Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Symbolism of Denis 'Winky' Lebel

Ethereal temper, massy, large and round,
Behind him cast; the broad circumference
John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book I, Lines 285-286

Denis 'Winky' Lebel is the present Minister of Transport in the present 'Harper Government'. When you have to put "actors" like this in the cabinet, it is easy to understand the perpetual gag order on all ministers of the Crown as enforced by the Prime Ministers Office. Now the Oracle of Ottawa is not saying the minister is shakey,  but holy shit, is this guy ever shakey! If you were forced due to regional considerations to stick this in your cabinet, you can easily understand how even a pig could get bags under its eyes!

Winky at home with the wife and kids...
 Now most Canadians would expect the Minister of Transport to be at least an engineer, or the former CEO of one of the great Canadian  railways. You know, something in that vain of experience. But what do we have today? Why we have the former mayor of Roberval, Quebec! Or as is he is known in the petit ville, the seigneur of all the habitants he sees! And before d'at, taber whet, he run the only Hotel in da town! A modern day seigneur, mode zee! And don't you forget d'at!

Well the world in Ottawa on the Hill is a totally different world. We never had feudalism in Ontario as recently as Quebec has had, i.e. right into the 20th century. And the problems and the issues that turn up each and every day are just so much more complicated than anything you would encounter back in Roberval. And you can tell when you watch the Minister stand to his seat in Question Period that he is most all the time over whelmed.

So much over whelmed that he has one the most gut splitting tells the Oracle of Ottawa has ever witnessed of  anyone in Canadian public life, (so far...). It appears that when the hapless Minister has got his micro-dick caught in the pencil sharpener, so to speak, his left eye, (your right on television) starts to twitch uncontrollably. The Oracle of Ottawa knows it is cruel, but it has me rolling on the floor in insane uncontrollable laughter.

It all reminds the Oracle of Ottawa of a greasy old strip club waiter back in Portage du Fort who was just desperate to do this new exotic Asian stripper at the club. Well he finally got to do her doggy in the store room, and as he was getting his "freak" on, that eye started to twitch... and as he was getting to the short strokes, he thought as a man of the world, that he would provide some stimulation to the clitoral region only to find out that the exotic creature was a she-male.... "I didn't know, but it feel so good, I couldn't stop...."

You can't make this stuff up.....

Saturday, April 28, 2012

'Harper Government' - Abortion - The Real Reason...

Of Heav'n arriv'd, the gate self-opened wide
On golden Hinges turning, as by work
John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book V, Lines 254-255 

It never ceases to amaze the Oracle of Ottawa how much the Conservative Party of Canada cares about you before you are born. Before you are born, you are a valuable human being, with all the rights that you won't have after you are born. Yes sir, the 'Harper Government'  cares about you!

Harper couldn't care less....

The concern of the minions of the 'Harper Government' are very clearly reflected in their actions. Let us recall the actions of the minister of International Development. Sent to foreign conferences to set the example to the world, she is too busy getting set up at a six star hotel and sucking up the $16.00 dollar orange juice while her ragged arse is dragged about in limo's at a $1,000 a day! Yes Sir! The 'Harper Government' cares about you, and your unborn children.

The gap toothed, mouth breathing, knuckle dragging members of the 'Harper Government' back bench can't seem to even grasp the concept, that if Canada had Scandinavian level social programs the abortion rate would probably fall to very near zero. One wonders if the 'Harper Government' is even aware who many "valuable humans" are aborted by mid-level female management trainees engaged by the local burger joint or the mega-box store, who have gotten knocked up by the boss, and can't even think of taking time off for something so mundane and unprofitable as having a baby. A bit of paradox there, what?

Yes Sir you are such a valuable treasured human being before you are born... But when you grow up and are trying to make a living to support your own born and unborn, that ragged slut of a Labour Minister will do everything to remove your rights as a worker. It would appear that the actions of the 'Harper Government' values some human beings more than others?

Let the Oracle of Ottawa get right to the quick. The 'Harper Government' doesn't give a flying rotary fuck about the "unborn". That pig-eyed, pillsbury fuck couldn't care less. This whole issue is all about choice. More specifically, that at present, the choice is yours! That is what this abortion issue is all about. If the scum sucking minions of the 'Harper Government' can get away with it, you will no longer have that choice. It is all so much clearer now isn't it?

