Saturday, October 15, 2011

Should Mark Carney Resign?

The liar wants to be believed, but lying undermines the foundation for credibility.
Randal Marlin, Propaganda & The Ethics Of Persuasion, p. 149

This all boiled up this morning as I was relaxing in the secure bunker on a cosy Saturday morning hitting the CTV news channel to catch up on the world events. As ugly chance would have it, I walked right into that phone interview with wee Jim Flaherty , Canada's present leprechaun of Finance. Well things did not seem to be going too good, the wee minister was straying far from his "talking points" and what came out of is mouth had the sound of a panicked man. Thank God it was Saturday, the stock market was closed in Toronto, and we all know that when wee Jimmy starts yapping about the economy the market starts shedding points as he is talking!

Chase this....

Lets put all this into proper context. We have our wee Finance Minister constantly babbling to anyone who will listen about things he doesn't know shit about. I am still in shock from that interview around 2008, when he practically openly admitted he never owned a stock in his life! With a background in motor vehicle accident and personal injury litigation Canada is no doubt well represented at the G20 meetings. With the head of the International Monetary Fund being headed by an anti trust and labour lawyer woman from France I guess this makes wee Jimmy look one up!

Bank of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario....
 But what is really cooking this taxpayers chicken is that Mark Carney seems to be always somewhat nearby at usually less then arms length distance. That interview of our Bank of Canada governor sitting in the Prime Ministers office with wee Jimmy for the photo-op in the 'Harper Government's vain attempt to make me feel better still leaves me somewhat pukey at the very thought of it! That should have never happened. The governor of the Bank of Canada is always to be at "arms length" and should never appear in situations or photo-ops that in any way make him look to appear like a Fisher-Price pull toy at the end of a short string... I mean I am just going on tradition here, can you think of any example from the past governors where this has happened even once?

In closing it seems to me that some young NDP member should stand to his / her seat in Question Period and ask a few questions. Such as; when is a partner of a large investment bank no longer a partner? What connections should a Bank of Canada Governor have, if any? Should a major investment bank that was once an employer of a present government official be allowed to pitch any business at all? Should a present Bank of Canada Governor be allowed to be a member of the Group of Thirty while he is holding office as a central bank governor? 

A little more "background"...

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