostility toward freedom for ordinary people - and a love affair with police and prisons.
David McNally, Another World Is Possible, p. 52 

It must be a great challenge to provide communication services to a political party that would rather have no need for any communications at all. On August 30, 2011 our fearless prime minister Steve Harper, (owned and paid for buy the Canadian people...) and his wife, clad no doubt in their best outfits from Walmart, dined with the United States ambassador to Canada David Jacobson and his Misses, Julie, at the ambassadors residence..(owned and paid for by the American people...) The dinner was prepared by Ottawa chef Steph Legari a barbecue specialist. Now the Oracle of Ottawa knows that Americans know their barbecue and for this Ottawa chef to cook for the United States Ambassador to Canada, well, you have 'arrived'.

Ambassador David Jacobson

Of course pictures were taken. The chef with the two "power couples". In Ottawa, pictures are taken to be seen! And the Oracle of Ottawa is pretty sure it was no skin off David Jacobsons back! Who ever heard of a nice Democrat that didn't like to get his picture taken, especially while having a good time? He appears in his photos and in his writings as one hell of a gregarious, warm guy. And he still hasn't stuffed even one of his feet in his mouth yet! Unlike the guy before him, that required a Marine 24/7 with a shoe horn. And that poor marine, as we all know in Ottawa, got lots of exercise with that shoe horn....

Resistance is Futile...

The chef passed the photos on to one Ron Eade food editor at the Ottawa Citizen. Being the craftsman that he is he posted the menu, the pictures, and no doubt a fine written description of the evening. Next thing you know Mr. Eade is being contacted by one Andrew MacDougall from the Prime Ministers Office with a rather firm request for the said journalist to kindly remove the blog post! Well of course that did not happen. And one can only hope that the said actor from the PMO will shortly have a one way ticket to Ducks Ass Alberta from whence he no doubt came.

As this story hit the front page of the Thursday Ottawa Citizen one can safely surmise that there is one very pissed American Ambassador! And he has every right to be miffed! And the Canadian people should be miffed also! We to have been severely dissed by this also.This simply does not reflect the character of the Canadian people at any time!!

Of course the golden age for food and social editors in Ottawa were the Trudeau years! Woo Hoo! If there was a spread anywhere and the pictures and story was not in the next days paper someone from the PMO had some serious 'splaining to do the next day! But alas, the Oracle of Ottawa is confusing yesterday with today again, sigh....

See? Wasn't telling a lie. Now we all know that this man has a job to do, but the Ambassador is a hell of a decent, thoughtful and respectful guy. I wonder how many pictures were taken at this barbecue??

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The 'Harper Government' Goes Dim Some

It began in images and it ended in symbolism.
B. W. Powe, Mystic Trudeau - The Fire And The Rose, p. 160

It was all over before the "user" pressed "Send-All." This situation is as ugly as watching a family of Chinese peasants eating noodles with sticks in their kitchen! We can all surmise with confidence exceeding 95%, nineteen times out of twenty, that that nice Richard Fadden man was not blowing smoke from his bung hole after all! The only thing that has the Oracle of Ottawa in a tizzy is that ole Bob Dechert went for such an ugly mutt! But the Oracle of Ottawa knows that all the prime Chinese ass is being dedicated to the very important Ottawa subway contract! If you have anything to do with that, you can get a shot at the prime booty...other wise you will have to wait your turn for well, more homely booty...

Who the Hell is really driving??

Mr. Dechert, according to the Globe & Mail Saturday September 10, 2011, met the said homely peasant, Shi Rong (She Wrong...) while doing "Chinese media-language communications(?)" Can you imagine the questions at the Senate Hearing into the matter? Mr. Dechert, did you discover that there is a Chinese character for the letter "Y" in the Chinese language, and further more, did you eat of the fruit there of?

These Chinese are sooo twisted...Just like Tories!

Meanwhile at home, poor Ruth is practicing the cheek puff-up, but Bob declares that it just isn't the same.. But Ruth responds that She Wrong doesn't have to do it with a PVC gas mask on with hand-cuffs... Fair enough!! No doubt legal advice is being sought for those aggrieved. The only time the Oracle of Ottawa signed a letter or E-mail; Love The Oracle of Ottawa, I was most certainly doing the bitch!! And the pathology of Ole Bob getting off on the cheek puff up thing smacks of sentinent asphyxia issues... But what do expect from Tories?