 A classic demonstration for the free issuance of "morning after" pills......

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wild Rose Party Crushed - Good Riddance...

I know thy works, and thy labour, and thy patience, and how thou canst not bear them which are evil: and thou hast tried them which say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars.
Revelation, 2:2, King James Version.

At the time of this writing the lights at the Preston Manning Center for Democracy are no doubt burning on late into the night. It seems that pissing Prestons Canadian march to the right has hit a little snag. What ever could have went wrong? Well, to the Oracle of Ottawa, it appears that the people of Alberta came to the fork in the road and they took it! History will show that this is the beginning of the end of the scummy 'Harper Government' and all of its scum sucking minions.

Alison Redford - Class beats trash
every time...

The press got it wrong, the Prime Ministers Office got it wrong, the vulgar media and its pollsters also got it wrong. Meanwhile the Oracle of Ottawa at the moment that Alison Redford won the PC leadership, wrote in this humble blog that  it was a brilliant choice and the next election would be a doddle. As a matter of fact it was like watching a teaspoon following a steam shovel! That wack ball leader of the Wild Rose Party was so hopelessly outclassed it was great comedy to watch on the vulgar media news shows. And the robo-dialing pollster scum still has Satans cum dripping down their chins, the worthless scum.

What happened here? Simple. The people of Alberta quit answering the phone. The right wing wack balls cannot make up talking points for their leader if you don't tell them what you want to hear! Soon, and sooner than most of us think, there will soon be a full socialist government in Canada. I strongly suspect that it will be illegal to robo-call anyone in Canada for any reason. Wait for it.

The Oracle of Ottawa likes Alison Redford. The Oracle of Ottawa can just sense that royal political jelly of greatness. Plus the Oracle of Ottawa always had a weak spot for a good sturdy woman that scrubs up nice and looks good in pearls. The years ahead will be pretty easy. Danielle Smith will always be in the House for contrast, it will be too easy to look good no matter what....

Sweet Jesus!! Trudeau in a dress....

Monday, April 23, 2012

'Harper Government' - The Insanity Continues...

And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.
Mathew 25:40, King James Version 

The Oracle of Ottawa will be the first to admit that Canada has a mere handful of horrific bad actors. Out of a population of nearly 40 million people, we require the space to confine all of 350 maximum security prisoners. These are the worst of the worse. They are presently housed at Kingston Penitentiary, located at Kingston Ontario. For those of you that are not Conservative, you will be intelligent enough to do the math all by yourself! Out of 40 million people, we can not seem to even fill one "super-max" prison!

Kingston Penitentiary...

Now the Oracle of Ottawa will be the first to admit that Kingston Penitentiary should have been closed years ago. It is one of the oldest, but not the oldest, prisons in the Western world. There are prisons in the United Kingdom for example that are about the same age i.e. Pentonville. It would seem to the Oracle of Ottawa that the prison that will house the Kingston inmates should have been built first and then announce the closing of Kingston Pen.

But in an announcement by the Public Safety Minister; Vic "The Dic" Toews, last week, the awesome 'Harper Government'  is going to close Kingston Pen! With no replacement built or planned! It was another stunning display of either incompetence or early onset senility. History will no doubt tell in the end. And blunders of this magnitude will no doubt bring the history to the end sooner then later.

It has been said by many former Kingston Pen. inmates that Kingston Pen. is the creepiest place they have ever experienced. The only crime worse than keeping it open, is closing it with out a plan.

 Another blunder the 'Harper Government' can be proud of....

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

If Capitalism Is So Awesome...

In every stock-jobbing swindle everyone knows that some time or other the crash must come, but every one hopes that it may fall on the head of his neighbour, after he himself has caught the shower of gold and placed it in safety. 
Karl Marx, Das Kapital, Volume I,  p.296

If capitalism is so awesome, why was it that atomic energy and the atomic and hydrogen bombs were invented by a bunch of nerdy government contract workers? Employed in something called the Manhattan Project...

