Sunday, October 2, 2011

Alison Redford - A Monster Wrench In The Harper Gearbox!!

The idea, then, of causation must be deriv'd from some relation among objects; and that relation we must now endeavour to discover.
David Hume, A Treatise of Human Nature, p. 75

The sweat stains started to grow exponentially on the party dresses  from the Sun News TV skank locker and wardrobe, starting Friday morning last. As the Supreme Court of Canada decision on the legality of the Vancouver safe injection site was handed down. It was a total fail for the Conservative Party of Canada. The decision was unanimous; 9-0! Even the conservative justices stood to, and defended the Canadian Constitution! Pat Boland was really grossed out, not at the decision, but rather at that gross, quickly expanding sweat stain on his co-host, but with his usual grace and professional aplomb he marched through. Total class.
The Tory gear box....

Meanwhile in the House last week, the Conservatives omnibus crime bill was made to look pretty stupid. The bullshit  was overwhelmed by the facts as provided by the Opposition and mostly Joe Comartin. The recent release of Steven Pinkers latest book entitled; "The Better Angels of Our Nature: The Decline of Violence in History and Its Causes" is going to be pretty embarrassing to the Conservatives when those uppity young NDP types start quoting from it to Rob "The Knob" Nicholson...Not to mention the fact that Mr. Pinker is a fine lad that hails from Montreal... This could all get really embarrassing!
Then it was Sunday morning and I was tuning into the Sun News for the ever pleasant Brian Dunstan when I saw the tape at the bottom of the screen tell me that Alison Redford won the job for the head of the provincial Alberta Conservative Party!! Why she will be the Premier of Alberta! How did this happen? Well the Oracle of Ottawa will tell you... While the PMO was meddling and the old farts were playing "bigger dick", it seems that Alison scooped the unattended sack of nuts and scurried to the finish line in a doddle! I have provided a link to all her achievements, since they are too numerous to include in this post. Check it out, it is a most excellent CV!! Red Tory is an understatement! She is a good liberal in the great and classic tradition.
This of course will and already is sending shock waves through Ottawa! I was pretty sure I heard Steve screaming at 24 Sussex from my secure bunker in the South end of Ottawa!! And it is all only starting...

The Oracle of Ottawa can't tell you how the provincial election in Ontario is going to turn out, but I would bet that it is not going to be the Prime Ministers liking...And to have to deal with an Alberta Premier that totally out classes him and is way better looking will be toxic to all future endeavors...Who thought that things would get so interesting so fast?

Rob "The Knob" Nicholson should have talked to Professor Pinker first??

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