Again, I say this man is super right! And this recent incident proves it to this 'umble blogger! My tax dollars well spent! Now in really think She Wrongs ex-husband hacked her e-mail account? He is no doubt back in China with a head full of three penis wine and a teenager in brides maid dress, relieved  never to have to gaze upon the homely visage of She Wrong ever again.  The Oracle of Ottawa strongly suspects that CSIS has many strange and frightening ways to say; "Can You Hear Me Now??" Tory back benchers should take note...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Gold Standard For The Rest Of Us

I work for a Government I despise for ends I think criminal.
John Maynard Keynes, Letter to Duncan Grant, (15 December 1917)

The Oracle of Ottawa reels, albeit in retired bliss, when he watches the price of gold flash buy on the tape of his favorite business news channel. Eighteen hundred dollars an ounce! Sheer freakin' insanity. And when the gold-bugs start up and on how the world would be so much better off if we could bring back the old days and have the central bank gold standard again with all that good old solid money, I just cringe. It was that gold standard that caused, in my humble opinion, two world wars in the last century along with the demise of empires and countless millions of innocent people...

Gold - The barbarous relic or not?

The reality is, for all intents and purposes, we now have a global gold standard! If you check the Kitco company website you can see in near real time what it costs to buy an ounce of gold anywhere on Earth! The old gold standard has simply been turned inside out! Now, the price is set not by governments, but the market demands of the world. An ounce of gold can be turned into any currency on Earth, or a great majority of them. Feel any more secure? Didn't think so!

But, believe it or not, we have a lot of problems that are way more pressing and important in this globalized world of the present. All of us in the present "first world" are more than aware of the exit of nearly all our manufacturing industries and all most other high value, high wage businesses. We suffer dumping by third world countries on a daily basis! Steel, automobiles, and most all manufactured goods. But ponder this. What in reality is really being dumped on our shores? The answer is labour! What is being dumped on the first world shores by the third world is labour that has not been paid for in full!! This practice is also unsustainable in the long run. The millions of Chinese who are left under the bus when the they are finally used up and discarded with no pensions or social programs such as health care are going to make a pretty noisy crowd on the streets of China and else where!

Even the field...

Well how can we make this price of gold which seems to stick pretty close to the economic law of one price the world over work for ordinary people? To act as a gentle brake on the first world and an elevator for the third world? The Oracle of Ottawa believes he has an answer! One ounce of gold avoirdupois equals about 28.35 grams. At $1,800 per ounce, a gram of gold goes for about $63.50. Now ask yourself, how long does it take an auto worker in Detroit or Windsor Ontario to earn one gram of gold? A little over an hour and a half... Ya, that C.A.W. union card is damn nice to have isn't it? Now ask yourself how long does it take the auto worker in China to earn one gram of gold in his currency? Twenty hours? Thirty hours? Therefore what should the rate of import duty be on a Chinese car? Easy, I thought you would never ask!!?  1/20 = 0.05 + -1.00 = 0.95 x 100 = 95 %!! Now if the Chinese government wants that duty lowered, all that they will have to do is make sure that their autoworkers are paid for what their work is truly worth! When this starts to happen the duty will be lowered... This will also work well say between Canada and Germany. But the duty will only be about a few percent either way over the period of a year. But still this would be way fair to every one in the long run...

Enough is enough... Lets level the field...

The real magic here is that the currencies are out of the picture! At the very least this could be used by Big Labour as a measure of aggregate labour time, when they go to the government and make their case!! A car is a car the world over, no?

