Sunday, October 30, 2011

Noam Chomsky Delivers Sermon On The Mount

To form a clear idea of any thing, is an undeniable argument for its possibility, and is alone a refutation of any pretended demonstration against it.
David Hume, A Treatise of Human Nature, Book I, p. 89

It was a great relief for the Oracle of Ottawa, as we live in the end days, that we got one last chance to see in public media, in Canada, the greatest living voice of left wing dissent. I am of course referring to the legendary Noam Chomsky. The occasion was a lecture that he gave at University of Toronto, Hart House, Great Hall on or about April 07, 2011. The Oracle of Ottawa got to see it on TV Ontario on October 29, Saturday last. I am in the habit of always watching this lecture series on Saturday. But to see the great Noam Chomsky was indeed a very special event. I am only in my fifties and already I hate traveling, it must be way worse when you are in your 80's!
Noam Chomsky

Now correct me if I am wrong. But there have been lessor people of the far left who have been refused entry visas to Canada lately, a certain British Labour MP comes to mind, it perhaps must be that Mr. Chomsky is an American citizen  that allowed this memorable event to even happen? How long do you think this will go on? The Oracle of Ottawa soaked it up. The way things are going in Canada today I couldn't help but think of that popular T-shirt design of the 1970's of the little mouse giving the diving eagle the "finger"! The last defiant act.
Are we living in the time of the death of
the Social Contract?

Noam Chomsky slowly and masterfully delivered the complete playbook and all foot note hidden agenda's of the New World Order, and the 'Harper Government', that are soon to come or have already taken place. At several points the Oracle of Ottawa must admit, that he felt that all was already lost. What gave this lowly word pecker great cheer was the rapt faces of the youngsters and the oldsters that were in attendance. Forgive me, but, the event of the Sermon On The Mount came to mind over and over! Perhaps all is not lost! It appears that not everyone has sold their immortal souls for an M.B.A. degree and a lifetime of corporate maze running possibly ending with possession of the "corner" cubicle.

There is just that one bit that won't get out of my head. The key to the whole neo-liberal globalizing algorithm. And that is, first, to underfund what you want to destroy, wait for the complaints, and then privatize it all! It is just like what is going on in Canada at this very moment! It seems that the ancient and great tradition of the Social Contract is slowly being broken down ever so slowly right before our very eyes. One can not but help to think of Jane Jacobs and The Dark Age Ahead.  

The "gold" starts at 45:00...

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