Wednesday, October 12, 2011

'Harper Government' Feeding Occupy Wall Street ?

In modern times sound policy-making must often come to grips with numbers.
Randal Marlin, Propaganda & The Ethics of Persuasion, p. 118

Once Charlie Rose talks about it, you know that it is "on". As the lowlife right wing neo-con media in Canada and the United States tries to whistle past the graveyard over the impact of Occupy Wall Street, all it takes is someone of the stature of Charlie Rose and guests like Paul Krugman  to disavow the neo-cons of that notion. And earlier this evening in Canada the "state broadcaster" the CBC has all but rolled out the carpet on the coming wave. This will be another wrench in the "Harper Government" gear box! With hopefully many more bigger and annoying ones to come.

more wrench's in the gear box....

Meanwhile, earlier today, Lisa "The Hapless" Raitt in an utter move of desperation has referred the Air Canada strikers to the CIRB! ( Canada Industrial Relations Board ) ,in a desperate attempt to prevent the collapse of the Canadian economy! ( Oh Please....) This action is highly irregular, and hasn't been attempted in my living memory. But that is the way with neo-con babes, they always go for the gun too quickly! Meanwhile Canada Post has filed a constitutional court challenge over the 'Harper Government' back to work legislation back in the summer. As you can plainly see the swamp is quickly filling with some very hungry and pissed crocodiles!

Why do the fat conservatives taste like little boys??

Meanwhile, amid all the union busting, as per Bilderberg Group directives, the forward scouts for Occupy Wall Street are arriving in Canada and scoping out the best locations for the coming inexerable wave of future troubles and embarrassments. And in the hapless Tory way of shit fortune, it will all boil up at the same time, and all but ruin the great mans last term as Prime Minister. It all should be very interesting to watch unfold.

Meanwhile, all the labour union lads are arranging for their strikes and last talks to take place during Parliaments very long summer recess!! Those crafty lefty bastards! Methinks the 'Harper Government' is going to be very tired by the time of the next election. No justice, no peace?

Coming Soon!! To a City Near You!!

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