Sunday, June 30, 2013

Paradox Of The Spread

If you do know that here is the hand, we'll grant you all the rest.
Ludwig Wittgenstein, On Certainty, Section 1

In the Province of Ontario there is a game called Point - Spread offered up by the folks at Ontario Lottery and Gaming. It is offered in baseball (MLB), hockey (NHL) and football; both NFL and CFL! The "authority" assigns a value or a handicap figure to the perceived favorite of a matchup and you the punter simply have to decide if the team in question can win by more than a half point, a full point, and so on, or not. You can select from two to twelve games. The prize for picking the spread right for twelve consecutive games is one thousand times the wager. In Ontario at the time of this writing you can wager from two to one hundred dollars on one ticket. Imagine! Turning a two-ney into two thousand dollars!

Probability, even simple probability is very weird...

And in Canada it gets even better, the winnings are tax free! Provided of course that you are not doing it as a business, but only as a hobby. (If you are employing fifteen "runners" to place your tickets, odds are that you will be declared a business, so one must be careful.)

Ludwig Wittgenstein
 It is now on the verge of July. And everyone knows that July and August are nearly the two most important months of the MLB baseball season. Along with April, May, and June, not forgetting of course, September and October.... Again the Oracle of Ottawa is contemplating the fine points and eternal mysteries of the "spread". How hard can it be? Picking the correct result of the spread in a mere two games pays two times money. Two dollars becomes four dollars. There are games every day, why a really sharp person could own the world! Two events, with only two possible outcomes, Bust or Cover, gives the punter a one in four chance of doubling his money. That is like flipping two heads in a row, or hitting cold on two babes and getting their phone numbers one right after the other, stuff that the Oracle of Ottawa has done over and over in his long life with total ease. But sub in the words point spread and it might as well be infinity.   

The cold hard odds of picking the spread on twelve consecutive games is a mere 1 in 4096. Close inspection will reveal that that is one of the fairest props going. And it is fair. We are not talking soccer or cricket here. What keeps the Oracle of Ottawa up late in these summer nights is the certain knowledge that he has done far better at events with much, much higher odds. Take for example a twelve question test where there are four possible answers for each question. We now go from 1 in 4096 to 1 in 16,777,216! That is on a twelve question multiple choice quiz with four possible answers for each question, there are 16, 777, 216 ways to answer! And 531, 441 ways in which you can answer all twelve questions wrong! 

The paradox to the Oracle of Ottawa is that he can remember far more than one instance in his long life where by he has aced a twelve question multiple choice test with four choices offered for each question...Yet for the sheer life of me at the time of this writing, the Oracle still has yet to cash out on a three gamer point spread ticket. Which has the hard odds of 1 in 8, and which pays five times money. 


Friday last there were 13 MLB games on the list. The Oracle of Ottawa focused for one more try and doped up all the days games. Then in fear that he might be becoming a problem gambler at two dollars a throw per day, put away the list in revulsion. The plan was to play two twelve gamer tickets one starting from the top and the other from the bottom of the list. Yesterday the Oracle decided to teach himself a lesson once and for all and check the results. There is no way on Earth that anyone can pick the spread results for thirteen games! Well Dear Reader you are right, I only picked 11 out of the possible 13!! If the Oracle would have played the two long shot tickets, he would have had two tickets that had 10/12 correct results, which pays 10 times money! My high stakes of $4.00 would have become $40.00... The Oracle is sure there is a moral to this story, but he just can't put his finger on it....

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Has The 'Harper Government' Been HAARPed?

Then I heard a loud voice in heaven,...
Revelation, 12:10, NRSV

The Oracle of Ottawa knew it was going to happen. Just the "dirty tricks" of the 'Harper Government' in Ottawa over the last seven years was enough to bring down judgement. But when the likes of Preston Manning was mouthing off about how Canada was going all right wing, and the "fact" that the center of Canada was now in Calgary! The Oracle tried to warn them. Certain powers that be will only take so much sass and then they will drop the boom, and it will be forever. 

HAARP antenna element....

The damage in Calgary is permanent, in the near future it will revert to its original purpose, an outpost of central Canada. The head offices will be departing shortly to Toronto where they belong. This will all start in quiet earnestness when it is realized that the huge towers downtown are built on clay and that there is no way to right them once they start to tilt, so to speak. If the Calgary Saddle Dome is more than a few millimeters off of level it will have to be condemned. And even the most optimistic nutter can see that there may well be a Stampede, but it sure as hell is not going to be in Calgary this year!