Gold; lets make it work for us!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Canada And The Slow Death Of The Greater Common Good

Nor is there requir'd such profound knowledge to discover the present imperfect condition of the sciences, but even the rabble without doors may judge from the noise and clamour, which they hear, that all goes not well within. 
David Hume, A Treatise of Human Nature, Introduction, p. xvii-xviii

Even the most ordinary people have the basest talent of recognizing greatness. For example when you are first introduced to the works and proofs of Euclid in primary school you know that if you live to be one hundred years old Euclid will no doubt still be a very famous figure of western civilization. And then onto high school, when, you are introduced to the Great Empiricists and the Utilitarians, the greatest of which was Jeremy Bentham, the guy that coined the famous phrase "The greatest good for the greatest number..." and "Everybody to count for one, and nobody for more than one..." You would think that there would be no possible way in your lifetime that such a pillar thought of our society could ever possibly fade from the good sense of all men. But alas if you are a member of the present day Conservative Party of Canada or an elected member of Ottawa City Council that is all just crazy talk!

Jeremy Bentham

That greatest common good crap is for losers and liberals. Political power is not for the greater good but rather the good feeling of your hob nailed boots crushing the faces of the week and defenseless forever. Although you are elected to power what good is it if you don't make something out of it for your self? And that crap about "office" and responsibility what a joke!! Your only responsibility today is don't get caught out and make sure the minions of the back bench don't give the real playbook away! Although it has been explained a million times that government is not a business, and especially not the incumbents business, you continue to see the bloated corrupted flotsam acting as if they had the rights of proprietorship!

Pierre Elliot Trudeau
 On or about the 19th of September the 41st Canadian Parliament will continue. The barbarians are expecting a truly easy time of it. You can expect the armouries of Walmart and Canadian Tire to be finally busted open, probably as soon as the new year. The attack on our core institutions will continue apace. The first contracted out "super max" prison location will be eagerly awaited by the most deserving Conservative back bencher... Then I suspect it will be on to the abolition of the Senate...This will be no doubt very interesting... The curse of Thomas D'Arcy McGee has already struck once and firmly, and each time it is invoked it will rise up and strike out even harder and more harshly.

It is said of Western Philosophy that everything after Plato is just footnotes. Well in all reality the same could be said for the deeply set constitutional safe guards and protections of the Canadian Constitution and the Charter of Rights... The question is in reality how close will the brain dead Tories approach the horizon of this political black hole?

The right wing neo-liberal discipline and the Bilderberg Group agenda soon to continue....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

USGS Latest Quake Page Looking Very Weird

Earthquakes bring out the worst in some people.
Sgt. Lew Slade, Earthquake (film)

The Oracle of Ottawa is quiet the creature of habit. It must be from the the time in the Navy. It was there that I learned the value of "routines". Although that was decades ago now, it is still with me. One of my daily routines that I do six days a week is to check my "Daily's" It is a select group of web pages that I look at every day. The list includes the markets, the metals, The Ontario wholesale electricity price, don't laugh this contains a lot of information on the economy, you can read it like a stock ticker tape after a while.. The daily list has grown to nine sites over all. But still the first site that I look at every day is the USGS - Latest Earthquakes in the World page. I have had that page on the top for over ten years now. And looking at it every day you start to get a feel for what is right i.e. an earthquake near Alaska, and what is not quite right,...really starts to stand out like a sore thumb.

The Earth is a busy place...

And lately the action in the USA does not look right...The normal action on the coast of California is as per normal, but what is bugging me is the action that seems to popping up from the interior North West forming a join to Vancouver Island in Canada to the line of quakes that is forming inland parallel to the usual California quakes and then seems to be continuing in an arc throughout the deep southern states right to the East coast! Upon reflection this all seemed to start right after that last big Japanese quake that went over 8.0 on the Richter Scale...There seem to be a lot of college seismologists, and amateur observers that have commented on this...and lately it has seemed to me to be very persistent and pronounced...I just feel that there might be a big one on the West Coast. Really big... From Vancouver to Mexico...with mud fountains and other weird stuff happening in places where it just shouldn't be happening...

Like my Old Dad always tells me, make sure your bags are packed....

How weird is this? Don't be scared, be prepared....

Monday, September 5, 2011

On The Fat Cats Of Ottawa

It's an important and popular fact that things are not always what they seem.
Douglas Adams, The Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy, (film)

It is one of the most common myths in Canada that Ottawa is the home of fat cats. As per all rumors propagated by the Conservative Party of Canada this fact is grossly exaggerated! For all the peoples that have lived in the Ottawa area who descend back to the time before Ottawa replaced Bytown, having a fat cat in the house was considered a tactful display and sign of prosperity and benevolence. There is nothing like a fat happy cat in a home. Why would anyone resent that?