If capitalism is so awesome, why was the internet invented by another generation of nerds, that again was working for the government of the United States? Most right-wing wack balls don't even know the origins of the internet! And they will argue quiet hotly, that it was private industry that developed the whole thing and concept!

If capitalism is so awesome...

If capitalism is so awesome and efficient, and the best creator of wealth, why do Canadian people have to retire two years later at the age of 67? And to add insult to injury, they will have to contribute more to eventually receive less.

If capitalism was so awesome, wouldn't we be all retiring earlier? Like at the age of fifty five? I mean if it is true that capitalism is so awesome....why do we even have to work at all?

If capitalism is so awesome, and education is valuable to the continuation of capitalism, why is education becoming more and more expensive, of lesser quality, and the guarantee of less wages than before?

If capitalism is so awesome, why is crime actually starting to look like a promising career choice? I mean, just asking...

If capitalism is so awesome and all, why do we still have children still living in poverty in the richest countries in the world?

If capitalism is so awesome, and so profitable, why is so hard to get corporations to pay their damn taxes?

If capitalism is so awesome, and government such a drag and stifling influence, why is that when corporations "too big to fail" always go to governments for a bail out when their micro-dicks get stuck in the sharpener?

If capitalism is so awesome, why do big or any corporations even have to bother to "lobby"  government?

If capitalism is so awesome, why is it steadily failing you?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Titanic Experience

And when we had taken our leave one of another, we took ship, and they returned home again.
New Testament, KJV, Acts 21:6

At the time of this writing it is nearly the hour and one hundred years later from the sinking of the R.M.S. Titanic. One of the greatest crimes of the twentieth century. The Oracle of Ottawa gets pretty upset when he even hears any show and or all the disrespectful gibberish that the vulgar media has running at the time of this somber anniversary. While lying on his sofa in his comfortable secure bunker, some where in Ottawa, the Oracle could only smile sardonically at the news and the constant saturation coverage of the select few that have paid the equivalent of a Kings ransom to be over the last known position of the ill fated Titanic, at the time of her one hundreth anniversary, of that fated night.

R.M.S. Titanic

The Oracle of Ottawa has been there and done that, more than once. As frequent readers of this humble blog know, the Oracle of Ottawa spent many years on Her Majesty's lower decks, as is now known once again as the Royal Canadian Navy. Every time a ship the Oracle was on, that was even in the area of the Titanic sink site, there was always a clever navigator or an astute X-O or Captain, usually all of them together, that would alter course, and make the pipe for any one interested to get up topside for a quiet moment of reflection. Well every time the upper decks would be attended by nearly everyone who wasn't on watch. Even the crustiest old Master Seaman would put down his beer and show.

And as the ship would enter into the ellipse of the last known position, the Officer the Watch would call it out on the ships broadcast. It is all pretty weird, but it is something that you never forget. The North Atlantic is a very harsh mistress, and seldom gives up the dead that she captures. This was all brought home to all East Coast Canadians with the frightful loss of the Ocean Ranger. There is a lot of similarities in the two separate events. You might want to look into it....

R.M.S. Titanic...

After the incredible discovery of the Wreck of the Titanic by Robert Ballard a lot of the unknown information was dug by scholars. It amazed the Oracle of Ottawa when the details of the debris field were first released. Especially how the ship came apart, with the rear sections seeming to have suffered total structural failure. One could only surmise that something weakened the structure of the whole ship.Then there was that story of the coal bunker fires to reconsider. And when you look upon the debris field map, it is all pretty obvious. There were no doubt fires in most or all of those coal bunkers. Turning that old iron and steel plate into a very brittle and dangerous shell of its former self. When the forward sections were torn open by the berg hit, it was not even barely felt by the passengers! Because they hardly hit that iceberg... And the shock as the first minor holes that opened forward dissipated aft, that is when the 200 plus foot single gash opened up...

The North Atlantic Ocean hasn't heard about global warming! Believe the Oracle of Ottawa, that water is always cold as hell is hot. Even if the Titanic foundered in August, there would have been roughly the same loss of life. Most of the bodies would have been locked in the position of the body as it hit the water. These grim details the Oracle of Ottawa knows first hand. But that is the subject of another posting, or not....

