Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Is CFB Petawawa Toast?

Does this mean base closures: Yes or No?
David Christopherson, House of Commons, Question Period, October 26, 2011

What does the Mighty Dave know that Peter "The Helo" MacKay wishes he didn't know? The Oracle of Ottawa has been watching the Conservatives for years now, and he has there game plan down cold! There is much information contained in every word and movement. After a while you can piece it all together, watching today can tell you what will happen exactly weeks from now!

CFB Petawawa entrance...

First of all Peter MacKay better stay away from card games! He is simply not capable of projecting the inscrutable wall. He tells like a bird, without even opening his mouth! Mighty Dave does have it all partly right. Let the Oracle of Ottawa flesh it all out for the dear readers. And it is a grimey, greasy two parter!

Angola Prison

First have you noticed that Cheryl Gallant of Renfrew—Nipissing—Pembroke just doesn't seem to be angry anymore? She has nothing to be happy about on the surface, she is certified BBFL (Back Bencher For Life..), skipped over for any job of real responsibility and yet she is all serene in the last little while. Why do you think that is? Well in her riding lies Canadian Forces Base Petawawa. It is a small base compared to say CFB Halifax, but it is huge in area. Over 300 sq. km.! Roughly two thirds is bordered by the Ottawa River, the rest is mostly fenced...
Now, promise not to tell anybody, it is the real home of  JTF2. It is supposed to be a secret but everyone in Pembroke Ontario will tell you if you ask and wink cute... That base has been there for over 100 years now. The Liberals left it alone since the sight of Airborne and JTF2 should never be seen or heard of in a civil society. And quite right they were about all such things.

Angola Prison, 1/3 the size of Petawawa...
 So where is CFB Petawawa going to be moved to? Well let the Oracle of Ottawa inform all the lads at the base that Indian curry and Bollywood movies will no longer require a very long drive. You see the Torys unlike the Liberals of the past, love to have the heavy hitters close by for show and crush, if you get my drift...What will that empty 300 sq. km. base be used for? I thought you would never ask...

Don't it make you feel all warm and cosy? Right out of the Tory Family Value Playbook, no?

Have you ever heard of Angola Prison? Also known as Louisiana State Prison. It is also known as the farm. It is a huge hell hole of a maximum security prison that runs a big farm, the place makes money! If you cop a sentence greater than ten years, no matter where you come from in the state you go to Angola. No one visits, it is that far out of the way... Well guess what? In Canada if you catch a sentence greater than ten years, off you will go to the Cheryll Gallant Super Max! It will be the only one in Canada. All the rest will be closed. Tons of savings! And it will make money! All that free slave labor, brilliant or what?

Can't ya just hardly wait? It will be great for tourism in Renfrew County. Ya Hoo!!

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