Junior says "I am not fat, just big boned..."
 Many fat cats are very deceiving due just to the first conclusion and observation by guests and strangers. The biggest misconception is that all fat cats are sickly and soft. If the said fat cat is a country cat, just outside of the modern City Limits, this is usually the first fatal error! Reality and the pet test will soon confirm that many fat cats are in fact as hard as a steel utility pole! And that everything beyond the diet kibbles was caught by the said fat cat with his own skills and feline expertise! Many rural residents report that after "dinner" there fat cats always want to go out to the nearest field to get the remaining five courses!

Junior says "The dog and the tory's can eat later..."
Another depressing popular misconception is that all fat cats are micro-controlling rage heads that are never for a moment at peace with the world or themselves. These fat cats would like to dispel that myth by reminding all peoples from outside Ottawa that not all cats are resident of 24 Sussex Drive. Please update your Rolodex!

Junior says "I know how to live..."
The most fatal mistake that a stranger can make is holding the stereotype that all fat cats are sluggish, slow and stupid. Fat cats greatly resent this. You don't get chewed up by Kingfishers and Badgers on a regular basis due to the fact that you are trying to rip their dinner off by being sluggish, slow and stupid. An amazing amount of fat cats have incredible speed.... Be careful.

Junior says "I,m  WHAT...??!!"
So for all you newbies that are just passing through the fair city of Ottawa getting your little corporate whore career card stamped on your pathetic road to oblivion, beware of making the wrong conclusions in any dealings with the fat cats of Ottawa!

Here is a tune that all cats can enjoy.....

Musings On Extended Diversification

To my mind losing is always better than never trying, because you can never tell  what may happen.
Jean Chretien, Straight From The Heart, p. 195

Every year in Canada due to the two national lotteries there could be created up to 154 new millionaires per year! But due to the prizes building from week to week and not being won and then having, say, a 40 million dollar prize go to a group of 35 people, you could on average count on 154 as being a pretty stable estimate.
Now this is not counting the smaller provincial lotteries that often award prizes over a million dollars. So therefore the number of newly minted millionaires could climb to over 200 in any given year.

Is this process solvable??

Take a six column 1 to 49 drop ball lottery. The odds to beat can be as high as 1 : 15,000,000 or more depending on variations built into the game. The Oracle of Ottawa often ponders how so much randomness can be squeezed into such a small 'space'. Now essentially this is a closed process. Yet it is deemed in all the texts as fruitless to even begin thinking about a way to 'solve' this process.

William Feller - Made math cool...

I often tell any youngsters that will listen, and there isn't many, that the most exciting field they could probably enter is the mathematical field of probability. If you want to get the biggest bang for your education nickels a degree in probability and statistical inference would be a fine place to start. For a life long pursuit that will have many more doors open as the future unfolds, all very hard to beat...
Is this data random? - Can you prove it?
 For example take the old card shuffling problem. This is a problem that is still yielding really weird and totally unexpected results! Who knew? But for a mere mortal or a really sharp kid read about one William Feller!
If you can get hold of a copy of 'An Introduction to Probability and Its Applications, Volume I, just dip in any where... You will soon find why that it is regarded as the greatest book on probability ever written. Why the bit on coin tossing is still rippling through the world. Some of the stuff in that book is so weird and so totally unexpected that it is at first read just incredible.... But the best piece of gold I mined from this work is to break the process down into smaller independent processes... Try it before you scoff...

Yes, all that is all very interesting, but these games are for silly poor people and ignorant rubes... A middle class or better off person does not buy lottery tickets or bet on sports, or go to the track or the card tables at the local casino... Well not so fast! And I have a reference! You should budget a very small amount for such things! See 'Investments' by Sharpe, Alexander, Bailey and Fowler, Second Canadian Edition, Chapter 26.   
Read this carefully. You can't win if don't have a ticket!

Many professional Mathematicians have been clobbered by this one! Now do you see the power?