There were many more events that led to the signing of the executive order by the President of The United States to unleash HAARP. It was of course a last resort, but you can be assured that the first words of the present American Ambassador to Canada in his next conversation with the present Foreign Affairs Minister will no doubt be; "Can you hear me now?" Some of the acts that the Oracle of Ottawa can relate are few, but I will share some of the most irritating to our American friends.

First there was that dangerous and unsavory side relationship with China, and the disregard of American warnings about what they were really up to. Then there was that unsavory and quite dangerous relationship of the whole 'Harper Government' with that certain micro-state out of the Middle East. And did the 'Harper Government' really think that they were going to keep Operation Noahs Ark secret from the Yanks? Now, after executive action,  Alberta will no longer very attractive to anybody, even a micro - state from the Middle East.

But you have to hand it to the Yanks and their sense of humor. On the same weekend as the Tory Policy Convention! Ho! Ho! That pig drowned in the tunnel. Soon there will be reports of the weird colors seen in the sky just days before the soggy event, the same that was observed in Pakistan when they were caught out dissing the Americans... But alas, that is another post, for another day...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ditching Java - All Java Software

When information is cheap, attention becomes expensive.
James Gleick, The Information, p. 410

It all came to a head earlier this week. The Firefox browser was loading slower than a sloth crossing a freeway. But the real indication that something was very wrong was when the You-Tube videos would not not start playing right away. Or even worse, would suddenly stop at random for no good reason at all. Some thing was surely amiss. Ironically, the Oracle of Ottawa had been recently warned that all Java products were being strongly suspected of being "compromised", and that it would probably be a good idea to disable and rip everything out that had the name Java attached to it.

Bye - bye Duke!
Sure enough this proved to be excellent advice. It was discovered by the Oracle of Ottawa, using the jim dandy Process Explorer tool, what was exactly going on in my box while I was trying to get a You Tube video to go off at command. Every time the start button was pressed on the video player, a little war of processes started, culminating with the Microsoft Security Essentials going nuts trying to suppress something that started after the Java quick launcher was observed firing up repeatedly! 

Well that was all the evidence that the Oracle of Ottawa required. First all the Java add-ons of the Firefox browser (Version 21.0) were disabled. (Tools - Add - Ons)  Then the Oracle of Ottawa removed the latest version of Java that from habit he always kept up to date. Now it will take 24 - 48 hours for the system to completely settle after you do all this, but you will notice an improvement right away. Also if you know how, strip out all the now dead registry entries with the proper scan.

What ever the hell happened to cause this once great piece of software turn into a product that even Homeland Security will not allow on its browsers anywhere? A little digging will inform you quickly that Oracle Corporation is not the employee friendly place that it once was. There seems to be a lot of firing of Americans and no doubt Canadians, that are being replaced by hordes of temporary foreign workers from China! You can't make this stuff up. Ever since this trend has been taking hold, it seems that the platform became some one else's platform, if you follow the Oracles drift.

Every thing works awesome well now. My browser opens over 60% percent faster, and the You Tube is being enjoyed as before, before this spy platform of malware so rudely intruded upon the Oracles domain. Don't be shy, just rip it all out....   

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Jason Kenny - The Scum Also Rises

The meme is not the dancer but the dance.
James Gleick, The Information, p. 314

As the Oracle of Ottawa has mentioned many times before, you just never know what you will hear during Question period on a Friday. This past Friday was no exception. The 'Harper government' Bund must be in worse shape than we all thought. The Oracle of Ottawa has never witnessed such a barefaced attack on a fellow sitting parliamentarian in recent memory. It all started with Jason Kenney attacking the leader of the third party, one Justin Trudeau.

Justin Trudeau - Rich without even trying!

You know the Conservative Party of Canada Nazis are really feeling the heat of all their scandals when they are ready to attack free markets, choice and capitalism all in one go. And you could just sense the envy as the scummy Minister Kenney all but accused Justin Trudeau of ripping of non-profit organizations for his set speaking fee! Now we all know that Justin Trudeau is the next one. And it is true that he comes from Canadian Royalty, and he can get a pretty easy dollar just talking about it! He has an agent that books his dates and collects hid fee for him. Is there a problem with that? You can afford it or you can't. You can go or stay at home. You vote with your dollars, right?

