Tuesday, October 11, 2011

City of Ottawa - Top 100?

The Rules of good-breeding condemn whatever is openly disobliging, and gives a sensible pain and confusion to those, with whom we converse.
David Hume, A Treatise of Human Nature, p. 152

According to "Salty" Steve Desroches, in recent local vulgar media reports, the City of Ottawa is going to have to skimp on the application of salt again this winter, book the long term care for granny folks. The Oracle of Ottawa finds it all rather weird that the City of Ottawa doesn't have money for road salt and yet they seem to have funds to appear in black hole marketing in the Globe and Mail Top 100 Special Report!

City Hall - Perfect for Wall Street Occupy tent city!!
 Decades ago there was an annual publication listing the Top 100 employers in Canada. It was peer reviewed and moderated. There were tables where you could compare the pros and cons. Do you remember that? That kind of thing is long gone. Now the list appears as a marketing supplement in Canada's National Newspaper. You know it is good, the most despised, reviled, and most sued corporation on earth was listed as number one in Canada a few years back! Do you remember that?

According to the City of Ottawa entry, there are 11,931 employees, and the biggest feature of working for the City of Ottawa is that there is a free lounge and one pool table! (page E11, Friday, October 07, 2011) According to the Oracle of Ottawas sources there are 30 year employees who have yet to find the lounge, and they were in no hurry to get in line with 11,931 people for a crack at the pool table! The real fear down at the union office is that the sky high pile of grievances is going to topple over causing structural damage to the new union hall! This is of course the fruit of the "model human resource practices".  

But one should be fair, that number of 11,931 is probably measuring the managers and the contractors. Or is that measuring the blue collar union card carrying workforce? Someone is befuddled with there numbers me thinks!! You know things are pretty bad when the following joke is going around: Why do people from Human Resources always wear rayon? Answer: The spit dries faster!

This is what the workers at the City of Ottawa and all of Canada and the United States really need right now!
I can hear the knees knocking already and they are not on my side of the table!!

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