Monday, October 17, 2011

Sun News TV - Spooked By Occupy Protests

The unequal distribution of income is the chief source of the periodic crises that regularly erupt. This is generally concealed in conventional economics by reference to an unexplained lack of demand.
Herbert I. Schiller, Living In the Number One Country, p. 195

For such an "un-event" Sun News TV has certainly spent an inordinate amount of time covering it! Ever since Saturday last, there  has been practically non-stop saturation of it. The Oracle of Ottawa puts it down to that recurring dream that all the right-wingers are having lately, you know that dream, the one where your minimum wage rent-a-cops lets in the rabble from the street and leads them to the inner sanctum...and then your illegal landscaping crew carves you up with gardening tools that you sold to them! Yeah that dream...

The 99% are coming....

Small media markets are a very hard dollar aren't they? And the way that Sun News goes after it it just keeps getting smaller! The spinning gets tighter and faster and the bottom keeps receding away at near the speed of light. Meanwhile in the sordid press division, the best banner reporters are worked to death, or as the HR thingy would say; fully multi-tasked. That is what all you youngster Sun News word slaves have to look forward to, death in a third rate industrial park "newsroom" way past your retirement, when you should be living on your acccolades and royalty cheques. You would all be better off writing a blog in public housing on welfare!

Speaking about public housing, what the hell is wrong with Krista Erickson? Ever since her long summer vacation I have noticed a marked and profound change in her appearance. Her once posh face is all sinew's and there is bumps and unevenness of the lips that is really gross. What the hell is up with that? And she is missing her cues and teleprompter reads. And it has all happened so fast and recently. Creepy as hell. I imagine in true Sun News corporate fashion they will run her till she drops on air for the ratings surge, no doubt...

Here is real journalism by Russia Today. There is a rumor in Ottawa that this is the network that is going to get Sun News TV's old Ontario channel slots after October 31, 2011...I can hardly wait, RT is just freaking excellent!

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