Sunday, October 16, 2011

RIM - Asleep At The Switch?

Impressions are naturally the most vivid perceptions of the mind; and this quality is in part convey'd by the relation to every connected idea.
David Hume, A Treatise of Human Nature, p. 208

The Oracle of Ottawa is grateful that he is somewhat phone adverse. I have always detested the telephone. Even from childhood, although I could understand how important it was for the whole world, just as long as someone else answered the damn thing. As a matter of fact I feel the same away about all change in general, it is just great, as long as some else does it for me or rather instead of me. Now I imagine this must sound strange since the Oracle of Ottawa is a Canadian and everyone knows that as a people and a nation we are always at the forefront of the whole communications thing. Well there you go, go figure!

Pick up your receiver...
 Yes the Oracle of Ottawa does own and carry a cell phone, but, I always turn the damn thing off! Since I am rich and have totally dropped out of society for all intents and purposes I can get away with it. What I find really alarming about this connected modern world is what appears as the totally hopeless addiction that people have for these stupid things! Just walking in my local shopping mall I am floored at the intent concentration of the unwashed as they peer intently into their stupid little screens. Geez, if they paid the same attention to social issues and who they voted for, we would well on our way to much better world! But no, we seem to be more interested in what our significant "others" are wearing at the present moment. Can you imagine some of the pictures that must be sent? Perhaps it is better not to!   

This is Canada calling...

I ponder on the fact that the generations of my parents and grandparents spent billions of dollars to make a seamless international phone system, with "pin drop" clarity available at a very reasonable rate, only to see my nephews and nieces sending each other telegrams! The Oracle of Ottawa does not see the progress here. Perhaps, forsooth, I am missing something aloft? Now I am picturing my favorite writer of all time with a Blackberry, some how I don't think it would have taken with Hunter S. Thompson! Why that screen and keyboard would start getting pretty small after six hits of acid, three green pills and two yellow ones!

A surreal wave is washing upon me... Do you think if you heated two Blackberrys on the stove, you could do "hot blackberrys" with them? Damn, that was good. It must be the old Genesis playlist just blasting into my old hippy head that is working the free association thing. "This is the world we live in" ," These are the hands we are given..." If you don't like it well er, text me...

Do you get it now?

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