A clip supporting my most probable theory of what really caused the Titanic disaster....

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Discovering Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates

I will sing of the mercies of the LORD forever: with my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness to all generations.
Psalms 89:1, Old Testament, King James Version

It brings the Oracle of Ottawa great pleasure that there is still some excellent television to be watched, even in the age of the great spiral to the bottom. The Public Broadcasting Service has done a great service to get Discovering Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates on to the air. The Oracle of Ottawa happened on to an episode quite by accident and I was soon riveted to the screen! It has been a long time since the Oracle of Ottawa has observed such powerful and moving television.

Henry Louis Gates - brilliant television...

The desire to know of our origins is a very powerful and consuming desire. But as I learned from watching several episodes of Discovering Your Roots, which uses the traditional genealogy with modern DNA methods, you just might want to be real careful what you wish for! Especially if you are an African American with blue eyes! Or in the case of the Oracle of Ottawa, who has recently found out that his roots can be traced all the way back to New France in the 1600's, to the actual young wife of Champlain (!), still leaves the Oracle of Ottawa leery. Well you see... the Oracle of Ottawa and all his siblings and close relatives have the very prominent 'hook'.. if you follow my drift...that nose is way to large for a person of French, English descent... We often talk about it and wonder... What the fuck!? Do ya' think? Really?

Yes sir, that part of each show that brings in and up the subjects major haplogroups really got the Oracle of Ottawa squirming in his seat! Mixing the traditional and modern methods together can really be a hell of a whammy to take if your not ready for it! But never the less, the Oracle of Ottawa has been scanning Google to find the best place to get a full both side run down on his haplogroups.. Why, the Oracle of Ottawa is ready to write down what he thinks his ethnic percentages are... Here goes. English (Anglo-Saxon) - 25%, French - 30%, Irish - 15%, Amer-Asian (i.e. Native Canadian) - 15% (my mothers side...) that leaves room for the expected shocker... and  the Oracle of Ottawa just knows that it is there... yep, Haplogroup J1 and / or Haplogroup J2, Oy Vey!!   Damn you Henry Louis Gates! I watched you and I learned something, and even worse I am being driven to find out even more! Perhaps you want I should write you a check? Oh damn! There it is again...

 Brilliant, moving television! Get your DNA kit ordered now...  

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Andrea Horwath To Make The Rich Pay

It is not very unreasonable that the rich should contribute to the public expense, not only in proportion to their revenue, but something more than in that proportion.
Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations, Book V, Chapter II, Article I, p. 911

Andrea Horwath is not wasting any time being the king-maker, as the leader of the Third Party in a minority government in the Province of Ontario. It is a very close minority, so close that if Andrea does not like what the Premier, Dalton McGiunty, proposes, she can bring the whole government down! And she is going to make sure that she gets her polite NDP fingerprints on the McGuinty administration. Good on her, as far as the Oracle of Ottawa is concerned.

Andrea Horwath wears the pants!!

What she is proposing is a modest two percent increase on all incomes in Ontario over $500,000. At first hearing the Oracle of Ottawa was totally un-phased. But the Oracle of Ottawa had no idea how many people in the Province of Ontario make over 500 large! It is truly a staggering number. Why a mere two percent increase would net hundreds of millions of dollars, per year!

Of course Dalton made the usual noises. We can't increase taxes etc... But any one in the know, will tell you that the Premier was elated at the NDP idea. The whole scenario is just too perfect. Dalton could pay off the Ontario deficit in no time at all! And it would look like it was all the fault of the NDP! Why the next election would be majority again and for a very long time! And, the Liberal brain trust realized very quickly that anyone who makes over 500 large a year probably didn't vote Liberal any way, well it was all a Godsend! And most of all, it was a chance to cripple the "Harper Government" by giving some of their own back times ten.

So therefore, the first two percent will just be for nothing. Punishment, for not voting Liberal, and saying all those nasty things during the campaign.....

The second two percent is for all that expense that Ontario will no doubt incur due to the 'Harper Government' omnibus crime bill.