It seems to burn the Harperite Nazis to no end that young Justin has made over seven figures just talking about how wonderful it is to be Justin Trudeau! Everybody wants a piece of him and a chance to bask in his Imperial Light, and they are willing to pay for it! Isn't that the kind of capitalism that the 'Harper government' is always going on about protecting? Isn't that what the 'Harper Government' glorifies? Giving out what you got for what ever the market will bear? So what is the problem? These sorry local rubes came to Justin Trudeau with their money in hand. Not the other way around. Again what is the problem?

Jason Kenney - Still waiting for pizza...

The greasy Jason Kenney is obsessed with knowing how popular he is. Well, the Oracle of Ottawa, as a public service, will inform the drop-out minister how popular he is compared to Justin Trudeau. Let us start on You-Tube; if you enter Jason Kenney Conservative you will see that you will get about 873 results. If you simply enter Justin Trudeau you will get 61,900 results! Do the math! Justin Trudeau is about 71 times more popular than Jason Kenney! Jason Kenney is a sitting Minister of the Government of The Day, Justin Trudeau is merely the leader of the "Third Party"!   

Now let us go to Wikipedia. Enter Jason Kenney and go to the stats page, you will find that at the time of this writing that the Jason Kenney article gets hit a mere 4980 in the last thirty days. Now enter Justin Trudeau and repeat the process, you will find that Justin Trudeau's article has been hit, at the time of this writing, in the last thirty days, 27,046 times, and the article ranked 3307 in traffic out of the 4.25 million articles on all of Wikipedia! This means even in print, Justin Trudeau is over five times more popular than the greasy Jason Kenney. And during his Leadership victory, he was more popular than the sitting Prime Minister! Talk about the writing on the virtual wall....

Thursday, June 13, 2013

'Harper Government' - All Coming Apart

The economy of a society is in equilibrium if and only if all the persons participating in the economy are in equilibrium. 
Edmund S. Phelps, Political Economy - An Introductory Text, p. 65

It really all started early this morning in Toronto, Ontario. Hundreds of cops in swat and riot gear rose up before sunrise to serve warrants not just on individuals, but rather whole apartment buildings! And the haul was huge! Why, on the vulgar old style media CBC TV evening news it was mentioned that the drug haul alone was worth over three million bucks! And it was mentioned that several fair weather friends of the present mayor of Toronto were also caught up in the drag net.

Canadian Senate - Still with us...
Later the chief of police of the fine city of Toronto would not confirm or deny that a certain video was found on a certain cell phone that has at the time of this writing has a $200,000 bounty on it from a social media website in the USA. But the Oracle of Ottawa could tell that the flat footed chief was all but bursting with gotcha and good. The Oracle of Ottawa will venture a very educated guess that a certain in office mayor is in some very deep shit. And of course the good old CBC had footage of the very shaken and reeling Mayor Ford. The Oracle of Ottawa can not help but think there is in Ottawa one very nervous Finance Minister at the time of this writing.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Europe, Steve Harper, of the 'Harper Government' was getting a very rough ride indeed. The questions of the Senate scandal back home kept coming up like an uncooked burger on a really bad BBQ circuit stop somewhere in Alberta. Even his "good friend" hosts were taking shots at him, no doubt for the photo op and North American exposure it would surely bring. When the doomed man landed in Paris it all seemed to take a very large step.

Arthur Porter IV - Taking a  Canadian summer trip...
Senator Wallin then showed up on the CBC evening news and spilled her guts. She confirmed the Oracle of Ottawa's earlier guess that she is one of the Senators set up by the Prime Ministers Office to create a diversion to help the 'Harper Government' gain critical mass of the public opinion to abolish the Senate of Canada, but alas, it seems that the old hands are very strong, seasoned and wiry street fighters. During Question Period earlier today, you could see that the "Harper Government' is in total diss-array, confusion and panic. The channel knob has completely fallen off of the TV of the Canadian public, and there isn't any conservative smart enough to fix it on his own.     

Then there was that short blip from the CBC social desk, announcing  that Mr. and Mrs. Porter IV have agreed to accept an all expense paid summer vacation in Canada, that could last for many years indeed, pending the outcome of the money laundering and other charges. My goodness when the hole starts to cave in and another bigger shovel just seems to make no difference, you know it all but over.