The third two percent will cover the expense of the social programs that will increase due to the 'Harper Government' raising the retirement age from 65 to 67!

The fourth two percent will be for even more lavish health care and education! Ontario must lead the way, it is our destiny. We are still the power in Canada, and power has shifted not at all....

The fifth two per cent is for the same reason as the first two percent. But the daily interest could support a program to give any whiners a ride to the airport of their choice should they decide to seek residence somewhere posher; like Alberta. And good fucking riddance.... The Oracle of Ottawa eagerly awaits Tim "Chain Gang" Hudak's response to the great social bill.....

You go girl! Make the rich pay and pay and pay some more!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Failure Means You Are Just About There!

It is most important in creative science not to give up. If you are an optimist you will be willing to "try" more than if you are a pessimist.
Stanislaw Ulam, Adventures of a Mathematician, p.55

The month of March was very busy for the Oracle of Ottawa. The "Thinking About Thinking" project hit a rich vein.Yes indeed. I deployed elementary critical thought into a very elegant thought experiment, and then I postulated a very elegant hypothesis leading to a very simple lab experiment. The results were a total failure. 

Lorentz Transformation...

Many years ago when this happened to the Oracle of Ottawa he simply chalked it up to experience and moved on. This past algorithm has been wrong for all these years. This is what they teach in our schools and our universities. But, the Oracle of Ottawa had the recent self gained knowledge of the results of his intense "Thinking About Thinking" project to fall back on, this time. Instead of abandoning the idea totally, I turned the whole proposition on its head. Failure was turned into a very important, totally counterintuitive, discovery of the nature which is somewhat proprietary. The Oracle of Ottawa is still somewhat shaken at the nature of his discovery.

Quiet a lot of inspiration came from Stanislaw Ulam, and his book Adventures of a Mathematician. If you are involved or soon to embark on the creative sciences, I highly recommend it. You will find it endlessly inspirational. 

 It is the optimists that get all the glory. Even though they are not always the "smartest" or the most "gifted" people. On any given day the prize will go to the person, that will try one more time....

Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Stone For Justin Trudeau

One day your a boy, the next a man.
Harold Robbins, A Stone For Danny Fisher, p. 32

The Oracle of Ottawa must admit that when he first heard about  Justin Trudeau agreeing to a boxing match against a Tory Senator by the name of Patrick Brazeau, all the Oracle of Ottawa could hope was that someone in his office had the foresight to book a critical care bed at the DND Medical Center! From the first glance at the situation it appeared to the Oracle of Ottawa that Justin was just asking to have his heirloom jewels pounded up through his nose. The Oracle of Ottawa experienced  much quiet fear and loathing about the "Next Ones" immediate future.

Justin Trudeau - Too sexy for his shirt...

And then there was the announcement that the "Thriller on the Hillar" was going to get full spectrum coverage by Sun News TV! I mean the fix must have been in. How could even Sun News TV embarrass themselves so many time in a row? The day of the great battle loomed and the Oracle of Ottawa couldn't bring himself to watch or even listen. Then it was Sunday morning and the Oracle of Ottawa realized that he could no longer put off the bad news. Switching on the Sony EX620-40HD to the vulgar CTV news channel I awaited the present medical condition of the young Justin.

A young Wilfred Laurier....

Instead, much to the Oracle of Ottawa's surprise, the first video clip that was observed was some guy in red trunks just "bitch slapping" some guy in blue trunks! Me thinks that the wrong channel was inadvertently selected, but no, the young Justin handled himself and the situation with all the comportment of his dear old Dad, bless his soul. Then upon buying the Sunday Ottawa Citizen for the TV guide, and the cat box, I caught the front page story of the young Justin's stunning victory!

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree after all. The first memory that raced through my mind was his father kicking a reporter in the nuts when he wasn't being respectful enough in the great mans presence! That Pierre was a very seasoned citizen at the time made that occasion even more memorable. There is no doubt of course that this miracle of an event  will give the Liberal party caucus quite a lift. Lord knows they could use it.

Here is a "high light"  version of the miraculous pugilistic miracle. The Sun News TV version is no where to be found....