  The NDP is really getting close to another big scandal concerning that nasty NSA program called PRISM that seems to be hooked up to Canada (!) somehow or another. The Defense Minister is standing by his claim that there is no spying on Canadian citizens by Canadians. The Opposition knows there is something wrong here and they are right. It is all quite simple, when the Americans want to wire tap an American citizen they certainly do stick to the letter of the law and do not listen in, in the United States. They simply flip a switch and the call is instantly routed to Canada! Where it is now a foreigner talking on the telephone! When Canada wants to drop in on your calls here in Canada the process works in reverse! No laws are broken and the respective governments are free to run rough shod over your civil rights and liberties. Pretty smooth or what? 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Backed Up In Bytown

There was none to curse and none to pray, we just watched.
Cormac McCarthy, Blood Meridian, p. 133

Well Dear Reader, it was a hell of week in old Ottawa, once known as Bytown, when it was run and owned by the timber barons. The illusion, or rather the delusion, that government at any level can be run as a public relations exercise by spin doctors and fart catchers has all but crashed and burned and the fire of the wreckage still burns.

Thoroughbreds will be coming to Ottawa after all!

It all started during the dinner hour earlier in the week when the Oracle of Ottawa's old style vulgar media supper news broke to "breaking news" and announced that Gentleman Jim Watson had folded and thrown in the towel on the insane, but much treasured idea, of a downtown casino in Ottawa! We were all duly informed that the head Burg(h)er of the City of Ottawa had sent off his letter to the Ontario Gaming Commission to announce that the new casino will only be allowed at the present site of the Rideau Carleton Race Track, where the Oracle of Ottawa reasoned many months ago was the only logical choice. No doubt one of the Mayors unpaid contractor interns probably read the Oracle of Ottawa's blog and realized that any other plan was indeed hopeless. The trial balloon to get the site beside the Canadian War Museum did not fly very well at all with the knuckle dragging Conservatives from the Prime Ministers Office. The dream died.

The Senate, that Harper wanted to abolish,
is going to abolish Harper!!

Meanwhile the encampment of the outta town Conservatives down on Wellington Street suffered many rattling death blows, so much so that many movers have been called and reserved for sometime in the near future. The "state broadcaster" the great Mother ship of the CBC is pulling out only one or two stops in the fight for its life. The stories are breaking daily and the slip of secret revenge dumps in thick envelopes are turning into a flood at all the media outlets in Ottawa. It seems to the Oracle of Ottawa that all the people from under the bus have risen up. The Oracle of Ottawa will admit freely that he is enjoying every moment of the slow motion train wreck. The spin is clashing and the talking points are causing more trouble than the effort to write them, that at present, goes on late into the night, to no avail.

Brent Rathgeber a back bench sock puppet of the 'Harper Government' has finally sickened of the little jackie bastards in short pants from the Prime Ministers Office and has resigned from the Conservative Party of Canada! The Oracle of Ottawa strongly suspects that the trickle will soon turn into a flood. Soon the so called majority will be under numerical threat as the Oracle of Ottawa predicted the day after the last election. It is not long now Dear Reader, when the social swirl of Ottawa will return to its grandeur that is only known when the leftist elites of the Liberal Party of Canada are strongly in control, which is their destiny. Why the Oracle of Ottawa has booked his fitting for his formals that will be greatly in use and demand again after this period of Canada's darkest age....

Meanwhile it is another day at Ottawa City Hall of the dying administration of Gentleman Jim and his Burg(h)ers... Someone E-mail the media! LOL!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What Is Thomas Mulcair On?

Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.
Sir Francis Bacon, Essays, Essay L - Of Studies

Thomas Mulcair is the second son of a huge family of ten kids! He was born in Ottawa, Ontario. He rose way up in Canadian society, it is a hell of a story. From essentially the wrong side of the tracks, in all truth and honesty, he has risen to become the Leader of the NDP, which is now the Royal Opposition in the present Parliament. The whole story makes Horatio Alger look like a slacker.

Thomas Mulcair - Give yourself a shake!!
 It has been a pleasure to watch ole Tom roll on and over Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government'. As far as the Oracle of Ottawa can tell he is one of the very few that has made Harper squirm at will and with much pleasure. You know that Mulcair is getting to Harper by the unfailing thumb tell that Harper exhibits every time Mulcair starts to get a little too close to the truth. Just watch early videos from Question Period when the 'Harper Government' was young and cocky, and then compare them to recent videos of Question Period since the onset of the Senate scandal. Do you see it? Pretty wild or what? The 'Harper' thumbs are literally twisting.
Don't fuck with the Senate!!

The Oracle of Ottawa has gone on at length in earlier postings about how much he utterly despises the 'Harper Government', or anyone else for that matter, that starts to talk about the dinking or any serious changes to any of Canada's constitutional institutions. And that includes the Senate of Canada. The Senate of Canada has existed since 1867 and is enshrined in the Constitution Act, 1867. The person that was behind its creation and the expression 'House of second sober thought' was ironically a Conservative Prime Minister, the first Prime Minister of Canada, Sir John A. MacDonald! The creation of Canada is a hell of a story, it was in the end a grand compromise, and the older the Oracle of Ottawa gets he is becoming more convinced that the creation of Canada, out of all its opposing forces, could only have been Divinely inspired.

The Canadian Senate will continue, unchanged...
Senates go back in history over two thousand years. Why even the first and earliest Senate of the world, located in Rome (Curia Julia) still stands! And wherever and whenever a Senate is abolished there usually the results of dire consequences and endless troubles. Again I direct the reader to research the history of the Weimar Republic  of Germany in the time from 1919 -1933. There was another guy, Adolf whats his name, who was as hot to be rid of the Senate as Steve Harper is today in Canada. Why do you think that is? The Germany that rose out of the ashes of World War II and the division of Communism certainly included a Senate (Bundesrat) and even after re-unification Germany still has a second "upper" (appointed) house.

Is the Oracle of Ottawa the last old man in Ottawa to read that far back in history? The system we have works and has worked for as long as Canada has existed as a nation state. Yes there have been bumps on the road, and there will continue to be, that is human nature. If the powers of the day want to bring in some minor rules to protect the petty cash as times and technology changes that will be acceptable. But the Oracle of Ottawa does not want an elected Senate. The Oracle of Ottawa does not want the United States in Canada. All this has been dealt with over a century ago. It is surely shocking that the powers that be today do not know that, save and except that young Justin Trudeau. The Oracle of Ottawa totally agrees with the Justin Trudeau model of Senate Reform; If you want a good Senate start by putting good people into the Senate, just like his father did! And the Oracle of Ottawa must be honest and tell the truth. Someday he expects to get that call, and yes, for that Library of Parliament card, the Oracle of Ottawa will come out of retirement for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and serve in the House of sober second thought....

Monday, June 3, 2013

Arthur Porter Spills The Beans?

I know that the entire design was such, that it would be almost impossible, unless if you got a coalition of forty or fifty people to work together, from two or three different agencies, to be able to swing a process like that.
Arthur Porter IV, Bahamas, NB12 News Interview, March - 04 - 2013

The good doctor at the time of this interview for the local Bahamian audience of innocent rubes was no doubt very confident that they did not know of the ongoing Charbonneau Commission in the province of Quebec. Where by at the time of this interview it was becoming very clear that there was and is indeed a coalition of more than forty or fifty people from more than two or three agencies that could swing corruption of most any magnitude! You just can't make this stuff up.

Steve Vader - Hanging by a thread?

Now at the time of this writing the good doctor is adjusting to somewhat new accommodations in a Panama prison. When his name was again mentioned in the House today in Question Period, the Minister for Public Safety left the distinct impression with the Oracle of Ottawa that it would be very handy indeed if the good doctor could possibly expire from his ailments in a timely manner. Yes indeed Dear Reader, there seems to something that the 'Harper Government' worries about much more than a couple of numerically challenged old fart Senators dipping into the petty cash jar.

The Oracle of Ottawa has every confidence that the road ahead for the erstwhile doctor will be much smoother and infinitely more comfortable in a nice low security cell in Quebec. And no doubt time off for his full cooperation will soon start to make very clear sense. Imagine the songs that will be sung and the tales that will be told! What names will come up? What new earth tremors will rattle through Quebec? When  this happens it will no doubt be curtains and the veritable stake through the heart of the 'Harper Government'.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Arthur Porter IV - The Other Shoe To Drop

Criticism, as I see it, is really the shaping of a central tradition of recreation.
Northrop Frye, On Education, p. 150

It was wondrous strange to the Oracle of Ottawa to hear of the arrest of Arthur Porter IV while in Panama, Panama, while doing his "laundry". It seems to be a rather strange thing to be doing when you claim have Type IV lung cancer! Does that even sound rational? If you had Type IV (inoperable) cancer would you be traveling over 1000 miles to do your banking?  Or anyone else's? I mean, just asking.

Arthur Porter IV - I can do anything for you...
 But such is the ways and means of the international T-shirt middleman class. With their bullshit stories of exotic descent and endless quest, just what the idiots in power today love to hear. People of the ilk and likes of Arthur Porter know exactly what those in power want to hear. They have been doing it for centuries if you are curious enough to look into it. If the vulgar media were on it, they would be asking his Daddie; Arthur Porter III, who by incredible chance seems to also live in Ottawa! I mean who knew?

It seems that the shit is all coming in on the 'Harper Government' like a tidal wave. This is of course the results of continually going for the bigger shovel, instead of stopping the excavation of their death hole. Ho! Ho! And talk about commitment to their fuck ups! At the time of this writing the Oracle of Ottawa discovered that SIRC still has the fallen doctors bio page up on its web site! Just like nothing ever happened. And the same with regards to his appointment to Canada's Privy Council! Yes Dear Reader, you can certainly see that the 'Harper Government' is on top of it all, aren't they? 

The only thing that remains is to watch it all unfold. It is the Province of Quebec that has started it all, and looks like they will get it all in and done. And as everyone knows, the 'Harper Government' has made it very clear and more than once, that they don't need Quebec at all! Well, we shall see, won't we?  The Oracle of Ottawa has discovered the rumor that the good doctor in question was on a diplomatic mission with the required passport, and may try to claim diplomatic immunity! One must have all the cloaks up when setting up the offshore repository's of today's active elected public politicians. But that only means that the grasping wife will be like dog meat in a riot. Ya, she will roll.

Now lets suppose that the good doctor is removed to Quebec, what ever stories do you think he has to tell to save his fat lumpy ass? The Oracle of Ottawa strongly suspects that it will put the Charbonneau Commission to complete shame. It was mentioned in the vulgar media this evening, at the time of this writing, that the Prime Minister is simply not himself lately, as observed at the end of session "garden party"  for the media. Poor thing. It is the Oracle of Ottawa's fondest hope this summer will be the longest summer in the now horizon shortened life of the useless 'Harper Government'.  

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Scott Brison Asks The NEXT Question

The ways to enrich are many, and most of them foul.
Francis Bacon, Essays, Essay XXXIV - Of Riches

As the Oracle of Ottawa has always told his Dear Readers before, if you want to know what is coming next in Canadian politics, you must never miss Question Period on Fridays. You would think that after the week that has passed, and the scandals that have erupted, and somehow strangely refuse to be quenched, that not much of note could possibly bubble up. Well Dear reader you would have been wrong again. It was near the end of Question Period on Friday last, and the Oracle thought we were down to the ending softball questions.

Scott Brison - On it!
 Then Scott Brison stood to his seat, and put a soft ball Question to Kellie "Butch" Leitch on unemployed youngsters and the resident evil of unpaid internships! This is a question that the Oracle of Ottawa was dying to hear asked. The cocky Leitch seemed not to expect to have this question coming at the time it did, and she seemed totally "outed", so to speak.

Much to the rage and utter amazement of the Oracle of Ottawa this evil practice of getting kids to work for nothing, for "work experience", is one of the most evil creations of the 'Harper Government'. It has even touched into the Oracles circle, and the Oracle of Ottawa is not amused. The Oracle can not understand how this is even possible. Haven't these wars been fought and won decades ago? Don't we have child labour laws in Canada? Well since the 'Harper Government' not any more. And to add insult to injury, when some scum bag employer, such as car dealership owners, get these free child labourers, they are getting money, grants and tax breaks from the 'Harper Government'!      

Now this evil of the 'Harper Government' has not been thought up by the 'Harper Government' but rather is the spawn of its many management consultants, that have been very busy chipping at the workers liberties in Canada since the Conservatives have come to power. This has all been achieved by exploiting the two most common fears of the working class. The stigma of being labelled mentally ill, and the stigma of being unemployed. There have been minor changes over the last decade that have virtually gutted employment law as we once thought that we knew.

Yes Dear Reader, Scott Brison has asked the NEXT question, that will certainly put another stake through the 'Harper Government' come the next election. And the Oracle of Ottawa is very grateful that Scott Brison stood up and asked it so perfectly, looks from here that Justin Trudeau has his next Minister of Labour and Employment...